Final Frontier
10 Departure Part 1
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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10 Departure Part 1

Moments after Touma walks off Akira and Yuko come from behind the bushes.

Rin checks his wrist projection for news and sees the number of guilds he killed.

Rin:...He's killed over 2,000 these 2 nights..

Toki: But why would Touma do this? He never had I'll intent for anyone....this game is-

Akira: Did anything happen to Touma during your grind with him, Yuko..?

Yuko: I-I can't say for sure because I ran away from most of the battle..he cut of that perv's head with the same evil look he had but it looks more worse now.

Rin bangs his hand of a tree while looking down.

Rin: This sick game turned one of our good friends against us in a quick fingersnap..

Yuko: M-maybe the questing today tweaked something in his mind...

Rin: He could have asked for our help...we we're in this, together...he didn't have to take it this far..these are real people too after all...rr I hate this game so MUCH!!

Rin falls to his knees and slams his fists on the ground and looks at his palms.

Rin: I-I fought my best friend...thats unforgiv-!

Toki wraps her arms around him from behind.

Toki(Whispers): I don't want to lose you too.

Rin(Shocked)(In mind): What is this feeling I'm feeling? Her snug angelic grasp made me calm down instantly.

Rin: Toki..sorry for acting out.. I'm just a bit down about what happened, but your arms saved me in this moment..

Toki blushes hard and hugs him tighter.

Rin: C-ant...breath...

She releases her grasp.

Toki: Heh, sorry, you made my mind fog a little bit.

Akira: Cute. But anyway, without Touma we'll be down a key player in our guild; we'll only be 4/6, we're good but unless Yuko steps up we're realistically 3/6 and that's not good, no offense, just look at the Savinja quest or the Assassin ambush.

Yuko(In mind): I-I'm surprised she said no offense...

Rin: I'm afraid we don't have much of a choice but to recruit one more to help us out really well, so what do you say Akira?

Akira: No...

Toki: I have an inventory full of stuffed animals I can give you.

Akira starts sweating a bit and looking away.


Yuko: I have an all day access pass to the magic girl arcade in town.

Akira's mouth turns into squiggly waves and she tries to keep looking away.

Rin(Clasping hands): Pretty pleaasee??

Akira blushes slightly.

Akira: Tch...hmph. Fine, I'll set up a booth to be placed in the quest center later..

Toki: You're the best Akira! At least give the person a chance this time around.

Akira: We'll see, it won't be quick though..

Rin: That's fine as long as they feel welcomed, but anyway we should get going, there's not much else to do here and this is monster's territory.

Toki:..Right, what a night this has been...

Rin, Toki, and Yuko begin walking away, but Akira stares in the direction Touma went and stares down sad a bit.

Akira:.....Touma...I'll miss you, please be safe...

Yuko runs back to see what Akira is doing.

Yuko: Akira?

She looks up with a tear and a smile.

Akira: Sorry...just saying goodbye, I'm coming.

Yuko(In mind):...I've never seen her cry, it makes me want to cry for some reason. Even though I may be a liability we're in this together still, Touma I don't know what happened to you but we'll miss you....thank you for teaching me indirectly..

They walk off to catch up to Rin and Toki.

11:30 pm

Nearing the 10 mile safe zone barrier.

Touma is slowly treading his way to walk out of the safe zone with no real idea of where to go, he doesn't have any heals to heal his wounds, his health has decreased. (Touma 20 hp, critical)

Touma(In mind): seems Rin was not joking about critical...NO, I am I agreeing on weakling's terms, this pain is nothing, they'll all pay for what they've done to me! But I need heals

Touma walks a few feet past the safe zone barrier and falls to the ground unconscious due to critical.

We go inside his mind where we're in a basement with dim lights and can hear sounds of punches hitting someone.

We see a very injured younger Touma being beaten in a ring by his father, his father continues the throw hard punches at his face, upper body, lower body, there is blood all over Touma, his father uppercuts him and he falls back.

Father: Dammit boy! How are you ever going to fight and keep my military tradition alive if you're this damn weak?! You know what we'll continue this tomorrow, but you have a punishment for losing and stop making that face of defeat you damn scrawny pigeon!! You'd get killed in the field of battle in no time, I'm starting to think you're just wasted potential we gave birth to..

He spits on Touma who is laying on the ground, it lands on his face. His mother comes to pick him up, but she puts chains around his neck and hands.

