Final Frontier
5 Trapped
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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5 Trapped

Goes to Rin and Toki getting teleported by the public teleportation system in Evelyn and are transported about 1 mile from Rin's house. This transport system can only teleport within a 20 mile radius and there are limits to where you can go. (Only found within the city of Evelyn.)

They walk and Toki holds something behind her back.

Toki: I've never taken that transport system before but that sure was convenient; isn't that just a prototype?

Rin: Yeah, it was added 2 weeks ago actually; I can't believe the next step in the future of transport is teleportation, technology is amazing!

Toki: To think humanity was on the verge of extinction due to planetary changes just 40 years ago before is insane; it amazes me how we could bounce back in a short amount of time and create a thriving new future like this.

Rin: I've actually never thought of it that way, wow, Toki you always make me think of...

Toki(Insanely nervous in mind)-of!!?

Rin: All new sorts of perspectives and ways to view the world, you're like a mentor!

Toki looks down in sadness for a brief moment.

Toki(In mind): I thought too hard about that sentence.

Toki: So, rin, may I ask you a few questions?

Rin: Go for it!

Toki: What do you think of relationships, do you have any love interests?

Rin: Huh? Oh, umm, I haven't really have had much experience with talking with girls outside of you and Akira; I'm just not a ladies man, I don't really know how it builds up to that point either, but it does seem kind of nice. In the current moment if that girl did come up i'd just stay friends because of college next year.

Toki: Have you ever, even if just one, have had a romantic thought of an individual?

Rin: I don't really know how to express it that well, but if someone showed me then sure, haha.

Toki's tone of voice gradually saddens with the next questions as they continue to walk.

Toki: Would you ever consider to date a friend?

Rin: Uh that sounds weird, but I don't know, I'm just really thankful that I have amazingly close friends such as you guys to keep me from feeling lonely.

Toki stops walking and there's a nice view behind her.

Toki: Would you consider to date a friend who happened to be close by in heart in the recent years?

Rin: I couldn' would feel weird between that friend and I though.

Toki faces gets sad, her eyes water, she then reveals the gift she had behind her back, throws it at Rin's chest, and runs off with tears gradually falling as she tries to restrain them.

Rin(Looks concerned)(Places hand out as she runs off): Toki??

Rin looks at the gift to reveal that it is a cute stuffed bear holding something, but he doesn't notice it yet.

He picks it up and continues to head home.

He makes it home and opens the door to head to his room.

Ms. Abe: Oh, hey honey, I'm making your all time favourite again with ramen as well.

Rin: Thanks mom, but I'm not hungry anymore.

Ms. Abe: Rin?

He heads to his room with a sad face and makes it to his door.

Rin: Open.

Jinko: Systems online. Access granted. J-i-n-k-o systems are back, back at it again, to serve is my duty of my manufacturers. Rin, welcome back also, what is that human expression on your face it makes me feel more colder on the inside.

Rin: I'm fine, Jinko, it's nothing really.

Jinko: Aw, you are hiding more of your feelings from me, ergo I am unable to complete my service, hence why my manufacturers created me.

Rin: Jinko, really, I'm fine. I just want some alone time to think please, you are dismissed.

Jinko: Aw, you can run, but you can't hide. I am Jinko Tekina, here to serve at the hands of my manufacturers, I will not leave until you give me some insight. Commencing to play nursery rhyme, "Baba sheep?"

Rin(Angry) JINKO!

Jinko(Looking worried): My apologies sir, I've just gotten a little carried away, sorry. I will grant you your alone time, Rin, I wish you a quick resolution to recover your mind.

She disappears and goes back into the network.

Rin lays down in his bed looking at the bear Toki threw at him trying to figure out what made her get so upset.

He stays in his room for hours all the way to night and at times goes to his PC and stares at his DMs on GameCore with Toki and preps what he will type, but doesn't manage to send anything.


Rin is laying in his bed staring out of his window to view outside and his mom calls him from the outside of the door.

Ms. Abe: Is everything thing ok, Rin? May I come in?

Rin: Yes mom.

The door opens, she walks in with food and places it on his desk.

She then goes to sit on his bed.

Ms. Abe: Aww, what's wrong darling? Lose an important match-up in your game?

Rin: Uh, it actually isn't game related for once. (He sits up): I made a close friend in real life of mine really upset today and I can't figure out why.

Ms. Abe: Aww fights are bound to happen in any type of relationship to the person, honey, it's one of the hardest lessons actually, you get into the biggest fights with people that care for the most. Whatever the reason, I know what happened isn't permanent damage because I know you wouldn't harm even a fly, you're too gentle to hurt someone's feelings entirely..could be that this person is trying to hold onto something important to them, change isn't easy but you two agreed to make this friendship last, right? Just apologize and I'm sure whoever it is will understand honey. I'll let you clear your head for the night, goodnight.

