Final Frontier
16 Muddle Part 2
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Final Frontier
Author :Stormyneo1
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16 Muddle Part 2

12:00 pm


Everyone in the guild is awake in the living room except for Akane and Eiko.

Rin: I hope Eiko didn't wear himself out.

Fudo: He may have since he does usually not sleep this late usually; but if he's on the floor that must be uncomfortable even for him.

Akira: One of you two wanna check on him? We wanna get started today.

Daisuke: I'll go get him! I'll be right back!

He goes to the back and goes to check and see if Eiko is in his room thinking he may have went there, he then heads to Akane's room where they last were, he cracks open the door to peak in and sees them and shouts which is heard in the living room.

Fudo: That idiot always takes extreme measures; he could have so simply have quietly tapped Eiko and kept Akane sleeping.

Daisuke: Y-you two are cuddle buddies?! Mind if we all cuddle tonight pleasse?! I get nightmares too man!

Akane and Daisuke begin waking up and Eiko sits up, he grits his teeth, and his eye widen when he realizes it Daisuke.

Eiko(Sweat behind head): D-daisuke, w-were just...playing a game! Yeah! To see who could stay the warmest ha-ha..!

Eiko(In mind): Horrible excuse…..

Daisuke: Oh! I see! The others wanted to know when you're gonna be out man!

Eiko: I-I'll be out soon.

Daisuke: Cool man but mind if we all play that game tonight?!

Eiko: It's a one time game, sorry.

Daisuke: Dang it I'm always missing out on the good things!

He closes the door and heads back to the living room.

Fudo: Where is Eiko?

Daisuke: He'll be out soon they're just finishing this really cool game up though!

Fudo: What may that be?

Daisuke: Nope! Can't tell you because it's only a one time thing!

Fudo: Whatever.

Back in Akane's room Eiko plops back to lay back down for a bit, he exhales and turns his face toward Akane's.

Eiko: Goodmorning Akane.

Akane: Goodmorning ko-ko.

Eiko(Slight blush): U-uh...I guess it's only right if I came up with a nickname for you.

Akane: You don't have to if you have troubles coming up with one.

Eiko: I'll eventually think of something, how are you feeling?

Akane: Still a bit weak, Tikete's take a couple days to recover from water poisoning completely but I'm sure I can move…

She gets up and turns to the side and sits on the bed.

Eiko: I guess I should also put my gear on as well.

Eiko gets out of bed and begins to walk to his gear, Akane stands and walks a couple of feet before she falls over to the front from weak legs, Eiko sees all of this and reacted quickly, he runs to the falling Akane and catches her before she falls, he hugs her from around while her face lay on his chest with her arms around him, she looks up at Eiko.

Eiko: You need rest, please don't have to strain yourself further.

Akane:...I will listen to you, thank you.

Eiko picks her up and carries back to bed and places her back in it.

Eiko walks off for a bit.

Akane(Blushing): Eiko..

Eiko: Yes?

Akane: C-can we kiss again like last night before you leave out? I'll miss your warm touch all day…

Eiko: If it's what you want, I guess I wouldn't mind, alright.

Eiko walks to Akane who is laying in bed, she turns her head slightly to look at him, from his pov she is blushing, her eyes are slightly open and there is a glow, Eiko places both his hands by her head which makes her smile, he bends over and kisses her for a few seconds, when he pulls away a bit they are still close.

Akane(Whispering): Return back safe to prince.

Soon the door cracks open again.

Daisuke: Hey man are you ready yet?! Hey what are you two doing?!

Eiko jumps back up.

Eiko: I was just....checking for her fever! See?

Eiko places his hand on Akane's forehead.

Daisuke: Oh cool! I always wanted to play doctor too!

Eiko: I-I'll be ready soon but can you at least knock next time?

Daisuke: No problem dude!

Daisuke closes the door and leaves and Eiko exhales again.

Akane: You can go before he comes back again, everyone is probably awake.

Eiko: Right, I'll see you when we return.

Eiko changes quickly into his gear and heads out of the door, Akane smiles and closes her eyes.

Akane(In mind): He looks just like a prince, he carries me just like one, he even kisses me like took me this long to realise it was him all along; just comeback safe is all I ask from you my sweet ko-ko.

Eiko walks into the living room.

Eiko: Sorry I'm late you all, I've just been tending to Akane's request, so what's happening?

