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*DROPPED*Naruto: Urahara born a normal ninja
Author :azakel
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4 Struggle

My body was sore. It was painful to move any muscle in my body. Mother had lost her balance because of the explosion and we had fallen down headfirst due to momentum. To protect me and Shizuku mother held us tightly in her embrace and turned around. She cushioned us with her body. The warmth from her embrace was a relief to my aching body.

Mother was in great pain because of the shockwave from the explosion as well as from the fall. She composed herself immediately and prepared for three ninja who caught up to us as we hid behind mother. Shizuku and I were too terrified to even squeak out a sound.

Hardly had they reached us when one of the ninja rushed towards us while others provided cover by throwing shurikens. Mother also rushed towards him all the while intercepting shurikens. Some of them struck her and were embedded in. She did not dodge them otherwise they would have killed me and Shizuku.

(There is some distance among ninja them too but not much )

A loud clank sound was produced by the clash of the kunai. Mother and that ninja's kunai made contact for fraction of a second and both were repelled away. Mother then swang her Kunai in other hand in an attempt to slit his throat. He backed off to dodge the attack when another ninja swung his sword over her from left, interrupting her. Mother took back some steps quickly. With haste she caught one of his hands grabbing the sword with her left hand, pulled him inward and using her left leg send him back flying with a straight kick in the torso. He was incapacitated.

Other two ninja understood the difference in physical strength so they started attacking from a distance. Both of them weaved hand signs and spit stone and water bullets respectively. Mother countered with her humongous fire ball she exhaled. It's took one of them by surprise that the fire style jutsu engulfed both there Ninjutsu and hit him and surrounding trees. It was over ten metres in diameter. Rest of the Ninja followed rising smoke and soon came closure to our location.

Having realized, Mother turned towards us , rushed and stood in front covering us. I did not notice until blood was on my face. A huge shuriken (Fuma shuriken) had pierced my mother's stomach. Bastards had targeted us. I could see expression of withering pain on her face.

That bastard had a grin on his face. Also other seven caught up. Mother turned around and unleashed another huge fireball and rushed towards them in its shadow. They jumped to escape but to their surprise mother caught a leg of one of them. With her other hand she stabbed him amidst the smokescreen. She leaped and retreated after holding us in single continuous motion.

(smoke increased because of second fireball)

She again gained some distance but not much. Fuma shuriken was Still stuck on her but it prevented her from bleeding to death.

Fuyuki :"Tetsui! Shizuku! hide somewhere and get help from leaf village, okay." She said with a straight face. Might be to strengthen our resolve.

Tetsui :"Mother you wil-"

Fuyuki :"Listen to me. Trust your mother. Mother knows best."

Fuyuki :"Cover yourself in leaf as you have done in chakra concentration training. I will distract them. As soon as you get chance, run towards leaf village."

One might argue that those ninja could sense our chakra upclose but if they did ,they would have found us sooner with fireball jutsu's chakras.

Shizuku and I gave mother a nod in agreement while sobbing and did as she told us. We were good distance apart so as to not get spotted.

Mother confronted them head-on. Mother throwed two lightening imbuned Kunai at them with incredible speed and precision. Mother jumped among them as two of them had fallen, and she extends both arms, releasing a high discharge through both palms, Thunderbolt targeting multiple opponents simultaneously. As three of them got electrocuted, one of the two who escaped used a ground shaking jutsu which made her lose balance.

But worst was Shizuku and I were also in it's radius. Shizuku lost control over chakra and leaves covering her fell. Remaining two saw her as an opening rather opportunity.

Both of them instantly took some distance and threw Fuma shuriken at her. Mother pulled out the Fuma shuriken piercing her and threw it to intercept one Fuma shuriken and rushed towards Shizuku.

As Dawn struck, other Fuma shuriken cut Shizuku in half, mere distance away from mother's hand. She could not even make a sound. Mother held her corpses in disbelief and bellowed and poured last of her strength in acompressing a large amount of chakra built up inside her body and changed it into a dragon head-shaped fireball. It shallowed them both and rose high in the sky.

I ran to her but before I could say anything she fell down. She had lost a lot of blood. She was not breathing. All I did was crying and feel pathetic. Then I saw her die in front of me too.


A some distance away in leaf village.

Fugaku Uchiha :"That is Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique. What is happening there when cloud village is here? "

Then he gather leaf police force and head towards the source of the jutsu.


Author :" Everyone this is the first action sequence. I will try to improve. Please give review and support by giving power stones"


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