Dark side
5 Is it useless?
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Dark side
Author :imchinese
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5 Is it useless?

A tall, muscular man, dark and with a beard came into the room and slided a plate, half full of chillies and two buns. Then spoke in a hoarse voice "You should be grateful enough that our boss is giving you food. Just stuff this in your mouth or die. We don't care.".

He was speaking to a weak, thin and pale boy, the boy had short hair. He was shivering with fever ,but then also he had enough courage to say " If you don't care then release me and listen I am not going to eat your damn food, so, you should stuff this shitty food in your shitty face."

Man : "You little brat. Dare to talk back. I think you forgot your lesson.". The man then opened the prison door.

(Actually the boy was kept in a prison which only had four walls not even a pot of water. The boy was facing the iron bars which prevented him from his freedom.)

The man then took out a small stick from his side pocket which when extended turned out to be a whip. "I will teach you a lesson." said the man while lashing this little boy.

"If my boss hadn't favored you I would have killed you on that very day." said the man still lashing. The only sound that was heard other than the, lashing sound and that man's warning which now not even threatened the boy any more, was of the stream flowing. Then came a voice calling out....

...." Kaira, Kaira, Kaira wake up"

The purple eyes soon were exposed to the sound of chirping birds and the green ceiling which was colored with the shiny sun rays peeping through the gaps in the window as if asking for permission to come in.

Kaira sat up with a start 'So all of this was a dream but why did it seemed real as if I was there watching 'that' happen. The man, the boy and the sound of the stream all seemed so real as if it was really happening, that shivering. But it turns out that I am at home.' The word 'home', she actually adjusted here so quickly that she was even thinking of it as a home.

Soon her attention drifted to the the womenly figure standing at the corner of the bed. It was Nancy.

Nancy : "Had a good sleep. Now go and brush your teeth and come for breakfast."

Kaira nodded and removed the blanket on top of the mickey mouse pajama. She then put on the slippers the other day Nancy had given them, Kaira liked it very much. The slipper was pink in colour , it was fury at the top with a bunny face.

Kaira smiled as she saw a princess toothbrush in the holder which was used by her yesterday night.

She then quickly brushed her teeth. While she was doing all this the only thing which was going around in her mind was a question 'Why was the boy faceless? The only thing I could not see was the face of the boy. His face was all blury and I couldn't figured it out no matter how much I focused on it.'

She then thought that maybe it was just a useless dream, the most important thing ahead was her new life. Today was the first day of her new life she was born again with a new motive of revenge.

Nancy : "You came sit down. I have made a toast for you and some boiled eggs. Chew properly but fast we have to go to register you in your new school. By the way, previously you were in which school."

Kaira who was eating as instructed, was a little upset but then thought 'It is not a big deal'

Kaira: " Actually I was home tutored."

Nancy: "Oh! Then you must be rich. Never mind now you will be studying in the same school as Adam. Ah! I am so excited."

Kaira : "By the way, now that you are mentioning where is big brother?"

Nancy: "Oh Adam. He left for school early in the morning."

Kaira : "Oh"

That was the end for the breakfast conversation. Kaira then took a bath and wearing a pink frock headed out with Nancy toward 'The St. Morphel School'

"So this is the school where big brother studies." said Kaira while looking at a big yellow building in front of her.

Nancy: "Now let's go to the registration office. It will close by 2pm, Thank god we are on time."

They then entered the school building. Kaira was looking once at her right and once at her left. Boys and girl were in the corridor maybe it is break time thought Kaira.

Though she never went to a school she knew what were the rules of an school and how a school worked.

Some boys and girls had a separate group, some were standing alone. Some were joking around.

Kaira was fascinated by this scene, as she rarely went out of her house, so she merely had friends.

She had never experienced the joy of friends, how they tease each other, the bunking of periods, telling lies to protect each other, slowing your own speed to catch up with them, sometimes they motivate you to do better, sometimes they pull you out of the slum. Even if they are feeling sad they will try to stay cheerful to cheer you up. Maybe that's what friendship is about, its not always showing your better side it is about showing your real side, we feel free with them, free to do all sorts of weird things, they never judge you instead they support you. Sometimes they can be your adviser, your partner in crime or your feeling expresser. We don't have to maintain our image in front of them, we are ourselves. When we laugh with them it's not a fake laugh, that's your real laughter, your real tear. Maybe that the pearl God has given to everyone. Who does not have that pearl doesn't mean will never have it. Everybody has their own time to open their coral which they always had but just are too afraid to open it, but when they will open it they will definetely find that white shining pearl called 'FRIEND'

Soon Kaira and Nancy reached the registration office. Nancy had already taken the form and was filling it.

Nancy : "What is your full name Kaira?"

Kaira :"It's Kaira Xian"

As soon as Nancy heard it the pen slipped from her hand. Nancy was in a daze. 'Did I heard it correct?' she thought.

"Wha..... What did... you... say?" asked Nancy as she was surprised.

Kaira in a confusion said " I said my full name is Kaira Xian."

Nancy fell on her knees and hugged Kaira tightly as tears rolled down her cheek.

Kaira not quite understanding the situation was worried.


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