Final Frontier
8 Fracture Part 1
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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8 Fracture Part 1

October 13th 12:40 am

5 mile radius.

Akira: I can't believe we struggled as bad we did back there with that only just being a taste.

Touma: The difficulty of the game is raised remember? It is important we keep up to date with our grinding or the next time will be our last.

Toki: Hmm. This actually makes me wonder how the other top 99 guilds are fairing off right now, including guil-

Akira: I could care less about guild one's well-being, those stupid elitist deserve a Striker club to the head.

Rin: Ur, that's a bit harsh...hey this was kind of an easy trip back from the 10 mile radius, now that I think about, we haven't run into any monsters yet.

Yuko(Nervous sweat): Please don't jinx it...

Yuko(In mind)(Sad): I want to feel like I helped for're all wounded and fatigued a new monster right now would be bad....I'd wouldn't be able to defend you all...I'd get you all killed.

Touma: Strange, as something similar of the sort happened earlier during our morning grind.

Yuko: Oh, yeah, well we're a couple miles from town so l-lets not focus too much about it please.

Yuko(In mind): Please, we're almost at town, pleasee no enemies!

They hear brustling from the side, but continue walking forward and four assassin block their paths. (All level 5.)

Yuko looks at the Assassin's tries to hold back his tears as he knows before a fight even begins he failed them as escorter.

Rin(To Assassins): Guys can we pleas-

The Assassin throws a shuriken that whizzes past him and Toki.

Assassins A (Angry): You all will rue this day!

Touma: Hmm? State your business and associations to us.

Assassin A: Don't you play stupid silver hair! You know what you did! You killed one of our honorable guild members!

Touma: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Assassin A: We were shown footage of you enjoyable killing our beloved Assassin brother earlier this morning, oh we grieved like the world was ending on this very day, we vowed revenge and you all will pay!!

Touma(Chucking): should have seen the way he trembled and cowered in person; he resembled that of a small dog, so what if I did? Weaklings die, it is as simple a statement filled with truth.

Celestial guild is shocked when they hear Touma say this.

Rin: We can worry about that later, but it looks like we don't have a choice but to fight; our backs are really on the wall this time.

Assassin A: Pro or not you are all very tired and hurt; this will be such an accomplishment to take down such a strong guild; this will be your resting place!!!

Touma(Grimace): That's the SPIRIT!

Assassins B and C take Touma.

Assassins A and D take Rin, Toki, Akira, and Yuko.

Assassin A blazes at Rin.


Assassin A and Rin go into a battle where they use the trees and surrounding area to fight.

Assassin D stares at Toki, Akira, and Yuko with his arms crossed.

Assassin D: Such a shame that three beautiful women will have to exit the world today; I promise to make this quick and painless, our battle may begin now.

Akira: Oh shut it bub; the only person going somewhere is you! You're 1 vs our 3 idiot!

Assassin D takes out his kusarigama.

Assassin D: Oo you are very feisty, reminds me of my mother; but we will see who will be leaving us today.

(Assassin D swings the chain of his weapon around fast, Toki launches her sword, he jumps up and throws the chain around her sword, Assassin D kicks the sickle down to her, he blazes down to her which forces Toki to return the sword quickly and she narrowly blocks the sickle, Assassin D lands and grabs the sickle and trips her, he goes to stab her on the ground, Akira places a barrier on Toki who's on the ground, Akira tries to shock Assassin D with weak magic while fatigued, he jumps again and throws the chain to strike her, Yuko shoots it away with an energy arrow which launches it back up to Assassin D's hand, Assassin D throws the Sickle down at Yuko while hold the chain(Still in air), Yuko is terrified as the sickle approaches him, Assassin D flies down fast toward him to kick him hard, Akira gets in front of Yuko and blocks the Sickle with a barrier, Assassin D comes down fast and kicks the barrier and begins cracking it, Yuko sees Akira struggling to hold the barrier, Assassin D grunts and breaks through it kicking Akira in the stomach then follows with a 1-2 punch, and spinning back hook kick, and a uppercut knocking her up a bit and then falling to the ground.) (Akira 15 hp, unconscious, critical)

Yuko(Staring): AKIRA!! (In mind): Sh-she risked her life...for me?...

Toki gets up.

Toki: Yuko, look out!!!

Yuko turns around and sees the Assassin dashing at him.

Yuko(In mind)(Tearing): I'm so sorry, Akira...

Toki throws her sword cutting the side of Assassin D.

Assassin D(Looks down at it and turns around): !!!!!

Assassin(D): I've forgotten about you; I thought you'd sit there like a nice little girl, very well then.

