Final Frontier
11 Departure Part 2
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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11 Departure Part 2

1:00 pm

Quest center.

There is a long line waiting to talk to Akira and the rest at a booth inside the Quest center.

Person in line: Wow I can't believe Celestial guild is recruiting after all these years.

Person in line 2: Yeah they picked up that cute maid girl from somewhere today, hell she must be as good as she looks.

Person in line 3: I hope I have what it takes to join Celestial guild, I've been grinding very hard.

At the front another person displays Akira his player record from both games.

Akira:....hmmm have you fought anything stronger than those weak things in Battle Frontier? Not saying we're looking entirely from skill but if you can't handle strong monsters even without experience we don't want you, sorry.

He walks away respectfully, and the next person walks up to display his player record.

Akira: You have a history of perving on the girl members of a guild and you still come to show me this? I should snap your neck right now; get away from me you pig.

He runs away.

Background: Man she sure is scary...

Background 2: Their recruitment is pretty strict, they want a nice overall person; so even if you are hot stuff on the field you can be a terrible person overall and not get in.

Background: I just hope I can make it...

5:50 pm

Quest center.

The line has shorten due to Akira declining nearly everyone.

Akira: This is so boring...

Rin: declined almost everyone harshly, but the line is almost completely gone.

Someone is next but he has his head down trying to get his nerves together.

Akira: Hey you! Are you coming up here or what? I wanna close this booth soon so I can quest with my team!! Rin take over please I'm gonna lose my mind..

The person next up starts sweating and walks up, Rin looks at him and then remembers seeing him before.

Rin: You're the guy that gave Toki and I a spot to watch the trailer.

???(Nervously shaking):..Huh? Oh. I'm surprised you remember who I am. I heard Celestial guild was in this town and heard you all were recruiting today so I came early and still had to wait hours in line.

Rin: Yeah it shocked me a bit too to see how long that line was, um just show me your player record.

He shows him his player record and bows.

Rin: you really put in the work during the last two days of Battle Frontier and you grinded heavy to level 10 know what I'll keep my promise and accept you since you're the last of this line.

His eyes open immediately and he looks up falls on his knees.

???: Thank you so much, I can't believe you mean it; I will work 10x harder I promise!

Rin: Alright guys we can close this up, I found our guy.

Toki: Oh cool where is he?

He stands up so they can see him.

Toki: Y-you gave us that spot during the presentation, Rin you're so nice.

Rin: Heh..It's nothing.

???: Oh, uhh-um...I-I'm Hajime Yukimura. It's nice t-to meet you all.

Yuko: Ah come on we don't bite, well except for Akira...but welcome dude!

Sarari: Greetings new recruit, my name is Sarari, I'm also joining the Celestials on this day today, I look forward to seeing your sparring session today.

Hajime: Oh I was wondering who you were haha, I didn't think you all would be recruiting to be full, but the more the merrier I guess...heh.

Akira throws smoke past his face.

Akira: If you perv on any of us including Sarari,! I've had enough of it.

Hajime swallows and is shocked.

Hajime: N-no you misunderstood....the more the b-better.

Akira: Good. Now can we head off to the Vs center, I wanna see what you two can do.

They walk past with Hajime with Rin being the last, he grabs his shoulder.

Rin: Aw come on you'll feel better after this spar session with one of us, but just follow that one rule she set in play for you and you'll be fine, I promise, now let's move.

Hajime: O-ok.

6:30 pm

Vs center.

The inside looks like an arena there are locker rooms and things you find in a gym. The main battle room has multiple boxing like rings that teleport you to one of selected environments with more space to move around. There are also televisions for people to watch each ring battle.

Random battler: C-celestials...I hope they aren't coming to fight any of us to embarrass us.

Toki: We're just here to battle our two new recruits is all.

The other battlers sigh in relief, Celestial guild walks to an open ring.

Rin: Alright I'll step in first; you'll be up first Sarari.

Sarari: I am honored.

She runs and flips elegantly to the other side of the ring.

