Final Frontier
1 Characters descriptions and story context/extras
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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1 Characters descriptions and story context/extras

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Characters so far:

Celestial guild #2:

Rin Abe: An ambiverted boy who likes to play video games in his free time, he is caring, nice, and rather upbeat.

Age: 18

Height: 5'9

Appearance: Black hair with brown near the tip ends, parted to to the left, brown eyes, slim face but looks friendly.

New in-game appearance: Black vest with buttons grayish detail in it, mid high collar, white "X" like belt around torso with gold detail in it, two silver shoulder armor plates, armor like sleeves, black gloves, a black cape that drapes to his back with a grayish interior color, a small silverish chain on his waist, black pants with goldish lines on the pants, pant legs with flaps pointing downward near the knees, shoes with a small heel in the back, and two scabbards cross behind his lower back to hold his swords.

Class: Lord.

Primary Weapon(Tenebrosity): Two katakana like blades, the swords have a slight curve, the handle has finger holes, one side of the hilt curves down to connect to the handle halfway while the other part of the hilt protrudes diagonally up and outward a bit, then inward toward the blade, it appears pointy. The design for the second sword is the same, but the hilt is opposite, they are black on the blunt side, metallic in color on the sharp side, they also can give off a shadowy smoky effect. (There is a ruby like gem on the upper part in the middle of the hilt both swords.)

Likes: Beef stew and watching streams.

Hates: Insects and being told to pause an online session.

Toki Koizumi: Rin's friend who has developed a secret admiration for him over the years; A beautiful girl who was the unfortunate victim of bullying which has caused her to grow disdain and show unsympathetic feelings towards others who were not a loved one, but...

Age: 17

Height: 5'5

Appearance: Blonde hair, blue grayish eyes, subtle and sharp look, slim face, and visible lips.

New in-game appearance: A bronze ring choker, a pillow kitty necklace, shoulderless white tanish shirt with goldish outlining and brownish string outlining, these outlining go around the shirt then goes down the middle of the shirt with the brownish string outline intercrossing down to the near bottom bottom of the shirt, the middle of the shirt begins to split near the bottom and curves around, there is also gold outlining on bottom and brownish string outlining as well, she has red armor like sleeves that starts near her elbows and goes down covers her hands. She wears a dark bluish skirt with a slim brown belt, a white ribbon also hangs on the side of her skirt, there is gold outlining that go around the bottom of the skirt with some gold designs gold on top of the outlining, dark bluish leg high armor, armor like heels and she wears a dark bluish cape.

Class: Zoner

Primary weapon(Whiplash): A cat head as the hilt that goes up a bit of the blade; it is relatively big sword that looks ordinary at first glance; but is actually a whip sword that makes it difficult to approach her.

(Scabbard is on the side of her dress)

Likes: Cute things and edm.

Hates: Bullies.

Akira Himura: An assertive girl who is called cold hearted at times for being brutally honest; She has a hard time opening up to strangers because of past issues, but she is a sweety when warmed up to. (She can be weird *at times*)

Age: 18

Height: 5'4

Appearance: Light black shaggy hair with bangs, black half glasses, purple eyes, slim face, cat like visible lips. (She is pretty but this is overlooked sometimes by others.)

In game appearance: Golden egyptian like head piece, gold egyptian like neck piece, black butterfly wing type cape with a dark purple interior, dark purple chest piece garment with black lace under the chest piece that covers the abdomen down to the gold underwear piece, a dark purple puffy split dress that starts at the hips with lace in the middle to show legs, and dark purple stocking connected with opened toed sandals.

Class: Dark Mage

Primary weapon: Various types of magic and dark magic. (Tomes, or can be casted if learned.)

Likes: Stuffed animals and secretly likes magic girls.

Hates: Bad guild members. (As in bad teammates.)

Yuko Aki(18): He has feminine like facial features which gets him mistaken as a girl; he lacks self confidence at times and doubts himself. A kind soul who likes to take walks through the woods on occasion to observe nature.


Height: 5'5

Appearance: Pink blondish that almost touches his shoulders, violet eyes, and a slim face.

In game appearance: Cat ears, has cat whisker art on face, fur worn around shoulder, crop top with fitted shirt underneath, pants with armor plating in front of the legs, armor like sleeves that surround his hand. (The hands of the armor are claw like.)

Class: Felis

Primary Weapon: Attacks with razor sharp armor claws and can shoot energy like needles shards out of their wrist. (They do not shoot it from palm side of their hand like Spider-Man.)

Likes: Walking to view nature.

Hates: Speaking in front of large crowds.

Sarari: She was a general intelligent AI that Yuko paid brass to have her changed into smart AI. She is caring, relaxed, and confident in her abilities when needed. She is also rather outspoken even for an AI.

