Epic of Caterpillar
337 Guiding the Centaurs to Victory
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Epic of Caterpillar
Author :PancakesWitch
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337 Guiding the Centaurs to Victory




The annihilation of the Vampire Hideout in City 1 of the Cilane Kingdom was a success. Just as I had thought, Jagger had laid several traps in the underground, expecting us to use the same tricks as the previous raid in City 2.

His biggest mistake was making the traps in the front of the manor where they were incredibly shallow and weak, he had put all of his attention underground, and after the invasion of my Golems and Monsters, all of the traps activated, exploding and killing the monsters, however thanks to the special powers of the souls I imbued into the golems, they used the shattered pieces of bones, armor, and flesh to get together every time they were destroyed, seemingly as if they were undying soldiers.

And for the Centaurs, I decided to attack through the air, by casting [Levitate] on every centaur, they could float around, although it seemed too hard for most, thanks to Sofelaia and Sofarpia's experience in the subject, they were led towards victory.

The Vampires were rained from all sides with powerful Magic Spells and techniques, taken by surprise and already weakened due to the previous fights with my Golems and Monsters, they were easily disposed of. Their heads flew through the air as their bodies were sliced into pieces. Several of them were burnt to ashes as well.

Jagger was a whole different thing, and we managed to ambush him without him realizing that we were close by. I used my Aura to form an enclosed space, a Domain, an advanced form of a Zone. He seemed to have very high Ailment Resistance, so he managed to resist the effects of my domain which should cause several status effects.

Afterward, I pressured him into using his Divine Flesh by going mildly easy on him while also practicing my Techniques. He showcased a lot of his own powers, magic, and techniques and was a fairly talented and hard-working individual… too bad he never intended to surrender to me even after he pleaded for his life, he seemed to not have the right mentality to give up his own pride completely as Keenan did.

Jagger possessed a high leveled Poison and Earth Attribute magic which seemed to be related to his mixed-race, which was a gargoyle and a goat demon. He had even managed to fuse both of his attributes and was incredibly skillful with double-elemental Spells. His physical prowess did not lose either, he fought incredibly well with Armor, Shield, and Unarmed Fighting Techniques and blocked several of my attacks and resisted them with only these Skills.

He was capable of using Armor and Shield Techniques due to his entire body being covered in rock-like skin, which counted as Armor by the System, his large arms and legs moved with impressive speed as well, he was both well trained in the offense, defense, magic and was rather cunning and calculative…

To be honest, if I had fought him in the past, I may have had not been able to win by myself. He was stronger than the Ollathir Undead King and his knights, and stronger than the Hero of Raging Winds… His power was almost comparable to Athos, but Athos possessed high raw stats and other skills that could take others by surprise, so it was more like a tie, with Athos being mildly stronger.

Jagger was an impressive fighter and I was actually having some fun fighting him. But I was pregnant, so I couldn't engage in too deep with our fight. In the end, when I noticed that I was going too overboard, I decided to quickly corner him with my Chaos Attribute Magic, Chaos Spheres and Chaotic Mind Attack did wonder to him, who despite having high-level techniques and magic he hasn't trained his mental fortitude.

When he finally activated his Divine Beast Flesh, he became a giant crimson goat, his power, and self-regeneration increased by several hundred, and he had already surpassed Athos in strength.

None of my wives would be able to beat him by themselves alone, and even by working together without any of my assistance, it would take hours and hours to diminish him, only Zehe and Rimuru are capable of damaging Souls with their Magic, which is a strong weak point in Divine Beast Flesh users.

He possessed several new abilities, like being able to move as fast as a meteor, manipulating blood attribute magic like a master, insane self-regeneration, being able to launch horns like bullets, and also to cast powerful curses that made others bleed to death with the third eye on his forehead.

However, I already possessed Curse Immunity, which became a very high resistance against an attack that uses Divine Energy, which can bypass immunities, this resistance was enough for my Aura to eat the curse without giving me any problems.

