Final Frontier
14 Infested Part 3
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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14 Infested Part 3

10:30 am

Underground facility.

Akane awakes from her bed like cot, she is still weak from being exposed to alot of water, she stands to try to claw off the water collar but she is too weak to break it, an NPC guard comes over to her cell.

Guard: Hey, the dresser wants to get you prepared for the auction.

He opens her cell and enters.

Guard: Well damn aren't you sexy, hehe.

He grabs Akane's arms and pushes her into a wall on the inside of the cell, he holds her chin from underneath, he then places his knee up the middle of her skirt and rubs it back and forth gets closer to her face for a bit but Akane looks away, she turns her face and spits hot spit into his face, the guard backs away in pain a little bit.

Guard: Ow! You're lucky Tikete skin is tough and I'm not allowed to do anything to you, that would devalue your purity and overall cost for brass, now come on you!

He forcibly places her in cuffs and shoves her forward outside of the cells.

He escorts her into a large square shaped room and there is a lady with a masquerade mask dressed in black purplish bunny attire, she has a whip.

Woman: You can leave her here, I'll take her.

The guard pushes Akane forward, the woman launches her whip to go around Akane's neck, she lifts her into the air and begins to strangle Akane.

Woman: Aww, you look so sick my darling, I will fix that and dress you properly before 1:00 am tonight for the auction, why 1:00 am you ask? Well it is simple darling, it's good since everyone on the surface is sleeping and it's a perfect time for anyone of suspicion to not be followed and expose our facility.

The woman brings the suffocating Akane closer to her so she can examine her.

Woman: You are very pretty, Tikete. I admire that, but you are very pale...I will cover that up for you.

(She releases the whip's grasp and drops her to the ground, Akane gasp for air and regroups for a moment, Akane tries to get up to attack her but the woman activates Akane's collar and it injects a bit of water into her stopping her immediately, Akane falls over to the side breathing heavily, the woman walks to Akane and kicks her hard in the stomach which hurts a weakened Akane.)

Women: Naughty naughty pet, that's no way to treat an owner. Come now, we have work to do.

The woman places Akane onto a hovering platform and they head to the backstage to prep her for the event.

11:00 am

Near Akane's last pinpoint.

Eiko: We have another day ahead of us, we will split up the same as yesterday and meet in this spot when we are done.

They all split, Rin and Toki are grouped again.

Rin: Excuse me, have you seen a Tikete like this around here somewhere?

Local: Hmm...actually I have; She was pulled out of the canal by two gentlemen, but I did not see where they may have went. 

Rin: Alright, thank you.

They walk off.

Toki: That was the first local we talked to; maybe today we'll have better luck.

Rin: I hope so, we know she's alive at least, my question is how she was pulled out when she had a barrier around her.

Toki: She must have fallen into the water too, poor Akane...I hope you're ok.

We go to Eiko.

Local: Sorry warrior but I've never seen a Tikete come here before, though it would be rather interesting.

Eiko: That's fine, thank you for your time.

Eiko walks off.

Eiko(In mind): No progress again tch, one of them has to know something; I am not giving up on Akane.

Eiko has no luck, Akira gets attention from the locals because of her outfit gear but they soon disperse, Daisuke is scaring off people because of his almost shout like speech, Sarari and Hajime also have no luck in obtaining information, Yuko is the last one left.

Yuko is walking when he passes by an alleyway, he sees two shady figures in there and decides to eavesdrop out of view before the alleyway.

The two men have briefcases and talk.

Stranger 1: Damn man, I'm gonna pick me out a nice Felis girl, she'll be my little slave. The boys never fail to impress me which is why I keep coming back.

Stranger 2: Don't you have plenty of Felis women already?

Stranger 1: Another one to my collection won't hurt, besides that damn Tikete they just snagged up will cost too much, I don't have that kind of brass on me right now.

Stranger 2: How about we combine brass, we'll be at a cool 200 million for the bid.

Strange 1: I don't know man, I'll feel like she'll be too hot to touch, plus I can't ruin my collection like that.

Stranger 2: Whatever.

Stranger 1: They're all sorts of men and women to choose from anyway. If you have anymore rich friends just tell them it starts around 1:00 am and it'll be underground deep in the canals…

Yuko(Audibly): I gotta tell the others about this.

