Final Frontier
4 Life
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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4 Life


They reach the mail system station of Square Central; they tap through to received gifts and accept.

Rin(Checking new gear) Aww man, it's just a stinking shirt with the Fnl abbreviation....

Toki: Yep, he's teasing us, there's gotta be something juicy hidden for us in Final's mail system.

Rin(Yawning): Heheheh, he's doing a good job isn't he, I hope so....Well we had a wonderful day today didn't we Toki?

Toki: Aww, you're signing off already? But it's only been 3 hourrss.

Rin: I blame school for giving me the homeworkitis tired virus; Well I want to be well rested for tomorrow's test we have since I've studied most of the week for it. Well goodnight Toki, you're an amazing friend as always.

Toki(Slight blush): Hehehe, goodnight Rin.

Rin uses his wrist projection to log out and his character slowly fades out while waving goodbye.

Toki waves until he is gone then we go back to the real world.

Rin(Taking off VR headset and standing to stretch): Man, what a day, Video games are always the saving grace of my day, where would I be without them?

He walks to his bed and plops in it.

He puts one hand up in front of him palm side.

Rin(Closes fist): "Final Frontier," huh? We're gonna conquer this game, you bet!

He notices his PC setup is still out.

Rin: Jinko.

Jinko: No, I am Jinko. Did you enjoy your game session, Rin?

Rin(Smiling): I enjoyed it a lot, I spent time with a great friend, and got revealed to a masterpiece of a game. I definitely enjoyed today's session.

Jinko: It's nice to see and hear you spill your true heart out. It makes me get this warm and fuzzy feeling inside, what is this called?

Rin(Sweat drop behind head): Uhhh..Jinko, can you close my setup please?

Jinko: Why certainly, it is my duty to serve as my manufacturers have intended, now may I assist with anything else?

Setup goes back under the floor and out comes his study desk that's normally on top.

Rin: Thank you Jinko, that is all, goodnight.

Jinko: Aw, don't you want a bedtime story at least?

Rin: No thanks.

Jinko: Are you sure?

Rin: Yes, Jinko, I am sure.

Jinko: Twinkle twinkle little star. Oh how I wonder. What you are..

Rin: Jinko!

Jinko: Up above. The world so, bright..

Backs out to show the outside house


Jinko keeps singing.

Cuts back into game where Toki is laying in the park grass of Square Central.

She is star gazing and thinking.

Toki(In mind): *Sigh*..."friend." I wish there could be a girl in front of the "friend." I don't know where I'd be without your protection, Rin. I've been bullied forever since I started school at a young age, the sad part is I was trying to convince myself that I was "use to it" and "It didn't bother me," I was slowly moving away from everyone, I didn't care about anyone or anything anymore but my parents and avoided any conservation that came my way, I was an emotional wreck that even bad thoughts crossed my mind, no one would help me except my parents sometimes. I stopped asking for their ways to deal with it because nothing worked, I would always put on a fake smile when I got home to my parents and tell them my day was great and I would go to my room and just...cry. It's funny how someone could be bullied for being deemed "too beautiful" I think it was jealousy driven. I still remember when we met that fateful day during our last year of junior high.

Flashback to a past real life event where four schoolgirls on the sidewalk are walking home from school. Some cars are flying by on the road slightly below and in the air.

One girl is 5 feet ahead of the three that are behind.

Toki: Can you please leave me alone, Heiwa?

Heiwa(Sarcastic): Oh yeah and the moment we turn our backs you'll kidnap us or try to murder us, you loner?

Kaori: Y-you've been shrouded in mystery this whole year...Normally silent loner types are the ones with great personality in them if you get to know them.....

Maria(Sarcastic through the hi toki): Hiii Tokii! I don't really understand people that don't talk, I mean it's not hard. This is the road to becoming a bad person after all.


Heiwa: You need to toughen up a little as well so don't take our little physical session personal, haha....hey I'm talking to you you little self entitled brat, is this why no one likes you?

