Final Frontier
15 Muddle Part 1
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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15 Muddle Part 1

We go to Rin and the others who are running through the facility's hallways.

Rin: The monsters have really destroyed this place; we have to make it to the others quickly!

He gets a buzz on his watch and opens the video projection, it is Toki.

Toki: Rin, you all have to get out of there now! The building is collapsing in on itself! We're nearly out but the roof is falling down!

Rin: Did you all manage to find Akane?

Toki: We have and we'll meet you all on the surface, I have to go for now.

Projection ends.

Rin: Alright! We have to turn around and head back out where we originally entered, fast!

There are explosions and shaking felt within the facility, there is lots of debris on the floors as they run through the halls to get back to the lobby entrance.

They make it to the lobby and there are about 20 necro monsters in the way.

Fudo: Damn pests, out of the way!

(Fudo cast lots of flame swords to burn and slice through them all, the others jump and run through them killing most at the same time, one necro monster tackles Sarari off guard and onto the floor, it begins to try to bite at her face multiple times while she holds it off, the necro monster is using all its brute strength to try to bite her face while she holds it back, a lance pierces its head, Daisuke picks it up by his lance and smashes it to pieces by slamming it into the ground while the lance is still in its head.)

Sarari is huffing to regain her breath.

Daisuke: You ok Sarari? No one eats our dessert! (Calling Sarari sweet essentially.)

Sarari: Yes, thank you, I did not see it in my view.

Daisuke helps her back up.

Rin(To both): Guys! We have to leave, now!!

(The ceiling begins to fall down and there's lots of debris falling and being flung, they dash to the exit doors with Daisuke and Sarari diving out last second, they both fall down a couple steps as the destruction is almost right behind them and they land onto the ground of the underground canal with the passageway they went down.)

The entrance behind them has collapsed in on itself, lots of rubble debris prevents anyone from going back in as the facility is destroyed.

Rin and Fudo run over to Daisuke and Sarari.

Rin: Are you two ok?

Daisuke and Sarari stand.

Sarari: Yes, I have sustained nothing major, I am fine and well.

Daisuke: That fall actually loosened up a little crick in my neck! So I feel much better, can't say the same about those monsters in there!

Rin: Alright, we can head out now, the others are waiting for us back on the surface.

Rin turns around and everyone also gets surprised when they finally notice what has happened, there is a hole in the gate where they viewed the camera with all the necro monsters behind it, there is nothing there except for slight darkness and a creepy air draft sound.

Fudo: The side we've entered was breached?! Then there should have been more necro monsters in the lobby then!

Rin: That monster we fought in the auditorium must have done this and led this side's necro monsters, it doesn't explain how it was able to even walk through here and inside the facility, it's another path for us to explore, but let's head back up to the surface to check if everyone is fine.

They walk back up the passageway they took to get down there.

Fudo: It is pretty obvious that monsters have had to have run up these stairs as well.

Daisuke: If they get in the way more bashing fun for me!

Rin: I haven't seen any reports of monsters outside on the surface, this all is weird, something else has to also be creating all of these necro monsters besides that Amphibian monster, there's no way with the numbers we saw.

Fudo: I guess it'll become clear soon enough, but for now let's try to clear our minds, where will the others be?

Rin: You're right...

Rin calls Toki and her projection comes up from his watch projection.

Rin: Is Akane and everyone else safe? Also where will you all be at?

Toki: Yep, we're all fine, no one suffered anything serious, Akane is safe with us. Meet us at the hotel, ok?

Rin: Thank you Toki; we'll see you all in a bit.

October 26 2:30 am

Approaching outside of Lagoon.

Rin and the others see the resting Akane being carried in the arms by Eiko.

Rin: Hey guys! Nice to see Akane is back safe and sound back with us.

Toki runs over to Rin and hugs him very tightly.

Rin(Can't breath): T..toki..

Toki: Sorry, I just want to take my mind off things already, I'm just happy you're safe….your hp is at 60, what happened?

Rin: Oh, I was being careless and was knocked across the room into a wall, I'm ok though and I have heals I just didn't use one yet.