Age: 19

Height: 5'7

In game appearance: short dark blue/purple hair, red purplish eyes, a small black ribbon with a heart in the middle around her neck, white and black maid head piece, white and black maid dress, white tights, black small inch heels with straps that cross in front.

Class: Maid (NPC class only for now, she technically could called a lord too.)

Primary weapon(Swift): butterfly wing hilt, butterfly insect handle, dark blue blade which looks almost black, the blade tip is angular with gold that runs down the blunt side.

Likes: Maid work.


Hajime Yukimura: Relatively reserved guy with good intentions.

Age: 17

Height: 5'11

In game appearance: Light orange brownish hair, turquoise eyes, orange and black armor chest, black and orange armor sleeves, brownish pants with three orange belts around his legs, armor boots.

Primary weapon(Antsy): A pretty broad sword with orange and black designs.

Likes: Alone time and training to get better.

Hates: People that shove him.

Sirius Kurieta: A man around his mid 30s and creator of the Frontier games. Not seen much anywhere until the codename "Fnl" reveal.

Jinko Tekina: Her name means artificial, she is able to appear as a humanoid projection, she is also the AI system used in the majority of households across the world that adapts to the personality of the household user(s). (Jinko feels Rin doesn't talk to her enough so therefore asked more of him and sang twinkle twinkle little star.)

Reika Abe(Ms.Abe): Rin's mother. Despite her party habits she still loves her only child dearly.

*Current Summary: After a long awaited game release of a international fan favorite a crazed developer transports all the people wore their vr headset into a dangerous world. After losing Touma in an unfortunate end the guild will finally begin their journey outside of the safe zone.*

(Read Volence and below once you read past them or wish to know more, this is context for you and ideas for me, start at "Rin is walking..." in the next part.)

(Human and dragon form.) Volence: Demented demon sorcerer dragon lord who is imprisoned in a seal somewhere within The Final Frontier. He wants to use to the tier crystals to recreate the Frontier realms for revenge. Has a cult about him called "The Volence Treu." Has the ability to speak telepathically to with players who want more power, with people that wish to join his cult, or with people that perform a ritual asking.

Persena: The strongest god of the once six gods. She is very enigmatic, but wants order restored to the realms nonetheless.

You the player: Our perspective view of what is happening on screen. He originally was a real game tester for codename "Fnl," he was unknowingly transported into the game meaning his body was not in the real world anymore, but he was inside the game conscious just like a real person: he could see, smell everything, and feel everything of course. He and 4 other player testers were chosen to test the game to see if anything was wrong; they soon found they couldn't log out of the game about 10 minutes later because the game felt too real when they stumbled across some monsters and hid not knowing they were trapped inside the game and their bodies no longer existing in the real world. Their brain was digitally downloaded by the vr headset and placed into their avatar and their body was scanned for its genetic coding which they will carry for potential offspring. Within 10 minutes of their first impression the guild was not combat ready and were met by tall armored like monsters that wield huge swords in a castle, the guild was separated by running away trying to log out through their wrist projection and you the player made it out the sole survive, the other 4 were killed and converted into general intelligent NPCs to fit the personality of their class type and they eventually returned to where you the player was, but he did not know any of this happened. You the player tried to contact Sirius that they couldn't log out and his other 4 guild members were acting unusual, but their lay no response, this was in 2035, he was turned into a general intelligent NPC in the reveal trailer by Persena's memory wipe.

(Players in the final version of the game cannot suffer memory loss as things were being changed at the time in the game and Persena was of high power.)

Heiwa Ito: A slightly chubby girl with a visible figure still. Likes to take a couple of her friends or even random students with her to bully the vulnerable as a way to keep her name in fear by other girls. She has purplish hair that rest at her shoulders with two side buns. Wants everyone to treat her like a princess. Former bully of Toki.

Maria Tanaka: A girl who was keen on making her transit to high school bully free. She was promised to be just as popular as Heiwa.

Kaori: Dark blue hair in a ponytail, blue eyes, and appears timid. Relatively shy girl who was forced to join Heiwa's group of "friends."

Touma Satou: Was the oldest of the group who had a troubled past growing up, but always appears to be grinning and well mannered. He murdered over 2,000 guilds in those few nights out of pure rush going to his head. (Former Celestial.)

Age: 19

Height: 5'10

Appearance: Silver parts in hair with a swoop down to the right, yellow eyes, sad happy look on face, slim face. (Resembles Shuu Tsukiyama to some degree.)

Likes: To dress nice to some degree.

Hates: Needles and lesser skilled.

In game appearance: White elegantly designed armor with black designs, the armor itself isn't too bulky and he has has a cape that goes down to near his calves.

