Arifureta's reborn monster
2 Adapt or Die...again
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Arifureta's reborn monster
Author :AstralJuggernaught
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2 Adapt or Die...again

As I lay there in the dark and cold, buried under incalculable tons of rock with my mind reeling from the revelations I just found in those strange memories, I couldnt help but wonder.

Just what did I do to deserve this? And was the coin paid the reward for a lifetime of not kicking puppies, or the debt collected for failing to kick that Anti-pup and stopping his reign of terror before it began?

Focus! I mentally shouted at myself. But then again, why would I want to focus back on the fact that one of the most overdone cliches in amateur writing just gave the whole "truth in fiction" thing it's own thesaraus full of new meanings.

I sighed internally, deciding to double check just to be positive.

Woke up in a strange place with no memory of getting there


Roughed up unfamiliar body


head full of another lifetime and some lingering attachments

check and check

and last but not least, the ubiquitous system boot sequence

check and done!

yep, it's official folks, I've been issekai-ed.

"at least it's to a story I've read before!...kinda." i thought to myself before groaning internally.

it had been years since I last read this particular work, and I couldn't remember finishing the series to save my life. which, I realized might be nothing less than a description of coming events,and cursed myself for not plowing onward through Hajime's story.

Because I knew that Hajime's story, the tale known as Arifureta was my only walkthrough to the death game this world is.

"So I should probably review to understand the current situation." I said out loud, my new voice echoing off the close stone confines oddly. While strange, speaking aloud seems to help me focus on the present and assist in organizing my whirling thoughts.

" Well, It would seem that I have reincarnated/transmigrated into the body of one Hajime Nagumo, an Earthling that was summoned by some two bit self proclaimed goddess so she can cheat in the game of murder chess she and her opponent play with the lives of the locals. Everyone except Hajime got classes, skills and stats that had obvious battle potential. Hell, even his teacher got super farming powers that would give the country a major leg up in logistics and supply."

"Of course, being an MC gave Hajime the class Synergist, who's transmute skill is seemingly worthless in combat." I chuckle a bit, thinking to myself that their Earth apparently didn't have Fullmetal Alchemist, or they would know just how broken and OP transmuting can be.

" let's see, bullied by class scum, patronized by class ikemen, comforted by class queen, oh of course she's a childhood friend and crushing on our Dokan protagonist." I sighed a bit at his denseness, then remember that my own head resembles solid osmium in the dating game too.

" oh,he also crammed local knowledge, figured out some basic combat techniques for his gift, entered the Orcus dungeon with the class to train, played the hero, got betrayed by some classmate and thrown down a ravine. hmm seems like there is a second dungeon below the first, and the inhabitants are STRONNK, as evidenced by the fact that my new bodies left arm is currently transmuting to bear crap. After that Hajime's spirit broke, and he transmuted the wall into a hidey hole, were he transmuted and crawled until despair and blood loss took him out for good." I make a slight nod, pleased with how narrating events aloud helped bring me back to some sense of calm and organization to my mind.

I suddenly jolted a bit as I suddenly wondered why my new stump was a stump, rather than an arterial gushing fountain.

"perhaps it has something to do with that system that popped up." I muttered to myself " Well, I guess I'll have to check and see, Open Status!!"


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