Final Frontier
9 Fracture Part 2 End of volume 1
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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9 Fracture Part 2 End of volume 1

3:15 pm

10 mile village entrance.

They look around.

Akira: Why would these idiots put their village inside of an obviously sketchy forest..

Eiko: I see you're still your cold usual self, it's actually pretty adorable.

Akira looks at Eiko, looks away, and pouts with a slight blush.

Touma: Do be weary of your temper, Akira, it would be in our best interest if we don't have to search for the cave entrance ourselves.

Akira blushes alot more while still pouting.

Akira: Okay, stop talking about it or I'll zap you with shock-rah. (Low grade lightning magic)

Touma: That's a very cute thing of you to say.

Akira's face is a full blush, she begins casting shock-rah, but she passes out.

Everyone "..."

Yuko: I got her...

Fudo: She sure is fiery as always, but we should begin asking around for the cave entrance.

They begin to question the local villagers about the cave's whereabouts.

Yuko is carrying Akira via piggyback while she's unconscious.

Yuko(In mind): I hope I can find a villager who knows where this cave is so I can feel useful for once...y'know it's kind of strange for us to be getting a sacred weapon this early too, what kind of scary things are out there? I don't know but I know I need to get stronger to keep my friends safe...I really wanna apologize to Akir-

Akira bonks Yuko on the head and jumps off his back while slightly blushing.

Yuko(Holding head): WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!

Akira: I didn't say you can carry me chump!!

Yuko: I was just trying to help! How else would you move!?

They proceed to go back and forth while both guilds+village locals watch and they get "..." expressions.

Eiko(In mind): They sure are full of energy, wish our guild were a bit more lively, but I guess that's a perk of being the best.

A villager approaches the combined guild.

Villager: Excuse me brave warriors, but I hear you were looking for the monster cave?

Eiko: Yes, we are, do you have any information on it?

Villager: Yes, it's just that way past the lake and through the trail right after it, I am getting sick of those no good monsters nearby they come here and raid our village often while we manage to narrowly fend them off, some of our village people have gone missing too recently, we'd greatly appreciate if you took care of our pest problem, we'd reward you if we have anything valuable, all I have is this golden dagger if you want it.

Eiko: You don't need to reward us, that isn't a problem, we'll take care of your cave problem.

Villager: Thank you brave warriors, please be safe.

Akane: Here, take some brass and help your family out. (5k brass)

Villager(Tearing): I didn't know such kind hearted warriors who gave existed...I don't know how much to thank you, I'll await your return.

Rin: Alright, let's get to business!

They begin to walk out the village to the cave but before they do..

Toki: Aren't we forgetting something?

Toki turns around and shouts at Yuko and Akira who are still arguing to come on.

They continue to walk.

Toki: So how have you guys been fairing?

Eiko: The new enemies have given us the most issues so far, but they aren't very smart fortunately for us, though i'd love to take on a Savinja despite our new reality.

Akane: They really need to slam Sirius once the real world finds out about this because this isn't funny!

Toki: Can't really say for sure, but if he's gone out of his way to trap us in here he obviously has to have something covered to make sure they don't.

Rin: I wish I could worry and focus about the outside just as much as you all, but with this new world of danger in front of us it won't do us any help right now.

Eiko: That is the sad truth unfortunately-

They see the cave entrance, but they are around bushes and vegetation so they are out of view.

They see two tanish skin monsters in barbaric clothing acting as some sort of bouncers for the cave entrance because there is a line of a strikers that want to go in.

Fudo: Why the hell are they lined up like it's some sort of club?

Daisuke: I don't know man but those tan monsters are making my skin tingle with excitement.

Akane: Should I fly by and blow fire on them?

Eiko: No, that's risky, what if they jump and grab you out of the air?

Akane: Oh, right. Hmm, so what do we do?

Rin: Looks like none of them have weapons so I'll toss a Fallaflame speck at the line, then we're free to attack the tan ones.

Rin reaches into his satchel and takes a red speck out and throws it at the line of Strikers which bursts and catches all the strikers on fire in a chain reaction, they all burn brutally then disintegrate.

Daisuke: Alright! Time for some fun!!

(Daisuke goes out and charges at one of the tan monsters, they stalemate for a bit and Akane sprouts her dragon wings, flies over, and blows extremely hot fire in its face which begins to melt it, Daisuke drives his shield into its face putting a hole in it, it falls and disintegrates.)