I used my own Eyes and enhanced them with my Chaos Attribute Mana to generate a new and stronger effect in their Curses, with the effect of Order Reversal and Chaotic Mind Attack, I was able to bypass his resistance due to possessing the powers of a Divine Beast and also managed to curse his own soul, highly diminishing his innate power and weakening him.

He then desperately attacked with magic and his horns but ultimately was toyed by my wives who saw him weakened enough to be able to corner again. After getting holed by everyone, I transformed using my Armor Skills and the Transformation Skill [Greater Chimera Transformation: Eight Headed Ferocious Behemoth], which transformed me into a giant monster with several heads, resembling a hydra.

I usually wouldn't use this transformation as it is too big and too heavy, giving me a high decrease in my Speed Stat, but because Jagger was already being cornered, I used this transformation to quickly finish him off with my large jaws, my heads devoured him, ripping him apart. To his very last moment when his head was crushed and eaten.

He was incredibly delicious, like any of the other Divine Beast Flesh users… There were large chunks of his meat scattered all around because of getting sliced and punctured by my wives, so we gathered these and decided to use them for dinner.

Jagger's soul appeared not long after he was eaten inside of my Innate Realm; Soul World, where he was greeted by the other Vampires… For some reason, Frank, the Ogre Vampire is slowly learning how to properly speak, while Joliette and Castien are getting along better… Also, their souls seem to be strangely stronger, without any hint of dissipating, do their souls have some affinity with mine?

I don't really know how to properly reincarnate them, neither I really care about them… However, they are strangely affectionate to me even though I haven't even talked to them, they just "see" me with my affection. Well, I'll leave their reincarnations to the Sin of Lust, which I left in auto mode, reincarnating Souls in my Kingdom, so I can level up the Innate Realm Skill.

When we gathered with the Centaurs, we quickly exterminated the remnants Vampires without leaving any survivor except one Vampire so I could extract him any information he had.

Sofelaia and Sofarpia celebrated the revenge of their fallen Resistance Comrades as we swiftly moved to the main base, where a feast made out of Familiar meat and Vegetal Monsters was waiting for everyone, alongside Walking Cactus Wine.

This was prepared by some of my wives who remained in here alongside the "brainwashed" Vampires, oh well, and the non-combatant centaurs. Some are surprisingly talented at cooking, but because of the lack of ingredients, they had never been able to show their skills to the fullest.

Before dinner, I ate some of the corpses of Vampires that I managed to save in my Item Box and also shared some of Jagger's meat with my wives who didn't participate in the raid.

Now, only City 3's Vampire Hideout remains, I've seen most Vampires in the surroundings running away from the two first cities, all of them are gathering in City 3 for their last stand it seems.

I've also explored the Kingdom's Castle and found four very Strong Vampire, these guys had mostly remained in here doing… paperwork. Yes, that's all they have been doing, are they not worried? It seems that they are very confident in that they can defeat me, as I can see that they know about my existence and what I'm currently doing…

If they are as strong, to the point of not being afraid of me after what I've done, then I should be very cautious. I presume that whenever they finish doing this paperwork they will come for me… For the better, I will just go all out on them from the start.

The current King, the one who killed the previous King who was the father of Sofelaia, Sofarpia, and Aegina, named Hepherios, had already become a Vampire and his strength is rather considerable.

After dinner, I began to concentrate my Aura, Skills, and Spells inside of my Orbs, so I could always have ready-to-use Skills like I always do. Without these Orbs, the ability to easily add Attributes to my Aura or any other things would be rather hard, even with my Aura, that only regulates it, while the Orbs is what maintains the whole process. Armor and Transformation Skills can be used in combination thanks to these Orbs as well.

After leveling up my Flesh Manipulation Skill enough, I've gained the ability of easily regenerating even these Orbs, so I considered using them as materials for weapons and accessories, thanks to their amazing Skill and Spell storing capabilities, they could make outstanding weapons and accessories that could grant transformations similar to my Armors.