She walks out.

Rin(In mind): Thank you mother.. An apology? I really want too, but I'm not sure how to approach that especially considering I don't know what happened, I've been friends with her for such a long time and I don't even know what she wants from me, tch how useful am I? There could be a plethora of things that could have built up to this very moment which caused her to snap after those questions; I want to believe the damage isn't permanent, but the look Toki gave me and the way I keep visualizing it makes me think she genuinely hates me and it makes me sad.

He plops back to lay back down his head ends up laying on the bear.

Rin: Ow. Hm, it's holding a heart shaped chip of some sort.

He gets out of bed and moves the food onto another desk to get his pc setup out again, he places the chip inside the tower of his pc and is greeted with a message from Toki.

Toki hologram: Hello,"Rinner," I made this to celebrate our near 5 years of knowing one another! I wanted to showcase it through this memory collage I made, I hope you like it and relive some of my favorite times with you again.

Bigger screen plays about 2 minutes worth of short various moments of Rin and Toki moments plus some images together with some soft music and ends with the Toki hologram saying..

Toki hologram: You've healed the hole in my heart to make me feel complete after all these years, you've made me feel really happy, you're really special to me, I'd be lost in a sea of uncertainty if it weren't for you, thank you so much for this!

Rin(Gasp in and eyes water): Toki.

He tries to restrain his tears, but they eventually begin to hit his desk and we see his sad stricken face.

Rin(In 1st person): What is this feeling I'm feeling? I can't really say for sure, but as I sat here and cried, I figured out something, I have to protect Toki at all cost, no matter the circumstances, she opened my eyes to fuel my much needed fire. I will cherish this friendship as much as I possibly can bear it, you won't be let down again, Toki.

He stops crying moments later.

He sits down and begins to type on his keyboard to DM Toki.

[Rin: I saw your chip message and I wanted to say I was sorry about whatever I said earlier.

Toki: It makes me even happy that you actually seen the chip in the first place, don't worry about it, I acted rash and out of character.

Rin: Do you forgive me?

Toki: Always❤

Rin: Thank you for being so amazing as always, gn.

Toki: Gn, Rin :) ]

He inhales then exhales, he pulls back from his desk and falls asleep in his pulled back chair.

October 11 day of release for Final Frontier.


All of celestial guild is in their room in the voice chat with their copy of Final Frontier with downloading almost complete, they all have their new vr headsets on.

Akira: We're literally moments away from gracing the greatest video game on planet earth!

Touma: An event so popular they respectfully cancelled school due to the amount of people stating they would not be attending school on this day.

Toki: I know right! Never have I ever seen a video game be the primary reason for a school cancel.

Rin: Hey more video game for us! I'm sitting here watching this download bar slowly go up.

Toki: Yuko? Are you here?

Yuko unmutes.

Yuko: I was talking all this time to realize I was muted....

Rin: No worries, we're almost done with this download! 98.....99! ALRIGHT! GUYS LET'S SHOW THESE GUY WHY WE'RE GONNA BE THE GREATEST GUILD THERE EVER WAS, LET'S GO!

Yuko: R-right!

Toki: Heard loud and clear!

Akira: I'm gonna pee on myself!

Touma: Not in the call, Akira.

Akira: Not literally you-hmph!

The game finishes downloading, but in actuality their brains were being downloaded and placed into their unit along with their genes from their body, they've been transported into the game, where they can feel, breath the air, taste the food, feel pain and all things unethical that wasn't mentioned. (Man, Mr. Jaaku wasn't kidding when he said "You won't voluntarily move irl." Your body is not in the real world anymore.) (They also inputted everything including: their transfer codes, weapons, classes, etc during the download.)

We are visited by a black screen where their eyes begin to open in the new Square Central called,"Frontier Central Square," or just "Frontier Central."

It resembles a mixure of Times Square and the Shibuya crossing.

Everyone that was transported to Frontier Central Square are in awe about how real everything looks, feels, and even smells while they admire the views.


Another player: They may as well cancel school for the whole month, time to no life!

Touma: Hmm, it appears to be the remade Square Central from the previous game as this guide states.

Toki: Hey, where is that guide?

Touma: Start, Settings, help&info on your watch projection, madame.

Toki: Ooo, I found the map too, what's this? A safe zone? Oh found it, "Safe zones are only found around the 10 megacities such as this one, Frontier Central Square has the biggest one. These safe zones provide safe a way to grind and level up with a way to replenish resources "without too much risk."