Mother: Smile to make the pain go away honey, it'll only hurt more, I have to do what your father says. I'm sorry....he'd kill us both.

Touma begins to slightly smile.

They walk and shes takes his chains off and gives him a quick hug.

Mother(Tearing): I'm sorry my sweet child...oh he's watching.

She places him in a strap chair and goes to get some tools but she first places a laughing gas mask over his face as his father said it would help remove that defeated face of his, she will be painfully removing each one of his finger and toenails while she tears all the way through. Touma begins laughing insanely all the way until his last nail is removed.

He is taken out of the straps and placed back into his chain where his mother leads him back to his cage, he now has a permanent grin from years of torture and abuse while inhaling the laughing gas.

His father comes back and shoves Touma hard into the cage and he throws a hardcover book at his face.

Father: Read a damn book and learn something..and you...

Father grabs his Mother's arm and pushes her into the cage's bars.

Father: If I see you hug or talk in sympathy to that waste again you'll be dead...GOT IT? I can see and hear you, remember that.

He flings her arm away to let go and goes upstairs, she falls to the ground on her side.

Touma goes up to the front of the cage a bit.

Touma: Mother...I love you..but why does father do this?

His mother is in awe and gasp when she hears him say he loved her, but she still lays where she is because her back is injured from her getting pushed into the cage's bars.

Mother: Honey...I love you too my sweet Touma, I wish I could run out with you but he has a tight lock on us; he never was like this before we had you, I loved you so much and gave you so much attention while he grew much more disdain toward us, maybe because I gave you a lot of the attention he wanted, he started to beat me and there was nothing I could do. I don't know why he threw you into this but-

Father comes back down with a spear.

Father: Didn't I JUST to this waste, woman did you not understand clearly enough? This'll definitely be clear enough.

Father stabs Mother in front of Touma. (She purposely continued to talk to Touma because she wished not to harm him anymore.)

Touma's face is shadowed with his eyes wide.

Touma: !!!

Father: You see this kid? Weaklings die and it'll be you next if you ever disobey me.

He bangs the spear on the cage which frightens Touma and he falls back.

Father: The hell you smiling at? Whatever..

Father takes mother's corpse away to **** it whenever he feels like it.

Touma begins to tear for few minutes while smiling and notices the book next to him, he opens it and begins to read it, it calms him down tremendously and opens his mind a bit.

The next day his father comes downstairs with some scraps of barely edible food and throws it on the floor in Touma's cage.

Father: Eat up, we're gonna train in a few minutes, I'll be back.

Father goes upstairs and there are sounds of police smashing through the doors upstairs, they storm the house and find Touma in a badly beaten state in his cage and they find his mother's corpse somewhere in the corner of the basement.

They take Touma in custody and he is given a new family where they love and appreciate him to where he was before being trapped in the game, but small flickers of his past still haunted him.

The world in his mind changes to a forest and people laugh in the background.

Rin: Hahah aw come on now that was funny, you're really weak you know that right Touma?

Toki: It's exactly why I stabbed you in the back.

Yuko: That's definitely how I saved him from that Savinja, y'know I shouldn't have screamed his name.

Akira: Stupid smiling freak did you really think we were your friends, I didn't mean any of that "kindness rubbing off on me" crap.

Touma's face gets angry.

Akira: I think he's mad, we made him mad....

They all begin to laugh.

Touma blazes at them and easily tears through the non real Celestial guild, he stands over them very menacingly with a smile, suddenly a stern voice with a slightly robo tone begins calling to him.

???: Calll for mee....thirst for powerr...

Touma: Who's there!?

A huge eye appears and covers the sky.

Volence: I am are a misunderstood warrior filled with lots of untapped potential, you and I have common goals to eradicate the unfit and rule in our own way. I could use a power house such as yourself.

Touma: Tch.....

Volence: ..I am correct am I not? I can grant you extra power to crush all before you, even your once called "friends," with this you can forget about all your terrible past events, we welcome you with open arms and common goals if you wish to join us.

Touma:.....Fine, I-I accept..

Volence: As you wish! Once you awake you must find one of our nearby Treu altars to meet us, you will not be mind controlled as you have too much to be wasted; you will make anyone cower before you in fear! I bid you farewell until we meet again..

Touma's eyes open, his new eye color is red, there is a dark redish outline around him, his hp is full and he feels better than ever, he then gets up slowly.

