Final Frontier
12 Infested Part 1
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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12 Infested Part 1

October 23 10:00 pm

Approaching Puratis city.

Yuko and Sarari are on the back of the boat.

Yuko: I'm happy you've come with us Sarari.

Sarari: Huh? You've told me this already, I greatly appreciate your welcome for coming with you all.

Yuko: I's just that I've never had a girl talk to me before like the way you've been toward me.

Sarari: Who could resist such an adorable little kitten? But I should be the one that should be thanking you, you're the one that has opened my eyes that showed me how boring my work actually was, to show me that there was much more than working high risk, I've always dreamt of exploring, I've always wondering what the world had to offer, you made that a reality for me, Yuko, That is something I thank you for...

She goes to hug Yuko and Yuko suffocates under her chest and there is muffling coming from Yuko as if he was panicking.

Rin comes to tell them something

Rin: Hey guys we'll be arriving soon-...umm, sorry.

Sarari: Everything is fine, is it not? We will be up front shortly, thank you for telling us.

Rin walks away.

Yuko manages to pull his head away and his face is red and eyes are white as if he were unconscious.

Sarari: Are you ok, Yuko? Does your face also do this when someone hugs you?

Sarari: Y-yes..and no...

Everyone is in the front of the boat as they were told they would be arriving soon.

Akane:...I can't see anything...I'm gonna cry if I have smell this water any longer..

Eiko: Just hang in there Akane I've heard the water of Puratis is purified so it'll smell much better for you.

Akane: I hope guys are lucky your senses aren't as strong as mine..

Yuko: I can smell it, smells pretty normal to me.

Akane(Flailing arms): You aren't a Tikete so it's much worse!…*groan* I've spewed as much vomit as I have fire in just these two weeks alone..

Akira: Eww. I can't wait to get off this boat to sleep on a normal bed again with my own neck is killing me.

Rin: We all can't wait, but hey the city is coming up.

The city is in view.

Puratis city resembles the bicentennial cascading water fountain on top of the sea but it is scaled much much larger as this is a fantasy world. The buildings resemble old japanese architecture there are four fountains that spray water over the city into a large cup like tank somewhere in the middle of the city, there are rock formations with one in the back having a huge palace on it, the night lights and neon signs are eye catching and beautiful, there is a calm breeze, everything is nice about the city except for the water they are sailing on.

Fudo: I wouldn't mind living somewhere like here.

Eiko: We still have to be cautious of whatever danger is here despite what the surface is showing us.

Akira(Looking overboard): Uhh guys why is the water bubbling?

They look overboard and see that the water looks very muggy and bubbly as if it were toxic.

Rin: I don't know but I don't want any of us jumping into it until we know what's up.

Akane: So much for purified…..

They make it to the shipyard decks in the front of the city and walk out and head toward steps to head upward to walk around.

Rin: Hmm..the water here is still as bubbly as out there, I wonder what's up.

Yuko: C-can we just walk around first?

Akira: We want to get out of this city as soon as possible you baby, get used to it.

Yuko sticks his tongue out secretly, Akira throws a flame near his foot, Yuko gets scared and doesn't know what to say.

Hajime(In mind):...Whenever the time comes for me to respond to her I hope I live….

Fudo: Was that really necessary?

Akira: Hmph.

They walk up from the shipyard and see that the town has many canals that run through the city, there are some boats going by in the canals, there are half railings on the sidewalk by the canals, the neon signs of the shops in the night sky are pretty, there are some people in traditional japanese clothing, the huge sprays of water are seen over the city, the cup/tank which is where the spray fountains are aimed at is visible over some buildings, there are many different aquatic type of designs, nice gardens, etc.

Rin: Wow, this isn't even an elevated view either but it's better than anything I've seen in real life.

Toki: Can we go shopping soon, please?

Toki grabs Rin's arm very feminine like, looks away, and she blushes.

Toki: Just you and I, Rin?