Yuko runs to Sarari.

Yuko: Sarari! You're hurt! Are you ok?

Sarari: Do not worry Yuko, I am well, I've sustained these minor scrapes by diving out of the facility's entrance and falling down it's steps; these are small and I can attend to them with no issue. I will now calm you by reassuring you with a hug…

Sarari places both of her hands behind Yuko's head but she accidentally ends up putting his face into her chest again causing him to panic again and pull away near unconscious. (Yes all of these are accidental on her part)

Sarari: Red faced kitten, you are adorable. I feel happy to see this face, It is too good to forget, I will remember it.

Yuko has dizzy eyes.

Daisuke: Sweet! Akane is back!

Fudo: Is she alright?

Eiko: Yeah she fell asleep, but when we found her she was poisoned by water and was very sick on the floor...thank god we still had time, can we head upstairs now? I want to place her in her bed so she can rest properly.

They agree and head upstairs to their suite, they all head into Akane's room, her bed was moved as a request as it isn't under the aquarium fish tank anymore but the tank is still in view in the distance, Eiko places her down into her bed and covers her blankets over her, Sarari comes to pour Tikete potion into Akane's mouth.

Eiko: I will stay here to make sure she's doing alright, you all may sleep if you'd like.

Rin: Alright, just don't wear yourself out tonight, goodnight.

Eiko: I will try my best not to; goodnight you all.

They all walk out, Eiko decides to get a chair and places it beside her bed, gazes at the Aquarium tank for the next hour, he gets sleepy and begins to make his way out to retrieve a blanket and pillow to sleep in her room on the floor, but before he walks out the door Akane wakes up.

Akane(Softly): Eiko? Wait, sit by me please?

Eiko nods and goes to sit on her bed where she lays.

Eiko: I'm sorry…

Akane: Eiko, you didn't do anything wrong, you didn't drag me away from you all the currents did, besides you saved me after all. You don't have to go above and beyond all the time; you always do try to lead us to the best of your ability even though you may feel down right now, I can assure I feel no different about you.

Eiko: I saw how terrified you looked before the current took you and I even thought you died at one point...shame on me for ever thinking that way. I want to see you recover to full health before I can even think to feel better about myself, I just don't see it as a forgivable thing...I'm sorry-

Akane sits up weakly and begins to sit besides Eiko close.

Eiko: should should be laying down to get proper rest..

Akane: I'm fine, I know, it makes me feel even happier to know that people cared enough about me to come and save me; it's weird seeing you down instead of your usual positive self always ready to help at any time, it inspires a girl like me to be like that and you're a really sweet friend too...but the way you rescued me really touched my heart as well…quite a bit...

She turns toward Eiko to place her arms on his shoulders around his neck, she looks at him with her eyes halfway open and a slight smile.

Akane(Blushing): I felt like a damsel in distress who needed her prince to come to her rescue in a time of need and you did, I guess princes can come in all shapes and sizes even if they aren't Tikete….

She gets closer.

Eiko: Akane?

Akane(Blushing): I'm sorry...I can't control myself anymore. I forgive you many times over no matter how many times you want me to repeat it, my prince, after all this time...I have found you..

Akane kisses Eiko and a few seconds pass, she pulls back and places her hands back onto the bed.

Akane:...Do you feel better now?

Eiko lowers his head with his eyes closed to regather himself, he then interlocks his hand on top of her's.

Eiko: I-I didn't know you felt this way about me...but yes I feel better, I'll keep you safe from now on...I promise.

Akane places her arms on his shoulder around his neck again, she places her forehead against his, she closes her eyes halfway again with her lips close to his.

Akane: Please, you don't have to sleep on the hard floor..

Eiko: Are you sure?

Akane: Very.

Akane lets go of him and Eiko gets up to go out of the door.

Eiko: I guess I should also get proper rest as well, I'll be right back; I'm going to change.

Eiko comes back in with his night clothes on and gear in hand, he sets it in the washer to be washed, he walks over to her bed to lay in the middle, Akane lays down on the side of him close placing her hand on his chest, her head is right near the side of his face underneath nearby his chin.