A screen appears in front of them both with 5 environment map options, Rin chooses random, Sarari also chooses random and they both get teleported inside of an empty coliseum. (Vs center battles give you separate health which is equal to how much you already have, when you fall to 0 hp you lose, xp gain is based depending on how high the level of an opponent is. You still feel the pain though but you cannot die and limbs and bones cannot be broken until critical. After the match you will be teleported back to the ring with everything fixed.)(You can forfeit as well but you'll lose xp and will get punished for forfeiting too much.)

Rin: Ready when whenever you are.

Sarari: One moment please.

Sarari holds her hand to the side and butterflies begin to form over her weapon, they disperse and her sword shows up in her hand.

(She then blazes at Rin which immediately shocks him, before she reaches Rin she holds her sword in a sideways stab position and spins around fast, Rin takes his swords out and blocks two of these spin cuts but she cuts him on the side a bit on the last one, she stops, jumps up sideways and kicks Rin twice in the chest hard with both her legs individually, Rin is knocked back but he is sliding back on his feet, Sarari throws knives at Rin but he manages to block them, he regains his footing.)

Rin(In mind): She's fast...I didn't expect any of this. She's actually really good for an AI, that's not good because she can learn and change her approach..

We go to Celestial guild and other people watching on the television from the outside.

Random battler: S-she looks like she wouldn't harm anything..looks like Celestial guild has a dangerous new pick up.

Toki: Yeah she's insanely fast, even that caught me off guard, maybe she a struggles a bit more to Zoners.

Yuko: Looks like I chose correctly huh Akira?

Akira bonks Yuko on the head.

Yuko: What was that about!?

Akira(Looking away): You got lucky, hmph...

Hajime is looking in awe and is sweating at the same time.

We go back into the battle.

(Rin is running a radius around her while Sarari jumping to throw multiple sharp knives at him, he throws a Fallaflame speck to throw her off and it does.)

Rin: Now's my chance!

(Rin blazes at her and the begin to sword fight intensely, Rin trips her but she ends up kicking him in the chin and doing a backflip from the trip, Rin rolls to the side when she comes to strike him, Rin throws one sword which she dodges but he throws his second one which pierces her stomach, he puts his hand up and his first sword comes back and stabs her through the neck she falls on all fours with Rin being the winner, the swords reappear back into his scabbards.)

Rin walks to Sarari and places his hand out.

Rin: You fought well, you're scary fast actually.

Sarari looks up and takes his hand.

Sarari: You are kind, thank you. That was pretty well of you throw both of your swords I didn't see it coming.

They teleport back into the ring.

Rin: You pass no questions asked Sarari!

Sarari: It will be such a pleasure to serve you all as an official member of Celestial guild!

Yuko: Great job Sarari, you're amazing!

Sarari smiles.

Akira: Alright how about you take on Hajime, Yuko.

Glass shatters in Yuko's mind.

Yuko(In mind): All these people will see how awful I am!! Oh no....

Yuko: Uh can I sit this one out? Haha?

Toki: It'll be good practice for the both of you, it's just a friendly, nothing serious, just have fun.

Yuko: Oh..ok fine...

Hajime: I look forward to this, thank you guys again.

They both walk into the ring and Yuko selects a forest environment so he can climb, and Hajime picks the coliseum, it picks the coliseum, they teleport.

Yuko(In mind): CRAP!! I have to fight him somehow, I haven't practiced claw to hand combat yet...

Hajime(In mind): Alright all this grinding should pay off, I've never seen this cat before but I shouldn't underestimate him...i'm gonna shoot this arrow first then charge with my sword.

(He fires an arrow, Yuko falls on his butt and dodges it, Hajime puts his bow away and begins running fast at Yuko, he jumps a bit and slams his sword down into the ground, Yuko rolls backwards and stands up, Hajime swings his sword fast at him a couple times, but Yuko is very agile, his sword eventually collides with Yuko's claw armor which knocks his arm and sword back, Hajime sees this as an opening to stab his chest, he lunges forward for a quick stab but Yuko evades by moving outward to like this "(" Yuko jumps on top of his head and begins to claw away at his face, this stuns Hajime who is walking backward, Yuko jumps off and fires an energy arrow into his chest and he falls backward.)