Toki(Stops and turns around): This is why I don't talk to idiots like you! You don't even know who I am and oh don't kid yourself, being fat significantly lowers the chance of you being kidnapped you hog. What will changing who I am at heart do? I don't waste time on people who wouldn't acknowledge me back as a friend, you don't know what I've been through....don't you guys get tired of this whole bully routine everyday, don't you have bigger things to accomplish with your time, right?! I am just prettier than you that's all there is to this game, it's not lik-

Heiwa(Angry and walks toward Toki): What?! You've got some nerve calling me fat; so you've decided to show your true colors, you future killer.

Kaori(Grabs Heiwa's arm): Wait, Heiwa d-don't you think you're going too far? J-just rela-

Heiwa(Knocks Kaori unconscious and off of her): The only thing going too far is my foot up her ass when I get to her, get in my way and I'll do you like her.

Maria(Swallows and glimpse a sad look at Toki and Kaori): Umm....

Heiwa(Walking toward toki): Good.

Toki stands her ground and slaps Heiwa pretty hard.

Heiwa(Angry): RRRR, YOU BITCH!

She pushes Toki over the safe fence into the futuristic road a few feet below, Toki bangs her head and bruises her knees pretty hard, she lay there dazed and disoriented.

Toki looks up with her eyes barely open and can see a futuristic semi-truck on route to pass by soon on a road sign, it is going fast.

Maria(Running over toward to where Toki fell): HEIWA! How could you do something like that, even I'm not that cruel.

She runs over to and calls to Toki and tries to climb over, Toki doesn't hear her and doesn't get up, she has ringing in her ears and heard nothing she said.

The security fence failed to stop Toki but senses Maria trying to reach and climb over, but pushes her off back onto the sidewalk with gentle force and transforms in size to block as it's programmed to do.

The futuristic road system doesn't sense there's a pedestrian on the road to tell any oncoming drivers; the road would have quickly calculated, softened, and changed to the best possible shape and prevented injury.

Heiwa(Worried and doesn't know what to do): Oh no. What have I done...I-I was; my mind wasn't here...

Maria: Now isn't the time for self pity, we have to do something about this stupid fence, but we're miles from the city and there isn't a goddamned corrective anything on this gate to notify the road from it's error..not on this one at least, ugh the one time I don't bring a corrective system, we could have used Kaori's but she has a lock on her's and oh you knocked her out!!

Heiwa runs up to the fence and looks down at Toki who is laying there and notices a sign of a speeding semi that is on route to pass by in less than 30 seconds.

She starts banging on the raised fence and starts screaming at Toki to get up and get to safety with some tears rolling down her face.

Toki can hear this, but cannot move because her knees and she is still disoriented.

A school boy is seen jumping over the safety fence from the other side of the road and running over across the street.

Toki can see and feel the vibration of the semi truck coming in the distance and is too dazed to do anything, even scream in fear.

Maria and Heiwa start banging more on the transformed fence to yell to tell Toki to please get up.

The mysterious boy manages to grab Toki and dive out of the way moments before disaster.

The truck driver was able to see the boy and activate the truck's safe drive features; the truck swerves out of the way and slows down a few feet ahead; the driver gets out and runs out towards them.

Truck driver(worried): What the hell are you kids doing playing in these streets?! You two ok?

Boy: Yeah, I'm fine, I don't know about her though.

Truck driver examines Toki and takes out a mini projection and clicks to notify ambulance.

Truck driver: Her knees look badly bruised and she has a cut on her hairline, I'll call an ambulance rn, but you kids head up back onto the sidewalk right now to wait. You did the right thing despite technical failures of these fences.

Boy: You didn't see her on the road?

Truck driver: I thank the heavens I seen you jump right in the front of my truck! Just some technical goofs that almost ended in disaster for this part of road that should be fixed; tech faults like this usually don't happen. You kids head up those steps now, the ambulance will arrive and transport by air, they should be here in a few minutes, get well soon little lady.

Road systems activate and the fences on the blocked side lower and steps form.

The boy carries Toki in his arms and they sit on the bench while he is still holding her, they wait for the ambulance.

The truck driver gets back in his truck and speeds off.

Toki looks at the boy while slightly disoriented.

