Final Frontier
6 Disparity Part 1
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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6 Disparity Part 1

The rest of Celestial guild's eyes widen and Touma for once loses his smile.

Yuko falls to his knees.

Yuko(In mind): So I-If I can't keep up...I'm as good dead for real for real this time huh, but I don't want to die...I DON'T WANT TO! If I think of all the screw ups I've made in Battle Frontier, I'd be dead right now….why am I so weak?! Why...

Akira: I need some proof or this is fake, it has to be some sort of Halloween prank!

Toki: Akira, here, look…

She shows her an empty 360° view of her room from her headset camera, it's empty in her room.

Akira: How do you get to that?

Toki: Start, Camera settings, Headset camera.

Akira: That could be edited footage!

Toki: Well the only other proof I have for you is to get killed yourself and see; you've seen what the strikers did right? I don't want that to be you or any us.

Akira: Oh yeah, haha I forgot, but the monsters are weak right now so there's nothing fear.

Rin: Regardless of that, what kind of a sick game is this? He's toying around with the lives of millions while maintaining a calm demeanor about it as if it meant nothing to him….tch!

Touma: I can see not a single ethic went to his mind to conclude on such a rash decision; but the real question at hand is..what'll the real world do about the disappearance of such a large amount of people?

Toki: ...I can't bear to think of the image of my parents faces when they find out I'm gone and report me miss; I mean if he's gone this far I'm sure he'd be smart enough to figure something out; but why would Square do this when we've supported them for years? Why..why would Square do this to us...?

Rin: Look, I know, we all need the time to accept our new reality, even I do, but we can't sit here and grieve about it forever either..heh we don't have much of a choice, the only way to to fight.

Yuko stands up.

Yuko(Sad): Why?

Rin: Unfortunately, this is a true fittest game now with things you and I couldn't imagine to even think about; we need to get stronger to protect ourselves and each other most importantly....we won't do that by sitting here waiting and then you have to factor in the weight of the army that will invade.

Yuko(Sad): Will I die?.....I know I'm usel-

Rin(Places hand on his shoulder): Yuko. Look. You can count on us to keep you safe, we're your friends after all right?

Yuko goes in to hug Rin, but unknowingly drives his claws into Rin's back.

Rin(in pain): Eek!

Yuko: Whoops, sorry!

He quickly lets go.

Rin(In pain):

Akira: Rin is right, the only way to survive is to fight, and yeah, poor suckers that'll sit in the cities safe zone.

Toki: It can't be helped; people were put into a world of uncertainty with a choice, be killed now or be killed later, it's understandable why people would fear both paths, even I do...we'll fight through this though, I just know it, and we have each other in times of need. I'm not saying this will be easy but….

She walks in the front middle of where they are standing and places her hand out for a team hand stack.

Toki(Serene): We're in this, together!

Rin places his hand down first and Toki begins to blush.

Rin: I'm always happy to have all of your company with me.

The others follow suit.

Touma: Most certainly, you are all such enchanting people after all.

Akira: Mage of prowess ready to destroy anyone who stands in front of us!

Yuko(In mind): I don't know what to say.

Yuko: I'll try not to get killed I guess.

Rin(Looks at Yuko): Yuko, please.

They all all laugh.

Yuko(Out loud): THAT WASN'T A JOKE!!

Akira's stomach growls.

Akira: You have to manage hunger as well? Ughh, this really does suck…

Toki: Hmm, there's a smart NPC owned restaurant in the central area. We should check it out!

Touma: A bite does sound rather prominent right now; my lonely stomach has had no one to play with in hours, aww poor thing being deprived of succulent rich meat for hours, it'll be okay tum-tum.


Rin: Right, let's go!

They walk off to the restaurant in the central area.

6:40 pm

Real world at Rin's house.

Ms. Abe is coming home from an afternoon party and she is holding some bags of food and goods, she opens the door through eye-d (eye scans basically.) She sets the bags down in the kitchen for them to be assorted and placed by the futuristic house's tools; but there is another bag in her hand, she heads upstairs to Rin's room and opens his door, she enters while pulling out the items in the bag.

Ms. Abe(Walking in and pulling gifts out): Rin, I got you a new finger desk mouse sensor and some new LED. Oh. Umm, Jinko.

Jinko: Hello, Ms. Abe, how may I be of assistance?  To serve is the sole purpose of why my manufacturers created me.

Ms. Abe: Jinko, have you seen Rin anywhere around?

Jinko: Hmm. Strange, it seems I do not have memory recollection of the past time frame zone between 4:15 pm to 4:50 pm. I am sorry; I do not know where he may have went off too during that time period. May I assist you with anything else, Ms. Abe?