Stranger 1: Huh? Who's there?

The two men walk to see who's eavesdropping around the corner.

Yuko(In mind): SHOOT! Why didn't I just say it in my mind?! Now I didn't get the exact location!

Yuko panics as he has to hide somewhere before they see him, he climbs up the wall he had his back on and makes it to the roof, the two men look around the corner to see that no one is there.

Stranger 1: Probably just some locals that went by gossiping, let's just move somewhere else.

Luckily since the roof gaps are close enough Yuko's cat agility will come in handy as he follows the two men from the rooftops until the two men make a turn to the right and begin walking toward an underground canal, before they go out of sight Yuko sees them turn right inside of the canal.

Yuko(In mind): Whatever Tikete they mentioned it has to be Akane; I have to go back and tell them this now.

Yuko goes back to the original spot they dispersed, before he gets there he sees Akira also walking back.

Yuko: Hey, Akira, get any info?

Akira: The only info I got was about my gear, those stupid perverts are lucky I agreed to behave myself.

Yuko: Oh...well I think I may have a good amount of information, I'll just wait until everyone comes back.

Akira: That's fine by me, y'know Yuko, when it comes to finding things you've been a big help recently, you're useful to us.

Yuko: I am? But I'm still bad at fighting.

Akira: Because you chose to be bad at fighting, when you sparred against Hajime you surprised me a bit, you could do more if you focus and train more; just stop overthinking little things ok?

Yuko:...I-I'll try, it's still weird hearing you talk nice to me.

Akira slightly blushes and looks away.

Akira: Forget I said anything.

Soon the rest begin to come back with Eiko being the last.

Eiko: Any luck guys? I've gotten nothing.

Rin: Well Toki and I found a local who seen Akane getting pulled out of the canal by two people, but we don't know where they went though.

Eiko: Just glad to know she's alive, anyone else?

Yuko: Actually I may have gotten a lot; when I was walking through town I passed by an alleyway where I overheard two people talking about an auction bid of where they sell people, they mentioned Tikete and it'll be taking place at 1:00 am tonight somewhere deep in the canals..I-I didn't get the exact location because they heard me but I can show you where I last saw them go.

Rin: Trafficking?! Are they NPC? There's no way real players could set something up like this! Even if they could, not this early into the game!

Yuko: I think so.

Toki: There's no way any of this stuff was possible in Battle Frontier for obvious reasons..

Eiko: We can't let Akane be sold! Show us where you last seen them, Yuko, we'll get her out.

They begin to walk to the spot where Yuko last seen the two shady figures enter.

Eiko: They'll pay for this.

Rin: It's still a bit too early out, how about we go in at 11:00 pm when this outside activity dies down?

Eiko:...Fine, I shouldn't rush, but no later than 11:00 pm because we will have to find her.

10:00 pm

Underground facility.

Akane is beautifully dressed in a red pinkish knee high puffy dress, a new blue water choker, a headpiece, ankle rings, and red heels.

Makeup hides her pale sick skin.

Woman: Now you are easier to look at before you walked in, you are a work of art worth hundreds of millions darling, you'll bring us lots of wealth.

She chuckles and goes to kiss her on the forehead for even more luck.

Woman: Now come with me now, you will sit backstage, we want you to be near the front of the line. I can already see the bid war in my head, it'll be the bid war of the century, aren't you excited?...I'll take that as a yes.

She places a very weak and sick Akane in cuffs and escorts her to the backstage curtains to show where she'll be, there are other men and women dressed to be sold for the auction as well, but they all sit quietly as that would result in punishment.

The woman takes Akane up to the owner, he is a scruff man in a black suit who sets up the auctions, his office is on level 1, he talks with a potential buyer for her on a projection screen.

Boss: So, how does she look?

Customer: Oh yeah I'm liking that red dress of hers, we'll be at it all night if I get her, she'll be my hot dragon bitch and if she dies from the water hell it'll be well worth it, you know how rare Tikete's are, pff, you'd have to be an idiot thinking you could get that for cheap plus I'd skin her completely and sell it to make most of the money back.

Boss: I'm glad you like our product, see you tonight.

Customer: Alright take it easy man.

The video call ends and Boss walks to Akane.

Boss: You'd still better have some nerve to act like a good girl or I'll inject every ounce of water in that collar of yours into you and no one will be able to have you! I'll keep your corpse!