Eiko: Umm, this may sound weird but, Akane?

Akane: Yes?

Eiko: You smell really good, it's like vanilla infused with the spicy smell of cinnamon, it's making my nose go wild.

Akane looks at Eiko and smiles, she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Akane(Softly): Anything for you my sweet prince, goodnight.

They both fall asleep.

7:00 am

Somewhere 10 miles outside of the safe radius.

A shadowed figure walks through the forest before we see who it is.

Touma(In mind): This damned altar entrance is becoming quite tiresome to find; I've searched almost everywhere through this area and have even explored through caves to find not a trace of anything.

Touma: I must be on my own way now.

Volence(Telepathically): You are not using your Treu vision correctly. (He will always speak telepathically until I say when otherwise.)

Touma: Hm? What do you mean by this? I've carefully looked everywhere for the past 2 weeks.

Volence: You're mind is focusing too much on where it could be placed such as a cave, you are rushing; it will all become clear once you have focused on clearing your mind and feelings of rushing.

Touma: I do must apologize dear lord; but if I were to disobey and discontinue my search for this altar then what is to happen?

Volence: You have agreed to join my army and I have granted you my power that runs through your veins; I could so simple as kill you right now if I wished, mind controlled or not, the choice is ultimately up to your judgement, die now or find the altar!?

Touma gets a distressed face with sweat.

Touma(In mind): Looks like I have not a choice.

Touma: I will find the altar.

Volence: Seems your judgement is not as impaired as I have thought in that moment.

Touma closes his eyes to focus hard to let all his feelings of hurrying to find the altar and puts them to the side, when he reopens his eyes he looks around and sees a Treu symbol in the distance in the woods.

Volence: You have found the altar, seems as if you are a quick learner, now make your way toward the symbol.

Touma begins walking to it and when he eventually reaches it he reaches a cliff wall and just more trees in the surrounding area, he notices the Treu symbol is on the rock floor nearby and walks up to it.

Touma(In mind): This is the altar? Is this a some sort of joke?

Volence: Now you must place your hand onto the mark and focus your new found power into your hand.

Touma kneels over and places his hand onto it, soon his hand begins to glow red with a Treu mark on it because the mark glows through his hand, soon the encompassing floor turns red and he begins to sink down, he travels through a rift and soon rises out out a demonic Treu symbol on the ground still kneeling like he originally was.

He looks up and sees the demonic church like area, there are demonic symbols and unholy things around, there is an altar in the distance, in front of him 3 people in hooded cult like robes stare at him, one has his hood face shadowed but there is a single eye that is visible through the shadow, another one has horns protruding sideways coming from her hood with red dot eyes coming from her face hood, the last one has a half red and black faceless mask.

(Dstructn is the one with the one visible creepy eye, Liliba is the one with the horns, and Ji the one with the red and black mask)

Dstructn: You must be Touma, Lord Volence has notified us we would be getting a strong warrior soon, I am Dstructn.

Ji: I am Ji.

Liliba walks over to Touma, Touma stands up and she speaks with a very seductive voice but we cannot see her face because there is just pitch black with red dot eyes and horns protruding from the side, she places her hand on his face, her nails are sharp and are nicely polished black

Liliba: I am Liliba, you are quite the attractive man but luckily for you I prefer bigger men with more armor, that, and you're one of us.

She teleports back to her original spot.

Dstructn: Please do not act with such immodesty around our new brethren Liliba, now Lord Volence has notified us you would be coming here, Volence has praised you calling you a warrior filled with potential. Whenever you are ready we will show you around to get adjusted to things.

Touma: We can begin now.

Dstructn: Excellent, come.

They walk around.

Dstructn: This altar we are in is one of the district altars.

Touma: District?

Dstructn: It is the surrounding area around an altar where we go out to hunt down people to make sacrifices to the great lord himself, he does have quite the appetite so we take many people.

They open a room door and inside of it there is a sorcerer man in robes floating in front of a huge mirror.