Rin: We can go a bit later, I just wanna progress through whatever quests are available haha.

Toki: Aww.

Eiko: Yes, we have to find the quest center for this place to see what's causing this water to bubble then we can have our fun.

Eiko looks around.

Eiko: Where's Daisuke?

Daisuke is at a booth and some women are holding onto him and some people are giving him free things.

Daisuke: I think I'm gonna love it here guys!


Fudo: Daisuke we have to leave now.

Daisuke: Just a few more minutes?

Fudo nods no.

Daisuke: Aw, sorry guys my guild needs me.

He walks back to them and gives them a stare back.

11:30 pm

They walk through the city.

Rin: We're 10 minutes away from the quest center guys so just hang in there.

Akane: I have to pee.

Fudo: Why didn't you use the restroom on the boat?!

Akane: I didn't have to go back then, duh.


Quick bathroom break….

Akane: Ok, I feel better now!

They walk past a bridge that goes over a canal, the the left there just a few feet down straight ahead is where the canal goes into an underground canal system.

Toki looks in that direction and just outside of the underground canal system there is a guild of 3 boys beating up another boy for all his inventory and brass, Toki jumps over and down from the bridge, the rest soon notice this, Toki lands and begins running over to the bullies.

Bully1: Come on we know you're hiding more brass so just give it to us already chump! Aren't you tired of getting beaten up? It's not you'll use it for anything useful-

Toki kicks him hard in the stomach which makes him fall down in pain, Bully2 and 3 look at her and see her tag and in the distance they see Celestial and Albedo guild in the distance on the bridge.

Bully3: Shit! We're really in trouble this time, time to go!

Bully2: Yeah sorry man but I wanna live!

Bully2 and 3 run into the canal system.

Bully1 looks in their direction while holding his stomach in pain on the ground.

Bully1: Ugh you bastards are scared of a girl? GET BACK HERE!!

He looks at Toki but doesn't notice her tag.

Bully1: I'll make you regret that, girl.

(He gets up to dash at her, Toki hits him hard in the face then trips him whichs knocks him on his back into the ground where he notices her tag, the combined guild jumps down from the bridge and run toward Toki.)

Bully1(In mind)(Holding face): I'm so screwed!

We go to the other two bullies who have run somewhere deep within the canal system and stop to relax in a corner.

Bully3: I think we're ok now, they shouldn't have followed us this far.

Bully2: I can't believe we have top guilds chasing after us, I need to stop hanging out with you all because it always seems to go bad.

Bully3: Where else would you go? This world is huge and filled with worse dangers so I don't know what you're getting at, hey why are you breathing so hard?

Bully2: I'm sorry, I just thought it was game over when I saw the top guilds in the distance; it scared me man.

Bully3 Aww, chicken *chicken noises*

Bully2: Not funny dude!

They hear something slimy coming in the distance before it becomes visible crawling on the roof, it has a manta ray like face with black eyes on the side of its face, it has an amphibious type body which is slimy, and has hidden sharp appendages.

Bully3(Scared): What the hell is that-?

(The monster impales Bully3 in the head with its appendages, it spins one of its appendages inside of Bully3's skull turning his brain into literal mush, the monster begins lifting his head pulling it up to the point where his spine comes out and is his new neck, the monster opens its head and sends something inside of Bully3's neck hole, the corpse starts to reanimate, its eyes are entirely black, since his head is pulled out and his spine is where his neck used to be it bends over to the side and its head leaks out the brain mush.)

(Bully2 sees all of this, he gets up and backs away toward the amphibious monster who has also backed away to watch for now, the new necro monster stands up with a shriek.)

Bully2(Terrified)(In mind): Crap! What is that thing?! I'm cornered..this isn't good….right! I have a weapon they gave me a few days ago!

Bully2 makes a sword appear in his hand.

Bully2(In mind)(Staring at necro): I'm so sorry this happened to you, but I have to get out of here somehow, this thing isn't my friend anymore…

(The necro monster turns its hand into a blade and dashes at Bully2, Bully2 narrowly blocks it and cuts its spine since it's literally his new neck since it is pulled forward and out, this kills the necro monster.)