Ms. Abe: Hmm, thank you Jinko, that's all I wanted to ask.

Jinko: Aw, I wanted to talk more about girly things such as: getting my nails done, make-up, boys, and pedicures, but if you insist, enjoy your afternoon Ms. Abe.

Jinko leaves and goes back into the network system.

Ms. Abe(In mind): That Jinko sure is a handful. (She walks through his room) I wonder where Rin could have possibly gone; he didn't mention he was going out somewhere today especially on a big game day. Hmm, his headset is on the floor..

She picks it up and inspects it including the inside, it looks normal, she places it back on his desk; she leaves the gifts she bought on his desk as well and walks out to leave the room.

9:59 pm

Real world at Rin's house still.

Ms. Abe sitting on the couch waiting fot her daily news to broadcast; she has recently tried calling Rin multiple times, but there is no answer, she has also looked at some headlines of multiple missing people on her phone, but doesn't think much of it.

Ms. Abe(In mind): I wonder why he isn't returning my calls which is unusual for me because he always answers them, I couldn't think of a reason why he wouldn't.

The 10:00 pm news turns on with breaking news.

News reporter: Coming in live right now with quite a frightening yet mysterious story, there has been a mysterious disappearance of a mass amount of people worldwide including: children, teens, and even adults, with family members reporting they were last seen in their room playing the new hit video game called "Final Frontier" that was just released today, a vr video game so popular that even school was cancelled for it today. The community for this particular group of video gamers is well known for its frisky jokes, but due to the sheer size of the amount of people that have disappeared, not in the tens of thousands, but millions! It is unknown if this is a prank as no one has been found from the cases related that were reported; the issue is being handled seriously by authorities and a large scale search team will be sent on a large scale manhunt to find these people with little to no evidence of their whereabouts. Even Jinko, the world's assistant AI system, was questioned by authorities but did not seem to have any memory of the times of which the disappearances happened; This has caused a massive outcry by the relatives of the missing that the creator of Jinko himself let out a statement.

Creator of Jinko: "It is unfortunate to hear such a mass amount a people vanish on behalf our systems failing to capture exactly what happened during the moment of the disappearances. It is unknown what may have caused this corruption to happen as Jinko was working perfectly fine before this; but we will work ever hard to see what caused Jinko to corrupt from collecting data in her surroundings around the time frame of the multiple reports and release footage to the worrying families of the world."

Reporter: Here's what some of the families had to say about their loved ones.

Mother: It was around 3:50 pm today when I last seen and heard him say, "I'll be in my room playing my game now, mom." About an hour later I went to check on him to see how he was fairing in his new game because he waited hours in line for it, but when I opened the door there was no one in there but a headset on the floor….(Shes starts crying)….he's only 16, but he's still my only precious child, I hope he's found and ok.

A Dad: He's never been a juvenile, he was always so well rounded and respectful to everyone. I last saw my 17 year old as he was going to his room with his new purchases; I was a bit intrigued by the game a bit as well and went to check on him around 4:45 pm and he was gone. I really hope this sick community is just pranking because I don't find this very funny; I am a worrying parent here!

News continues to play in the background while Ms. Abe takes in all the news she just heard.

Ms. Abe(In mind)(shocked): All of these disappearances are related in the same way?! But why? What's the motive in making relatives jump out of their seats like this? This is nonsense….(She looks worried) Oh, Rin, please come home soon my darling child, I don't want to be alone again…

10:30 pm

Near the edge of the 10 mile radius.

An average guild is out grinding in the low-high level monster radius to get stronger, they just got done killing a striker by stabbing it in the head while it laid on the ground unconscious.

Toshiki: Phew, what tiring work grind today! We'll be the number one guild in no time at this rate! You have to really suck if you can't handle a striker!

Asashi: Yeah, I know right! We'll show those top guilds soon why we'll be a force of nature.

Toshiki: The growths are coming in fast know honestly, I don't care about that announcement anymore, I've never had anything going for me in real life anyway, but once we became trapped in this virtual world the possibilities seem almost endless despite having to face these monsters!

Asashi: Dang, I'm sorry about whatever happened to you in real life, I feel like this is a second shot at life. I've always wanted to escape reality, we can hit level 10 and leave this safe zone to explore a world filled with hot women to reward us with love and goods, rule our own kingdoms, man that guild one will be begging to join us after that!

They see three hooded robed people wearing masks walk in the distance toward their way.

Asashi: Um, hey, who are those hooded robe mask dudes walking this way?

Toshiki: Hmm….

Toshiki examines them carefully.

Toshiki: I think those are Savinjas; don't worry though they aren't programmed to walk through here though, there's the safe zone barrier, see.