Akane looks away in distress.

Boss: Aww don't worry it'll feel good at least; take her out to the backstage to wait with the other first line displays, we wanna get her out as soon as possible.

Woman: Understood, let's move darling.

She escorts Akane back to the backstage with the other displays to be placed on bid.

Woman: Just relax until then, it'll be lots of fun I promise.

The woman kicks Akane in the back and she falls over, the woman walks out and closes the backstage door.

The other display men and women are terrified as the countdown until the auction begins, some buyers begin making their way to the facility early to sit in lounge rooms, what they don't know is that all this commotion is drawing all the nearby necro monsters closer to the multiple surrounding gates.

11:00 pm

Outside the underground canal.

The combined guilds stare at the underground canal entrance getting ready to head in, they head in and Yuko leads them to the spot where they turned right at.

Rin: A dead end, are you sure this is where they turned?

Yuko: Yeah there's no way they could have just vanished into thin air.

Eiko: Hmm, I guess we have to look for something in this area then.

They hear footsteps approaching.

Rin: This water isn't bubbly, jump in until they pass now…

They all jump into the canal and soon enough there are two people wearing nice luxurious coats, they begin to push in a brick on a wall and a passageway way opens that leads down to many levels, once they go down and the passageway closes they climb back onto the platform.

Fudo: Something like this hasn't been found? How? It's in such an obvious hiding place, but at the same time good enough for anyone not to suspect a thing.

Eiko: I don't understand either but let's search for that brick they pushed in and head down.

They find the brick and the passageway opens with no issue, they head down lots of stairs, which takes a bit of time to go down, when they reach the end of the stairs there is another canal, the entrance is on the left and to the right there is a gate that blocks the canal and anyone from trying to get in, there is nothing audible on the other side as it is soundproof.

Eiko: I'll check its camera.

When Eiko views the camera to see what's behind the gate everyone gets shocked, they are a decent amount of horrifying necro monsters on the other side that are clawing at the gate.

Akira: These idiots want to die, they're even unaware about this too?

Toki: There's no time for that, we have to find Akane and now!

Rin: Go, cut down anyone that gets in the way!

They storm through the entrance and run past the lobby to view the map.

Eiko: I got a signal on her pinpoint, she's in this building's auditorium!

12:30 am


The auditorium has balconies and a high roof, it is nearly filled as the event will be starting soon.

The mic speaker is wearing a mask and a jester colorful outfit.

MC: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming out tonight! Our 20th annual traffic sale will begin earlier than scheduled, we have many products on sale and have even acquired a rarity we may never get again, a Tikete!

The crowd begins gasp and starts to talk in shock.



They crowd keeps talking.

MC: Now let's settle down everyone, when the time comes we will settle this in a settled environment, we have many other products as well, including Felises to further satisfy your needs, we may now begin!

The first girl is a Felis dressed in beautiful lace, she shakes nervously

MC: Quite the beauty isn't she, she'll make for a ferocious playmate and pet, she's as feisty as every feline is and very loyal.

Buyer: 20 million!

Stranger 1(In mind): Oh no you dont! (Out loud): 25 million!

Buyer 2: 26 million!

Stranger 1: 30 million!

Buyer: 32 million!

Buyer 2: 37 million!

Stranger 1: 45 million!!

MC: Once, twice, sold! You may pick up your prize right after the auction, just make sure your transaction goes through, next!

Stranger 2: I'm going for that Tikete man, so help me out since you still have brass left.

Stranger 1: Ugh, fine.

MC: Coming up next is our prize of the night, our prized Tikete.

Akane is helped onto the stage and is left to stand, the crowd picks up commotion again.

MC: Their skin has valuable material in it used to make all sorts of golds and gear, talking to a Tikete is said to bring good health and fortune to all, they are near godly entities as some even help out in Persena's palace, I'm sure our Tikete here will make an excellent playmate and companion as well as she is very lovely; we start when a bit is placed.

Stranger 2: Her red orange eyes heat my soul up, I must have her, 80 million!!

Buyer from the call: 90 million!

Stranger 2 looks at him.

Stranger 2(In mind): That bastard! Who does he think he is trying to steal my princess.

Buyer 2: 92 million!!