Rin: You haven't missed anything, I was waiting for all of us to be in here to tell this. Alright, so yesterday when Sarari, Daisuke, Fudo, and I exited from the facility where we originally entered we saw that the gate with the camera we checked was broken through, there wasn't anyone there but it is another path to explore more of the canals to find something.

Hajime: I know it must have been hard to fight all those monsters to get out.

Rin: Actually there weren't that many in the lobby for some reason which kinda surprised all of us.

Toki: We can go but what about Akane? Is she able walk?

Eiko: Unfortunately not, she seemed to have put a lot of strain on her body from something so she'll need some time.

Sarari: I will help Akane regain her strength faster while you all head out.

Eiko: You're really kind Sarari, I greatly appreciate it.

Yuko: Why don't we just head to the quest center for now?

Akira bonks Yuko on the head.

Akira: Because this canal quest is more important duh and we don't know when those reserves will stop spraying.

Fudo: Maybe we're allowed to go back to the Queen to ask her about some things.

Rin: Yeah but let's knock this passageway out of the way first because wherever this path leads it could be to the source and we could deal with it.

Daisuke: Time for some fun! Won't be pretty for whatever it is, let's go already!

They begin walk out of the door.

Sarari: I wish you all a safe trip and a return.

They all completely leave out and Sarari heads to Akane's door to knock on it.

Sarari: It's me, Sarari. May I enter?

Akane(In mind): Eh? Sarari is here still?

Akane: You may.

Sarari opens the door and walks toward her bed.

Sarari: Hello Akane, I will be nursing you back to full strength just as I've promised before.

Akane: The others are gone?

Sarari: Yes. I have voluntarily decided myself that I would stay to help you recover while the others go out to explore another pathway in the canal, here you are..

Sarari now sitting in the chair placed by Eiko hands her an orange edible circle crystal like stone.

Akane: Ooo it's pretty! I haven't seen this before; what is it?

Sarari: It is a Tikete stone, it will drain any excess water left in your system and boost you recover x2 as fast.

Akane: You can eat it? Aww, but it's so pretty...oh alright.

Akane eats it.

Akane: Oh I do feel much better now, thanks Sarari you are the best!

Sarari: It is my job to serve you all to the best of my ability, if you want jewelry I will go out to get you some if you want any.

Akane: No you don't have to waste your brass on me, it was just unexpected that I would be receiving something that looked like it.

Sarari: Very well, how are you feeling right now by the way?

Akane: I feel much better than yesterday and even better now that you gave me that stone, but I feel weak still.

Sarari: The stone will take effect when all of the excess water has been drained, you also have a bit of body strain which could also influence it as well but may I ask from what?

Akane: Ah, so I must have been exposed to alot of water...also I don't really know, I know I coughed up a lot of blood after I blew fire on a monster trying to bite my leg so maybe it was that.

Sarari: May I assist you with anything? Do you want anything to eat? Do you need anything from the outside besides jewelry?

Akane: Sarari I really like you and I'm concerned but I don't want you tire yourself out please...I'm fine.

Sarari: I cannot do that, I am sorry, I must be of use to all of us as I have promised when I joined. I must indulge in my first adventure making sure everyone is fine and well; I can assure you that I have done the "sleeping in" today and it feels just as energizing as waking up at 5:00 am everyday.

Akane: I guess that's fair enough, but please, just keep an eye on your fatigue please.

Sarari: I have plenty of refreshment to me keep myself going.

Akane(Looks down): Sarari...

Akane(In mind):...I wonder how many she uses in one day but don't the effects of refreshment stale off after multiple uses in a day to be less effective? Fatigue is not something to be overlooked in this game, it's killer…

Akane:...Well Sarari you have an eye for anyone here or elsewhere?

Sarari: Huh? That is interesting as I haven't put much thought into it….well actually I have an eye out for a certain type of worrisome cat in this household, he's just so adorable isn't he? I find him adorable at least; It helps that I find the Felis race mildly attractive and cats happen to also be my favorite type of animal, it's almost like two things put into one like a dream on a smaller scale, he lets me pet his worries away and I get a cute smile in return from him, I get to hug him to reassure and calm him just like an adorable little young kitten, and he lets me take care of him at times, sure he may not be the strongest warrior here but I find something attractive in him...I just don't have a clear grasp on what it is entirely. I think we are still in the beginning of our relationship but if it develops into more then I would be truly happy to share another half with someone else as we travel on our road and I'll get to experience love for the first time ever, it would be an amazing experience for me. What about you Akane? Do you have any interest of mind?

Akane(In mind): Wow she spilled out alot. She likes Yuko? That honestly is adorable, but I hope she can keep secret…

Akane:....Well there is one person.