The other tan monster jumps up a bit and grabs Akane's leg from the front, she then blows extremely hot fire into its face making it scream, she scratches its face making some of its melting skin fly off, it falls over and disentrages.

The others soon come from their hiding spot.

Akira: Well that was easy.

Yuko: I'm starting to think I should have picked the Tikete class.

Akane: Well it's all about practice, Yuko, I bet I'd be a good Felis if I were able to switch.

Yuko(Upset): I know, I'm usel-

Rin: Okay okay, can we head in now?

They all walk in the entrance hall which is tight and creepy at first, there is water dripping off stalagmites.

Eiko: Strange, this cave is a bit tight even for the average striker.

Rin: There's probably more ahead, but they're really weak to us now, so we just need to find the secret path in a room up ahead. (Map is guiding.)

The cave opens up to show its natural beauty.

Daisuke: You'd think all the strikers would be here, this is beautiful!

Touma: What do you expect from such primitive low leveled monsters?

Akira(In mind):....That doesn't sound like something he'd say.

Yuko(Ears twitching): I think I can hear something up ahead and to the left.

Rin: Right, let's push forward.

They walk closer and closer and the sounds don't sound very pleasant, they turn the left corner and there is another big room.

***They see lots of blood on the floor, men being killed, they see men being staked up you know what, men being pulled by torture devices and ripped, they see women being held and stabbed in the stomach by poison then raped by multiple monsters, women being stabbed multiple times while being raped, women on the bloody floor being raped, women being raped by multiple monsters, women with no limbs with hooks in them holding them up and being raped, they see humans parts stabbed or hung on the wall, they see more guilds being brought in for them to meet the same fate, the strikers are howling and laughing.***

(It is a graphic scene in general, nude parts are blocked by monsters or hidden out of view.)

(Toki lets out an angry yell, runs in and launches her sword in, it hits a monster underneath its nose and slices through clean, she then drags her sword across hitting and killing multiple monsters.)

(Everyone else follows, the monsters are level 2-3 and they weren't expecting it, Touma goes on a killing spree and even uses some of their torture devices to kill them, Daisuke is bashing and denting heads in, Rin is cutting the monsters into cubes with his swords, Fudo cast a rock the size of a baseball and is running it through the chests of the fleeing monsters with his finger, Akira is zapping the monsters and splitting them with her purple hands, Akane is tearing monsters apart with her strength and claws, Eiko impaling multiple monsters with his lance.)

Once the kill every monster in the room the other few guilds run to them to thank them.

Guild girl(Trembling): ...T-thank you all so much, my guild put us in this situation because they underestimated the monsters..

Guild boy(Horrified): I-I can't believe I've nearly gotten us killed, I'm so sorry, I will stick to our level range only...that was..too much..

Another guild: Thank you guys so much for saving us!

Rin: Can you clerics give the injured some help and can you help some of them ou-

Majority of the girls who were stabbed with or without poison and hooked up begin to disentrage due to no active preservation or to low hp tick damage.

(Sick game and they need some time to rethink.)

Eiko: M-monsters couldn't do this in the last game...this is sick...all those poor souls...

Fudo: The rest of you guilds get out of here now! It won't be safe for you to follow us, this wasn't what we intended to see either...

Another Guild: Right! We need to get back to town asap! Get any remaining survivors!


Toki comes behind Rin and interlocks her hand with his for a bit and then she hugs him for a few seconds.

Rin(Softly): Toki, thank you.

Toki lets him go.

Toki: We have to keep moving forward.

Rin: Yeah. The secret passage is somewhere in here, but where, there's blood everywhere.

They begin looking around for anything suspicious, Yuko slips and glides across the bloody floor and runs into a wall that soon begins opening, Yuko's eyes are dizzy.

Akira: Your senses are really heightened in this game huh?

Yuko snaps back to life.

Yuko: Huh. (In mind): I found the path? It sure does look scary in there?

Akane: Looks scary how about you go first, Daisuke.

Daisuke whistles and looks away.

Eiko: Haha, ladies first..

Touma: I will lead us forth, shall we go now?

They nod.

They walk inside and the wall closes behind them, the initial hallway resembles that of a ancient catacomb with depictions of gods on the walls and other holy things, it is also kind of dark in there with a scary air draft sound.

Yuko is shaking.

Akira comes behind him, Yuko jumps and clings to the ceiling, he falls down once realizing it was Akira.


Akira(Giggling): It always is you chicken.

Toki: Guys can we try not to make too much noise there is a monster somewhere in here after all.

