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3 Realization and Death
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Best cosmos system
Author :dragonemporer
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3 Realization and Death

After hearing what they spoke he became a little anxious and asked them again about the matter of kidney missing. Then they introduced themselves they are Emily and Derek. And they told they are planning to file a complaint against the orphanage. I told them I am also going to come to police station and they let me. After going to police station it is all chaotic with lawyers, detectives, etc all chattering without even concern of who are coming are leaving. At first we tried to talk with some officers but they not even concerned to listen and said come tomorrow are another day, some even said to me go to home and hangout kid. At last we came across the police captain who happens to be kind one and one of my friend's father. Then he said to us "ok specifically me" that this is a big underground syndicate with links to high level government officials and this is a organ trafficking and it is not only done in "that specific orphanage" but more than 200 orphanages in only this state and across the world it reached the huge level. And I thought as a small city Police captain how did he know all about this big syndicate. So I asked how did he know all about syndicate. Then his kind expression vanished with calculating and cunning expression. He said that he is the leader of the syndicate in this city, I am shocked we came right into the lion's den. Then he gave us two options that is to give all the proof's about complaint and we should forget any thoughts about this conversation or the his expression changed again into cold expression told only one word "die".We are still processing what happened in last ten minutes. Then I thought about my family a father who lost his leg in his service for the country and living in wheelchair, a mother who gave up all comforts for her children, a elder brother who loves his younger brother unconditionally and trying to get a job but because of our financial condition he can't give any bribe so he is still unemployed. Then I remembered one thing that my father in armed forces lost a leg for his country and ready to give his life. So why can't I fight from the inside ?. And after this thought I gained clarity instead of fear. So I asked the police captain is there any other option he told that we may join the syndicate. And I acted naively how it works, he said that once every ten years regardless of any reason there will orders coming and it comes only for local leader and leader also cannot be changed regardless of any reason. So I told him that I am ready and he congratulated me and hugged me, at that moment I steeled my heart and took his own gun and shot him. He fell down without any moment. Entire police force is already trying to open the door from outside, I am in a daze. Then I regained the clarity and told the Emilio couple that expose the crime at any cost and to live happily and in a trance I again tool the gun and shot myself in the head. It is all darkness and I am not seeing anything but feeling all the things in my heart regret, pain for loosing life, for loosing family, loosing the light in my heart with the murder. In that state I am for 500 years. And I am laughing for naivety to think of stopping a syndicate with just one kill. At that moment the space began to distort and then I saw a sun with blinding white light well it is in the shape of ☀. And at that moment I felt that I am being watched by the ball in front of me. I feel like the ball is so divine not affected by anything. Then it spoke with a commanding tone " done watching me?".The voice is like booming thunder. Then it again spoke with nor male neither female voice but commanding tone "I know you want to change the world but pity you died".It stuck my sore spot." That's why I am going to give you another chance are you willing to take it?".I then asked "are you God"?. The ball laughed for a good time and spoke" I know about your world's novels but it is some what false and some what true".Then I asked where I would reincarnate and who is it?. It spoke" Now I will give you a system and it explains everything and I am called as "FATE".I am shocked. Then the space began to distort around me.


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