(Assassin D blazes at a very fatigued Toki with his hands, she tries fighting back too but her hand to hand combat isn't mastered yet, she hangs in for a bit then is kicked away, he throws his sickle and she launches her sword, they both hit each other, but her sword is sitting resting in his split open head while his sickle is in the side of her stomach.) (Assassin D's sickle slipped out of his hand before he threw it and he distengrates.) (Toki 23 hp, near critical)

Toki is huffing and walks forward, she falls on all fours breathing heavily.

Yuko(Sad): T..toki...

Toki(Looking up huffing): Yuko...don't worry about it, you're out of harm's way.

Goes back to Touma who has both Assassins B and C.

(Touma is fired up and handling them with relative ease, he blocks Assassin B's punch, kicks him in the stomach and judo throws him hard into ground and picks him up by the collars, Assassin C comes running from behind with his sword ready to stab, Touma turns around and the sword stabs Assassin B's back area, Assassin C stands there feeling sorry he stabbed his partner, Touma gets his lance and stabs through Assassin B and stabs Assassin C, Touma pulls the lance out and Assassin C falls back in pain leaving the sword in Assassin B's back, Touma then drags Assassins B and C across the ground toward where Celestial guild is.)

(We go to Assassin A who is fighting Rin who are close by to Toki and the rest; Assassin A is tiring Rin out, Assassin A kicks him to where Toki and the rest are, Rin rolls and bounces across the ground.)

Assassin A: Is this truly the #2 guild's best warrior, pathetic and a mockery to the rest of us all!

Assassin A looks around.

Assassin A: Hmmm, where is my comrade he should have dealt with you three. (Assassin D)

Toki: He's..gone.

Toki is standing slightly hunched over, Rin sees her.

Rin: !!!!

Rin(Sad):'re hurt even more...because I didn't-

Toki: Rin. Please, I will never hate you...always remember that.

Assassin A: Oh! Is this your girlfriend? I'll make sure she enjoys her time while you die slowly!

Assassin A blazes at Toki, Rin gets up and reacts super quick ands blocks his strike.

Assassin A: Persistent little shit!!!

(Assassin(A) overpowers a very fatigued Rin and punches him, he puts his sword away and begins to combo Rin, he finishes his combo with a kick upward to the chin knocking Rin up and back on his front side.) (Rin 8 hp, critical)

Toki(Worried shout): RIN!!

Rin is finding it within him to get back up as he made a promise, Assassin A watch's him trying to get up.

Yuko's face is shocked.

Assassin A: You have heart and my respect, but I must do as I promised, it is the only way to avenge my fallen comrades.

(Assassin A turns his attention at Yuko and Toki and begins walking toward them, Yuko fires a few energy arrows at him but Assassin A deflects them with his sword, Toki dropped her sword somewhere after her battle, a lance is suddenly thrown in between them and hits a tree, Assassin A is shocked when he looks that way.)

Assassin A: BROTHERS! You monster...urr you will pay!

Touma: Ahh, not so fast my frivolous friend, as you can see I dragged them both across rugged terrain, they are severely hurt as well, I could so simple as squeeze their collars, you don't want that do you? (They're dead already, he doesn't know, but Touma used the preservation ability on them he took from the Savinja Yuko killed.)

Assassin A: Grrr.

Touma: Good.

Touma raises his hand and his lance flies through Assassin A's head killing him, he distengrates.

Touma looks at the scene of the badly beaten Celestial guild and goes to help Rin up.

Touma: Now isn't the time for lounging. I understand this is a tough time, but we're still in monster's territory.

Rin(Huffing): W-where's Akira?

They look and see her unconscious on the ground.

Yuko: I'll get her.

Yuko runs to the unconscious Akira.

Yuko(In mind)(Blushing a little bit): Hey, she looks kinda cute when she's sleeping like this...huh?! Just pick her up, Yuko...

He picks her up and carries her over the shoulders back to them.

Touma: Can you stand?

Rin: Yeah...nngh. Man, critical is a horrible state to be in, your body really feels like giving up-

Toki walks over to Rin and places her head through his arm pit and grabs his arm to help support him to walk.

Rin: Thank you, Toki. Alright Touma you're our last line of defense, lead us back.

Touma: Certainly.

1:50 am

Quest center.

They make it back to the Quest center and people turn to see the beaten up Celestial guild, they continue to walk to the main desk.

Guild member: They just came back from the 10 mile breach right? Man even one of the strongest guilds nearly fell to a couple of Savinjas, *Gulp* this game is brutal.

Another guild member(Worried): Hey! Where's guild 300?

Touma: They unfortunately were killed by a new kind of monster and not the Savinjas.

Lots of commotion ensues.

Guild member: A top guild fell!? If our top guilds are falling how will we ever be safe, we really need to work harder this time around.