Buyer from call: 98 million!!

Stranger 2: 100 million!!!

MC(To Akane): Oh my, you're really stirring up a bid war, these are numbers we've never reached before.

Akane looks very sick and she is sweating.

MC: Excited are we? I wish I were worth as much as you hun.

Buyer 3: 110 million!

Buyer from call: 130 million!!

MC: Going, once, twice-

Stranger 2: 155 million!!

MC: Oh my....going once, twice, sold! This will go down in the history books, what a fantastic war, you may claim your prize after the auction has completed.

Stranger 2 looks at Akane and begins to drool.

MC: Next up-

The power flickers before going completely off.

Crowd 3: Huh? Have we been busted?

Crowd 4: No, we possibly couldn't, what's going on.

(There is screaming and gory sounds coming from outside the auditorium, there are explosions felt from inside the facility, panic ensues from inside the auditorium, the doors fly open and necro monsters start to swarm in and kill everyone in sight, Akane sees this and starts to run very weakly backstage and out through the hallway, the necro monsters jump on the stage and slaughter everyone.)

Akane is soon confronted by the woman.

Woman: Hey, where the hell do you think you're going? You're being naughty again, you have to stay backstage until the auction is over.

(She pushes a button that activates the collar and bit of water is injected through her neck, this angers Akane greatly, her teeth get very sharp and she keeps running toward the woman who is frantically trying to press the button to get it to work, Akane bites the woman's hand off, goes behind and throws her forward to the backstage door, the door opens, the woman looks up terrified and she is then brutally stabbed and gruesomely eaten.)

(Akane's teeth return back to normal and she coughs a bit while she keeps running away from the necro monsters, she goes down some stairs to see that the hallways down here are destroyed, she walks past some monsters quietly who are eating someone, she turns into another hallway and is soon pursued by more monsters, she spits and starts a fire which blocks off their path, before she is able to go up some stairs a badly burned necro monster who traveled through the intense heat jumps and grabs her leg making her fall on the steps, she tries kicking it off but it comes closer and closer to biting her leg, Akane then manages to blow unbelievably hot fire onto it which kills it, she heads upstairs and runs down a hallway.)

A door opens and more captives from the display pull her in for safety.

Captive 1: We've got you, we should be safe for now.

Captive 2: It would have been much more easier to escape if these damn monsters didn't show up.

Captive 3: I didn't know there were monsters down here in the first place, how are we gonna get out now.

Captive 1: I don't know but we can't sit here forever, we don't have weapons either.

Akane walks forward to go the back of this closet like room, she falls over to side very pale, she coughs up lots of blood from the strain of the fire she blew, her sick status is changing to poisoned.

Captive 2: Poor Tikete, they must have exposed her to a lot of water, we have nothing to get that collar off of her neck.

We go back back to the combined guild who is making their way to the auditorium.

Rin: That's not good, they've broken in already it seems. 

Eiko: We'll cut them down in no time, the auditorium is down the next hallway.

(They hear footsteps of some running for their life before he is stabbed into a wall where they can see him, he is then dragged back down the hall and there are sounds crunching and eating.)

Eiko: This thing is not stopping us, we'll kill it quick.

(They turn and run down the hallway, Akira sends a purple hand to the feeding necro monster and closes the hand which destroys its whole abdominal area, Sarari throws a knife into its face, it disintegrates.)

(They hear more screaming and killing in the hallway which sounds like something out of a horror game.)

They make it to the destroyed auditorium, there are blood stains everywhere

Toki: There's no one in here, what?

Rin: Something did this and it still has to be here.

Yuko: I hear large footsteps coming to us from the stage…*gulp*

Sarari: Do not worry, Yuko, we will thoroughly handle the issue.

Soon the ceiling high green buff monster comes from behind the stage, it has a big clear like head, a red Treu symbol on its forehead, its mouth is shaped like a clamp and it is at the top of its head, it has one egyptian like eye under the Treu symbol, it is shirtless and wears shorts, it has a few people in its blender like head, it blends them and the leftover juice drains down into its body, it roars

Eiko: Akane is somewhere between the 2 and 1st level, I want Fudo, Daisuke, Sarari, Rin, take care of this thing while the rest of us go to Akane's aid.

Rin: Right, we have to kill this thing.