Yuko: Tell her to stop scaring me.

Akira: Hmph, baby.

They keep walking down the hallway.

Daisuke: I wonder what kind of art this is, looks pretty old to me.

Akane: Those could be the gods or something, but this is a holy being chamber remember.

Daisuke: Woah holy beings?! My skin is tingling with excitement already!

They make it out of the hallway and it opens up to big room in ruins, there are stairs in the distance with a sacred weapon sitting on top of a small pillar, it is still a little dark in there though.

Toki: The holy beings should have been here by now, this is getting a little strange.

Fudo: Wait..that sacred weapon was being guarded by a monster not holy beings if I remembered things correctly.

Yuko: Hey we should just hurry and take it before something does show up.

They hear a distant shriek roar in the distance and a person scream.

Yuko(In mind): Next time I'll keep my mouth shut...

Akane: That sounded bad.

Fudo: Whatever it is is strong enough to have taken out the holy beings who guarded that weapon.

Rin: Let's keep moving forward, it sounds like it's far away anyway.

They walk halfway then a monster on the wall in the dark jumps at Touma to try and slash him but is blocked and skids back in front of them where we see it.

It walks on all on all fours with two blade like front legs, its knee joints are pointed upward, it has blood in its eyes and red glowing pupils, it has two extra limbs on it sides, it has a freakish mouth with visible sharp teeth, it has a long tongue, and it's mouth and face are bloody. The monster then regurgitates up some corroded bones covered in fluids.

Touma: Oo ugly beast.

Daisuke: That thing is actually pretty scary to look at, but let's have some fun either way!

Eiko: Wait, Daisuke!

(It stands its ground then cuts some of Daisuke's armor then jumps back fast, it lets out another roar and looks upward, it begins to dislodge its mouth to open wider, a white ball of light the size of a basketball forms above its mouth, it reaches around it grabbing it with its tongue and begins to swallow it and encloses its mouth(The detail from this would be digusting), it's underbelly starts to grow bigger and more grotesque, it then shoots a large blood red ray out of its mouth at them.)

Eiko: JUMP, NOW!

(They jump and dodge it, the energy ray blows through a wall and destroys it leaving red static sparks in it, while they are still in the air the monster runs and jumps at Yuko with its mouth dislodged for us to see inside, Yuko gets terrified and shoots an energy arrow into its mouth, it closes its mouth and halts, Daisuke from behind knocks it down hard into the ground, the monster gets up and then regurgitates the energy arrow which is covered in blood+body fluids, it starts bouncing from wall to wall to be more unpredictable, but Fudo then temporarily sets the above air on fire with flame hedge burning it a bit, Akira then zaps it with shock-rah but it only freezes it when it jumps down halfway, Touma kicks the frozen monster that is in the air into a wall where it gets stunned.)

Akira: Go get that sacred weapon, Rin!

(Rin nods and starts dashing toward the sacred weapon, the monster becomes unstunned and starts dashing across the wall to catch up the Rin, it gets knocked down by Akane who blow extremely hot fire on its entire body, when the fire is extinguished it appears very grotesque now, it makes another dash at the combined guilds who is covering for Rin, Daisuke jumps up and then slams his shield down onto the front of its blade legs breaking them off and splattering them, it screams.)

Rin makes it to the sacred weapon which is a tome to be learned and since he had this weapon in Battle Frontier he quickly learned the new bits of it.

Rin: Guys! Move out of the way!

(The guild jumps away and to the side which shows the monster unable to move with it face looking down, Rin begins to launch Fallaflame, as Fallaflame travels to the monster the monster looks up and says "Thank you," Fallaflame explodes to cover the monster but the force of the explosion is still massive with lots of wind, Fallaflame rains down napalm on the already lifeless monster and it disintegrates.)

Daisuke: Aweesome!! That explosion is always the best!

Fudo(Under breath): That could have been mine.

Toki: Uh did anyone else here it speak? It was still pretty low level.

Touma: I assume the ranges are a bit different as well, but there isn't clear cut answer on it.

Yuko places his hand on the wall to catch his break, but when he does this another wall begins to open up.

Akira: Wow look at those cat senses go; you're really fired up huh?

Yuko(In mind): ...Hey I found another path...again.

Eiko: Looks a bit different from this room, we should check it out.

They walk through the hallway and make it to another room, inside this room they see demon spell books, grotesque dead failed casting experiments everywhere and symbols of Treu on the walls.