Akira(Watching): What the hell?? That's our Yuko?

Yuko(In mind): HUH?! I guess I just got lucky...I hope he's ok.

Hajime(In mind): Damnit, I gave it my all, I have to get better from this, he's just so nimble and quick..I-

Yuko hold his hand forward to pick him up, Hajime grabs his hand.

Hajime: Wow you're really agile; I have to learn from you.

Yuko(Scratching side of face): Uh...haha I'm actually surprised myself...

They teleport back.

Random battler: Jeez those Celestials sure are something else..

Akira: I think-

Toki: Wait, Akira, I wanna decide. Umm..Hajime you did great, but umm you're pretty slow for a paladin...

Hajime lowers his head in sadness.

Toki: But it can be worked on, we need to be able to react and move faster if we want to survive against stronger enemies; we'll be happy to officially pass you but you'll need to gain some speed is all.

Hajime raises his head, falls to his knees, and lowers his head again.

Hajime: I promise to work to my fullest potential!!

Akira: Alright already, can we go questing now? I wanna leave this safe zone for once.

7:15 pm

Quest center.

Celestial guild walks in and sees Albedo guild again at the front desk.

Rin: Yo!

Eiko turns around and walks toward them.

Eiko: Hello friends, I see you have two new recruits, it's very unfortunate for Touma to leave you all, but what are your names?

Sarari: Greetings, I am Sarari.

Eiko: Oh, I see you're an AI.

Toki: She's really strong and kind so that's nice haha.

Eiko: Ahh, you all do have good eyes after all. Now may I get your name?

Hajime(In mind): I'M TALKING TO TOP GUILDS.....this is all happening too fast...gotta say something..

Hajime: I-Im Hajime Yukimura...

Eiko: Hey there's no need to shy away we're all friendly here, um sorta.

Akira pouts and looks away.

Toki: Hey don't push him to respond too much, Eiko...

Eiko: It's nothing like that at all, sorry if it came off aggressive, nice to meet you two by the way, I'm Eiko Mori-

He introduces them both to him and his guild.

Akane: Woah a maid! You look so pretty, I wish there was a maid class now, aww.

Sarari: Thank you, I have never seen a Tikete up close like this before, your skin looks well woven, you are beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing lots of things for the first time.

Hajime: The Tikete class is not easy to unlock is it?

Akane: Nope. You need to do lots of things I don't feel like explaining.

Hajime: I see..I just don't know what to say, I'm in a top guild and talking to another top guild...I PRESTIGIOUS!!


Hajime(In mind): Now I feel prestigiously embarrassed....

Hajime: Sorry.

Daisuke: Aw don't worry about man! I felt the same way, it was totally awesome! If you ever wanna spar I'm your guy!

Fudo: Hmm...A paladin with a bow and arrow? Is that an ability?

Hajime: Yeah someone traded it to me, it's really useful because I can space out and come up close for the strike.

Fudo: Interesting. Welcome to the top ranks by the way.

Toki: So are there any quest available?

Eiko: There is one for us but I'd be best if you heard it from the quest giver herself.

Celestial guild walks up to the front desk.

Rin: We would like to join Albedo guild on a quest again.

Quest giver: Very well, I have added you all to Albedo guild's party. You have all reached level 10 meaning you can finally exit the safe zone and begin your journey, but as a notice, the ultimate objective for everyone is to reach Persena's palace in a far away land from here, your paths have already been set and there's is no way to change them, you have to complete the objectives of each territory you visit to progress closer to Persena's palace, your first territory will be a floating water city on the sea known as "Puratis." This town will have quests for you, but your reward will be xp once you reach it as the journey is a little over two weeks by boat, you all are not eligible for a quicker way to travel, good luck and happy questing!

Albedo guild looks a bit sad

Akane: A city of water is not good for me...

Yuko: W-why not?

