G-Project Ultima
2 Chapter 0,5
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G-Project Ultima
Author :Ranzoku
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2 Chapter 0,5

-Hobby Shop, 06:30 am-

"Did you have your own GP Base ? If you don't have one, I can giving you out of free, considering as an investment" The man said while do a setting up for Gunpla Battle System.

Ryutaro grinned "Of course I've one, even though I'm not a Gunpla Fighter, I still have to adjusting and tune up the Gunpla I've made" he walk to Gunpla battle room.

"Ohh, right. Please set the damage level set to C, I want to test out the movement of my Gunpla. Of course the stability of twin GN Drive Trans-Am, Unicorn Psycho.."

"You do understand if I've to open my store, right?" The man asked suddenly

"Uhmm, yes? Please uncle, later I'll help you okay. Ohh, right I want to test it out in every field" Ryu said giving his shitty smirk.

The owner grunted "Of course you do…"

Ryutaro looked to his Gunpla "Ultima Rex", feeling accomplished at his creation.

"Well, let's test it out." Ryutaro looked to the owner waiting for confirmation, if he finished the setting for Gunpla Battle System. Not long after, the owner giving his signal.

The Gunpla Battle System turned on.

-Please set your GP Base-

-Beginning Plavsky Particle Dispersal-

-Field 01: Space-

-Please place your Gunpla-

-Test: Start-

"Barbatos Ultima Rex, Launching!" Ryu shouted. The catapult launching the Gundam into the battlefield.

"Okay, first of all let's do a normal maneuver. Okay, so far looking good, then let's see how the booster from freedom wing pack works". As if to respond ryu's command, the wings then spreading out for the higher maneuverability.

"Now, Trans-Am!" Ryu shouted, as he activated the Trans-Am. The suit turned to his iconic red hue, GN Particles being dispersed. "Alright now, slowly begin increasing the GN Particle output till max. 70%...75%...80…85…90…95…100%!" The amount of GN particles kept increasing, slowly enveloping the unit more and more in the green 'mist'.

"How's it looking?" The owner voice heard through in the battle room.

"…Whoaa..you startle me there uncle, I never thought you can communicate to me through the system. Well the stability is perfect, but I've to adjust my awareness. never have I move this fast". Ryu said while keep maneuvering his Gunpla.

"First of all, no. I'm not communicating you through the system, you see, there's speaker over there. That's where my voice come out, we usually use it for add a BGM or music when people do a Gunpla Battle. And how do I understand your words? I can read your lips". Both Male face turn serious

"Okay, I never know if you're this creepy oldman" Ryu said while avoiding his Gunpla from the debris destroyed spaceship.

The owner laughed so hard "Bwahahaha..hahaha.." then his expression turned serious. "So I believe you've your agenda, because you're still not deploy the beam assault cannon from the DRAGOON pods."

Hearing what the owner said, made ryu chuckle a little bit. "Allow me to correct your mistake,uncle. Just because I take the wings pack from Freedom, that doesn't mean I've to use the DRAGOON system"."If Sei Iori come out with RG System, then why not I come out with my own too?"

Ryu then take out glasses from his pocket pants and put it on his face, the glasses cover up his upper face (imagine the glasses that meijin kawaguchi used when he used Exia Dark Matter).

"Deactivate Trans-Am" Due the deactivate of Trans-Am, the Gunpla regain his original colour. But Ryu not stopping there.

"Awaken Ultima Rex" The Armor plates expanded, revealing the glowing red Psycho-Frame under the armor. The wings pack and the beam assault cannon even revealing the glowing red Psycho-Frame.

The owner face turned serious upon witnessing the scene at the monitor. "That form…" "Yeah, if it's him. Maybe he can help us with the project full dives system".

"Uhmm…23, 25, 30 incoming Mobile Suit…wow, you're really flatter me" Ryu looked at the radar. "Never thought you're thinking so highly of me".

"Well, it's not a big deal." Ryu was confident in his own NT-D System and Gunpla. "Let's dance Ultima Rex!!" Ryu shouted as he power up the booster output. "Trans-Am" Ryu shouted, as he activated the Trans-Am stacking it up. The suit once again turned to his iconic red hue.