Touma: Oh power before me, oh power yet to be, through death and destruction, I shall rule the world.

We get a nice view of Touma.

October 14 1:00 am

Real world at a police station.

Investigator: We're doing everything we can ma'am but without a lead on, no evidence, pretty much nothing; we haven't found a single missing person related to this disappearance case, I know how you feel because my two kids are also missing....we're doing the best we can and we'll let everyone know asap if we found at least one person.

Ms. Abe: Thank you for tolerating me coming here multiple times today..

Investigator: No, it's understandable, I'd do the same thing, but I have to work on this case as well.

Ms. Abe: I see...goodnight you all.

She walks out and begins to walk home, it's a gorgeous night outside.

Ms. Abe(In mind): Oh Rin..why did you have be the one to go missing...please don't gone like your father...please..come back safe.

Ms. Abe makes it back home, goes into her room, and takes out a memory photo collage of Rin and her over the years. Her tears eventually fall on the photos as she scrolls through them smiling; she puts the collage away and heads upstairs to Rin's room, when she enters Jinko appears.

Jinko: Greetings Ms. Abe has there been any luck on finding Rin over the past few days?

Ms. Abe nods no.

Jinko: That is unfortunate news, I hope he is ok, but I will leave you alone for the time being. Goodnight Ms. Abe.

Ms. Abe walks slowly in his room looking around and reliving some memories, she makes it to his setup which is out already, she sits in his racer chair, the screen turns on, she begins to play some of his video games for a few hours and enjoys it, she sees his vr headset for Final Frontier and puts it on but nothing happens, she doesn't make too much of it, she places it in his closet and walks out of his room.

We go into the closer where the headset displays a population count of 220,000,000+ which will obviously decrease. The headset turns off for good this time never to be powered on again.

11:00 am

House of the Mark

Yuko is in the living room watching watching television as he waits for the late sleeping Celestial guild to rise.

Yuko(In mind): Man those guys sure love to sleep in, I guess it's from the quests. I honestly should go to the local Vs center in the morning to spar against other guilds to get stronger, but I'm sitting here watching magic girls....gosh tutu is so awesome!

Someone knocks on the door.

Yuko checks out who it is and asks who it is.

Sarari: It's me, Sarari. I brought you all breakfast today and I will also be cleaning out your living spaces.

Yuko: Uh, one moment please..

Yuko walks to the sleepy heads rooms and knocks on their doors individually to wake them up.

He knocks on Akira's door first.

Akira(Waking up):...You better have a good reason for waking me up this early..

Yuko(Behind door): U-uh Sarari brought us breakast food

Akira instantly gets out of bed and walks out her door.

Akira: Food?! Good enough for me!

Akira floats quickly to Rin's room where Toki sleeps at now and bangs on their door.


Rin and Toki start waking up.

Toki: mmm...what?

Rin:..I guess we should go see what she wants.

Rin and Toki walk out.

Rin: Akira?

Akira: Sorry but we've been brought food from Sarari.

They open the front door and Sarari is standing there waiting with demeanor that would calm anyone down. She has a cart full of nicely made breakfast and a belt with cleaning equipment.

Sarari: Good morning Celestials! I have brought you all food today in order to help sooth the loss of your guild member.

They all get shocked.

Akira: How do you know that?

Sarari begins walking forward with the cart of food.

Sarari: I am acquitted to know some things that happen to our guests that stay here in order to provide the best possible service, to help sooth your mind I prepared this breakfast to help relax you all. (She's intelligent AI now.)

Rin: Haha, it sure does smell good, we appreciate it Sarari.

Sarari preps the breakfast onto their table.

Sarari: I will now clean.

Toki: Clean?

Sarari: Yes, my shift promptly begins around 5 am every morning to check all the building equipment to make sure it is properly working and clean including that sign on the outside, I clean the outside windows with an ability that makes me cling to walls, I then make sure all the silverware and kitchenware are cleaned and operational, I then clean every room in here to make sure there not even a speck of dirt on the molecular level even if no on lives in the room, I do many more things to make sure this building in top shape, I finish around 1 pm and not later.

Yuko: Jeez that's a lot of work.

Sarari: I promise you it is quite exciting and good brass, now enjoy your food.

They all sit at the table and eat the food which taste amazing to them, Sarari begins cleaning fast with elegance, Yuko is watching Sarari and is lost in his mind. Sarari says something to Yuko.