Akane: Well you see Tikete's have gotten a bit of a nerf in this game since they were really strong in the last game; I am weak to water depending on the amount I'm exposed to, if it's a little I feel ok, if it's a bit more I feel a bit weak, if it's more I feel very weak, so if I fell in the sea or a random huge blast of water hit me....i'd die...

Eiko: It's horrible how our path makes us go to a water filled territory like it was purposely done.

Fudo: I wonder if there are any water resistant Tikete gear.

Akane: There is but it's expensive, we don't have that kind of brass yet... I guess I'll have to cover up with robes..

Rin: rr..we'll keep you safe Akane, we promise.

Akira: Yeah Fudo and I can take turns placing you in a barrier in case there's some place where you really need it, you'll be able to blow fire and fight through it without it breaking don't worry.

Sarari: I can nurse you if necessary.

Akane: Aww, thank you all!

Daisuke: I'll karate chop any water drop that'll try and splash on our Akane!


Quest giver: If you all are ready you can begin heading to the harbor a couple miles east outside of the safe zone, it'll be on your map.

Rin: Right, let's finally get started!

Everyone: Right!

10:40 pm

In a forest one mile from the village with the harbor.

Yuko: Even the forest outside the safe zone is scary...

Akira: When are you ever gonna get used to it...

Yuko: Hey, it just looks scary is all.

Akira makes smokes resemble a monster in the distance of where Yuko is staring.

Yuko jumps, Akira begins laughing uncontrollably to the point where she starts tearing from it.

Toki: I guess you two are enjoying each other's time more after all, but let's not make too much noise.

Yuko has a scared look on his face with watery eyes.

Hajime(In mind): I hope I never end up on her bad side; s-she's scary...

Sarari: Shall I comfort you, Yuko?

Yuko: N-no thanks.

They continue to walk and they hear a weird loud groan in the distance, they soon see a helmet wearing creature with multiple holes in them each glowing red, it has a open vest with fur on its collar, it has a pants and metallic boots with fur on them. It is also buff.

Fudo: Hmm. Looks familiar...I think that's a-

Daisuke: Whatever it is, it looks like it wants to have fun just like mee!!

Eiko: Daisuke, wait!!!

(Daisuke is dashing fast at the being and will test how hard he could hit such a buff enemy, he will put a lot of power into this strike since it isn't moving.)

Daisuke: Keep standing right where you are!! You're gonna feel this one!!!

(Daisuke strikes it with a powerful blow to the lower abdomen but it nearly kills the being. This being has an infamous ability called "counter." The being also returned the lance to Daisuke's armor as soon as it hit it, it breaks through Daisuke's armor and strikes his abdomen with the same force he hit it with and it nearly kills Daisuke, he coughs up a lot of blood and realizes.)(Daisuke 10 hp, unconscious, critical)(Had Daisuke still had 100 hp instead of 120 he'd be dead.)

Daisuke(Falling over): This thing is a Warrior.... I forgot...damnit..

Fudo: Shit! Daisuke! That idiot never waits for anything!

The being walks up to Daisuke to try to stomp his head with his big metallic boot, Fudo places a barrier over Daisuke.

Fudo: *grunting* We need to get him, NOW!

Akira grabs Daisuke with her purple hand she sent and returns him to where they are.

Rin: I'll throw-

Eiko: Rin, wait! That would spark a forest fire, we need to to attack it with range remember.

Toki: I got it, Sarari I want you to support me since we don't know if it could counter magic. (Close range weapons are suicide vs a warrior if it doesn't kill it in one hit.)

Sarari: As you wish.

(Sarari begins circling a radius around it, she throws her sharp knives at which pierces its body, Toki also circles around but she uses the treetops but her sword still manage to strike the Warrior.)

Hajime: I-I have so much to learn...

Akane: Go Sarari! She's so amazing!

Yuko: This is a good chance for me to help since I have range.

Eiko: Yuko, don't shoot...!