Toki(In mind): I really want to disobey and fight with Rin but now isn't the time to be act selfish.

Toki: Right, let's get a move on.

Hajime: Be safe you all.

Eiko, Hajime, Yuko, Akira, and Toki go head to Akane's pinpoint.

Daisuke(Sinister face): All right you towering freak! You may be big, BUT I AM STRONGER!!

(The monster from the stage swings its sword which causes a crescent shaped beam to travel at them fast, they jump up high to dodge it and the beam cuts through the auditorium entrance walls into more rooms, the beam explodes destroying the facility further.)

Rin: Its weak spot has to be its head so aim for that!-

(The monster jumps from the stage toward Rin to throw a punch at him with its massive arm and fist, Rin dodges and the monster punches a wall, Rin pushes his legs of the wall to travel beside the monsters arm and drags his swords up its arm cutting it, before Rin makes it to the eye of the monster it flicks him away with the sword still in its hand, Rin is launched across the room into a wall putting a crater into it.) (Rin 60 hp)

Fudo: Rin, be careful!

Rin: Ow! I didn't expect it to move that fast.

(Fudo casts some flame swords and stabs them into the wound of the monster's arm making it scream, Fudo then wraps its wrist in flames to bring them closer to one another, they melt and its wrist conjoin into one.)

Fudo: It can't attack anymore, now's our chance!

Sarari: Understood.

(Sarari dashes at the monster from the side, she jumps up and back kicks the monster head and follows it up by holding her sword in a sideways stab position and strikes with a lot of power into its head, there is a visible crack on the monster's head.)

Daisuke: Now it's my turn!

(Daisuke from the other side jumps up and hits it hard with his lance on the other side of its head which nearly cracks through it, this knocks the monster off balance on the side for a bit, the monster looks at Daisuke with its eye and Daisuke loses control to move his body, the monster stumbles back some and gets on its knees placing its face onto the ground, Daisuke begins walking toward its wide open scary mouth.)

Daisuke: Hey! I am not your lunch! but guys I can't move my body, UH HELP!

(Fudo sends some flames into its mouth, the monster spits them back at Fudo, Fudo grabs them and makes them dissipate.)

Fudo: Damn, not strong enough magic.

Rin moves.

Rin: I got it!

(Rin jumps up to throws a Fallaflame speck into its which weakens its control over Daisuke, but he is too close to move out and away, the monster's mouth closes but Daisuke uses his lance like a strut stopping it from eating him, the lance begins to pierce through its mouth as it is still closing, Daisuke dives out of harm's way and its mouth closes with the lance stabbing through it mouth.)

Daisuke: Hey! Now I have to clean that about 50 times today after we're done with you!

(The monster begins to slowly change red, it stands again and lets out another roar, it then begins to push and pull at its arm not holding its sword since his wrist are conjoined, it rips its own arm off of its shoulder with its arm dangling from the arm holding the sword, the monster swings its sword causing lots of debris, it jumps up and bellyflops causing a huge shockwave to generate further destroying the room.) (This would have done massive damage to them.)

Rin: Jump!

(They all jump while Fudo uses a flame to boost him high up into the air, Fudo cast a flame sword and stabs it into the monsters eye who is still flat out on the ground, Sarari dives down fast and stabs the back of its neck which stuns it, Daisuke lands and begins to punch fast at it ribs, Rin is in front of the monster where it is freaking out and screaming, Rin launches Fallaflame into its mouth and it does down the clear head into its throat, there is a large explosions that bloats the monster from the inside in a very unpleasant way, a flame bursts out of the monster and rains down napalm onto it, it disintegrates.)

Rin: Great job on stunning it Sarari. We have to get out of here now because this room will catch fire.

Sarari smiles.

Sarari: I'm happy to be of use.

Fudo: I gave us plenty of openings to defeat it too.

Rin: It's appreciated, we all did good, but we have to get out of here now to see if the others are fine.

Daisuke grabs his lance and they run out of the auditorium.

We go back to the closet where the captives sit.

(Akane 20 hp, poisoned, critical.)

Akane barely has her eyes open, she is vomiting with blood mixed into it at times.

Captive 2: Dude we have to get out of here now, I don't hear anything.

Captive 1: Alright, but who will carry her?

Captive 3: You're all babies, I'll carry her once we move out, she's dying so can we like go now?

