Four Inches Below
8 Escaping 2
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Four Inches Below
Author :Kiiara
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8 Escaping 2

Ayumi felt her blood running cold as she began another round of escape, running madly down the hallway. Her mind was in a complete blank with only one thought lingering in the dark.


She ran with everything she got even if her breath was impended from the exhaustion and her joints felt so sore as though they could snap in the next second. She never thought of stopping. She "had to" successfully escape from the hunter's grasp.

However, Ayumi's expression turned for the worst when she heard the hunter's footsteps getting closer. She gritted her teeth as she tried to push herself more to hasten her speed. But, to her dismay, she could no longer feel even an ounce of energy within her. In fact, her feet only grew slower as time ticked away.

The corner of the hunter's lips curved upwards into a victory smirk. He licked his lips off as a lewd image emerged in his head.

"Finally," he muttered, grinning ear to ear.

Ayumi's pair of doe eyes were already brimming in tears as she felt a maddening frustration towards herself. She cursed inwardly for how pathetic she was. But, she could do nothing. So, she shut her eyes surrendering herself to the inevitable fate.

'I'm sorry, Chinatsu.'

In that moment, Chinatsu's face appeared in her head, smiling bitterly at her. "Run, Ayumi."

"I'll meet you later, okay?"

Chinatsu's desperate smile and the sadness laced in her soft voice as she pleaded for Ayumi to escape rang incessantly in her head. Ayumi bit her lower lip and in that second, though she was horribly scared, she made a decision. Since, this would be the last time, she gladly walk down the path of destruction.

'Yes, I am weak. But, at least, I can't let Chinatsu sacrifice go to waste.'

Hence for once, Ayumi refused to succumb to her fear and she bravely stepped forward crossing the threshold of life and death. In that moment, she felt her whole body lightened up.

The aether swirling in her core immediately rushed to her feet and elevate her speed to another level. In an instance, Ayumi zoomed through the hallways at a lightning speed.

This scene completely wiped away the smug grin decorating the hunter's face. His eyes widened in shock. He could never predict this Omega would be so persistent, detesting the idea of mating that she preferred death instead.

"Fuck!" He cursed. But, there was no way, he, a B grader, going to let her go just like that. Where would he put his face then if he let her escape?

Thus, he directed his aether to his feet as well and leveled Ayumi's speed. In a matter of seconds, the hunter had caught up with Ayumi again.

"Hey, just give up!" He yelled.

"In your dreams!" Ayumi growled, pouring more aether into her feet. It created another momentum for her.

The hunter gritted his teeth in annoyance. He didn't plan to waste his aether like this. "You little slut!"

Ayumi snorted and an idea suddenly popped into her head. She quickly made a turn at the corner ahead. Without a hint of hesitation, she dashed into a classroom.

The hunter heard a door sliding before a loud bang ensued. He grinned. "Stupid, bitch. Wait 'till I get my hands on you. I'll fuck your brains out!"

He followed Ayumi and slammed open the classroom door ready to devour her whole. However, before he could do anything, a sharp blow landed on his head knocking him off his feet. His fell flat onto the floor.

A trickle of blood streamed down his head while the pain from his broken nose shocked him to his core and a wisp of blackness clouded his vision.

When Ayumi saw the hunter remained unmoved on the ground, she lowered down the chair in her grip. Despite the sense of relief she felt, her chest didn't stop heaving up and down while her pulse was in a total disarray. As the aether dissipated from her hands, the chair slipped and fell harshly onto the floor creating a loud noise.

But, that was the least of her concern now. Ayumi's lips parted as she tried to breathe in oxygen from the air. However, nothing came through her mouth. As she struggled to breathe, she stumbled to the wall using it to support her body.

Ayumi cluthed her chest with one hand while she raised the other to her line of vision. That was when she saw it, streaks of dark veins spreading from her palm down to her arm in a speed visible to the naked eyes.


Fear strike her soul as the darkness dawned on her, gradually clouding her vision. She knew of the impending doom coming her way. From the start, she had been clear of the consequences behind her action when she had decided to utilize her aether. But still, she couldn't help but trembled in fear at the face of death.

Despite that, Ayumi forced a smile. She glanced at the hunter. 'Ah, that was a good punch.'

Then, she slowly closed her eyes, letting her body slid down to the floor. She was ready. Tears trickled down her face as she surrendered herself to the darkness.

However, a tingling feeling suddenly came over her. Her body grew weak, but it was a different kind of weakness. Her eyebrows were pulled into a frown as Ayumi felt a tiny wave of oxygen entered her lungs. Her eyes snapped open and her entire being rose to the temptation.

Hence, using her faded sight to guide her, Ayumi dragged herself out of the classroom and down to the hallway once again. At this point, her brain had stopped processing. It was as if her logic had been robbed from her and she relied solely on her instict to proceed.

She just walked and walked to wherever her feet took her.


- Inside the abandoned storage room -

The young man finally rose to his feet after a while. He couldn't stop his curiosity from growing. The more he waited, the more his five senses went berserk over this sweet enchanting smell that kept on haunting him. It was a futile effort on his side trying to ignore the unprecedented presence.

As he approached the door, the alluring scent grew stronger. It was drawing in, closer and closer to where he was. And then he heard it, a light footsteps threading carefully on the other side of the wall.

He strode forward following the sound. One step at the time, he patiently walked with his eyes close letting himself immersed in this soothing scent of chrysanthemum that he very much adored.

However, he stopped in his track when all of the sudden, a horrible stench wafted in the air disrupting the sweet chrysanthemum flavor.


Ayumi had lost her eyesight completely at this point and every part of her body was screaming in pain. Cold sweat drenched her back sending shiver down her spine.

It was cold. It was terribly cold. She could feel it in her heart, the impending death crawling from her toes. Her face had gone terribly pale as her whole being was shrouded in dark veins.

Eventually, her body gave up even though her instict was pushing her to continue. Ayumi fell forward, sprawled in the middle of the hallway. Her consciousness was thinning out when suddenly she heard an angry scream broke out along with the sound of a door sliding open.


In that second, Ayumi felt her body being lifted and there was a sound of a lock turning before she felt her back landed on something solid. Both of her thighs felt an unfamiliar cold touch. Afterwards, a wet sensation fell on her lips.


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