Bully2(In mind): I did it! Seems the Vs center training is paying off!...Wait the other monster!

(Bully2 turns around to see that the monster has dropped from the ceiling and doesn't look happy, the monster stabs Bully2 in the stomach and abdomen fast from a distance then it begins to hop from wall to wall, it jumps to him on the last jump, it bites Bully2's face then kicks him away into a wall which rips his face off, the monster stabs Bully2 multiple times and sends something to him.)

Back outside on the surface.

Bully1: Hey can we at least go see if my guild is ok? They ran away thinking you'd kill us.

Rin: Uh, hold up.

They tell the bullied victim to go somewhere he's safe at.

Bully1: Hey how do you guys get so good? Here's my player record.

They look at it.

Toki: Well for starters we don't sit inside the Vs center to only fight low leveled players all day.

Akira(In mind): Jeez, that sounds like something I'd say..

Bully1: Oh. I see, but can we check to see if the rest of my guild is ok at least?

Rin: Sure, let's go.

They walk into the canal underground system.

Yuko: Hey at least it isn't scary in here, it looks pretty nice but it's a bit dark.

Akira touches his shoulder, he looks back.

Yuko: Hah! Nice try Akira but(Looks forward)

He sees a smoke monster with more detail in front of his face and freezes.

Akira chuckles.

Sarari: Do not worry, Yuko, I will comfort you.

She hugs him from behind which causes her chest to sit on some of Yuko's hair and Yuko auto drools.

Bully1(In mind): Celestial guild sure does has some hot girls but I should just focus.

Bully1: They're a few levels down from their last pinpoint.

Rin: Alright just keep leading the way.

They eventually walk into the room and see a corner to the right, there is a head with a spine attached to it on the floor and a body with its head lowered sitting down on the floor.

Everyone "!!"

Eiko: What could have done this?

Bully1 goes closer and drops with tears

Bully1: You had to get yourselves into trouble...damnit, why?! My only few friends…

(Bully1 takes the sword from the corpse of Bully2 and puts it away, he gets up to turn around and Bully2 comes to life, Bully2 grabs Bully1's leg and bites his leg injecting him with deadly poison, Bully1 kicks at his head and stomps his head multiple times which crushes it, Bully1 quickly takes out an herb and throws it into his mouth, but it barely works.) (He needs a more expensive type of herb for this more lethal type of poison.)


Bully1 charges at them with his sword back out, Eiko quickly disposes of him by backstabbing him in the stomach and then slices his head off while still facing away from him, Bully1's head flies and hits the ground, he disintegrates, Eiko sheaths his sword. (Eiko's eyes were closed through the slice and the sheath.)

Eiko(Opens eyes): We can't let anyone try to check and shame us for something we didn't do or couldn't stop, it's unfortunate...but it must be done, it's the only way. They deserved none of this but we have to move forward..

Rin looks down for a bit then back up to nod.

They walk forward.

Akira: So much for this place being nice, Yuko.

Yuko:....Hey how was I supposed to know there was a monster in here….I think there's a room coming up in the distance by the way.

Eiko: Right, stay sharp.

They turn right and into a bigger room which has a canal, the water here is light green and bubbly, on the side they're on they see multiple pods with people in them, their heads are poking out and they're alive.

They see a monster going down the row and stabbing people through their forehead killing them.


The monster looks in their direction it's belly expands to a transparent bubble and its intestines jump forward for us to see, it lets out a shrieking hiss.

Eiko: I'll handle it, Akane I would appreciate your fire support.

Fudo(In mind): Why not me!? I have, if not better, technique with my flame magic..

Akane: Gotcha! Alright Mr. Amphibian I'm gonna cook you alive!