Class: Paladin

Primary weapon(Royal justice): Nicely designed double ended lance.

Albedo guild #4:

Eiko Mori: Leader of Albedo guild who feels like he has to step up in their new reality. He is kind and happy to help.

Age: 19

Height: 5'9

In game appearance: light blue hair, part of a crown head piece, light blue eyes, green sleeveless armor with a front six pack like plate, fitted blue undershirt, pointed armor shoulders, armored half sleeves with armored hands, armored legs and shoes.

Class: Paladin

Primary weapon(Gracious): Gracious is what he normally uses but he has a lance as well. It has a slight golden tint to it, both sides of the hilt connect to the handle and has a ruby like gem in the center. (Scabbard behind him on his back diagonally.)

Likes: Chocolate.

Hates: Getting slow net speeds.

Akane Shimizu: A cheerfully kind girl who wishes to find her dragon prince.

Age: 18

Height: 5'10 (This is due to the Tikete class)

In game appearance: Green hair with bangs and a ponytail, orange redish eyes with slit pupils, red orange dress with nice fire designs, a nice ribbon tied behind her waist, slightly scaly skin which is tough, red orange pump shoes with an accessory piece running up her leg, ankle rings, claw armored hands with bracelets, she wears a headpiece as well.

Class: Tikete

Primary weapon(Tikete's fury): Can shoot and fire breath which can reach unbelievably deadly temperatures. (This is driven mostly through adrenaline and circumstance so nothing is too wild.) She can also use her claws and strength to rip opponents faces clean off.

Likes: Spicy foods(Red peppers)

Hates: Water (In game only. This will kill or greatly weaken Tiketes as it reduces their flame core inside them which keeps them alive, however, there is a special dragon potion made to keep them cleansed and refreshed.)

Daisuke Ishikawa: Not the brightest but a big guy always looking for fun.

Age: 19

Height: 6'0

In game appearance: Dark blue hair, slightly bushy eyebrows, dark blue eyes, nice blue and silver armor which is slightly bulky to fit him, he wears a blue and silver cape as well.

Primary weapon(inFATuated): Big heavy lance with lots of striking power.

Likes: Cuddles and Puppies.

Hates: Math.

Fudo Nakano : Wants to be appreciated by more people for his skill in guild #4, tired of being overlooked, he spends his free time working to improve.

Age: 17

Height: 5'7

In game appearance: Red hair, red eyes, open blue/red cloak with a vest and wit some chains on it, white pants and red boots. He wears glasses as well.

Class: Mage

Primary weapon: Various type of non dark magic but prefers any fire magic he can get his hands on.

Likes: Reading new magic and pummel bros.

Hates: Not receiving recognition.

Character classes:

Lord: Skilled sword fighters.

Zoner: Ranged weapon(s) users.

Mage: Can use most magic except for dark magic.

Dark mage: Can exclusively use dark magic.

Sorcerer: Can conjure and only use dark magic.

Paladin: Appear in knight like armor which is mobile and flexible; they use swords and lances as well. (Preferences.)(Shields are optional and can be worn or held)

Cleric: Staff users with abilities such as heal; they can also wield axes.

Barbarian: Skilled axe users with a good amount of strength.

Assassin: Skilled in the art of stealth; keep your inventory safe when around them.

Fliers: Fly on winged beasts and can use lances.

Felis: Cat warriors that attack with their armor claws; they are pretty agile with the ability to climb things easier. (Neko, neko, neko.)

Tiketes: Appear dragon like, can sprout wings, breath fire, and are strong.

Armored Knight: Wear heavy armor, slow and defensive, but hit hard. (Shields are optional and can be worn or held.)

Enemies(As of now): Only high level beings and monsters can speak to communicate.

The Volence Treu: Cult of the demon lord Volence. Players who wish to join will be mind controlled and will receive a boost in power as well

Garos: They appear buff in barbaric like clothing and have tanish skin. They have slow speed, but if they get their hands on you they can inflict major damage if you don't break out; they are strong, pack a hefty punch, but are weak to zoners or any ranged attack unit.

Savinja: They are ruthless beings who will not hesitate to slice and dice you to shreds. They like to intimidate their enemies before they battle. These creatures are agile, quick, stealthy, and appear frightening due to their creepy masks. They wear hooded robes, normally black, and have trouble dealing with magic. (Eyes can glow red through mask eye holes depending if they have any.)

Striker: The same club wielding monsters from the trailer. They are big and have jagged razor sharp teeth capable of tearing off limbs, they can also lift some heavy things as well, they aren't fast by any means, but can be tough to deal with if inexperienced with the monster.

Mischief: An odly shaped monster with huge forearms and hands; it can change its face to look completely harmless, but all who fall for this are in for a surprise.

