Final Frontier
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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3 Unveil


Square Central slightly resembles the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo; there are many nicely lit neon skyscrapers as the night begins to bloom; it is decorated for the event.

Rin lands, stands up, and notices Toki isn't with him, seconds later he gets noticed and gets stared at by multiple people as if his name were legend.

They notice his guild tag and name.

They mutter.

Rin let go of Toki about 200 feet in the air on the descent unknowingly due to excitement.

Toki, dizzy from the whole flight falls, smacks the ground, doesn't perfect land, and loses 250 points of hp.

Rin nervously notices he made a mistake.

Rin: Uh, Toki...I..umm..I; Is it too late for a sorry, heh?

Toki gets up almost demonic like with hate in her eyes; her eyes switch to resemble slits; she walks up to Rin then knocks him hard on the head.

Toki: YOU IDIOT!!! At least let me know you were gonna pull off that whole stunt from beginning to end! Also you know the window for perfect landing is small plus I was dizzy from the flight, but man Square Central looks nice as ever.

Everyone watching gets a drop of sweat behind their heads.

Rin loses 150 points of health.

Rin(Holding head in pain and looks around) OW! Sorry Toki, I was just worked up I swear...Hmm. Yeah, Square Central does look nicer than usual, that's how "Square" usually is; they still care about the game.

Toki gets up to look around at the setting, she notices people gathering and staring at them.

Toki(Whispering): Say, why are these guys staring and "yooing" at us?

Rin(Whispers while rubbing head): I guess it has something to do with our guild as a whole being the 2nd to beat the game and something about our very hard path road, or at least that's what I've overheard...this is some reception though, even for being 2nd though, it almost doesn't seem real....being cheered by this many people when I'm nothing like this irl..tch-

Toki(Cheerful and places hand on Rin's head): Aww, don't let the fame get to you like that also, please don't make unrealistic comparisons like that, we earned this title didn't we? You're still a hero to some of these people after all and a hero to me most importantly, here I'll heal us.

Rin(Grins): Thank you Toki, you're really an amazing friend to have around, Shall we get a spot to watch the announcement? We don't want a bad view do we?

Toki(Nods no slowly then grabs his hand): Uh no buutt...c'mon let's explore, we have 25 minutes to spare, I promise it'll be quick.

They explore some of the stores and it's exotic items and goods, they take silly photos all through some of the city, and Rin buys Toki a beast cat keychain at a kiosk, Toki loves and admires it and puts the keychain on her sword. After that they head back to the media area of Square Central with 5 minutes left. (Resembles monstercat.)

Rin(Looking for a spot): Wow, even the air space is tight to fly around through.

Toki(Also looking): Don't worry, we'll find a good spot soon.

Rin(Pointing): There! Let's go.

Mid level player: Hey man stop shoving, if you didn't get here earlier that's your problem man like... god! You two, you're f-from the Celestial guild right?! here's a big enough spot about a few feet to the left of me! Uh big fan by the way (Talks about all their various achievements and big battles) (Bowing): I also know this is sudden and you don't know who I am but....may I join your party please?! I really want to know how improve hand to hand combat and learn how to wield dual swords like you, sir!

Rin(Awkward laugh): Haha, you know us a lot better than we do, thank you but please you don't have to be all formal. Umm our party is 5/5 and we haven't recruited in about 4 years so there's that haha. Not sure Akira would be happy either now that I think about it.

Mid level player(Glass shattering background, head lowers): Oh...right haha I got carried away, sorry...uh enjoy the presentation.

Rin(Places hand on his shoulder): Look, dude, I am not saying you are a bad player by any means; I want everyone to be the best possible, plus it's actually very bold of you to request to join, maybe if we meet in the next game I'll consider. We just don't want more especially this late in the game's life y'know, just have integrity man there's no need to beat yourself up, just be happy and listen to what I just told you. We thank you for giving us a spot to watch the presentation.

Mid level player(Raising head up with slight grin): You really mean it too, thanks for listening to me.

Rin(Smiling with eyes closed): No problem!

They fist bump.

Toki: Are you seriously considering new recruits? Sure more depth is good, but we have good bonds with each other, then I feel Akira would give him flak on the field as well and I honestly don't feel like teaching more at this point either.

Rin: We'll see, he seemed genuine. Anyway the presentation starts in 20 seconds, any predictions?