(The Warrior getting hit my Sarari's knives and Toki's sword lets out another strange groan and its eye holes in its helmet grow brighter, Yuko fires an energy arrow at its chest but it absorbs it and its eye holes change to purple it fires out multiple beams out of its eyes holes at Sarari because of Yuko's energy arrow, Sarari elegantly flips and dodges all the multiple beams that came her way and manages to throw a knife in one of its eye holes, it stops firing the beams, Toki launches her sword and it cut very deep into its back to where its spine is visible from the cut wound, it charges at the tree and runs into it which knocks the tree over a bit, Toki flips out of it and launches her sword and it cuts one of its arms off, it turns it head toward her and fires a quick purple beam at her shoulder which poisonous due to Yuko's arrow.)

Toki: Ow!

Rin: Toki!

Toki jumps back toward them while she gashes the Warrior's chest with her sword.

Rin: Toki...

Toki: Rin, I'm fine, it just stung a little bit.

Rin: Toki, you're poisoned...

Yuko: !!!

Yuko: I didn't mean to...

Rin: rrr.. It isn't the time for that now we have to make it to the harbor's item shop asap!!

Eiko: Please just wait when I say so next time, Warriors can absorb certain things and use them against us.

Toki falls on all fours, loses 40 hp, and coughs up blood.

Rin: !!

Rin: Toki!! I'll carry you! We have to go now! You guys handle this fight!

Rin picks up Toki, we get a quick flash of when he first carried her off the road, he starts blazing through the forest to continue to the harbor.

Rin: You'll be ok...I promise!

Toki(Strugging to breath): R-rin...this..this is just like the past...when you saved me-

She goes unconscious.

Rin: Toki? Toki!! Damnit! I have to move faster!

We go back to the combined guild Sarari throws knives that stabs its spine, it gets stunned.

Fudo: Uhh-Hajime! Shoot an arrow into one of it's eye holes quickly!

Hajime: R-right!

Hajime takes aim and begins to focus on the stunned being.

Hajime(In mind): All right...just breath, the pressure's all on me...

(Akira floats behind it and hold its spine with her purple hand to keep it stunned, Hajime fires his arrow and it hits the middle of its eye hole, it shrieks and it's hp is seen at 0, but Akira snaps its spine in half which distorts the monster in half very grotesquely and it disintegrates.)

Hajime:....That was brutal.

Sarari: Shall we move toward the harbor, we must check Toki's condition.

Eiko: Quickly!

Fudo: I'll carry Daisuke with magic that I'll infuse with heals.

We go to Rin who is still blazing through the forest and a Mischief appears ready to fight.

Rin puts Toki over his shoulder and takes a sword out.

Rin(Angry): GET OUT OF MY WAY!!

(Rin's sword lets off a small bit of shadowy smoke streams and the screen goes black and multiple slashes are seen, the monster is in shock with veins in its eyes as to what happened, its cut pieces gush blood and slide off, it disintegrates.)

Rin puts his sword away and continues to carry Toki back the way he originally was carrying her.

He can see a town in the distance with an ocean nearby

Rin(In mind): Almost there..!(Toki 45 hp, poisoned)

Soon he makes it to the medieval village like town near the ocean, a map appears in front of him to locate the item shop, he is still dashing at fast speeds even in the town evading people in his way.

He makes it to the item shop.

Rin: 1 cure herb please!

Item keeper: Sure young traveler, I have plenty, I received your brass transaction before you came, take it.

Toki is very pale and has purple veins on her skin. (Toki 10 hp, poisoned, critical.)

Rin tells Toki to open her mouth and he places the herb in, the herb melts and takes effect immediately, the poison status has worn off. (Toki 10 hp, critical)

Rin takes out heals and gives her it himself, Toki begins to open her eyes slightly, Rin puts her on her feet then hugs her.

Rin(Gasp): I thought I lost you for a second...I just made barely it in time, I'm just glad you're safe.

Toki(Running her hands through his hair): It'll be ok Rin..don't'll make me cry..

Toki(In mind): I wish I could tell him how I really felt but I just can't get it to come out...I don't know why.

Rin: Yeah, sorry, I don't want to lose any of you to this game.

