Four Inches Below
10 Four Inches Below
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Four Inches Below
Author :Kiiara
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10 Four Inches Below

Something continued to burn within Ayumi. Even as Keito's hand grazed her thigh from atop her skirt, she could feel the pulsing, molten heat of lust ignited within her core. It spread throughout her body like a wildfire.

Ayumi's legs began to tingle, rubbing each other in sweat, while her breast swelled hardening her nipples. And Keito's scent didn't fare well on her either, it set her whole body ablazed as if pouring gasoline on the flames.

Her breath fell short as she unbuttoned his shirt, panting with crazed desire. Her mind was going on repeat on how she craved for him, how she wanted him to ravish her.

The way Keito looked at Ayumi, those pair of distinct eyes were brimming with lust as well, letting her knew he was also drowning in the same primal urges.

And the more Ayumi's lips nibbled on the crook of his neck, the more strained his breath became. They were both aroused by each other pheromones, becoming drunk with a violent, sex-induced hunger.

Keito chuckled as beads of sweat trickled down his face. "I think I might have to hurry those little fingers of yours a bit," he whispered, his hot breath blowing softly on her sensitive ear.

His words immediately sent Ayumi's grip on his shirt tightened and without a second longer, she wildly ripped it open. After that, she let her hand roamed freely on his surprisingly toned muscle.

In all honesty, Ayumi didn't expect his lean-looking body would have such sexy muscles hiding underneath his shirt and due to this fact, she became even more turned on.

She licked off her lips as she ran her fingers through his luminous silver locks before wrenching his head to the side, surprising Keito, the alpha, of her forcefulness. Her lips reached for his again and they pressed together in a fiery friction.

Amidst their kiss, Ayumi helped fling off his shirt, letting it slid down his arms, while Keito also proceeded to yank her top off and unhooked her bra next. Ayumi's perky breasts immediately bounced free for Keito's hand to fondle without restriction.

It didn't take long for their kiss to break off as Keito's lips began trailing down from her neck towards her breasts. He started licking her nipples then, sucking and nipping both of them in turn.

Every touch of his tongue and lips sent tremors through Ayumi's body as she moaned again and again with her soft melodious voice that drove Keito horny.

"Ahh...." Her voice was echoing in ecstasy under his care.

By this point, Ayumi could feel herself getting wet, and the air in her lungs heated up. Her aether pulsating as it coursed through her body, boiling her skin and drenching her in sweat.

Ayumi could barely catch her breath when she felt his hand slipping under her skirt. He rubbed her then with her panties still on. Despite the barrier, he could clearly feel her sex throbbing with desire. And he complied to her lust, caressing her more and more though in a slow tormenting way.

Ayumi body gradually tensed up feeling the pressure inside her building up. She buried her head onto his shoulder as she felt his hand moving in. Without anything to separate them now, Keito could finally feel how wet she was deep down. He smiled as he yanked her head backwards to taste her delicious lips again.

While he did so, his fingers started to rub her bare sex, touching her clit every now and then. His actions shot wave upon wave of pleasure to her brain as she mouned into his mouth. Meanwhile, Keito found himself growing fond of this wet reaction from her. So, he spread her quivering sex apart and slowly moved his finger in.

Ayumi's body jolted in response and she broke their kiss, moaning in pain. Upon hearing that, Keito stopped for a bit but didn't take his finger out.

He kissed her teary eyes, her cheeks, and then back to her lips again where he asked, "First time?"

Ayumi with her arms still around his neck, nodded her head weakly. However, Ayumi knew it herself, even with this painful sensation, her lust did not die out. It still burnt ever so strongly. So, at the thought of hims stopping, her body trembled in refusal.

She was about to tell him no when he spoke first. "Don't worry," he said, "I'll do it slowly."

After that, Ayumi felt him moving inside her again.

"Ahh..." she moaned softly which attracted Keito to take her lips again.

He continued to finger her, upping his pace as the time rolled by. Moving faster and faster as her body gradually loosening up. At one point, Ayumi had even subconsciously spread her legs to give him more access while moving her hips following the rhythm of his movement.

And then, he felt it, her body tightening and her sex sucking his finger in. To that, his hand moved even more intensely, sliding in and out of her wet walls, while at the same time, his thumb rubbing her clit.

In that moment, pleasure crashed her whole being like a wave crashing the shore. It was overwhelmingly wild to the point that her brain went blank.

In that instant, a never before blissful ecstasy exploded in her head. Everything was released in a violent eruption, and waves of hot contractions shook Ayumi's body. All the air rushed out from her as she opened her mouth to scream. However, her voice was instantly muted by Keito's kiss.


The orgasm left Ayumi panting and her body limp. Her vision was blurry from the tears coming out during her climax. She was currently leaning on Keito's body as she tried to catch her breath. Yet suddenly, Keito pushed her down onto the table.

"Huh?" Ayumi was both confused and delirious.

However, when she saw the smile on his face, her body twitched in reflex. Next, she saw him drifting down below. She frowned as she felt her skirt and underwear being pulled down.

However, before she could sit up, she felt another round of pleasure shot to her core. Immediately, her body slammed back to the table with both of her hands covering her mouth.

Despite feeling tired, her body somehow found the energy to respond. It clenched under his touch. She could feel his tongue licking her wet sex while kissing and sucking it in turn. Undoubtedly, his action made her toes curled once again and the sensation forced her voice out.

She moaned fervently over and over again filling every inch of the room with her sweet pheromones. Keito groaned upon sniffing her scent as he felt his member growing rigid, throbbing with desire. He didn't delay any longer then and intensified his action. His finger entered her again while he kept teasing her with his tongue at the same time.

This combination successfully drove Ayumi crazy and it didn't take her long before she found her release for the second time today.

Afterwards Keito stood up and his eyes gazed appreciatively at the seductive view of Ayumi's naked body lying weakly on the table.

However, this was just the beginning. With ease, Keito unbuckled his belt. As it fell onto the floor creating a sharp noise, Ayumi twitched back to focus. She watched in her weak state as Keito zipped open his pants.

It was at this moment, her mind reacted for a split second. A warning alarmed Ayumi's body.

On the other hand, Keito was ready to take her when suddenly he was overcome with surprise. Ayumi appeared before him and her fingers wrapped against his smooth shaft, gently sliding up and down its length.

Keito was about to say something but, Ayumi shut him with a kiss before her lips went four inches below his abdomen. She knelt down taking his hard cock into her mouth.

Keito who was already on edge to begin with, immediately buckled under the stimulation. Although Ayumi's movement was clumsy, nevertheless she successfully seduced him.

She had him good, stroking, licking, everything that drove his mind empty. Keito was breathing hard as he lost all control, drowning in the pleasure of Ayumi's handiwork.


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