Best cosmos system
2 Beginning of the adventure
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Best cosmos system
Author :dragonemporer
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2 Beginning of the adventure


It all happened in one week. All I did is to help but it destroyed my life. Let me tell about me my name is Alex Silverstar your typical teenager who has great aspirations to change the world. One week before, I am returning from my friends house at late night, then I saw a elderly couple are crying on the road side and I asked them why are they crying. Then they told me their story that they are actually some decent background with happy family with two sons. But then the problems raised when they started dividing the inheritance and at that time the older brother became devious and killed the younger brother and he by God's grace held some feelings. so he throwed them outside. After hearing their story, I left them in a old age home. And after two days I went to see how the elderly couple and they seem very happy. But then I heard it, a wife beside me said to her husband that when we joined your father here there is only knee cap problem but last week when I heard he is suffering from severe stomach I took him to hospital but after scanning the doctor told me that one of his kidney is missing. There is something wrong here, we should contact police immediately she says to her husband. @@


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