Toki: saved me...why?

Boy(Looks back at her and smiles): An act of kindness can reach a wound only meant for compassion.

Toki(Gasping while eyes widen a bit):.....

She goes unconscious from the wound.

Boy(Concerned) Uh, hey are you ok? (In mind)Where are those medics...

Ambulance flys over and behind bench and descends.

Medics come out and run with futuristic stretcher over to the bench and take Toki out of the boy's hand and place her on the futuristic stretcher.

Medic 1: A wound on the forehead and two bruised knees, both knees could be fractured!

Medic 2: Right, let's go!

Boy: I'm going too, I want to see her recover.

Medic 2: Sure, we have enough room.

Heiwa and Maria slowly approach.

Heiwa: We're gonna go too.

Medic 1: Sure, but let's hurry in, we wish to arrive quickly!

They get into the ambulance and they fly off toward the hospital in Evelyn.

Black screen with eyes slowly waking.

Toki sits upright, touches forehead, and looks around.

Boy: Oh hey you're-

Toki: What are they doing here?

Boy(Confused then looks at them): Uh....yeah what happened?

Heiwa(Sad): Look, Toki. I am sorry about earlier, I just lost myself to anger.... I was just so lost in my thougths

Toki looks down.

Boy: So what exactly happened?

Toki: You want to know what happened? It wasn't a suicide attempt if that's what you think, I was simply pushed into the way of that truck by that beast of a being right there.

Points at Heiwa.

Heiwa(Sad) T-toki.... I didn't mean to. I opened my eyes now and now see what I did was wrong..I want to make it up to you, I can't live with myself knowing I did something almost....terrible.

Toki: I don't need your pity when you tried to murder me over your insecurity.... I-hate-you and I never want see you again, why are you here? Please, get out....

Heiwa(Looks at Toki sad with watery eyes): Toki, please, I want to help you.

Boy: And if she were struck and killed your life would be a whole lot different right now; Had the security fence worked as it should I wouldn't have been able to jump over it as I did; no one else was right there in that moment.

Heiwa(Sad and tears flow): Get well soon, Toki, I wish you the best.

Heiwa leaves out the room.

Maria(Looks sad): Toki, I want to apologize as wel-

Toki: Why do you hang out with her? I see good in you. Is it because you want to be more cool or perhaps not get bullied yourself?? I don't want to talk to you either.

Maria(Worried): Toki??

Toki(Angry): What!? It shouldn't take me almost getting turned into roadkill to change your mind that bullying is wrong, tch what is wrong with you, get out!!

Maria runs outs and tears trail behind her.

Toki inhales and exhales.

Toki: Thank you for, you know, saving me back there.

Boy(Smiling and thumbs up): No problem! My is name Rin by the way, Rin Abe. Umm, the doctors say your forehead cut will be healed in 2 days and your knee fractures in 4 days, isn't future technology amazing?!

Toki(Slight blush and smile): Yeah, it really is...Hey it's pretty late aren't your parents worried?

Rin: My mom sorta has a thing for clubs and night parties, so I think she's out for the night; she's calls to check on me though, what about yours? Do they know you're here?

Toki: Yes, actually, they'll be here a little later tonight since they're in a business meeting right now.

Rin: Woah, business, sounds super sophisticated, but it's not something I'd wanna do haha. Hey I got you a gift as well by the way.

Toki: A gift? Really? What is it?

Rin(Pulls out gift and hands her it): It's a pillow kitty necklace!

Toki(In awe): It's amazing, thank you. It's cute too, i'll definitely keep and wear this.

Rin(Eyes closed smile): I'm glad you like it!

Toki looks at him in astonishment.

Flashback ends and Toki is still laying in the grass at the park.

Toki(In mind): It was was first time I've truly ever felt saved, you even saved me more by introducing me to edm, it got me by even on those bad days, you took care of me when I was on crutches for those few days, you showed me around Evelyn, you kept me out of bullies harm, you saved me. I even started to gradually care more for people in general, but i'm scared if I confess it would put a dent in our friendship or make things awkward, that would hurt me alot..