Sarari: Whom?

Akane: Can you keep a secret?

Sarari: Why certainly, I wish to not harm anyone for the sake of others knowing, I am certain you can hold a secret as well; it is why I told you I have an attraction toward Yuko after all, I don't mind.

Akane: Well, I am actually dating Eiko ever since yesterday when he saved really reached at my heart in such a way I've never felt before, he was like my prince during my time of distress….w-we've already kissed.

Sarari: Interesting. Eiko? I can already see it, he always wants to help and he does resemble a prince with his crown headband, what a cute story you've told me, I will not tell anyone.

Sarari closes her eyes with a soft smile.

Akane: Sarari….thank you, I just don't want the others to know yet because I'm not really a fan of PDA I just like privacy better. ( PDA: Public display of affection.)

2:00 pm

Underground canal.

The guild goes to the same spot which they used to enter the facility, when they walk into the canal at first all is fine, they turn right except for Yuko.

Yuko peers out in the far distance.

Yuko(In mind): Is that a person just standing barely out of the corner far down there? I can't really make it out? Could just be some structure but that shape looks weird…

Rin: Yuko? What's up?

Yuko: Oh, sorry, I just thought I seen something far in the distance.

He goes to where they are and the barely visible shadowed figure with four arms disappears back out of sight.

The guild pushing in the brick and heads down all the steps and they make it down, to the left still is the destroyed collapsed facility entrance and to the right is the broken gate with a hole in it.

There is an airdraft sound down here.

Yuko: O-ok t-this is more terrifying than when we were in the holy being hallway and this is much more nicer looking...I can't even see anything down there...are you sure we should go?

Rin: There's no other path for us to go so we have to see what's down this way, it just looks like a straight shot forward anyway.

Akira: Do you want a nightlight?

Yuko nods no.

Akira: Ok then let's move you baby.

Yuko: Don't scare me please.

Akira: Oh come on-

Toki: Akira just this one time please, this is dangerous.

Akira: Oh fine but on the way back I can't guarantee anything.

They walk down the dim light canal straight.

Hajime: Anyone wanna guess what kind of monster the source looks like?

Daisuke: Probably a big ugly monster who wants to get its skull bashed in!

Fudo: Can you whisper less loudly damnit?

Rin: I would guess it is big too since it's turning the surrounding water outside the city toxic.

Akira: Whatever, it's going to die and we're going to go to the next city or wherever after this.

Toki: We can't be so sure this is the exact way to the place; we haven't even used the card the Queen gave us remember?

Rin: It would just be cool if we could just get it over with.

Akira grabs some of the non bubbly canal water and forms it into a ball, she is readying it to throw it at the shivering Yuko, but suddenly there is a loud spine chilling roar that echoes through the whole canal, everyones face is startled.

Akira drops the water.

Akira: Ok, that thing doesn't sound happy.

Eiko: Huh? It sounds worse now that this is real now.

Rin: Stay sharp, we need to focus on our surroundings now.

Upcoming in front of them are stairs that lead down to the next level, this room is still nearly dark, it has lots of nicely designed water pipes that  protrude out, there are chambers filled with water that travel up and down there is the same dove symbol on the roof they saw at the palace, there are pillars, the floor is metallic and mesh like, there are a few interconnected rooms that connect into one, in front of them is just a straight path forward.

Toki: Darkness makes anything look scary huh?

Rin: It does but whatever made that noise could be down here, now it's time to focus.

The walk and soon start to see the muscle and appendages on the walls again.

Eiko: It's strange, this weird muscle tissue is back on the walls but our map objective is still gone.

Fudo: Let's just hope we're headed in the right direction and the objective isn't telling us.

They keep walking and eventually and  they see a decaying body in damaged armor on the floor, next to its hand is something….

Toki: Looks like a projection chip.

Rin takes out one sword and walks to retrieve it.

Rin: Be prepared if it comes to life

Toki takes her sword out, she runs to walk beside Rin.

They reach the dead body.

Toki(Surprised): Its face was punctured through and this looks like the one who rode us to the palace, I hope this isn't him.

Rin: I don't think so because he was short, this one isn't. I'm gonna take this chip now because I don't wanna look at this further.

Rin takes the chip that's on the floor and places it on top of his watch projection and they walk back to the rest of the guild to watch.

4 Puritan knights walk through the water chamber area to go check out the point of contamination.

Puritan knight 1: Who turned off these damn lights?

