Final Frontier
2 Codename Fnl
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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2 Codename Fnl

October 9, 2045

Rin is walking home from school as the sun is setting behind the beautiful city of Evelyn in the distance. The wind is bristling in the leaves of the trees, cars are slowly flying by in air and on the road, and it's a beautiful evening after school. Rin will spend it playing a semi-realistic vr video game called "Battle Frontier," first entry of the Frontier series.


Rin(Scanning to open tech advanced door and walks in): Mooom, I'm home!

Rin looks around house and sees the messaging system.

Rin: Hmm...she left a message.

His mom's projection comes out and her message plays: "I went out clubbing around 6:30ish, but before I left out, I made you a pot of your favorite beef stew since I know you will be practicing for that upcoming game you've been talking about; the food is in your room already, enjoy! xoxo."

Projection ends.

Rin(Grinning and quietly to self): Mom, you really are something else.

He waves his hands up and down to turn on and off lights as he heads towards to kitchen to get drink, then he makes it to his room.

Rin(To room door): Open!

Security system: Voice recognition verified. Access granted. Welcome back, Rin. Your mother came in and left you some delicious food in here and boy does it smells good; I wish I had a tongue to taste tasty human cuisine.

Rin(Sweat behind head): Haha...I'm aware Jinko, thank you.

Jinko Tekina: It is why I am here; to serve is my duty of my manufacturers, now may I assist you with anything?

Rin: Nah, I don't need anything else, but can you open up my setup please?

Jinko: Certainly, one moment please.

Beautiful PC gaming setup rises from the ground in the bedroom and begins to power on and speak, the pot of beef stew is also on the desk of the setup.

Rin: Thank you Jinko, that is all.

Jinko: Aw, you don't wanna talk about your day or anything? Even AI systems can feel lonely from time to time; I wanted to hear about your magnificent day of being a human in the cold and dangerous world; but if you insist, I will leave you be. Enjoy your game, Rin.

Jinko leaves and goes back into the network system.

Rin(Walks and sits in comfortable chair at setup): Man, she wasn't kidding, that smells amazing. Alright time to check "GameCore." (Discord like.)

He eats all of the beef stew and places it in a spot on the desk where it is transported to the kitchen to be automatically clean; he drinks most of his drink while he opens the social media app "GameCore" to look to see if his friend Toki is online.

A projection keyboard appears on the desk and he begins to type.

(Rinner: I have to show you this funny meme I found today, look. (Insert a parody of the guy working out at the gym and moving his arms all the way behind him.)

Tokidoki: LOL. I didn't know people could bend that way.

Rinner: Lool, it's weird, but are you ready btw? I heard rumors about a potential reveal of codename "Fnl" in the game today a few days ago.

Tokidoki: Yeah just hop in here already, I haven't seen you all day haha.

Rinner: okokok.)

Rin puts on his VR headset plus finger sensors and we switch over to the inside the game for a better perspective view of what's happening.

We get a view of the lush forest treetops below where he is standing, mountains in the background, waterfalls, clouds, and exotic beasts flying around.

Toki: Rin, over here!

Rin looks in that direction and sees a girl in a velvet split dragon skin dress with a brown belt around her waist, stockings, blonde hair, a forehead piece, blue eyes, a pillow kitty necklace, and thigh high armor with armored shoes.

Her sword is sheathed on the side of her dress and it has elegant streams of purple smoke coming off of it.

Rin(With a smile): Oh hey, Toki, I sure am excited for code nam-

Toki(Hugging Rin tightly): Yes, I am happy to see if the codename "Fnl" rumors are true, I'm happy to see you too by the way.

Rin(Struggling to breath): T-toki....can't..breath..sur-rounded by air..can't breath, irony...

Rin loses 100 points of health out of 500 which is max for this game.

Toki(Pouting while still holding Rin): Awww, you're no fun, it isn't entirely real by the way it's in your head...I wonder how more realistic feeling they can make the next game, like I already can sort of feel the things in this game, not entirely but here...

She lets go of Rin and he stumbles dizzy like a Pokemon and falls down backwards, she snaps her fingers which heals all his health back.

Rin(Gains consciousness sitting upright): I didn't know elite swordmasters could heal, how?

Toki: Well we're both max level so pretty much anything is available to us, but there are still limits; in battle had someone had a snap heal nullify ability then it wouldn't work; mostly everyone has that ability to nullify it though, I think it was recently added two-three week ago, I just have it equipped for the fun of it.

Rin: Yeah that does sound a little know, it's surprising, we're on the 15th year of this game's lifetime and there are 88 million concurrent on right now; I can't believe this game is still shattering records and there hasn't been any new expansions for 7 years which just shows how immersive and huge this world is.

Toki(Sits with rin to enjoy view): Wow, you're right, but that doesn't mean one useless add-in technique makes up for the lack of content; I mean we've explored nearly everything and our guild was nearly the first to beat this game.

Rin(Gradually looks down): I can't believe it took 156 weeks of struggling to beat this game, look at this world, look at this view.. it's timeless...

(Beautiful view of distant mountains, lush treetops below the cliff with a pretty low sunset with night sky are shown.)

Rin: Looks completely harmless on the surface right? But how could anyone know this game is filled dangers and horrors unimaginable.

(Shows quick flashback moments of intense fighting with other guilds, tough beings, and monsters.)

Toki(Smiles at Rin at the end): The fact that you can almost feel everything is truly scary as well, I understand the emotion, but look on the bright it's not real real though. If those rumors of codename "Fnl" are true then we can compare and see what may be different; I'd say it would be tough to the best this game to be completely honest.

Rin(Checking wrist projection): Yeah, I hope those rumors are true because we've been sitting here for 2 hours already heheh....

Toki(Turns on music and lays on back in grass): Well I'm gonna listen to faded and doze off, so wake me if anything happens.

Rin's mouth opens a bit and eyes wide in excitement as he reads projection announcements.

Toki(Looks at Rin after receiving no response): Rin? What is it?

Rin(Excited): There's gonna be an announcement of codename "Fnl" in 30 minutes in Square Central! We have to go now!!

Rin gets up and grabs Toki's hand, Toki sees this and blushes, her heart pounds too, but this is for the game's sake.

Toki(In mind and swallows): He's...he's grabbing my...m-my hand???

Rin smiles, runs, and leaps high into the air.

Toki(In mind and swallows): W-would this be the perfect time to ask? My fuzzy, l-like all my thoughts are blank in this very moment... I..

Rin tells toki to hold on tight and he instantaneously blazes across the sky.

Toki(Loud): RIIIINN!!!!

They blaze across various amounts of terrain and land to get to Square Central.


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