Toki: Nope, I just hope the waiting was worth it.

Rin: Can you imagine if they announced just to delay the game more and this decoration was a ploy to make us feel like something big was gonna happen?

Toki(Punches Rin in the arm): Knowing Square, they would pull a stunt like that, that's a horrible thing to say and jinx.

Rin(Pain) Ow! You punch so hard that if the game felt any more real my pain receptors would fire.

Toki(Grinning): Shhh, the presentation is starting.

Rin: Hmph...

All the main big screens countdown from 10 and everyone joins in.

A cleaned up tired looking man with brown hair, around mid his 30s in a black shirt with the "Fnl" logo, blue jeans, and black glasses appears on the screens smiling.

Jaaku Kurieta(Calm): Hello, Square fans and gamers alike, my name is Jaaku Kurieta, or as the community likes to call me, "Sirius Kurieta," I am the lead developer and series creator of the "Frontier" series. As many of you already know codename "Fnl" was initially revealed at Z3 2034 and was set to release the next holiday of 2035, but due to technical limitations of hardware and the game itself, it did not fit our quality standards at the time. We would also like to stress that the long wait was due to designing such a huge world with a capacity to house 1B players; we didn't want to make it just another "Battle Frontier" with a few new added territories to the world either, we've changed almost everything and made the map more than 30% bigger than Battle Frontier's with an expected time to beat just shy of 4 years. Now I am proud to present to you the trailer for codename "Fnl."

The crowd cheers with simultaneously clapping in applaud.

Player in background: Sweet name of gravy, it's not being delayed, what a relief!

Another player in the background: Shhhhh.

Trailer plays and shows an apocalyptic lava setting of Battle Frontier where units are fighting strange monsters in the middle of a *battlefield* that was once the lush forest area, and are being pushed back by the new threat, "The Volence Treu."

???(Faintly): Wake up!

You the player(Hearing voices of distress in your head while unconscious and waking up): Mmm...

???:(Frantically shaking the player thats knocked into the ground): Damnit soldier, please! You gotta wake're our last potential of hope, your time doesn't end here!

You(Dazed and drowsily sits upright in medium sized ground crater while holding forehead): What? W-what happened?

???(Grabs you): Hold on. (Teleports into the stronghold's empty meeting room with a window nearby.) You were knocked senseless and up into the air by a garos then a savinja knocked you down far and hard into the ground; thank goodness your defense is great and you have a miracle ability or you'd be, you know. Hell, we barely pushed forward to get you and quick travel away.

You: My gratitude, sir, are we still engaging the enemy?! Where are our sorcerers....o-our fallaflame casters? I know they were there, where-

???(Walking around then goes to the door): *They've been launched off the screen,* meaning they...they died. There are too many of those monstrous scum outside! Our front lines are being pushed back heavy rrr. We're in one the last few of the command strongholds in braveheart forest; we're in the meeting room right now. Oh, umm... there's someone here that wants to talk to you.

He walks away.

Woman walks in with her hood on in a white robe with golden designs; a white light emanates from the face of her hood preventing her face from being seen.

Alarm system plays as enemies are nearing the last stretch of strongholds, including the one the player is at.

Different classes of units gather outside to fight, fliers and mages go on to the roof and clerics stand out on closed balconies.

Woman(Calm and serene as she stares outside): They're just slowing the inevitable, hmph, quite sad to see the land be burned to rubble, even good things have to come to an end I suppose.

You(Angrily stands): WHAT?! My comrades plus my guild died and are dying from those monstrous bastards and you come here with your unsympathetic wit? How could you....uhh what are doing?

Woman (Examining the player's injured body close): You're injured, severely, I will heal you and fix your cloths.

Fighting and explosions are seen and heard far outside the stronghold.

The mages begin to use sharpshooter abilities to to shoot at the far advancing waves of enemies to keep them from advancing, but the cult of monsters keep moving closer to the front lines of units, despite suffering casualties, apathetically as if they're being controlled.

The fliers support the mages with extra mobility and vantage if they need to hop on.

You(Worryingly): Thanks lady, but what the hell does this do for them outside? Help them too when they need it. Those monster's will pay for their destruction and when I get outside those monsters pray my rage trigger doesn't unleash.

Woman(Chuckling with smile): You all are so presumptuous, I didn't come here to leisure on expendables notice, I came here for you; you have the potential to end all of this fighting, I can see it innately within you.

