Four Inches Below
9 Sugary Deligh
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Four Inches Below
Author :Kiiara
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9 Sugary Deligh


Ayumi felt her back crashed on something solid. It immediately sent another dose of agonizing pain gnawing her already feeble body. And to that, her pale lips parted in grimace.

However, not even a second later, she tasted something... wet... sweet... and fragrant teasing her delicate palate.

"Mmmh..." she moaned.

'What is this...?'


As the appetizing smell grew more and more distinct, Ayumi's appetite began to swell out of control. Her hunger couldn't help but succumbed to this alluring temptation of sugary delight ravishing her sense of taste.

Slowly, she opened her mouth a little wider at a time before she finally bit down, nibbling on the soft texture enticing her lips ever since before.

When she did so, a soft groan came through her and a wave of aether flickered down to her core. The Devil's Tears suddenly came to an abrupt halt as a powerful force emerged, shoving it back to whence it came from. After that, Ayumi could feel her senses gradually awakening from the darkness captive.

And in this moment of freedom, the first thing that invaded her senses was - chocolate.

Dark chocolate.

But, it wasn't just that. There was something more to this rich flavor.

Ayumi inched herself closer, more and more, as she worked her mouth through it. She savored it whole bit by bit, slowly deciphering another flavor in this mysterious blend. Until finally, she came to a final juncture and the realization dawned on her.

It was cocoa infused with cinnamon flavor. A perfect convergence of satisfaction for Ayumi's sweet tooth. An aroma that completely enamored Ayumi's desire to feed.

'This is amazing,' she screamed excitedly inside.

Meanwhile, Keito also found himself enjoying this more than he thought he would. This plan of saving his *kohai had somehow turned into a process of taste-test.

Ayumi's scent filled his nose and drove him into a daze. He was undeniably charmed by her. So charmed that his hands began to move. From caressing her jaw to her slender neck and finally his fingers slid down to the top of her chest.

It was at this moment when Ayumi's eyes blinked open and a silvery light entered her vision. It was blinding yet, what a beautiful sight to behold. Her thought was lost in daydream as she gazed upon this scene. Thus, her mouth automatically ceased all actions.

Keito frowned when he noticed her quietness. Hence, he came to a stop as well and their kiss broke. When Keito opened his eyes to see Ayumi, his glittering golden iris and midnight obsidian instantly met her. His reflection was crystal clear on that slightly brownish iris tucked away inside her misty doe-eyes.

Looking at Ayumi's fair skin and adorable face, Keito somewhat breathed a sigh of relief. Those streaks of dark veins covering her body had disappeared now. Because of that, Keito couldn't help but smiled as he stroked Ayumi's cheek.

On the other hand, Ayumi blinked upon feeling the warm sensation running on her face. But still, her eyes didn't move from Keito's irresistible face. Ayumi had never seen such otherworldly beauty like his before.

It was...fascinating. Somewhat.

"You're beautiful," she suddenly spoke up while being completely oblivious to her own words.

Truth to be told, it didn't amuse Keito one bit to hear beautiful from her mouth. However, as he noticed how dumbfounded she was while staring at him, Keito couldn't help but felt pleased.

His lips broke into a smile then and Ayumi instantly felt something exploding inside her. It sent her grinning like a little girl.

"No wonder you smell good," she said again.

Amused, Keito's smile became even more evident. He raised an eyebrow as he asked her dotingly, "You like it?"

Ayumi nodded absentmindedly. Afterwards, she moved in for a peck. Keito was a bit surprised by her straightforwardness. But nonetheless, one cookie for him and he happily receive it.

"Taste good too," Ayumi commented.

Keito burst into laughter when he heard that. So, he playfully asked her, "Shall we continue then?"

"What?" Ayumi was a bit confused.

Keito closed the distance between them and as he came right before her lips, he whispered, "Kissing."

There could technically be several responses to that request if Ayumi was in the right mind presently. But, the highest possibility would be a rejection.

However, unfortunately for Ayumi, her brain was currently a big bowl of mush. She couldn't think properly and could only rely purely on her instinct. So, if it was good, it was good. If she liked it, she liked it. No more logic. She had thrown it to the roof, gone with the wind.

And all of this was the courtesy of none other than Keito who had cunningly released his Alpha pheromone to subdue her.

So, there was only one option for Ayumi now and that was...

"Okay," she agreed, grinning ear to ear.

Whereas the big bad Alpha had a smirk dancing on his face. He proceeded to kiss her then, however, just as his lips pried open her lips, a loud bang was ensued outside the door.

It instantly broke Keito's spell. Ayumi was jolted back to her senses and she immediately stared at the door in horror, forgetting all about Keito.

"Oh no.." Ayumi was ready to get on her feet again, when suddenly her chin was grabbed and her head was turned to face him. A kiss landed straight on her lips.

It drove her speechless and another round of feeding began.

Without any delay, Keito pried open her lips and his tongue slipped in, invading every inch of her mouth. He was licking and sucking, savoring the soothing taste of chrysanthemum.

He started out first in a sweet way, slowly, and romantically, until his entire being went frenzy from the flowery scent she delivered him.

It was then he began taking her in a more urgent way, more dangerously, and blazingly hot. His action was entirely screaming 'I fucking need you now.'

And Ayumi didn't shy away from that either. She opened up to him, letting him explored her and she explored him.

It felt right. Everything about this. Like it was a familiar action and his taste was something that felt at home on her tongue.

By this point, Ayumi was already delirious, basking in pleasure from his touch.

Yet... it wasn't enough.

She needed him. She needed more of this sugary delight. This kiss was not enough to curb her appetite.

He was a sweet poisonous presence that had captivated her fully, like a drug begging her to take it, to consume it, and to become one for eternity to come.

So, what was being reserved now?


At this moment, it had all come down to pure desire. Keito wanted her. And so did Ayumi.

Every damn inch of their body was shivering in lust for each other.

So, Ayumi began to move aggressively as she pulled Keito down by his neck. She entangled her tongue with his, kissing him wilder than ever before. It was an explosion of sensory driving them both into a frenzy state and their hands were set into motion.

Keito slid down from her cheek, little by little, until his hand reached the top of her chest once again. But this time, he didn't stop there and proceeded forward to fully take possession of her breast.

He caressed her, touched her, sending wave upon wave of pleasure to the top of her head and to the tip of her fingers and toes.

A moan escaped from her mouth, "Hmmnn.."

Keito felt even more triggered when he heard her moan. So, he moved away from her lips towards her ear. As he nibbled on her exposed ear, he asked her in a low sexy voice, "Do you want more?"

Ayumi was currently burying her face on his shoulder while enjoying his touch. When she vaguely heard his question, without answering him, her hands came to the row of buttons on his shirt and she started unbuttoning them.

Keito smirked noticing her eagerness. It was now his turn to move. While one of his hands was still on her breast, the other went reaching down for the next quest.


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