-Hobby Shop, 07:18am-

-Test: Ended-

The Plavsky particles disappeared, and the Barbatos was returned to its normal, lifeless state.

"…Incredible… I've never seen anything like this in the history of Gunpla Battle… He finished all 13 fields within 30 minutes." The owner had a serious face. "The Psycho-Frame and Trans-Am, they synchronize really well…"

-Hobby Shop, 07:45am-

'Indeed I said that I'll help him out, but I never know he'll cash it now. This better be a good thing, I even cancel my appointment'. Ryu said while tapping his right foot with annoyance expression shown on his face. He had waited in front of the hobby shop for 15 minutes.

After a few second, the door finally open and the owner walked outside. The oldman put the "closed" sign indicating that the store is out of business for awhile.

Ryu looked to the man direction. "Are you gonna meet with some higher up oldman?"

"Something like that" The oldman said while he lit up his cigarette.

Not long after a honking sound is heard. The oldman looked at the direction of the source, a black limo is driving towards his location. The limo slowed down and the co-driver seat is open revealed a man with black suit, black hair guy with black glasses on him.

The man bow a little to the oldman "Good morning, Mr. Dojima. I hope you're not waiting for long."

"Don't worry, we're not waiting that long." Dojima oldman said with smile.

The man in suit then open the door for Dojima to get in the limo. After dojima get, the man still stood in there, as if expecting ryu to get in too.

"What're you waiting for ryu? Don't be such a nagging grandma in the morning, just ge in the limo." Dojima oldman said while huffing his smoke.

"Technically it's still morning…well, whatever." Ryu sighed, he decided to just ignore his frustration and get in the limo. The limo drove them to somewhere and Ryu still had no idea where is this oldman taking him too and what kind of 'help' he himself suppose to do.

"Hey oldman, you haven't told me what kind of help do you want me to do? If it's one of those illegal thing,then I'm out from here." Ryu said while looking outside through the limo's window.

"Do you know about Four Leaves Corp ? " Oldman Dojima asked

"Are you saying about the same Four Leaves Corp. that doing head to head competition with Nielsen Labs about the next Gunpla Battle Simulation Sytem?" Ryu face turned serious

"You see, I'm also one of the investor for Four Leaves Corp. So far, the system is almost finished. But we need more person to testing it out. In the past we got many appliances, but right now only one person that can fully dive with this system." Oldman Dojima explained.

"Why asked for me then? You can asked the regular Gunpla Fighter in your hobby shop, right?" Ryu can't believe what he's hearing just now. Because the only person that can fully dive with that system is none other himself.

"Well, we need more data, so the more people that can used the system, the more data that can be collected, right? " Oldman Dojima asked showing his best smile.

"You do remember, if I'm just helping you out this one time. You know that, right?" Ryu asked looking annoyed.

"Of course, I do." Oldman Dojima said instantly. "But I believe when Four Leaves Corp. see your performance, they'll try their best to get your cooperation". Oldman Dojima said with smiling face.

"Whatever..." Ryu looked away with arms crossed, Oldman Dojima just chuckled at the reaction.

After several minutes, they had arrived at Four Leaves Corp. Oldman Dojima then entered the lobby area and then someone approached him. While Ryu just keep his silent, he really can't imagine what kind of face oldman dojima will make when he know the truth.

Dojima then called out Ryu, telling him to followed. During their way, some people greet him and bow a little. Of course Old Dojima mistaken it, thinking that they're greeting him, with he replies with his creppy smile. "They're, really polite." Oldman Dojima said while keeping his smile, sometimes he even waving his hands.

"By the way Ryu-kun, it's been bugging me for a while. Why didn't you participate any gunpla battle? With the way you're now, your skill is good enough to enter the National ." Dojima asked

"That's something I don't want to answer."

Dojima gave up, he knew that no matter what Ryu will never give him the answer. Well, he believe maybe that's something personal.

"Oh? We're here." Dojima and Ryu arrived at a metallic door with a tag Testing Area 1. The metallic door split open and reveal few scientist working on machinery, Dojima and Ryu walk into it and one of the lab coats people is rushing straight towards them.

