Dragon Empress is Angry!!!
1 The Egg and the Jewel
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Dragon Empress is Angry!!!
Author :NoodleBrain
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1 The Egg and the Jewel

On Azure Dragon Continent, in the inner region of one of its three forbidden zones, Northen Frost Plains is the location of a hole whose's depth can't be seen by looking from above. Many cultivators have tried climbing into this pit, even some cultivators above sky spirit realm have tried to fly down in but no one has ever been able to come back alive. This Pit has always been an enigma for entire cultivation world since time memorial.

At the bottom of this Pit, thousands of miles below the surface was present a huge iceberg floating on the surface of a lake made of pure ice essence. Iceberg had melted slowly over the course of thousands of years to create the lake of ice essence it was floating in. Unknown to others this ice essence was the reason for the existence cold over entire Northen Frost Plains.

At present iceberg has melted enough to reveal a shiny tear shaped deep aquamarine colored jewel laying on top of a pale blue colored egg around the size of a fist. Just then egg suddenly shook a little as if something was trying to come out of it. After shaking a little while, egg detached from the ice and along with jewel fell into the lake. Just then a wondrous scene took place. The ice in the cave which has not melted for thousands of years melted in few breaths. Hundreds of thousands of formations lit up in the cave each centered around the egg. The entire ice essence rose in the air as if it had a life of its own and started to spin around the egg and slowly started to get absorbed into the egg. The land below started to rise and an earthquake shook entire Northen Azure Dragon continent. This continued for an entire hour until entire essence was absorbed. Suddenly tear shaped jewel laying by egg shook and flew directly to the egg and vanished. After a few moments shell of the egg cracked and a draconic face with deep aquamarine tear shaped symbol between its forehead peeked out of the shell.


A few hours earlier.....

When Sera came to her senses, she found herself in a dark and tight space. Her moments were completely restricted and for some reason, she found her body giving her an odd feeling.

'Am I alive, but I remember bullet hitting my skull. If I am not alive could this be the legendary afterlife? But why my afterlife is so dark.'

While mulling over the sins she might have done to have such a dark afterlife, she tries over and over again to jerk her body to move and hit the walls of the whatever she was trapped in. After what felt like an eternity, she finally felt her 'Dark Afterlife Punishment Shell' move a little.

With another jerk, entire shell started to roll. Sera felt like she had been put in a barrel and thrown downhill. She then felt like entire barrel has been thrown into the water.

'What is this now...'Before she could think about it any further she felt her surroundings get cold. Temperature plumped but she didn't feel any discomfort. On the contrary, she felt extremely comfortable. Suddenly she felt her body being invaded by cold water from every pore, entering her body and vanishing within. This strange and new sensation completely overwhelmed Sera as she lost track of time. Coldness in the surroundings decreased and she suddenly felt a stinging sensation in her forehead awakening her.

After the entire episode, Sera felt different somehow and almost instinctively she knocked her head against the walls.

" Kaachakk "

Sera finally saw the light. Everything was blurry so she was not able to make out anything but she was able to ascertain that she was in some kind of icy shallow pit.

After looking around Sera dragged herself out the shell when she suddenly felt something wrong with her body. Her eye level was too low, her arms and legs felt smaller and there felt some extra weight over the back of her shoulders and base.

Confused Sera turned her head to see her body but what she saw next gave her fright of her life ..or both lives. What she saw was not a back view of a human but something that looked a cross between a snake and a lizard. Arms were small and similar to that of a lizard but the waist was long and similar to a snake. Her entire body was covered by snow colored scales which shimmered with azure-colored shine. On her shoulders were small and neatly folded draconic wings and below her waist was a long tail half of which was still in the shell of what appeared to be an egg. Freaking out Sera muttered "This has to be a dream, I am just asleep and in some kind of lucid dream. No way I am some kind of lizard. Yes, this must be a dream, Sera you are just taking a power nap in office Now wake up before your boss comes"

Freaked out Sera suddenly heard a voice of a teenage boy speaking inside her head "My Lady you are not dreaming and My Lady YOU ARE A DRAGON, A DRAGON. Do not downgrade yourself by calling yourself a lowly lizar.... My Lady, My Lady what happened"

Sera had suddenly gone offline.


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