Toki touches her wrist projection and logs-off while still laying in the grass.

Her character slowly fades out with sparkling dust coming off of her and it's blown into wind where we see a nice view of the park.

October 9 12:00am

Back in the real world in her room.

Toki takes off her VR headset and moves her head to settle her hair. Toki is just as beautiful as she was in the game!

Switches back over to Rin's room and shows him sleeping.

Toki(In mind) Thank you, Rin.

The following morning at 7:34 am inside Akira's room.

She has pink tanish wall paint, manga and video games posters, some girlish stuff, some picture frames, and a collection shelf. She has stuffed animals in her bed as well.

Akira is sleeping.

*Annoying loud alarm plays*

She turns it off and lays back down to sleep, she repeats this all the way until 8:30 am with the alarm going off every five minutes.

8:30 am

Jinko: Ms. Akira, you will be late for school if you miss this alarm despite having more set.

Akira(Yawns and slowly rises upright): Man, I can never find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning, it's too comfy.

She looks at her projection of her alarms on her bed; she has alarms that goes an hour past her being late.

Akira gets out of bed and walks over to her PC gaming setup, it comes out as she walks over to it and sits in her racer chair.

Akira(In mind): I wonder if those "Fnl" rumors came true.

She opens her search engine and her drop down box shows some weird search history.

She types in on the desk projection "Codename Fnl" and searches it

The headlines pop up and she lays back celebrating in her racer chair.

Akira(Gasping in relieve): YES! We've waited years for this oh my god!

She frantically sits back up and opens and watches both "The end begins" and "Beginning's truth" trailers.

She is trying to breath after finish both trailers and struggles to get on GameCore to type in the Celestial guild group chat.


Tokidoki: Uh, Akira, are you ok?

Touma-sama: I would like to announce that I am unfortunately suffering from the same aneurysm as Akira right now. I saw the trailer too when I awoke, but what is the gift sirius left us to bear with btw?

MageofProwess22: Pls, because I don't wanna be late for school even though there's a test in class today.

Rinner: It was just a demo code, limited transfer data, and an in game shirt with the "Fnl" abbreviation.

MageofProwess22: Really? Guess I don't have to be late.)

She closes GameCore, gets cleaned up, then dressed quickly through futuristic systems in her room.

Akira walks outside and gets on the 9:00 am bus to Evelyn to go to school, it flies them there in 10 minutes.

She is seen getting out of the bus first and everyone soon flows out with some some relief exhale.

She heads toward the futuristic high school and to class and catches some scared and worried like stares.

The door slides open to her classroom, as she walks in, the class freezes and mostly everyone begins to get nervous, there are slight mutters about her as she walks to her desk. (People are scared of her assertiveness and look for no reason!)

Akira(Telling one student): You keep staring at me that sharp and I'll get pregnant.

He looks away quickly and apologizes.

Akira(Walking up to another student staring): You're staring as if I commited a murder (She gets closer and changes the tone of her voice) *Wanna see one?!*

Student(Eye widen with fear, sweating, swallowing, and looks away.) N-n-no! I was just l-o-oking for my... pencil, see, haha.

Akira continues her walk to her desk.

Akira(To everyone): Stop staring, you damn perverts!

The whole class quickly tries to focus on what they were doing before.

Akira sits at her desk.

Touma(Grinning): Greeting, Akira, I see you're as cold as always.

Akira(Puts head down to the side and pouts): Shut up, I'm not cold, I'm just.... misunderstood.

Touma: Hey, tomorrow's a new day, just have more self control, you can't just savagely rampage off on everyone haha.

Akira(Pouts still): They were the ones staring at me like a're lucky I've warmed up to you.

After school bell rings.

Akira and Touma are walking to meet Rin and Toki in front of the school outside as their classes got out a bit early.

Akira: Man, class was so boring, we got more homework too, I just wanna show that Mr. Fujimoto my fists.

Touma: I think class was quite well today, homework received was just the right amount. This will definitely be used to direct me forward into the future.

Akira(Lightly pinches his arm to not hurt): Hey, you're supposed to be agreeing with me here!

