Four Inches Below
5 Happy Hunting! 3
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Four Inches Below
Author :Kiiara
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5 Happy Hunting! 3

Even facing two C grades were already taxing. With the addition of an A grader, Chinatsu's winning chance had dwindled down to zero.

Chinatsu raised her head and gazed at Ayumi's tear-stained face. Chinatsu could see how terrified Ayumi was. In fact, she could feel Ayumi's body tensing up since just now and she seemed to have been completely petrified after hearing the three males voices.

Chinatsu tried to force a reassuring smile to calm Ayumi down. She mouthed, 'It's okay. I can take them.'

She swore in that moment, even if she had to sacrifice herself and fell into these Betas hands, she would make sure Ayumi successfully escaped. So, Chinatsu tried to cloak Ayumi's scent with hers.

Deep down, Chinatsu tried to hype herself up. 'It's okay, Chinatsu. You got this. Even if you lose, you can distract them. After all babe, you've got a great body. Don't worry, you can conquer them. You're a sex goddess.'

However, no matter how many times she cheered herself up, when she thought about the mating session and what she might have to go through, she couldn't stop the tears from coming down her face.

Three of them. That would mean a gang bang.

"So?" One of the male asked.

"I'm not sure. I definitely smell a Beta though. I think it's an A grader."

"Wanna give it a go?"

"Nah, it's too much of a hassle, isn't it?"

"There's three of us, bro."

"Why do we have to trouble ourselves fighting with a Beta? Let's preserve our strength and get us some omegas. We can do three rounds, yeah?"

The boys laughed then.

"Shit, bro. I'm only a C. I don't think I can hold that long."

"So, are we going for this Beta or not?"

"Well, not me. I'm leaving. My boy said he found some chicks down there."

"If you're leaving, how the fuck will we defeat this Beta? We're just C graders."

"Never mind, bro. Let's go!"

After that, their footsteps could be heard fading away. Both Chinatsu and Ayumi exhaled a heavy sigh of relief.

"Let's go," Chinatsu whispered. Ayumi nodded. With the help of Chinatsu, Ayumi got back to her feet and Chinatsu took the lead again towards the stairs.

When Ayumi saw Chinatsu was about to take the stairs going down, she yanked Chinatsu to a stop.

"Are you crazy?! That's a battlefield down there," Ayumi whispered with her face still pale.

"We've got three and a half hours before the dormitory opens. When the time arrives, it'll be easier for us to run back if we stay hidden on the second floor," Chinatsu explained in a low voice.

"There's a small corner at the end of a certain hallway. I know where. Not many realize it because it's at the far end corner and most of the rooms there are unused," she added.

Ayumi felt conflicted with this risky choice, but they couldn't really stand around here any longer so she nodded. They continued descending the stairs and as they were about to reach the second floor, a loud scream of a girl echoed through the hallway.

Both Chinatsu and Ayumi jumped on their feet. Ayumi immediately bent down and hid herself completely behind Chinatsu. Meanwhile, Chinatsu also took a protecting stance in front of her.

After the scream, came the sound of a violent crash that sent another jolt to both girls. Not even a second passed and another scream was ensued followed by a rushed footsteps.

"Get her!" A male shouted with an ordering tone.

"NO!!!" A high-pitched voice of a girl echoed through the hallway.

"Let's go! Hurry!" Chinatsu said.

However, as soon as she pulled Ayumi's hand, a force also yanked Ayumi from Chinatsu. Fortunately, Chinatsu had grabbed onto Ayumi's hand tightly since the beginning so she was able to stop Ayumi from being pulled away.

"No!" Ayumi screamed while reflexively grabbed onto Chinatsu hand with both of her hands. She held on to her as if Chinatsu was her last chance of survival. Meanwhile, the hunter immediately covered her mouth with her hand.

Chinatsu turned to look back and saw three Betas standing behind Ayumi. One of them an A grader was currently hugging Ayumi from behind trying to release her from Chinatsu's grip.

"Oh goody! I told you, bro, there was one Omega there," said one of the C grader standing behind.

Hearing the familiar voice coming out of the boy's mouth, Chinatsu became enraged. 'Fuck!' She cursed inwardly.

Those three were the same Betas from before. They were tricked!

"I'm warning you, let go!" Chinatsu warned them sternly.

The A grader chuckled sneeringly at Chinatsu futile attempt to intimidate them. "Oohh...I'm scared. This Beta is scary, bro!" He joked to his friends. Both the C graders laughed

"Hey sweetie, if you let go of your friend and let us take care of her, I won't fight you. I'll let you escape," the A grader offered.

Chinatsu gritted her teeth in frustration. She knew clearly she couldn't handle them with only herself. But...

She gazed into Ayumi's terror-stricken eyes that had gone red from all the crying and Chinatsu could feel her desperate cry. Ayumi was begging. She was desperately begging for Chinatsu to help her. She was pleading for Chinatsu not to abandon her.

Tears started to fall from Chinatsu's eyes. Drop by drop they glided onto the floor.

"Leave her, sweetheart," the A grader spoke again, "Don't worry. I'll take good care of her."

He then moved his hand from Ayumi's small waist and reached out to squeeze her breast. As he licked Ayumi's neck and sucked her fair skin, Ayumi grimaced in disgust and fear. But for her hunter, her voice sounded like a moan of pleasure.

The A grader then rested his head onto Ayumi's frail shoulder. "I'll make sure she experiences what it means to drown in ecstasy."

With his comment, the two C graders standing behind him let out a series of laughter. One of them moved forward and began caressing Ayumi's body. He let his hand explored her indecently.

"Wow, she feels good. We've got ourself a great catch, bro!"

Ayumi's tears came crushing down like a waterfall at the feeling of his touch roaming on her body.

On the other hand, Chinatsu finally made a move and it didn't go unnoticed by the boys. Ayumi watched as Chinatsu let go of her hands and in that instant, Ayumi's eyes dimmed and her whole body became lifeless.


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