Well, that will be left for another day, tomorrow we will take over City 3 and have a final showdown against these invaders, I hope that the other Four Vampires show up so I can get things done quickly, I miss my children.

Before sleeping, I talked alongside my wives with our children, who were missing us back home. Ailine and Vudia seemed to be containing themselves, and thankfully my daughter Amiphossia had been a good "motherly" figure for them. She is the only one they accept, all of my other wives are rejected… Poor Acelina.

The other girls are all growing stronger in the Dungeon while doing their daily activities. Recently Acelina, Altani, Ismena, Nanako, and Kaguya started a strange movement of… Idols.

The Rin Sisters are going all out with the Earth's influences, and are now introducing several things like Idols, professional singers and all, and there is even a small school for little idols… the meaning for this? I don't have any idea. But the Rin Sisters are my former Split Minds, so they are me and I am them, so there should be some purpose inside of my mind that I cannot find.

Nonetheless, it's interesting to imagine the five girls in shining and feminine clothes like those of Idols in Earth's Japan, and I'm rather… excited.

Well, moving to other more important things, the seven eggs have been releasing powerful Auras some days ago, Nephiana has said that there wasn't anything wrong with it and they seemed healthy, it seems that they will take some more days to hatch, perfect for me to finish business here and get back to see them hatch.

With Mady has been the same, the three eggs that are underwater had begun to exude a very warm Aura just some days ago and our children are growing stronger even without even hatching yet.

Last but not least, Adelle's child has been the calmest of them, as it had been peacefully sleeping inside of her belly…

Hmm, I want to go back…

As I slept while being embraced by my wives, I left the Souls inside of my Soul World constantly reincarnating. I had prepared beforehand, eating thousands of souls. I left command in the Sin of Lust, specifically telling it to reincarnate until half of my Soul Energy was depleted, so I wouldn't be affected while sleeping.

[Kireina gained +90 Blood Strength, +30 Strength, +20 Magic, and +30 MP] (From drinking the blood of Jagger on his Divine Beast Flesh Form and other Vampires)

[Calculating EXP gained…]

[Kireina] gained 8.563.772.000 EXP!] (Shared EXP from the massacre inside the Vampire Base + Jagger)

[Kireina] level has increased by one!]

[LEVEL 065/250 EXP 3.659.695.864/]

[Kireina] learned the following Skills]

[Horn Transformation; Divine Three-Eyed Demonic Cursing Goat's Ruby Horns]

[Fur Transformation; Divine Three-Eyed Demonic Cursing Goat's Scarlet Fur]

[Poisonous Jewel Demon Magic; Level 1]

[Lineage of Mixed Demon Races; Goat Demon and Gargoyle Lesser Bloodline]


[The Skill [Lineage of Mixed Demon Races; Goat Demon and Gargoyle Lesser Bloodline] has been suppressed and assimilated by the Superior Skill [Abyss Chimeric Lineage; Divine Bloodline of Calamity Bringers; Level 4]!]

[The Levels of the [Abyss Chimeric Lineage; Divine Bloodline of Calamity Bringers; Level 4], [Inner Realm; Soul World; Level 2], [Love Extraction; Level 4], [Sexy Provocation; Level 4], [Savage Love; Level 4], [Alluring Martial Arts; Level 4], [Chimera Weaponization Techniques; Level 4], [Transcendental Battle Arts; All Weapon and Fist Grand Master; Level 2], [Overlord of Lust Heartwarming Assistance; Enhancement and Healing; Level 2], [Ancient Demons and Yokai Phantasmagoric Conjuration Magic; Level 2], [Crimson Blood Attribute Magic; Level 1], and [Demon Overlord of Lust Omni Elemental Spiritual Barrier Shield of Reflection; Level 4] Skills has increased!]





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