(They hear the sound of another monster nearby but it doesn't sound like any necro monster they've heard before, the door flies open and it's an Embedder.)

(The captives are terrified and try to back up, it kills all the captives one by one before seeing Akane laying on the ground, it walks up to her and a tear runs down her face.)

Akane(In mind):..So this is how it ends? Goodbye...everyone.

(There is a slash behind the monster's head before it slides off and disintegrates, Eiko stands in her view looking down at her.)

Eiko: I'm sorry, Akane.

He picks her up and places an herb into her mouth, it works but she still has the water collar on.

Eiko: Huh? What's this?

Eiko tries taking the collar with his hands but it doesn't budge.

Eiko: I'm sorry about this too..

He uses his sword to cut the collar off which tags a bit of her neck, he apologizes and gives her heals himself but she'll need time to regain strength to even stand.

Eiko: I'm sorry…

Akane(Weakly): Sorry for what? You didn't do anything wrong.

Eiko:..Because of me I let you get captured by these horrible monsters to get chased down by more monsters, I thought you died…

Akane: You saved me and that's all that matters, let's get out of here now.

Akane(In mind): Could my prince have not been a Tikete all along?...Was he my friend all along?

Akane blushes.

Eiko: Right, I'm just happy you're here with us, we can get out of here now.

Yuko: Uh there's a fire blocking the staircase back to level 2.

Toki: Come on, there's another exit at level 1. I'll tell others they can leave out of here.

They run out, while Akane is staring at Eiko while being carried she falls asleep, they run through multiple hallways while Toki deals with any necro monster in the way quickly, they find steps to level 1 and begin heading up, they run down more halls and eventually run into a larger room with the exit in view but there is a man standing in the way.

Boss: You think you can raid my facility, steal my product, and leave for free?! It's made worse due to the fact that monsters broke into here costing me millions! 

Akira: Shut up and get out of the way or I'll make you.

Boss: Oh? I see...there would be no way for me to to rid of these monsters unless...I call upon the power of Volence. I am not dying here and you aren't taking her from me! If I can't have her then no one can!! 

He sprays a demon sign with a Treu symbol onto the ground.

Boss: Oh great Volence, I call to thee in seek of power, I off my soul for loyalty and power. Make me powerful, make people fear me, make people tremble at my sight, make nuisances think twice about putting their slick hands on my products….

Volence (Telepathically): You are weak!! But a soul is a soul used to strengthen me, goodbye.

Bosses whole eyes turn red then he begins to transform, he gets a triangular head helmet with a Treu symbol on it, his helmet has two eyes on each side, his helmet mouth has sharp teeth which is his mouth and can open, he gets a robe with a scarf blowing to the side ninja like, he has armor like pants, and he has three toes with armored shoes

Yuko: W-what just happened to him?

Akira: Who knows but if he wants to fight, we're all for it.

The Owner holds a long sword behind him.

Eiko: I can't place Akane down, it's too risky.

(The being throws powder onto the ground a portal appears in front of them, in the portal he is in flying through like a ball with his sword cutting in the middle, the being comes out of the portal toward the guild, Toki blocks it, he then begins to slash at Toki fast but she blocks all of them, Toki blocks one hard enough that knocks him off balance, Akira floats up to pick him up with her purple hand and throws him head first across the room into a wall, she then stabs him multiple times with her needle like sword, he turns to wood soon after.)

Hajime(In mind):...I saw a bit of his movement...I still need to guard Eiko just in case, they're fast..

(A portal appears on the side of Akira, he slices some of her side and kicks her down and away from Toki, Akira lands skidding back a bit, he then begins to portal transport multiple times around Akira attacking her, Akira blocks some of this and returns a few hits with magic, a portal appears very fast behind her, Toki launches her sword and blocks his attack and swings her sword into a wall cutting him into two halves, Akira gets annoyed and uses magic to move on of his hanging intestines to go inside of his helmet nose and exit outside of his mouth, she then ties it extremely tight around his neck and hangs him from the ceiling beam, he disintegrates.)

Hajime(In mind):....That was sick, but I have to learn to learn how to move faster.

Akira exhales.

Akira: Whatever that guy's problem was; we can go.

Eiko: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that, but our mission is complete for now.

Eiko(In mind): Welcome back, Akane.


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