Puritan knight 4: I don't know man but this atmosphere is giving me bad feelings.

Puritan knight 2: You need to act more like a soldier, the Queen sent us here for a reason and if there happen to be monsters down here we'll deal with them, simple.

Puritan knight 1: Totally, I was near the top of my Academy for my combat skill and I was honored to be chosen as a royal knight.

Puritan knight 3: Yeah yeah, now we must remain focused on what's in front of us.

They see the appendages and muscle on the walls.

Puritan knight 1: Sick! What the hell could have done this? Looks like gum.

Puritan knight 3: Very unsanity, maybe there is a monster at the contamination point.

Puritan knight 2: A monster? But how the hell did they get down here undetected? It's not like they could have crossed the sea y'know.

Puritan knight 1: Do they clean down here? this should be a health violation.

Puritan knight 4: I've heard the workers clean down here all the time but I don't think I'd be this bad; maybe it's some new sort of bacteria-

They hear a loud roar similar to the one the guild heard in the canal.

Puritan knight 4: W-what was that?!

Puritan knight 3: Just prepare you weapons and focu-

Something tall falls down in the middle between them, it knocks Puritan knight 3 down and stabs Puritan knight 3 in the face killing him, whatever it is preserves him with an ability and chases down the other 3 knights who have run off.

The projection ends.

Rin: That sounded like the same roar we heard up in the canal.

Daisuke: I'm getting excited!

Fudo: Stop yelling buffoon.

Yuko: We didn't even see what it looked like…

Rin: It could show up anywhere in here but we should move forward for now; it shouldn't have the nerve to attack us all at once.

Akira: I'd turn it into a nice accordion judging from how tall it looked.

Hajime(In mind): S-she could be a monster herself; I just hope my secret isn't released…

They keep walking and up ahead is another room with its door open they all pass except Yuko because he tripped over a pipe and reassess how he just tripped.

Akira: I'll help you…

Before Akira can walk out the door closes shut and is locked, the guild inside the room turns to see that there is another muscle wall blocks their progression, but out appears knight like monsters with their face mask on appear, their eyes glow red from behind it.

Toki: Where's Yuko?!

Akira: Outside of this stupid door! It closed before I could get him..

Rin goes to the door's window and so does Akira, Yuko can hear something walking in the distance and he begins to scoot back to the door in horror, in the distance he sees white dot eyes coming before it's seen, it's a relatively tall figure alien like body with 4 blade like arms, its face can split open to reveal it's slimy facial appendages and teeth, its eyes are white, it's body is reddish, it lets off a growlish like sound.

Both Rin and Akira shout.

Rin: YUKO RUN!!!

Akira: YUKO RUN!!!

The Hunter splits its face, roars, and blazes at the grounded Yuko, Yuko dives rolls to the side and runs, the monster hits the door denting it and begins to pursue after Yuko.

Rin: Not good! Yuko is being chased by a monster I've never seen before we have to get this door to open!

Fudo: Maybe if we beat these knights it'll open back up.

Toki: This game...come on we don't have time to waste!

Daisuke: Alright!!

We go to Yuko who is currently running through the many interconnected rooms of this water pipe room while the monster chases behind him.

Yuko(In mind)(Terrified): WHAT DO I DO?! I can't fight that thing, just don't look back Yuko...this is happening..because I can't defend myself….I can't think straight….am I going to die? I wouldn't be a help anyways…

Yuko manages to get out of sight and hides behind a water chamber for the time being while he quietly tries to catch his breath.

We go back to the guild who is now battling the dead puritan knights.

Akira grabs two with her hands purple hands.

Hajime: I'll break through!

Hajime dashes at the two knights who are being held up, he jumps and uses all his strength to try and break their armor but it dents it only.

Hajime(In mind): Huh? That was all my might, it's tougher than it looks.

(Hajime lands and the other knight runs at him ready to strike, Hajime dodges up and down since it is slow and manages to return some hits but only marks the armor, Hajime kicks the knight away back to where is started, Daisuke jumps up the air and slams down on it with his lance obliterating it and killing it, Akira crosses her hands normal hands and the purple hands make then two knights collide front first obliterating them, the knights disintegrates and an item falls to the ground, Rin picks it up and puts it in his inventory for now and the door opens.)

Rin: This was a time waste, grr.

They run out Hajime takes a few seconds before he starts running.

Hajime(In mind): Why didn't I break through..?

Akira: Hey you idiot! Now isn't the time for self reflection now come on! You're making me angry!

Hajime: R-right! S-sorry.