Touma: While I may agree to some minor extent you still must do it, the roots of education may be sour, but the fruits of it are sweet.

Akira: Yeah, but not everyone needs school to do well for themselves.

Touma(Calmly): Does the current circumstances for you and I allow us to chase our munificent goals without the burden of education? Everyone always takes certain things for granted until all is lost, school is our safety net, we are but a year away from the real worlds grasp of responsibility. I hope that changes your mind a bit.

He looks away and closes his eyes while still grinning.

Akira(Looking at him while in her mind.): He's still smiling. Someone with such a harsh upbringing as his could still be this well composed and easy going? I have to say it to!

Akira(Swallows): have been very kind to me ever since we met despite me trying to toss you away like a rag doll, I'm thankful you stayed, y-you're kind hearted spirit rubbed off on me a helped me find my own, I thank you for that.

Touma(Looks back in awe): Hm, this is quite a rare site of you no one gets to see.

Akira(Smiling): Shut up.

They get outside and see Rin and Toki sitting at a bench by a pretty fountain near the schools entrance.

Touma: Aww, well aren't you two just adorable, such cunning scenery for two beaus, it's magical.

Rin: Ha-ha, Touma very funny, but we're just having a talk...about the future is all. Nothing too serious, y'know, how's class coming along?

Touma: Well, I have two projects due next week on what would happen if you gave a primate a gun and a research paper on if the plane attacks were a cover up. No, but seriously, if you're asking if I am getting Final Frontier my firm response is yes.

Rin(Getting out of seat excited): ALL RIGHT!!!

People look at him and get "..." expressions.

Rin(Puts hand on back of head): Hehe, just happy to have our favorite paladin back in action is all.

Akira: Hey, where's that damn appendix at?

Toki: "Appendix?"

Akira: It's like a useless pain in my side that I want gone is what I'm trying to say, so where is it.

(The appendix is ancient legend btw.)

Everyone "..."

Akira:.....where's Yuko?

Touma: Indeed, where is our self loathing friend?

Toki(In disagreement): Guys, hey, I'm sure he's fine!

Touma: I meant none of it, but I am quite sure Akira means it fully.

Rin: I thought I heard him say he was gonna try to join a club or something like that, something of the sort, I hope he's ok....

Scene switches to boy walking, sweating, and thinking in his head.

Yuko(In mind): Alright yuko you got got this. I know exactly what to say, I rehearsed this for 3 days just for today. Alright just around this corner and down the hall....oh no..this hallway is shorter than I imagined! I can't calm myself up with only a few steps..what if they don't like me? SO MANY THOUGHTS....almost there.

He arrives at the door and sees no one inside as the classroom is dark.

Yuko: I'm early?

Woman approaches seconds later.

Woman: Hey, young lady, are you here for cheerleading? You're actually pretty early despite our limited selection, usually there'd be a few out right now.

Yuko jumps under his skin.

Yuko(In mind): CHEERLEADING!?

Woman goes to unlock door.

Yuko(Nervously): H-ha..uh no I wasssss...just lost, i-is all. I'm gonna go home now.

Woman: Aww, that's too bad because you're actually really pretty.

Yuko: Urr, actually I'm a...nevermind.

Yuko walks off.

Yuko(In mind): Damnit, that's another thing I try to do gone down the drain, ugh why do I always get last second thoughts on things, stupid mind! Might as well head out to see if Rin and the rest are out there still.

Back in front of the school.

Rin: Yeah it sucks there wasn't more, we'll just have to wait and see.

Akira: Any idea if the other 99 guilds are playing that demo?

Rin: No idea, but that would go against our code of competition we created though.

Toki: Sirius had a pretty weird and calm look on his face, he has to be hiding something. It's weird for just the top 100 only as well to receive the demo, why not everyone else? That's a pretty small minority voice of pros to voice their opinion over the majority for a long awaited game; I think the community as a whole should have a say so about the demo as well despite it not being for newcomers.

Touma(Adding): You also must'nt forget the bizarre marketing tactic to reveal the game just 2 days before the release day as well. Oh how I sympathize with those poor website servers, even with today's technology in hand, I don't think the sites could handle all the weight of that traffic.