Yuko(In mind): Gosh even when she's moving this fast she's cute-

Yuko is holding an extremely hot cup of coffee and throws it up in the air from the burn, Sarari sees this and reacts fast catching the cup and catches every drop of coffee while flipping through the air.

Sarari: Here is your coffee, I mentioned before that it was hot but I guess you didn't hear me, I will attend to your burn mark, I have a cream for that to heal, follow me.

They walk out and down the hallway, Yuko notices she her status is "very fatigued" but she is not showing it, Sarari then falls over on all fours and begins to huff and puff and talk to herself for a bit.

Yuko(In mind): I guess AI are like us huh? I feel bad for her.

Yuko: Hey are you sure all this work isn't tiring you?

Sarari: Nonsense, I have to maintain equal output in order to maintain excellent service to any guest.

Yuko walks over to her and hands her a refreshment potion.

Yuko: Please don't overwork yourself you just lost 50 hp from falling over.

Sarari(Taking the potion): Thank're a kind kitty, normally I receive not even a single gift from anyone, but shall we keep moving to retrieve to cream?

Yuko: Yes. Um..are they any other places you could work?

Sarari: Unfortunately no, here in this big city there is not much for a maid to become, my circumstance does not allow it, but I enjoy maid work alot.

Yuko: How long will you stay?

Sarari: I am uncertain, but forever theoretically.

Yuko: Umm..don't you ever want to leave here and explore?

Sarari: Huh? I have never been asked that, seems the curiosity of a cat does not kill it, but I do have dreams to explore the beauty of the world but I am not allowed to leave due to a password I have been place under.

Yuko: Huh, what is it?! (In mind): IT'S THAT SIMPLE?

Sarari: Who is the main magic girl in Neptune sailor?

Yuko: TUTU!

A screen appears on the side off Sarari that says "Recruit Sarari? Yes or No." Yuko selects yes.

"Sarari has joined Celestial guild!" Sarari(Level 10 Maid!)

Sarari: I will be happy to accompany you all and satisfy your needs the same as here, now may we continue to walk to heal your hand?

Yuko(Blushing): Yes ma'am! (In mind): I am so happy!!! Wait...WHAT WILL THE OTHERS THINK ABOUT THIS?! SHOOT I was so lost in my fantasy land...

They make it to the lobby desk and Sarari rubs some of the cream in Yuko's palms, she smiles then Yuko blushes again.

Sarari: You have hints of red on your face, adorable, but shall we head back up now that your hand is healed? I would be thrilled to let the rest know I will be accompanying you all.

Yuko nods.

We go back upstairs to where Celestial guild is finishing up their food and put on their gear to go out to the quest center and they meet in the living room again.

Rin: Alright now we need Yuko to come back and get ready.

Akira: I set the recruitment post up on my watch so our booth should already be set up in the quest center, I just wanna get this over already...

Toki: Aw come on Akira just try greet the person we get with open arms, there's potential out there.

Akira(Looking away): Hmph...

Yuko and Sarari come back in and they notice she has the Celestial guild tag almost immediately.

Akira: S-she has the ta-

Sarari(Bows halfway): Yes, I do, Yuko here recruited me. I will serve you all to the best of my ability, I am excited to explore with you all.

Akira gets a cross popping vein.

Akira: Yes welcome to Celestial guild. (In mind)(Staring at Yuko): You better pray and hope this NPC is good or else...

Yuko sees her deathly stare and starts sweating.

Yuko: Haha I'll get ready right now.

Yuko goes into his room.

Yuko(In mind)(Fast heart beat): I better pray Sarari is strong.

Toki: Well it looks like we're going to have to be a max at 6/6 then because calling off the recruitment would be rude.

Akira:.....Alright alright.

Rin: Wow we thought you were general intelligent, Sarari, what happened?

Sarari: Someone made an anonymous payment to change me, I am unsure as to what exactly happened, but I will gladly assist you all on our journey together.

Akira(In mind): She's actually pretty relaxing to be around and I don't even know her yet...maybe this could work.

Akira: It's appreciated but after we select some one else to join us we'll head to the Vs center to spar with you and whoever else we pick, ok?

Sarari: I will be happy to showcase my combat ability as well, I will do my best.

Yuko walks out of his room with his gear on.

Rin: Alright, are we ready?

Sarari quickly puts all the plates of food back on the cart and gets behind it to push it.

Sarari: I must return this before I leave my duty here to serve you all.

They nod and walk out.


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