Rin: Hmph. This'll be easy, I wonder what returning monsters are within this safe zone radius though.

Akira: Yeah, I can't find that either, but hey a challenge is a challenge they'll be easy though.

Yuko: Hey, I noticed something, our outfits are different from Battle Frontier, I'm starting to really like mine, mine is cute, nya!

Everyone "..."

Touma: I must admit, mine is quite fabulous if I do say so myself.

Rin: Alright, guys we can focus on that later haha; let's walk around and find the transfer data system to get our things, I really want my Tenebrosity swords.

Toki: I'll lead us there, I have a map already pulled up, plus I wanna be in front to get my things first haha.

Akira: Heyyy! Why go you get to be first?

Toki: You were the first to go in almost everything in Battle Frontier.

Akira turns her head and pouts.

They walk.

Yuko: Hey, I noticed our guild tag is already on!

Rin: Huh? Oh hey, that saves us time from having to create this patch again at least; I guess it was from our transfer data? We should probably hide it in cities though.

As they continue to walk some boys see Toki and Akira and begin to fantasize.

Random p1: Celestial guild's charms, Toki and Akira! Aren't they just beautiful?

Random p2: This motivates me to do better in this game, in order to get better things you need to improve yourself; I will win over their courageous hearts and wed them both!

Random p3: They're Celestials for a reason, they're out of this world!

Random p2: WAIT, who is this beautifully timid cat girl? I've never seen her before! Celestial guild has the best girls in the game and I haven't even seen the rest, this is all making my mind bog!

Boys crowd up in the background as they pass by.

All the boys that grouped: WE LOVE YOU!

Akira(Cross popping vein): They're lucky weapons are prohibited out here and restricted to Vs centers, I'd kill-

Toki: Akira hey! Just ignore it; it's not like they'll touch us or anything.

Boy manages to sneak behind Akira and reaches for a butt pinch.

Touma grabs his hand by the wrist, raises it by force, and looks at him. (Always grinning.)

Touma: And who do you think you are?

Random in background: Brave and stupid fool! Even I have restraints, but to try to mess with a guild that calibre, he's a goner.

Pervert(Nervous sweat): I-I was just, ha-ha, admiring her golden underwear is all and wanted to get a better view, I swear.

Touma: I'm afraid garments can be seen from a distance my friend, shall I deal with this nuisance?

Akira: No, I got him. If there's anything worse I hate than bad teammates, it's liars...

(She opens her hand gracefully and purple smokes comes out of her palm, it surrounds the perverts neck, she closes her hand and the smoke violently encloses around his neck strangling him. She applies more and more pressure causing his neck to bend to one side slightly while he struggles. His health depletes from 100 to 1hp in seconds, she drops him, he is struggling to breath and has visible marks on his neck. His new status displays "critcal.")

Akira(Staring group of boys): STOP STARING! You damn perverts!

The boys all get frightened and disperse, while everyone that watched were a bit shaken that a pro did that to a newcomer, someone goes to his aid to give him some health that put him back to 100 and all his marks disappear, he is taken away by the bystander who helped him.

Random player: Woah, that injury to his neck looked wicked and kind of real.

Another bystander: Yeah, my guild will get strong and make the pros think twice before trying that on us like we're weaklings.

Celestial guild continues their walk toward the transfer data system.

Rin: Don't you think that was a bit far, Akira?

Akira: It was justified and all who fail to see it are idiots, I'm no ones play doll for their imagination gone too far.

Rin: I understand, I just don't want to tarnish our name in front of all the newcomers is all, we don't want a bad rep is all.

Yuko: Yeah, they better think twice about putting their hands on me too!

Silence ensues...

Yuko(In-mind): D-did I say something wrong?!

4:45 PM

Transfer system, near the beginning of the five mile radius.

Yuko: My legs are killing me and all we've done was walk..

Rin: I'm sure we'll be able to travel a bit faster once we reach that level, don't tire out already, we haven't even scratched the surface.

He makes his swords form in his hands.

Rin: Now that we have our weapons, let's head out to the forest nearby, I'm getting excited.

He puts his swords back inside his scabbards and they walk a half of a mile into the forest trail and soon hear screams of agony, gory sounds nearby, and a person running in fear towards their way.

Yuko: W-what was..that...

Touma: Whatever it be isn't friendly obviously, those sounds sounded quite unpleasant to the ear.

???: R-run! Run back to town! My guild was decimated by these creatures wielding clubs, we tried to log off because it felt too "real" in the moment, things just happened too fast!