Akira: Grosss, good thing I can float.

Rin: What are those symbols on the walls, I don't remember seeing that anywhere in the trailer.

Eiko: I don't know but I wouldn't guess these things voluntarily done this to themselves.

Rin: The map says to "search around the room for truth."

Yuko: Aww come on....

They walk in and begin walking over mangled and disfigured bodies, some are bloated and some creatures with long appendages sprouting from their used to be leg area.

10 minutes later.

Yuko: C-can we leave now..

Toki: Yeah I'm getting sick of looking at this...

Rin: Alright...this whole quest was messed u-

One of the squishy holy beings comes to life but doesn't get up.

Holy being(Talking with last breaths): Waait...

Rin takes a sword out and points it toward it.

Holy being: I do not wish to harm you...I am physically unable as you can see....

Rin:...What do you want then?

Holy being: I wish to tell of the events that happened to this happened about 2,000 years ago when Volence rose to power....he seeked to take control of the sacred weapons for his armies use to overthrow the realm....they raided this holy place in seek of Fallaflame as it is the more devastating of the sacred weapons....but his army did not know these sacred weapons had anti demonic properties which started to kill whichever of Treu touched it....they were too powerful for us to handle on our own..they overpowered us and locked us in chains....this is the room they called and casted all things unholy on us to transform us and convert us into their army....most failed and a majority died...the being/monster you saw outside in the sacred hall is result of experiments that have been successful....there are more of these chambers but we are uncertain if more of us have met the same fate, we have been here for years on end.

Everyone takes in what it said.

Rin: We'll stop Volence and his army..

Holy: Then your ultimate objective must be to reach lady Persena's palace...the journey there is long and will not be easy by any means...I have spoken for long enough...I wish to be put out of my misery by your sword young one...I do not wish to be alive in this state anymore.

Rin struggles with this but eventually stabs it and it disintegrates.

Rin(Tearing)(Falls to knees): Why do we have to play this sick game....why???

Toki kneels and reaches around from behind him.

Toki: I feel the same way but we'll get through this..I promise, but we have to leave now there's nothing we can do but "fight to survive," I will be here to support you.

Rin: T-toki..I don't know how much I could keep thanking you..

Toki: Rin...I lo-

The chamber begins to crumble.

Eiko: We have to move, now!

Rin: Right, let's go Toki.

(They run out the experiment room and see the catacomb wall is open, rocks and ruins are falling, Akira and Fudo place barriers to block these rocks, they make it out of the catacomb hallway and see one guild of three people is still sitting there waiting for them.)

Eiko: Guys! What are you doing here?! Start running!!

(They follow behind them and run through the beautiful scenery which is crumbling down, they are approaching the entrance hall and one guild member is fatigued and is trapped then smashed by rocks, the other falls down a hole in the weakened floor and dies, Albedo and Celestial guild make it out and the last guild member of the three is seen running through to the exit, he trips and falls halfway outside and the cave entrance collapses on his lower half killing him, he disintegrates.)

Eiko: Grr. We told those guys to get out with the others..

Akane: It can't be helped unfortunately.

Eiko: But still there were multiple guilds who had weapons that could have protected them from any monsters out here...

Touma: Hmm strange indeed..(Under breath): Weaklings...

Akane: I sure am glad that quest is over, man, hopefully I don't get any nightmares tonight..

Daisuke: Mind if we cuddle before bed then?

Akane: No way you big oaf!

Daisuke: Aw, come on, we all need some help after that are you sure!? I won't squish you!

Akane(Slight blush): I said no! Now ask Eiko or Fudo.

Daisuke: So how's about it guys? Bro bonding time tonight?

Eiko: Oh-urmm I have suddenly gotten the flu, I don't want to pass it to you..

Fudo: I'm umm..swore! See, look!

Fudo begins to walk without bending his knee joints.

Daisuke: Oh then I'll let you guys get better then maybe we can afterwards!

Eiko: C-can we head back to town now?

Daisuke: Totally!

Goes to Celestial guild staring at them.

Toki: Hey they're almost like us.

Rin: Yeah it's pretty exciting to see.

Yuko(In mind): I can't believe I helped for once, ur sorta.

Akira: Hmph. Let's go now, I want our reward!

5:50 pm

Quest center.

Daisuke: Sweet we're level 10 finally!

Akane: This is soo cool! Will I finally meet my sweet dragon prince?