Asashi: Woah, they really do look terrifying like I've heard, I've never seen one, well...not this close at least.

Toshiki: Pfft. I've fought plenty of them in Battle Frontier so they're nothing now; they're lucky that we aren't allowed to pass through until level 10.

He goes up to the 10 mile radius barrier and smacks his butt at them while taunting; the Savinjas are still creepily approaching.

Asashi: Uhh, shouldn't they have turned around by now? Now this is getting scary...

Toshiki: Aww, are you chicken? They'll turn around soon, they're probably coded to go close to scare us, see.

The 3 Savinjas are almost near the 10 mile transparent barrier!

Asashi: Umm...I'm gonna go now, I've tested my luck enough!

Toshiki: Hey where are you going!? RR, you can't trust anyone but yourself huh….oh….shit...

The Savinjas are literally placing their hands inside the barrier and begin to struggle through it and fall down on the ground on the inside.

Toshiki backs away with his sword up, the savinjas get up slowly and very creepily. They then proceed to stare him.

Toshiki(In mind while still backing away)(Trembling): So this is true fear huh, I'm such an idiot, I didn't think it would feel any different from Battle Frontier. Crap, what do I do? I lied about the whole Savinja thing.

The Savinja in the middle tilts its head to the side and blazes toward him, it doesn't move it's legs, and it stops inches away from Toshiki who is terrified at the point trying to control his breathing staring at it face to face.


Toshiki goes for a sword swing and feels some pain in his stomach region not a lot, but noticeable, we go to his point of view for a bit where we seen his screen shifting down diagonally, his upper body slides off and hits the floor and his legs fall to the floor too, he then disintegrates.

We look back up and the Savinjas have vanished!

We go to Asashi who is currently running for his life.

Asashi(In mind)(Terrified look while running): Crap crap crap, I knew this was a bad idea, I thought beings and monsters outside the radius weren't allowed in!

He looks behind him and sees a Savinja casually running behind him in the distance; Asashi's heart begins to race.

Asashi(In his mind)(Still looking back): CRAP! Looks like I'm gonna have to fight, but there's two elsewhe-

Asashi runs into a sword that pierces his chest and he coughs up blood, the other Savinja stopped in front of him while he was looking back and placed its sword in front of him. The Savinja slowly lifts Asashi into the air with his sword and quickly slices down his midsection down to the legs (intestines+other things and blood fall out.) The corpse lands in a split and the savinja throws a preserve ability on it for others to see their work, they disappear.

We go back Celestial guild is who are walking from the restaurant.

Akira: Funny, how the best food I've ever tasted came from the inside of a video game.

Toki: I've always wondered what serpent's fillet tasted like, but I sure am tired after eating, even in the virtual world we have to manage sleep too? Aww.

Yuko(sniffs): Guys....something smells like a its decaying.

Rin(Places hand on back of head): Uh, haha, seems like we have to maintain hygiene too now that I smell it.

Akira: Ew, you need some soap and a shower!!

Rin: Hey, might as well get used to our new reality now; there's no use in complaining about smell if blood spills on us or whatever, but I wonder where we could stay for the night so I could take care of that...

Notification buzzes and some gurgling is heard, they all ask what it was and get an answer seconds later, Touma looks at his watch.

Touma: Oh it was me, truly sorry, but my poor stomach seems to be feeling the wrath of the spicy food I've eaten.

They all get "…" expressions.

Touma: Hmm, it appears as a top guild we have a hotel suite in the city free of charge, it's name is "House of the Mark."

Yuko: Really? Well let's hurry there now so we can rest!

He speed walks forward.

Akira: You don't even know where it is you walking cat-astrophe!

Yuko freezes as he thought they would speed up as well and begins to slowly back up and goes be behind them and lowers his head in embarrassment.

Touma: Well, let's see here, it's on grand avenue about one mile north from here, apparently "there's a big sign you can't miss it," Follow moi.

11:10 pm

House of the Mark.

They reach the outside and see a huge sign protruding from the building; they stare at it for a bit….

Touma: It appears they weren't kidding about the sign, shall we enter now?

They go in and see a nice big luxurious lobby hall, with chandeliers and pillars, but it's empty except for an NPC at the desk.

Yuko: Hm, I wonder why there's no on else in here.

Akira(Bonks Yuko on the head): Does this place look cheap to you? You need good brass to live here!

Yuko howls in pain.

Yuko: I see. They must be out on quests, sorry.

They continue to head to the front desk where they see a woman dressed in traditional a maid outfit and are greeted.