He sprints past them at full speed.

Toki: L-lets move forward please, this is giving me anxiety.

(They walk up more and see a monster with sharp jagged teeth dent in a person's head in down to his nose with a club, they also see another person lay there dead with a hole in his chest, and two female bodies with no limbs begin preserved by an ability of theirs so they won't tick down hp, they have their heads and are very alive, they are carried off somewhere by two other monsters of the same.) (The holes are punched through.)

Toki: What the? They sure weren't kidding when they said this game was gonna be "realistic" that looks really sickening.

They make nothing of the brutal scene in front of them thinking it was just the detail of the game then the bodies disintegrate.

Akira: Hey, that's a striker! Easy pickings, those guys must have been new or something if they couldn't take out such a weak enemy.

The striker sees them and picks up a decently sized rock and bats it a fast speeds toward them.

It heads in Yuko's direction, Rin jumps in front of it and cuts it into two with his Tenebrosity blades and the rocks split past Yuko, we get a nice view of Rin and the striker about to engage.

Rin gets a semi-sinister look in his face and runs at fast speeds toward it.


Akira: Heyy no fair....

(Rin goes in for a direct stab, the striker blocks with his club at the nick of time, Rin backs up and is too fast for the striker who is aimlessly swinging trying to hit him, Rin cuts through the striker's upper chest from behind it with his swords in parallel of each other, the strikers chest and head fall off then his body/cut limbs disintegrate, another one appears behind him, Touma throws his lance at the strikers face and it passes through with some of its brain on the lance, it disintegrates.)

Rin: Thanks, Touma, you're a real life saver.

Touma: Easy as pie old friend, It appears we've gotten the first growths of the Celestial guild.

Rin: That's totally what the aim was for haha.

Akira: Not fair, you took him from me! That looked so awesome though, this game's gore make battles look so cool!

Toki: It was, but not the gore part, I wonder where those other strikers went.

Yuko is frozen by what just happened.

Rin: Wherever they are they took something with them, I don't want to know what it was either. Say, lets head back to town really quick before we fully grind, something seems off.

Yuko: Yeah, haha, uh let's go.. now!

(In mind): How the hell am I supposed to match what I just saw, dammit at this rate, I'll be left behind again even though Toki and Akira haven't even fought yet.

He speeds walks away.



Frontier Central.

There is a lot of commotion going on with some people horrified about what happened to their guild or recently formed guild.

Random player: Man, I hope they fix this log out problem soon, I have to use the bathroom.

Another random: I wonder what goofed the system, I also heard of some people's guild's that got brutally destroyed by some monsters, man this all seems too real.

Celestial guild walks through town and hears there's a big first announcement coming out soon.

Another random player: M-my friends were attacked by monsters....and they haven't respawned in yet, what's going on?

Older random player: I don't know man, but I don't remember Battle Frontier having these issues day 1, guess the game is too massive or something.

Yuko: What's with all this no log out non-sense?

Toki: Yuko, check your watch, you were so keen on sprinting out back here and missed us talk about it. There's going to be an announcement of it soon along with some other things.

Akira: I thought you liked nature.

Yuko: The nature I walk around doesn't have big scary monsters trying to kill you at least! Nya!

Akira has flames in her hands to scare Yuko.

Akira: Keep talking and I'll turn you into the purrfect roast!

Yuko: I'm sorry!

Toki: Guys knock it off, the presentation is about to start apparently, behave for once.

Akira and Yuko stick their tongues out at each other and the presentation starts all over Frontier Central with a message on all screens, "It is urgent everyone watches this."

Sirius: Hello Fnl gamers, lead producer, Sirius here. I am here to inform you about the issue of the log out button being missing or not working as intended; recently millions have requested a report of the log out feature not working; but I can assure you that this was an intended feature we had planned and it is working correctly how it should. We want all of our players to experience the game in it's true form with an expected time to beat just shy of 4 years, but with that being said, there is a log out for everyone after defeating the final boss at the end of the game. I do have some unfortunate news to tell you as well, players killed between the last hour or so will not respawn, as we stated this game was not for newcomers. I will now give a population report, current player population right now is about 190 million with numbers steadily increasing, even after the presentation has ended I will make this visible on some signs across each individual Mega City. Now for the "Sirius" part, please try not to get killed as you will be killed for real; you do not exist in the real world anymore, if you die you die like anyone that has within the past hour and will not come back, thank you and enjoy our game!

Presentation ends and mass panic ensues.

Rin(Eye widen)(In mind): So you mean to tell me? (Flashback to the striker killing the people and their bodies) Those were real!?!


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