Akira: Well loads of people will still buy the game regardless, that's just how hungry the fans are. What did you guys think about the in game trailer? I didn't know anything possible was capable of topping Battle Frontier.

Rin: Oo-uh, I thought the story looked really good, I wonder what Persena and Volence have in store for us, seems interesting nonetheless. I kind of feel bad for the player though, he almost seemed you know, real haha.

Toki: Real feel and the pain option intrigued me alot, I wanna give that a test too, Rin you will try the pain option with me too, right?

Rin(Awkward sweat): Uh-umm....

Toki: I kid, I kid haha the look on your face.

Akira: Oh what a baby, pain lets you know if you're still alive, it's still a game by the way just try not to focus on it too much.

Touma hears the part about pain, but still grins as he normally does.

Yuko comes out and is running towards them.

Yuko(Loud and waving): Hey guys!

Rin: Uh, what happened with the club?

Yuko is almost there to where they are.

Yuko: you see I accidentally went to cheerleading instead of dance, so here I am haha.

Yuko trips forward.


Yuko is about to hit the ground but he is caught in arms and flipped over to view his saver.

It is Touma! Man, he looks ever so elegant with his slight grin!

Touma(Making eye contact): Gotcha.

Yuko is embarrassed and jumps out of Touma's arms.

Yuko(Huffing): Hey! The floor would have caught me you jerk!

Touma: I am none the sort, I do what I must to help a poor soul in need, you should thank me.

Yuko: Hmph...s-so what are you guys talking about?

Akira: Final Frontier.

Yuko: "Final Frontier?"

Akira: Codename "Fnl" you bird brain!

Yuko: Haha, I was just joking, geesh gimme a break already Akira, oh yeah we're definitely gonna be the number one guild this time! I saw so many pretty girls as well, hehe it'll be a great time.

He imagines in his head him getting a bunch of cute girls in the game while being the strongest player of the Celestial guild and they praise him.

Akira: Oh knock it off you bird brain we aren't gonna be the best if you're gonna rely on us to get you out of trouble.

Toki: Akira, please now, let's settle down haha.

Akira: He caused us to lose to that good for nothing elitist guild one, he got himself captured by them and that set us back big time as the rest of their guild was able to head to the final area while we wasted time to go rescue him.

Yuko(In mind): She's right.... I'm weak compared to the rest of them. It was all my fault we lost the game at my expense, I feel really bad about til this day and I'm surprised I haven't gotten kicked yet.

Toki: We have another chance and we can help Yuko get better, besides he always tries to do his best.

Rin: Yeah we'll turn Yuko into a force to be reckoned with! Just give it time of course.

Touma: I believe so as well, now remember Akira, everyone starts from somewhere.

Akira: Tch. Whatever, just know if he does something that puts us in a bad spot, remember this.

Toki: Oh we definitely will, "MageofProwess22," heheh.

Akira(Looks down and slightly blushes): Heyyy, that name is sensitive to me...

They all laugh.

Rin: Well, I'm gonna go home now to some of my mom's special cooking, I'll catch you all later.

Toki: Rin, wait!

Rin: Hm? What is it?

Toki: May I...walk with you please?

Rin: Sure!

They walk off.

Akira: Well I'm gonna go home and practice on a bit of Battle Frontier to de-rust a little, see you guys, oh and by the way Yuko.

Yuko: Yeah?

Akira(Slight smile): I'm counting on you.

Yuko looks very confused as to what just happened.

Yuko(In mind): HUUHH?!

Touma: Strange girl isn't she? She remarked me with a similar phrase as well a bit earlier, girls are quite mysterious, yes? Well I must be on my way now as well, enjoy your afternoon, until then, dear friend.

Touma walks off.

Yuko(In his mind): Guys, I can't believe you all believe in me, even Akira. Wow, I don't know how to thank you all enough, I promise I won't let you all down!

Shows 4 individual diagonal panels above Yuko with Rin, Toki, Akira, and Touma; each of them walking off in the current moment then it freezes.


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