Corrupted: These once holy beings guarded the sacred weapon, Fallaflame, but were transformed into the horrifying beasts they are by the Volence Treu years ago.

Warrior: A returning being infamous for a reason.

Embedder: Amphibious like creature with a manta ray like face, if they kill you a parasite will take control of your body.

Sacred weapons:

Fallaflame(Sacred impure form/2nd variation): Red specks that can burst with a napalm effect. Can do a decent amount of damage if directly thrown onto someone.

Fallaflame(Sacred pure form): Devastating fire magic that is casted as red and black smoke as it is fired, then explodes with massive force (Size varies by user choice,) the explosion cloud rises into the air then rains down clusters of napalm flames which can cover large amounts of area or small amounts (user's choice.) (There is a limit to the explosion size and land coverage by napalm.)

Context reference for you and I:

HP: Final Frontier's health will start at 100 for everyone and increase by received attribute points towards health. (700 is max which is 200 points higher than Battle's.)

Perfect land: Falls more than 35 feet require this technique to nullify fall damage, higher falls requires this technique to halve fall damage. This technique requires you to land with feet and place hands on the ground, or to roll after landing. There is a 15 frame window in Final Frontier, but was 5 in battle frontier. *Highest in game point is 10,000 feet*

Guild: Real players that form a party with other players. They can also join forces will NPCs or a combination of both. (5/5 for battle and 6/6 for final.)

Pillow kitty: Series of a popular franchise that depicts a cute fat cat as the protagonist.

Sacred weapons: Weapons made by the gods of the Final Realm which were dispersed across both realms to be guarded by holy beings. These weapons are very powerful. (40 in total. Any player can use these.)

Divinity weapons: Weapons wielded by the five gods used in combat against Volence; these immensely powerful weapons can only be used against Volence, they are held in Persena's protection. (Total unknown)

The Five Gods: Referred to as the gods that fell in the last Volence outbreak fight. Persena is the last remaining god to survive and seal off Volence; All together there would be six. (Will not be learned in volume 1.)

The Dead Gods: They are the revived five gods; weaker than their living counterparts; they have been revived by the high being's of Treu; they are used to make The Weapons of Judgement. (Will not be learned in volume 1.)

The Weapons of Judgement: The darker equivalent of sacred weapons. Since the higher beings of Treu cannot wield scared weapons due to their anti-demonic use properties, TWJ will be made for use of the higher being's of the treu. (Will not be learned in volume 1.)

The piano piece ending scene of the "Beginning's truth trailer": One of the five fallen gods who could best wield the strongest of the divinity weapons, Hrotti. She also happened to be carrying the 4 tier crystals within her golden bracelet that would be used to seal off Volence. She was critically wounded by Volence, then stabbed with the blade, and knocked down from the air into the lower levels of the palace and slowly died. Persena went down to retrieve the crystals as the other gods continued fighting. (Persena laid the crystals scattered on the floor found as the way she found them out of respect.) (Will not be learned in volume 1.)

Tier Crystals: Elegantly colored crystals with the power to seal away any evil; even the gods themselves do not know how to use this power to its fullest potential to kill Volence instead of sealing him.

Being: More powerful than monsters. They reside in some territories across realms. Guilds or solo parties that come across these dangerous creatures must be ready to encounter them as they can be extremely difficult to deal with. Beings look more human like, but are not human. (10 is the lowest level these creatures are found at. Higher level beings can join Treu.)

Monster: They are a bit more widespread across the realm than beings. Lower levels are a bit more primitive/instinctual driven; while mid to high level monsters are almost as strong as beings. (Level 1-100 are the stat ranges of these terrifying beasts, they can only be pawns of Treu.)

Megacities: There are 10, these are inspired by real cities around the world and are almost scaled to their size but not entirely since this is fiction. (Monsters and being cannot enter these.)

City: There are 20 non-mega cities; these are not inspired by real cities. They have a 2 mile safe radius. (Monsters and being cannot enter these.)

Safe zone: Since everyone doesn't spawn in Frontier Central Square, to be more spread out, these will be the radius for more light monsters as the players start off.

5 mile radius: Is what almost every mega city has, but Frontier Central has an extra 5 since.

10 mile radius: Frontier Central's higher lower level enemy zone, beyond this the enemies gradually increase in strength. Monsters and beings cannot pass through these safe zones. (Savinja's bugged through)

Death: Occurs if an attack puts someone below 1 hp.

Ability: Techniques that provide boosts or help you out in some way.

Critical condition: You are in a severely injured state which makes it hard to ward off enemies. Limbs and bones can be broken or torn off in this state.

Tick damage: Set amount of health loss, constant, which is caused by poison most of the time.

Brass: The game's currency.




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