Touma(In mind): Thinking we're their guardians, pathetic...

Celestial guild makes it to the front dest.

Quest giver: Welcome back Celestial guild! Great job on defeating the Savinjas and as promised your reward is ready, 10k brass and xp that will boost you all to level 9, you can choose if you all would like to receive your brass electronically through watch projection or just standard physical brass, Note that there are even places that have electronic transactions that may not be as tech savvy as a city so say a village or mystical land for example. (Electronic offers protection from Assassins stealing.)

Rin: Electronic for all of us please.

Quest giver: Very well; you may check your watch projection now.

They all get buzzes on their watch and Rin checks his gift notifications to see that it came in, he accepts it and his new balance displayed is 10k, he also levels up to 9. (Celestial guild will all be around 120ish health now with other improved stats such as fatigue.) (Leveling up does not replenish hp on the spot or anything else.)

Rin: Great, now we can buy us some heals and weapons if we need to, now let's head to the items shop.

They begin to leave out of the Quest center.

Quest giver: Enjoy your night! I look forward to seeing you all again!

They walk to the items shop nearby and purchase large heals and use them.

Toki pours some into Akira's mouth and then Toki starts to drink hers, the injuries dissipate soon after.

Rin: I guess she's gone to sleep at this point, fatigue probably got to her.

Toki finishes her's.

Toki: Ewww, that tasted just as horrible as any medicine in the real world...oh come on...

Rin: Hmm..we're healed but I still feel really sore, good thing we can rest soon.

Yuko looks sad. (Still carrying Akira btw)

Rin: Yuko, you did the best you could.

Yuko: I couldn't help you all when it mattered..I nearly got Akira killed too...

Rin: I'm sure she'll be just as happy to know you're alive as we are, she jumped in front of you for a reason, we're your friends after all remember?

Yuko begins to tear up.

Yuko: You guys always look up when I look down, I don't know why, but I will try my hardest to get better, thank you.

Toki: Mhm. Takes time to get better and that starts with some sleep, speaking of sleep, can we head back now?

She yawns.

2:30 am

House of the Mark.

Toki is sleeping in Rin's room and him holding around him again room as she wants comfort, Akira is in her room placed in her bed, Yuko is coiled in his bed.

We go inside Touma's room and see that he s sweating, holding his face, slightly shaking, has a twitching eye with a smile, and is quietly chuckling to himself.

Touma then leaves out of his room and leaves out the building and goes to the 5 mile radius.

Guild #10,010,797 (1 Armored knight, 1 lord, 2 paladins)

Armored Knight: Alright that should be enough for tonight.

Paladin 1: Yeah I'm beat, but what a day we got pretty good growths, we'll be in the low millions soon!

Lord: I can't wait! It really sucks that you have to sleep or we could be out here all night, wonder if there's something to mitigate sleep.

Paladin 2: Probably, but can we leave? I'm falling out I seeing things or is there a shadowy figure walking to us.

Touma approaches with a very menacing walk and grimace.

Touma: Aww, you can't be tired, the fun part hasn't even begun yet.

Lord begins to examine his tag but its hard to make out in the dark.

Lord: Who are you? I can't see your tag and what do you mean by "fun part?"

Armored Knight: I think he means a fight.

Paladin 1: PFF. Very funny, 1 vs 4 you have to be bluffing.

Paladin 2 sees his tag and starts shaking.

Paladin 2: G-guys his tag is...CELESTIAL!

Lord(Sees tag): What!?! But why do you want to fight us? Heheh w-we aren't your skill and we admire you guys.

Touma: Ahh, I just love the sound of weaklings using strength in numbers as a genuine excuse to back their skill; I am managing the newcomer and average population of guilds is all. (Chuckles)

Armored: I don't admire the pros that always taunt the lesser skilled, makes me angry especially since this isn't just a game anymore!

He charges.

Paladin 1: No, WAIT!

He begins swinging at Touma with his power lance.

Touma(Dodging): You're awfully slow for an Armored class, how do you think you'd manage in the future with such mediocre growth? Pathetic.

(Touma smashes his lance through the Armored Knight's armor obliterating it and stabs through him in the stomach, he lifts him in the air with his lance and tosses him off of it toward his guild halfway and walks forward, when he makes it back to the Armored Knight he stabs through his face while looking at the rest of his guild while they look in fear.)

Touma: I'll give the rest of you to the count of 10 to find your best spot for hiding or to start running.

The mage fires a hot rock at Touma's face, but Touma casually moves his head.

Touma: Your 10 seconds is almost up.

They run and Touma throws his lance fast at the mage which carries her into a tree to stick there with his lance, Touma walks up to him.

Touma: Your aim could use a bit of work as you can see.