(Back to Yuko who is still hiding behind the chamber, the monster is in view slowly walking before it stops, it growls and sniffs out the air to search for Yuko, it looks directly at the chamber Yuko is hiding behind and jumps toward it to slash it scaring him to come from behind it, Yuko begins to jump over and run under pipes to stall the tall monster that is still pursuing him, Yuko runs back out in the middle and the monster jumps over the chambers, as it lands behind Yuko it slashes multiple times at his back side and then jumps on top of a chamber, Yuko keeps running with his very bloody back as it stopped thinking he'd fall over from the deep gashes, Yuko vision fades and he then falls over collapsing onto his back, Yuko can see the monster slowly approaching in the darkness.)

Yuko(In mind): The...end….wait another pipe…

(When the monster walks beside the pipe, Yuko raises his arm to shoot it with an energy arrow and out come deadly steam heat, it hits the side of the monster's face severely burning it, the monster screams in pain and the guild can see it and the distance.)


The monster looks up and sees them and it runs away into the darkness, they make it to the bleeding out Yuko, Akira huddles over him and lifts his back up a bit to hold him, Yuko sees her.

Yuko(Weakly): I...I put a scratch on it...did you guys see it…?

Akira(Sad): Yuko, this isn't funny…

Yuko: I'm..scaring you? You should see your face, I can't believe I finally made you scared, it feels... great…

He passes out.

Yuko(In mind): This critical state is exactly how Rin said it was, I'll be a burden lifted very soon, I'm sorry...

Rin: !!

Rin: His health is ticking get him heals, quick!!

Akira: Yuko wake up you idiot or I'll never forgive you!!

Yuko(In mind): Akira? That's right I made promises right? What am I saying...they care about me and to abandon them like this? I see why Akira wouldn't forgive me….I can't just take this for granted...they're my friends….remember…?

Yuko wakes up with no pupil in his eyes and looks at Akira. (10 hp, critical)

Yuko: Sorry…

Akira: Just drink this; there's nothing to be sorry about.

He drink it and his hp stops going down but his hp is only rising slowly, he goes unconscious again.

Toki: That monster must have cut deep because his health is only returning slowly, I wish we had money for the more expensive one but at least he's fine.

Akira: I'll carry him.

She uses magic to place him on her back for a piggyback.

Rin: Right we have to leave-

Hey hear more shriek roars in the distance behind them, it's the poisonous necro monsters that explodes purple shards.

Eiko: Go!

They all start running.

Fudo: Where the hell did these guys come from? I'll shoot down some fire to block their progression

Rin: I'll do the same!

Rin throws a Fallaflame speck onto the staircase they took to get down to the chamber area and Fudo does the same to make the heat more intense, they run down the canal straight and head up the passageway to exit the canal, they make it up the steps, before they turn left to exit the canal a poisonous necro monster appears around the corner bloated, Akira and Fudo react and place barriers around everyone, it explodes shards everywhere.

Fudo: Sneaky little bastards, that was a close one.

Rin: Quickly, we still have to leave.

They exit the canal at night and see that the fountains have stopped spraying but there is no commotion yet but lots of confusion.

Eiko: I guess it would be in our best interest to return to the Queen and ask about this.

Toki: Yeah it would. I hear lots of confusion and we don't know how these people act during a crisie and we don't want to be surrounded by chaos.

Rin: Let's head home and get Yuko to rest, then we can all relax.

They walk off.

9:30 pm


They all walk through the door and Sarari comes out of Akane's room to check who came in.

Sarari: Welcome back everyone, discover anything new secrets in the canals? Akane is soundly sleeping as well.

Eiko: Unfortunately not too much except for a new monster, we were blocked by another muscle wall but the door to the room has closed again.

Sarari sees a healing Yuko and her eyes widen.

Sarari: What has happened to Yuko?

Akira: The same monster Eiko mentioned nearly shredded him, we got to him in time but he's healing a bit slow from his injuries.

Sarari: I will take him and help out his wounds to heal much faster, may I retrieve him from your back?

Akira: Sure.

Sarari carries Yuko into his room but before she places him down she notices his back still has scratch marks on them, she will wait the heal this with an ointment and will let him rest, she takes care of him and removes some of his armor and will go to clean it, she places him down and gives him a pretty blue stone called a Felis stone, she notices he has sweats on his forehead and places a towel onto it, she gets a chair and puts it beside his bed, she glides her hand over his hair gently with a smile, she interlocks his hand with hers, lays on his stomach, and falls asleep.


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