Eiko(To Celestial guild): We would like to thank you for accompanying us on this gruesome quest; we'll be here again tomorrow to explore a bit outside the safe zone if you all would like to join us again, but for now we're going to go rest and relax our minds, good night.

He walks off and the rest of Albedo follows.

Toki: Rest does sound like a good thing right now, we all could use a bit of it.

Akira: Yeah, I don't feel like doing anything else today, we did good today despite seeing all that craziness.

They walk out the quest center and begin walking to their home.

Guild member1 nearby: Have you guys heard there were dead bodies found in the 5 mile radius?

Guild member2 nearby: Yeah, those are sick images to look at, those couldn't have been from any monster in the 5 mile radius, those wounds look like it was from a lance.

Celestial guild keeps walking, they get some mean looks, they get some stares in fear by other people.

Random in the background: You guys heard about the psychopath guild killer? How are we ever gonna get out with all these dangerous things happening so recently.

Random 2: Jeez and we thought the Savinjas would be the last scary thing in the safe zone, now a guild killer too?

Akira begins looking around on her wrist watch through "News." She reads the guild killer news and there is a perfect description of what Touma wears.

Akira(In mind): Huh?! Nah it can't be...I hope not.

Rin: What's with all these things popping up in the safe zone so recently, a guild killer is not good for people who want to get out, that gives people more of a reason to sit.

Toki: I don't know but we have to make note of that when going into the radius again.

Yuko(In mind): Why can't we ever get a break....why are these people staring at us like that, well more at Touma but still...

Akira(In mind): I guess the only way to find to see where he goes tonight, I heard him leave out late when I was sleeping yesterday.

10:00 pm

House of the Mark.

Akira told everyone to pretend sleep and still have their gear on, when Touma quietly checks to make sure they're asleep he leaves out, they hear this and head out of their rooms minutes later.

Yuko: I wonder where he's going this late tonight; he does like to late night read after all.

Akira: I want to believe that too, but he's been acting strange recently, this is just checking to clarify that the news is not him.

Toki: Ok, let's follow him before he gets too far out of sight.

They follow Touma out of sight through town all the way to the 5 mile radius and hide in bushes when he meets a guild.

Touma taunts them menacingly and the guild goes to the attack him, but they are killed very fast and brutally with his lance.

Akira(Quitely): No...

When Touma stabs one of them in the face Rin goes to confront him.

Rin: Touma, what are you doing?! If people found out about this we'd have a huge target on our heads..

Touma: Good, I want more assassins or weaklings to try and kill us if they want; then we kill them and decrease the population of the unfit, simple.

Rin: No! If more people found out that a Celestial guild member was slaughtering the lesser skilled; mass amounts of people would rebel against us! We'd be deemed untrustworthy!

Touma(Chuckling): Haha and that has you worried? A bunch of low level nobodies makes you SCARED?!! Do you feel sorry for these people who weren't going to help contribute to us getting out of this game?

Rin: I do, but remember when you said "Everyone starts from somewhere." why would you say that if you're doing the exact opposite and killing off potential?

Touma(Begins stabbing the corpse): Are you sympathizing for them?! I see potential off glimpse and none of them had it, besides this is a lot of fun for the soul, you should try it dear friend.

Rin takes out both of his swords.

Rin: If you aren't gonna stop...I have no choice...

Touma: Hmm. Is this how it ends? That's fine, I will rid all who fail to see my doing and rid this new world's scum starting with YOU!!

Touma blazes at rin with his lance and the begin an intense fast paced battle.

Yuko: Touma...(In mind): Did something snap in him earlier?

Akira: Why would Touma do this....It doesn't make any sense, I know his upbringing was bad and all but what is going on?

Rin kicks Touma in the face and Touma falls down.

Rin: It's not too late, Touma...

Touma gets up with a very evil like face and grin.

Touma: It is indeed too late!!

Touma trips Rin, picks him up, puts his back on a tree and begins to choke him with his lance.

Touma: What's the matter!? "It's all in your head Rin," hahaha!!

Toki comes out and launches her sword and it goes through his back missing Rin narrowly, Touma looks back and is stunned by this.

Rin pushes him away with both of his legs and he catches his breath, Rin charges at a stunned Touma with his hands and proceeds to combo him all the way down to 30hp, with the last hit knocking him back.

Rin looks at the beaten Touma who is trying to regather himself, he gets up and begins to walk away, they let him go, from the front view Touma's figure is shadowed with his eyes wide open with a smile, his hand is holding his wound too.

Touma: I..will rip you all...just you wait!!


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