You(Angry and rushes her with attacks): GRR, you bitch, who are you anyway to shame us as if this were a joke. You know what, I don't care who I have to kill anymore to end all this suffering!!

Woman(Dodging effortlessly): You will know soon enough my identity, if you're so keen on seeing your rag tags demise I shall permit it.

She repeatedly hit his pressure points as he was attacking, he didn't see a thing.

You(Eyes widen and body freezes, he begins to fall backwards): EUGH!! What did you do to me, I swear I'll KILL-?!

She teleports behind him and pulls up a chair and his sits in it while his body is frozen.

She puts him in the view of the window.

You the player looks out the window to see outside units getting overwhelmed and killed.

Mages are forced to use their most devastating tomes which do collateral damage wiping out mostly everyone on the ground, beings, monsters, and units.

The clerics try to heal all wounded and set barricades in front of the gate of the stronghold, but they are broken, and soon run out of staff magic then become increasingly exhausted.

The fliers are attacked by mutant bat like creatures; the fliers aren't equipped or at a high enough level take out bat like creatures that are taking them out.

You see the guy that saved you get stabbed in the head by the appendage of a weird fat blob monster that turns him into a weird necrotic type monster, but he explodes just right in view about a couple of feet below.

Lot's of units are trying to run!

You(Wide eyed in distraught): W-what!? No....this didn't go to plan....if only I didn't get knocked unconscious we-

Woman: Couldn't win. Hmm, you have the silliest look on your face, I told you I'd show you their demise. Volence has awakened in his seal, this is but just his army to do his bidding, they've taken over 97% of this land, Volence will escape his seal if the last be destroyed, but for now he will send his army into the last realm of frontier when this land is consumed entirely, they will attempt to do the same in the next realm and so succeed they will search for the seal and break Volence free of his seal..he will arise to try to take the tier crystals I guard and use them to absorb their power and rule both realms in his own twisted image out of revenge; you have the potential to end all of this come the time at my side.

You(Sad): Volence? Cult what? Who is that? You're crueI....I-I don't know what to do anymore....I let so many die here after I promised everyone, even my children, that it was fine. I-

The clerics rush into the meeting room screaming and behind them are monsters wielding big clubs.

The building blows up, but it goes in slow motion due to the woman in the robes, as the flames glide over the screen behind the woman, one cleric gets hit in the back of the head by the club and is presumably killed, the scene changes to a roman inspired garden with a palace in view.

You(Contemplating what just happened, eyes wide):.....

Her robes come off to reveal a radiant woman with blond hair, green eyes, jewel headpiece, jewelry, a white dress with gold and red part designs in it.

She sits on her ancient staff and floats closer to the player.

Persena(Light grin): I am Persena, goddess of this realm, The Final Frontier. Let's wipe that memory of yours and begin your training again, the proper way shall we? You won't ever do anything again with a constant look like that.

White light covers the whole screen.

Game fades to a black screen to show the name of the game, "Final Frontier."

Serene music plays and gradually changes to a more serious/epic tone later in.

Clips of the beautiful immersive territories are shown, map comparison, realistic graphics, some new beings/monsters and some returning beings/monsters, weapons, new and improved AI for NPCs which give human like responses, real feel, weather change/seasonal changes, and some moments that happen in game.

(First opening clip with Battle Frontier being destroyed is called "The end begins" and the second clip showing the in game is called "Beginning's truth.") ("The end begins" - 2:00 opening trailer. "Beginning's truth"- 1:30 in game trailer.)

Trailer ends in a nice soft piano piece to show a scene of a divinity sword stabbed inside a mysterious skeleton with tattered robes and crystals scattered on the floor.

The screen goes black moments later then shows big threat at the end before quickly cutting out.

"We're in this, together!" (Game's slogan.)

Audible applause, cheering, and talking.

Background player (Cryingly): That was so beautiful! Just take my money already!

Another background player: Shhhhh...