(Eiko jump flips forward and stands in a sideways stance with his sword pointed at the monster, the monster tries to stab him from where it's standing, Eiko blocks it out of the way and dashes at him fast, the monster jumps onto a wall on the side of Eiko and jumps at him, Eiko jumps away to the side  with his torso turned back a bit and his sword slashes some of the monster's face badly, Akane shoots a fireball at it, Eiko lands and flips backward to stab down into the burning monster in its head, it disintegrates.)

Daisuke: Akane's fire is so amazing right, Fudo?

Fudo: Yeah...I guess..

Rin: Alright let's get the rest of these guys out of these pods.

They tear open the pods with the survivors in them and tell them it should be safe for them to exit since that seemed to be the only monster.

Hajime: I wonder what's making this water green. It-

Akira: Don't stand so close to it you idiot, what if you fell in it? Hmph, why do I even bother..

Hajime: Oh..heheh, sorry. (In mind): I can't tell if she's concerned or if she wants me to fall in..

Rin: There's no way to tell where this goes unless we get a quest guiding us on this, whatever that monster was looks like it can reanimate things, now that I remember it from the trailer, but it was more blob like.

Fudo: Probably just a simple design change, that was the opening cutscene after all.

Daisuke: Whatever! I just wanna bash more skulls in!

Fudo: That warrior almost bashed your skull in, just listen next time.

Daisuke: Haha when the adrenaline gets going there's no stopping the Daisuke train, sorry!

Fudo: Oh brother..

Eiko: Heh, we should head back to the surface and check out the quest center tomorrow.

Toki: Sounds good to me, I'm getting tired.

They walk back to the surface.

Yuko: I hope it's nothing more than a simple issue with the water system.

Toki: I don't think water can turn that shade of green but it won't stop us from figuring it out, we have you covered Yuko.

Yuko(In mind): I really hate the way I think….

Toki: Hey, is there anywhere to stay, I know last time we got a notification about where we could stay in town.

Everyone checks watch projection.

Rin:...Oh I actually missed this somehow, there's a hotel we can stay at called "Lagoon." I guess there are places for us in every territory.

October 24 1:00 am

Lagoon lobby

They walk in and notice the floor is blue which is glass to the huge all around aquarium tank with beautiful aquatic creatures in them all, there are blue couches to sit and watch from anywhere, there are statutes of sea creatures and wave designs on the glass, there are pillars, there is a long carpet all the way to the front desk, the main desk is a tank with more fish in them.

The NPC at the front desk resembles Sarari a bit, she wears a light blue kimono with koi designs on it with a blue ribbon around her waist.

Sara: Greetings, I am Sara! Welcome to The Lagoon combined guilds of 2 and 4; Just like your last stay in House of the Mark we will be looking to maintain excellent service toward you all, the activities to keep you all the entertained are almost identical except that the environment is a bit different, we hope you enjoy your stay. To accept your key say "Yes or No."

Rin: Yes..

Sara: Very well please open your hands.

They open their hands and a key appears in their hands.

Sara: If you ever lose your key just come back to the front desk to retrieve them, if you need help getting to your room our escort is to the left. Shall I repeat what was stated?

Rin: No…

Sara: Very well, we hope you enjoy your stay at The Lagoon!

Toki: It looks like we'll have to do this at every hotel I guess haha.

Akane(Shaking): Can we get out of this lobby we're surrounded by water.

Akira starts walking ahead.

Akira: I'm gonna shower, greet my new bed and sleep, like now.

Rin: Yeah I'm gonna do the same, we all should aim to get up at 10:00 am to head out to the quest zone.

Fudo: We're all gonna head up anyways, that boat bed was a pain to sleep feels like my spine is misaligned..

They begin to walk off except for Hajime

Hajime: Uh actually I wanted to go to the Vs area for a bit.

Rin: You can if you want we're just exhausted.

Toki: Yeah just because you're new doesn't mean we decide what you do, have fun, we'll be in our rooms.

Hajime: You two are so nice, goodnight you all.

Rin: Goodnight Hajime.