Dstructn: This here is the summoning room, watch and be amazed.

The man casted something and chants spells, the large rectangular mirror start to swirl red then white, out comes about 20 Strikers, they kneel before him and he opens a portal where they walk through it and are transported inside of the safe zone radius of Frontier Central.

Touma is shocked by all of this.

Touma(In mind): This how the monsters respawn?! If they can open rifts and such to the insides of these zones then what is stopping them from going in?

Dstructn: Unfortunately we ourselves cannot enter some of these areas across the realm as there is some sort of coding that prohibits us; we've tried our best and strongest spells but nothing works; we are able to send weaker monsters into those barriers and we send monsters into the surrounding area of the altars to kill anyone that may be a threat and slow progression of any guild they come across.

Touma is in awe.

Touma(In mind): Well it certainly is intriguing to know the source of these creatures, what about beings?

Dstructn: There is one last thing I will show you, this way.

They exit out of the room and walk into another room that has a map of the final realm on it with some Treu symbols on them.

Dstructn: These are all of the district altars we have acquired, we have even captured some of the holy being chambers but mostly for experimentation, but we are able to transport to these just like how you appeared out of the silo to get into here.

Touma: So what is our job?

Dstructn: To reawaken the great lord Volence, we keep his hunger and strength satisfied through sacrifices of others, we are not sure where the last seal may be not be but we will raid this realm once our army is finished with the last realm which will take a bit of time. You have your very own district which is somewhere in the plains and far far off is a medieval town, Liliba will also be in the same district as you but she will be in a mountain somewhere in her mansion, this district area is plentiful as there are two countries on the verge of war with one another here.

Touma: Alright, how do I travel?

Dstructn: The same way you have entered, place your hand onto the mark that is glowing and you will transport there, you are free to do whatever your heart desires.

Touma goes up to the map and sees the glowing Treu mark on the area designated for him, a rift opens and he begins to stare at it, he walks into it and teleports.

Liliba: I will be so excited to have such a gorgeous man in the surrounding area, I will try my best not to eat him, but do you think you were a bit too nice to him?

Dstructn: It is balderdash for you to say such a thing, you would dare underestimate the Lord's judgement?

She begins to to place her hand on her mark on the map.

Liliba: Not at all, I just find it a bit strange is all.

She teleports and rises in her creepy mansion basement that resembles that of a dungeon, there are corpses of decay drained men, there are men chained in cages alive, there are men on sacrifice tables screaming as they burst into blood and a light emanate from the blood which is their soul.

She walks forward to head upstairs.

Liliba(In mind): This Touma, as Volence says, this once human is strong?(Chuckles)

Liliba(In mind): I love me strong men, this will be interesting.

Touma rises from the ground into a throne like room with a red carpet, there are knights and people in cult robes on the side, they kneel and Touma walks forward to the chair.

Touma: Oh, I'm feeling quite used to this already... (Chuckling)

Touma sits in the chair.


They all stand in honor.

Touma: Now that I am charge here we must make over this whole land starting by ridding away any scum.

He narrates over the robed cult people who are running very fast through the forest.

:If there any villages or small towns nearby here kill them all, no one lives, no mercy, do whatever you please with its citizens, I want to hear the sounds of their screaming and agony as each are being cut down all the way to here, kill them, they aren't doing anything of significance but staying poor. Bring back citizens dead or alive to be sacrificed we will manage the population of this district like the gods themselves bringing and serving justice helping those poor souls escape their reality in front of them, we're doing them a favor and they should be thanking us. Burn or completely destroy the residence as well, no one wants to see such a hideously built architecture ruin the beautiful scenery of nature, disgusting. Guilds are still a long way from here but if there happen a time where guilds of any sort pass by in the distance, incapacitate them and bring them here, I will deal with them myself. Ooh how wonderful it feels to be king with lots of power to do whatever he pleases with no one to stop him, I'm only growing stronger hahaha! Through death and destruction, I shall rule the world! (Maniacally laughing)

The graphic killings stop and bodies are brought back to the castle.


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