NPC(Softly): Greeting! Welcome to the House of the Mark, Celestial guild. My name is Sarari one of the many maids that work in this facility. I am acquainted to provide quick and outstanding service to all of our guests. As you may know House of the Mark has many exciting things to keep you all entertained such as: indoor go-karting tracks, library, arcade room, Vs sparring rooms, fine dining rooms, a spa, a pool, a theater, and many more entertaining things. Here are your keys, if you lose them they will respawn down here at this desk, to collect key say "Yes" to decline say "No."

Rin: Yes.

Sarari: Here are your keys, please open your hands.

They open their hand and a golden key appears in it.

Sarari: Shall I repeat what was stated?

Rin: No.

Sarari: Very well, if you need guidance to your rooms, please ask the nearby escorter to the right. Enjoy your stay!

Sarari bows and goes neutral.

Yuko(In mind): She's so hot! Maids are just my type too, now's my chance to meet her.

Yuko walks up and the desk.

Yuko: So, yeah..I was thinking you were into cats maybe, how does a movie sound tonight?

Sarari doesn't respond or flinch.

Yuko(In mind): I'M EVEN IGNORED BY GIRLS IN VIRTUAL REALITY!?....I am such a failure...wait this isn't over..

Yuko(Waves his hand) Hey! I'm talking to you!

She doesn't respond and he rings the bell which causes Sarari to repeat herself.

Sarari(Softly): Greeting! Welcome to House of the Mark, Celestial guild. My name is Sarari one of the many maids that work in this facility. I am acquainted to provide quick and outstanding service to our guests. As you may know House of the Mark has many exciting things to keep you all-

She talks in the background.

Touma: I'm afraid she's only general intelligence just like a good majority of the AI in here.

Yuko backs away and lowers his head.

Rin: It'll be fine, we'll meet more girls along the way I'm sure, guys?

Everyone backs a couple of feet away from him.

Touma(Points at end): My sensitive nose hairs have never smelled a more repulsing smell, up stairs, now! I am sorry to say such harsh words.

Rin(Walking off): Ok, ok geesh, I'm gonna shower then head to bed.

Toki(Walking carefully behind Rin): Yeah, I'll do the same too.

Yuko: So, what's are you two about to do, I wanna go to the arcade.

Akira: But we're in a game already, dummy.

Yuko: What if they have the new...magic-girls-game?

Akira gets jittery and looks away.

Akira: Hmph. I was heading there too anyway, don't get in the way!

She's walk and notices Toki dropped her pillow kitty necklace when she walked off, she picks it up and proceeds to the arcade room with Yuko.

Touma: Hmm. What to do? So many options of splendid entertainment, but one choice, a night's read at the library should suffice.

He walks off.

We go to Rin and Toki, they open the door to the suite and are amazed, the inside resembles a furnished penthouse with galaxy designs and stars on the walls and carpet, they explore the suite, it has 5 bedrooms each with their individual baths.

Toki: Woah, so this is a penthouse in person, it's beautiful. (Shows the outside view out the city which the nice transparent radius zones in the distance.)

Rin: I guess living in the fantasy world has its benefits as well huh; I guess they care somewhat...well I'm gonna shower and head to bed, goodnight Toki.

Toki: Goodnight.

He goes in his room and hops into the shower, he cleans, and gets out of the shower and sends his dirty clothes down a hole where they'll be cleaned. He sits on his bed, puts on his shirt and pants, looks at the view before laying down, but Toki comes by the door.

Toki: Rin, may I come in?

Rin: Uhm, sure.

Toki opens the door and is wearing her night clothes as well.

Rin: Hey, Toki what's u-

Toki tackles him around his chest and they fall down on the bed.

Toki(Holding and laying on his chest): May I sleep here for the night?

Rin: Uh, sure haha.

Toki: The view is nice, isn't it?

Rin: Yeah, it really is, it makes me think.

Toki: Of what?

Rin: Of the time where I said "Look at this view it's timeless, how could anyone know the game is horrifying by looking at the surface." Now it's real and it's a lot to take in, my mom is probably freaking out I didn't return a single call.

He gets sad.

Toki: I'll always be by your side, Rin. We'll take on this world together, we'll beat this and get out.

Rin: But the damages will be….unrepairable, I can't unsee those striker images and can't help but think that could have been me. Why would Sirius do something so cruel to mom is probably worried sick-tch….

He begins to tear.

Toki hugs him tighter and speaks directly into his ear.

Toki: Rin. I am your gear that helps you spin, you are the wrench that repairs me...together like an ocean we move with the flow; I will always be at your side, never forget that.

Tears run down his face

Rin: Toki…thank you for all of this.

She falls asleep wishing see could have said more, but felt it wasn't the best time.

Rin(In mind): I can rest well knowing I have friends that I can lean on, I have to protect you all….I cant lose you.


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