The rest walk off and Hajime goes to the Vs area.

The rest make it upstairs to the new hotel suite and open the door, there are aquatic designs everywhere, there is a nice blue hue radiating throughout the suite because there is an aquarium tank in almost every window, the living room is well furnished, each room has their bed are surrounded by an all view aquarium like tank which is able to close to darken the room, the bath room has a nice tub and shower, there is a place for them to wash their gear as well, they go out to the roof and see the amazing view of the city and ocean view as well as some of the fountains spraying the water.

They meet back in the living room for a bit

Akane: It's pretty and scary at the same time; I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping.

Daisuke: How about I huddle over you incase the ceiling leaks?

Akane: No way! I guess I'll either have to sleep on this couch or trust in the ceiling...this is like the best and worst nightmare come to life..

Fudo: How about I place a barrier around you?

Akane: Wouldn't that fatigue you?

Fudo: Not at all it'll be a reflection barrier and I'll be asleep to recharge so all is fine.

Akane: Really? You'd do that for me? You're the best Fudo!

Fudo(Chuckling): What are teammates for.

Fudo places a circular barrier over her, Akane runs into her room, she puts on night clothes, jumps into her bed and drinks a Tikete potion that automatically cleanses her, her skin now has a sweet aroma to it and she falls asleep.

Eiko: We have another day to look ahead to, goodnight friends.

Eiko walks to his room, Fudo says goodnight and walks away, Yuko and Sarari also say goodnight. Rin and Toki are left.

Rin: Well Toki, I'm gonna go shower and sleep; you're welcome to sleep in my room if it makes you feel better.

Toki: Thank you letting me do so I just haven't been able to sleep well ever since we've been stuck here, your touch makes me feel safe and it really calms me down alot;  I'll be in there after I shower in one of the empty rooms.

She walks away.

Rin: Toki..

Toki: Yes?

Rin: To be completely honest as well your touch also has helped me to stay calm during our time here, I really felt like I was gonna lose myself when Touma left us, then you reached around felt so warm like an angel almost, you whispered which sent my mind into a rush and I regained my mind back, I've never felt something like that in a moment that tense and I appreciated it.

Toki is looking at him blushing.

Toki: Rin...I'll be here with you..always.

Rin: You're amazing as always, see you in a bit.

Rin walks into his room, Toki stands there still.

Toki(In mind): It's nice to know he feels the same way, I want to protect him with all my heart, I want him to be mine...but at the same time I'm scared of a response back from him because of the time we walked home from Evelyn together…

We go to Hajime who is in the Vs room in the hotel, he is fighting and killing lots of monsters to train.

Hajime(In mind): I have to get stronger for their sake! Time to crank this up.

Hajime spawns in a Savinja.

It stares at Hajime.

Hajime(In mind): That's a Savinja? It sure is creepy, but this should truly test my speed.

Hajime: Come at me! I'm ready for you!!

The Savinja is behind Hajime and slashes his backside.

Hajime: !!!

(Hajime jumps away from it, the Savinja blazes at Hajime while he is still jumping away, Hajime blocks with his sword think it will strike with its sword.)

Hajime(In mind): Damn! I haven't even landed and this thing is about to attack me again; I made this Savinja level 8….

(The Savinja kicks Hajime hard in the stomach which launches him into the Coliseum wall, it disappears and reappears in front of Hajime, it slashes at Hajime fast multiple times all the way to 0 hp, Hajime teleports back to the ring on all fours, sweating, and he is fatigued.)

Hajime(In mind): I didn't even put a scratch on it, I see why speed is important now, I couldn't even react to it nor did I see its first movement, how am I ever gonna help us in battle if I can't do anything of value? I don't want anyone to die because of me, I guess I should just call it a night and go to sleep.

Hajime gets up and uses a refreshment potion and begins to head to the suite.

Hajime(In mind): I guess I should get up early to do something for them all.