Toki: It don't either, I let just my guard down too much, its been awhile since we've fought a Warrior but this'll be a lesson learned on my behalf. I thank you for saving me again; we can walk out now if you want.

Item traveler: Take care brave warriors, twas a cute display between the two of you.

Rin and Toki get sweat behind their head.

Rin: Ok, l-let's go.

The combined guild run into the harbor village town.

Village Local: Oh more warriors, welcome to our small town.

Another local: I have rewards for you all if you ever need anything.

Eiko: We appreciate it but we don't have time right now.

Rin and Toki walk to the village's center which has a fountain and they wait for the others to see them.

Yuko: I think I see them at the fountain up ahead...yeah it's them, hey guys!!

Rin and Toki look in the direction of where that came from, and the combined guilds soon make it.

Sarari: Toki, are you alright?

Toki: Yeah we just managed to squeeze in here before it was too late; I'll be careful next time.

Akira: Yeah stop doing rash things please; you scared me to death.

Yuko exhales.

Yuko: If I didn't shoot that arrow we wouldn't have been in this panic mode in the first place and had to run through monster's territory, sorry.

Toki: Yuko it's fine, its been awhile since we've fought one of those things, but please just wait next time ok? It's learning process overall.

Yuko: I don't think I should be journeying with you all anymore, I'm too dangerous to us...I made a mistake that could have killed you, I've made lots of mistakes before and I don't know how I am even alive at this point. I'll leave you guys voluntarily since you guys don't want to hurt my feelings...

Yuko begins walking away looking down.

Akira floats over him to go in front of him, she is looking down and has her arms outward to block.

Akira:...No! 1 loss already hurts already and another one would sink us, listen to what you're saying, you have to believe in yourself for once and actually grind to achieve more strength instead of blaming yourself for something you aren't choosing to fix. What reason do we have to kick you for, we're your friends.....remember?

Tears fall from Akira's face and hits the ground.

Akira: You've made lots of progress in this game, you just have to believe in yourself, no one can do anything would still turn your back on us after all of this.

Akira looks up with an angry face and tears.

Akira:..I will never forgive you if you do!

Yuko: Akira....I-I'll stay.

Akira: Good...

Yuko(In mind): I've never seen Akira act like this before...they really do believe in me, I can't take our friendship for granted, gotta get stronger...come on stupid mind let's not pull stunts like this off again-

Sarari goes to hug Yuko from behind, her chest rest on some of his hair, she also begins to pet his his hair.

Yuko instantly blushes and his eyes grow wide and drool hangs slightly from his mouth.

Sarari: I'm glad you are staying, cats are my favorite type of pet to have around. (She chuckles a bit)

Akira sees them and smiles a bit.

Akira: Alright, we have to go to the shipyard now.

October 15th 12:30 am


Akane: This air is making me feel so nauseous....ooh..

Fudo(Under breath): I feel bad for the poor soul who has to sleep next to her.

Eiko: Most likely Daisuke since he's probably asleep at this point, but that shouldn't be much of a problem.

They reach their ship with the sailor waiting on the deck.

Toki: It's a standard wooden ship, you're kidding.

Eiko: I'm afraid cruises and above are for higher levels only, so everyone who's crossing the sea will be on wooden for the time being.

Sailor: I'll be your captain for this trip to the gorgeous water city of Puratis, arrival time will be two weeks, we set sail when everyone is aboard. Food and everything you need will replenish on board.

Akira: This is cruel punishment, we're gonna be living in the stone age for two weeks...

Eiko: Heheh, we'll have each to talk to at least.

Akira(In mind): I'm gonna miss the newest episodes of magic girls and be behind!!

Toki: There's a video streaming service on our watch, internet, and things for us to do on it Akira.

Akira: Problem solved! I'm ready now.

Silence and then everyone boards, they set sail.

Rin: Alright Puratis city we're coming for you!

Akane:..I feel sea sick. Why couldn't this be purified water at least...

She vomits but we don't see it

Everyone: Eww!

Akane: ...Sorry I can't help it.

Eiko: This'll be a long ride...


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