Sirius: So, how did the game look? We really went all out for it huh? Final Frontier takes place in a new realm after Volence, the demented dragon sorcerer lord, awakes partially from his seal and sends his Treu to destroy the seals of the Battle Frontier. They have plans to re-awaken their master, but in order to do so they needed to take over, search the realm, and destroy them as the land held multiple seals that imprison Volence, The Final Frontier holds the last major one; there isn't exactly a known pinpoint on it though. This happens, canonically, but don't worry the Battle Frontier game will still exist it was just for the story purpose, however, the Treu will invade The Final Frontier towards the end of the game once the last remaining seal in the Battle Frontier is destroyed. Final Frontier really takes advantage of today's ultra powerful hardware of PC so no worries about any freezes or hiccups as it will run and play very smoothly. Also, as you can see we've added a ton of new features including real feel; with real feel the headset will connect with your somatic nervous system making you the controller entirely; you won't voluntarily move irl so you don't accidentally bump into something haha. You can also turn on the option to stimulate the pain receptors from everything that could hurt you in the game as well, but the pain feature is completely optional and isn't pushed far to unbearable by any means. I should also state that this game will be a bit tougher than the previous installment as we wanted to make this final installment special for the returning audience, the game is not recommended for newcomers who have never played Battle Frontier, this is due to the difficulty of Final Frontier...So this this pretty much wraps it up....wait...oh yes a release date, silly me, Final Frontier will release globally on October 11, 2045. Pre-orders will go on sale starting today...oh and I almost forgot again, one more thing, the top 100 guilds will receive something special for their hard work and dedication put into the game. Thank you for your time, we hope you pick up a copy.

The crowd applauds with lots of talking ensuing while they disperse.

Guild player: That was so amazing, this delay was so worth it. Bro, did you see all the pretty girls? I'm actually drooling from all this waifu material.

Player from the same guild(Sweat on head): always want games to have pretty women, but did you see those graphics they're literally on steroids. The no demo part sucks though considering the game comes out in 3 days.

Rin and Toki are slowly flying over to the mail system of square central.

Player from the same guild: Yeah man, but it's too late to change something if we don't like it. The pros are so lucky, I wonder what they're getting.

Toki: Is it me or did something seem off about Mr. Jaaku's face? He seemed more tired than usual. I hope the game didn't wear him out.

Rin: Yeah he sorta looked like me when I play for more than 8 hours. I hope he's ok, but I wonder the true specific reason of why he would send the top 100 guilds a gift?

Toki: I like how we unironically have the "I have a bad feeling about this/suspicious mood."

Rin: Yeah why do we to fly over to the mail system when it could have came through our wrist projection app. Maybe he's hinting at something.

Rin stops and toki stops in midair too

Toki: What is it?

Rin: You just get a notification on your wrist projection watch, too?

Toki: Yeah I don't know why I feel nervous and excited feeling about opening it. The gift box looks really nice though and cute.

Rin opens the notification gift and Jaaku appears from the projection watch with a message.

Sirius: "Dear member of the Celestial guild, we would like to commemorate you all on your hard work for being the 2nd to complete the game. We would like for you to receive our demo code to play a limited access part of the map from Final Frontier a week early before almost everyone else. I have some unfortunate news that Final Frontier will not be coming with a transfer data system for the outside 100, so you will be allowed to transfer up to 2 weapons, 2 abilities, and 2 pieces of gear for(Release only) placing 2nd best guild overall. We want all our players to start from scratch so we can all start off pretty equally and adapt. Thank you for going the extra step in our game, sincerely Jaaku."

Voice notification closes.

Toki: We are not playing that demo early, even though its limited part of a territory, because we are not about head starts. Also no transfer data in a big game like this series? I wouldn't mind if we could have transferred a bit more, but are you serious and then he says "adapt" the nerve...

Rin: I agree, it's their rules after all. I understand why'd they do it, but I don't agree with it. No one knows outside of the other 99 guilds which is strange to me. Adapting is part of almost every games meta and this gives other people a chance to get better I'm guessing, but skill will still vary widely of course. 2nd best guild or not this is an entirely new game so let's do our best.

Toki: Sigh. We still know how to level up at least the efficient way at least. Can we transfer a sacred weapon?

Rin(Reading message): "You are allowed to transfer only one of sacred weapons listed, however, it will be the weaker variation of it during release to keep it relatively balanced with everyone else."

Toki: Woah seriously? I was honestly joking, so I'm guessing the 2nd variations is nerfed a bit to tone it down. I feel like he's hiding something more, but isn't telling us.

Rin: I want to know more as bad as you do Toki. We'll just have to wait until release or if anymore trailers are shown this week. Oh...we received a present at the mail station, let's check it out.

Toki(With enthusiasm): Aye-aye captain!

They fly off.


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