Back upstairs Rin gets out of the shower and tosses his gear inside of a washer so it can be cleaned fast, he sits in his bed puts on his night clothes, while staring at the aquatic animals that swim by and he enjoys the view.

Toki comes and opens the door and sees Rin's shirtless back before he puts his shirt on, she doesn't say anything and walks in when he put his shirt on. She has her gear and stuff in hand and also places it in the washer.

Toki: Rin.

Rin looks back and sees Toki also in her night clothing.

Rin: Hey Toki.

Toki sits on the side of the bed he's sitting on and looks up with him.

Toki: Nice view isn't it?

Toki tackles Rin, this catches Rin off guard again, she tackles around his chest onto the bed, she rest her head on his lower chest and closes her eyes.

Toki: This is all so bittersweet...we get shown horrible things and have to fight them, then we try to wash them out of our minds with views that would leave anyone in awe.

Rin: It is...I just want us to get out of here safely as soon as possible.

Toki: Y'know this experience will be left engrained on us for the rest of our lives, when I think about it to myself I ask myself "what kind of punishment Square and Sirius could get for holding millions captive against their will to endure such harsh punishment?" Time after time I come up with the conclusion that not even death is enough justice to heal and give everyone's time back....It really makes me appreciate every single one of you guys..

Flashes images Yuko, Akira, and the rest of Albedo guild.

Toki: But when I'm with you it makes me take my mind off the things we see, I feel the safest with you, sorry if it sounds selfish but I can't help but feel that way...I'm just happy to have met

She falls asleep.

Rin(In mind): She really does like this comfort because she fell asleep easily, she sounded almost at ease with herself..I'm glad to do whatever keeps her happy, I'm glad to do anything that keeps all of us happy for that matter, I've never thought about the repercussions Square and Sirius could be but she's right there'll be justice but it won't be enough, it can't be helped unfortunately. Whatever monsters are down in the canals we'll deal with them and get out of here safe I promise you all that, thanks for talking to me Toki.

He looks at Toki who has her head on his chest and her arms around his chest.

Rin slightly blushes and jumps under his skin.

Rin(In mind):….what was that feeling I just felt?!...I guess I'm just tired is all..

Rin closes his eyes and falls asleep.

1:15 am


Hajime walks into the quiet suite.

Hajime(In mind): Everyone is probably asleep right now, this shower sure will feel amazing after a nice sweat though.

Hajime walks into a room but doesn't turn on the light as there is still a visible blue hue from the tank in the room, he goes to shower and doesn't notice anything wrong, he gets out and puts on his night clothes and throws his armor in a washer to be washed quick, he goes to the bed to lift the covers and gets into it, he is trying to find a comfortable spot, he turns his body to the right to see that there is a sleeping Akira in his face, he screams internally to the point where his eyes water.

Hajime(In mind): I SHOULD HAVE TURNED THE LIGHT ON! SHE'LL KILL ME IF SHE WAKES UP!...I gotta get out of here fast!!

Hajime begins to inch very carefully out of her bed as this is a very nerve wracking process for him as he has sweat on his forehead.

Hajime(In mind): Almost… not move too much Hajime…

Hajime is almost out with his legs touching the floor, Akira mumbles something which terrifies him at first.

Akira(Dreaming): I'll kill should know better than to mess with tutu. (Magic girls)

Hajime(In mind): Magic girls?...Wait I gotta get out of here!

He tip toes carefully to retrieve the things he set down and get his gear and silently exits, he stands on the outside and exhales in relief, Yuko could hear the commotion so he stands outside of his room while wiping his eyes.

Yuko: Oh, Hajime, did you just get in here?

Hajime: Yeah, I'm heading to an empty room now.

Yuko: Oh you showered in someone else's room?

Hajime:....I-I did but I was unaware that there was someone else in there, I swear.

Yuko goes back to his room door.

Yuko: Your secret's safe with me, goodnight.

Hajime is shaking and goes to find an empty room which he does and lies down in bed.

Hajime(In mind): I'm such an idiot…


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