Touma has the hot rock and begins driving it through the Mage's forehead, the Mage is pleading, tearing, and is killed. (Touma will throw preservation on all of them.)

Touma takes his lance out and the Mage slides down and sits dead on the ground with a hole in her forehead.

Touma goes after the paladins and beats them brutally punching their face so hard that their necks twist around.

Touma finally finds the Lord running and jumps on him from the trees and picks him up.

Touma: And since you admire us so much I present you with a gift.

Touma begins repeatedly stabbing the Lord in the abdominal region then stabs his eyes and everywhere else, then drops him.

We then go inside Touma's mind where he is losing himself and laughing insanely, he has grimace and a smile.

We go back to the House of the Mark

Rin is dreaming about him and Toki out walking in the forest enjoying their time but then he suddenly is pushed out of the way by a Striker and multiple Strikers show up and beat Toki into a pulp with their clubs while he sits only in fear to watch, his eye open from the nightmare and sits up releasing Toki's grasp from around him, Toki soon begins waking up.

Toki(Sitting up):...Rin?

Rin is huffing and then he goes to hug Toki.

Rin: I'm so happy you're safe...

Toki surprised begins running her hand through the back of his hair.

Toki(Smiling): I'm happy you're safe too.

Touma re-enters House of the Mark around 11:30 am, he knew they were going to ask out of reassurance.

11:30 am

House of the Mark.

Akira: Where have you been?

Touma: I went out for a little early grind, sorry for keeping you all waiting once more.

Akira: That's fine. Alright now that yesterday is behind us, can we leave now and start over?

Akira(In mind): Something seemed off with how he said that, could be from yesterday's questing, but still.

12:15 pm

Quest center.

They walk in and see a familiar guild at the front desk checking out a big quest.

Toki: Hey, is that guild 4?

Rin examines them for a bit.

Rin: Hey it is, yo guys what's up!

(Guild name: Albedo. Guild # 4) (Daisuke Ishikawa (Armored Knight), Akane Shimizu (Tikete), Fudo Nakano (Mage), Eiko Mori Paladin.)

Eiko turns around along with the rest of guild 4.

Eiko: Well what a coincidence, I'm surprised there's another top guild that spawned here.

Akane runs up to Yuko.

Akane: Woah, Yuko, your outfit is really cute! The cat details are really visible in this game.

Yuko: I know right! Hey same to you Akane you have some scales and your eyes have slits, it must be amazing to be part dragon!

Akane: Not entirely, my appetite is huge now...buutt I haven't gained any weight so I guess you don't have to worry about managing everything.

Akira: Hey, do you guys know if any more top guilds are in this city?

Eiko: No clue, they could have spawned in anyone of the mega cities or cities from what i've heard, but it's nice you see you all again, what brings you all here today?

Rin: We came here to go questing so we can leave this safe zone.

Eiko: Ooo you all should join us on a quest we're about to accept, its an optional multi guild quest but we'd be happy to join forces with such a prestigious guild again.

Rin: Uhh, haha, you don't need to be so polite you guys are #4 after all.

Eiko: We respect each others ranks thoroughly, so what do you say?

Rin: Uh sure I'll go and accept for us now.

Run walks up to the front desk.

Rin: We'd like to join guild 4 on their quest.

Quest giver: Very well, I have added all of Celestial guild to Albedo guild's party; Now I will give you the details, there is a village pinned on your map around the 10 mile radius, it is said to house a cave that holds a sacred weapon somewhere around the surrounding village, it is rumored to be guarded by a single terrifying creature and there have also been reports of people gone missing around that area as well; completing this quest will boost you all up to level 10 and you all will receive more brass to settle your needs, good luck to you all!

Toki: A sacred weapon this early?

Eiko: We were just as shocked as you are; but we do not want a sacred weapon yet, we will allow you to have it.

Touma: Are you certain? You all did rightfully accept this quest first.

Daisuke: Definitely man! If we want to surpass you guys we'll have to do it by challenging ourselves!

Fudo: We will have to grow stronger without the use of sacred weapons for the time being, we will have to rely on our raw skill for now until time comes....(Under breath and tears): I hear it's a fire weapon though...

Rin: Thank you guys, we'll definitely make use of it since we definitely don't want a repeat of last night's struggle.

Akira pinches Rin's arm to not hurt.

Akira: Heyy keep quiet..

Akane: Oh that's right you all did do the 10 mile quest, but you luckies found them before we could, we also heard you guys were in bad condition when you came back to town; the game sure is scary but knowing you all nearly fell motivates us to do better.

Rin: Alright if it's all settled we can head out now.

Daisuke: Sweet! I've been waiting to bash some skulls in!


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