"Mr. Dojima! You finally arrive!" A man with a brown messy hair with rounded glasses."Thank you for coming today, I'm Assistant Engineer, Kadoya Tsukasa. We're really appreciacite your helping in this project"

"Ahh…By the way did you meet with Ryu-san on the way here Mr. Dojima?". "Please meet with our only person that can fully dive with the new system." Kadoya then turn towards Ryu looked annoyed. "I believe you've an explanation, why you've to cancel your appointment in testing the sytem today?"

Ryu just scratched his back head. "Well, something come up. I've to help someone, thinking that's urgent but lookslike that's for naught." Ryu said with shrugged shoulders.

"Well, good things now you're here. At least you can help judging the person that Mr. Dojima want to introduce to us." Kadoya sighed in relief

"I doubt that, look Mr. Dojima still in that state. I can't judge if Mr. Dojima doesn't want introduce the person he was mentioned to me." Ryu smirk

"What did you say?!" Oldman Dojima brings his face to Kadoya, "Are you saying that this brat here is the person that can fully dive with the new system !" Kadoya adjusted his glasses and stare at Oldman Dojima.

"You heard me right Mr. Dojima." Instant despair, that's what Oldman Dojima felt. He suddenly remember how he behave on the way to this place, he feels odd many people greet and bow to him. Turn out that was not towards him but to Ryu brat !! Engineer Kadoya can only sweatdrop at the scene and rub his temple.

"Ahem, well then Ryu-san since you're already here, will you testing out like you always do? And Mr. Dojima, will you come with me, we're gonna see Ryu-san testing out from somewhere safe."

"Okay, I'm on my way" Ryu said as he walked past both Oldman Dojima who's still in despair and Kadoya with a tired look. Kadoya stare at Ryu, Ryu just shrugged his shoulder indicating that everything happened to the Oldman Dojima is nothing to do with him.

Oldman Dojima and engineer Kadoya have arrived at the testing area for the new Gunpla simulation. Kadoya explained during their way to the testing area, Four Leaves Corp. wanted to implement a new gunpla simulation system where it will be held in a virtual cyberspace dimension, to give a new experience of gunpla battle where fighters and their gunpla will be transfer in there. In that place the fighters will battle numerous numbers of customized gunpla CPU and rival fighters as they proceed through missione/quest on each field.

It is an entirely new battle experience to give a feel not just PVP but also a mix of PVE and PVP together.

"Ryu-san, please get ready for the simulation". One of the staff said through intercom. Not long after, Ryu walked out from changing room with his pilot suit, the suit colour is black (imagine Freed Suit from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei).

One of the staff worker calling out Ryu to get in to the chamber, saying that the preparation is complete.

Ryu finally took a seat inside, it's almost identical to RX 0 Unicorn cockpit for some reason. The lid has closed and panel lights are online, the robotic voice of the machine spoken to him. "Please set your GP base." Ryu placed his GP base on the slot reading his information. The lid beside the GP base slot had opened, the light tag read 'Gunpla slot' is flashing, "Please placed your Gunpla". Ryu reached out to his left pocket and took out a small case that revealed his Gunpla Barbatos Ultima Rex.

"Well here goes." Ryu said as he inserting the gunpla into the empty slot which later closed up. "Beginning Plavsky Particle Dispersal." The gunpla were scanned and soon the chamber also scanned on Ryu entire body.

-Hangar, Virtual Cyberspace Dimension 10:35am-

Ryu slowly opened his eye's and saw his own Gunpla in front of his eyes, just right now his Gunpla is in real life size. He slowly walked into the Gundam, the dock finally open indicating he welcomed ryu to get into the cockpit.

-Cockpit, Barbatos Ultima Rex 10:38am-

"I'm just gonna do a normal mission, is that okay?"Ryu asked through communication channel.

"…okay, please be ready and get moved to the linear catapult." The voice said through the communication.

Mission : Destroy/annihilated all the mobile suit (50)

"Okay, way to go for the warm up". "Ryutaro, Barbatos Ultima Rex Launching !"." Ryu said as the catapult lauch the Gundam and he ignited the booster and quickly left the ship.

His radar lit up with contacts. There were ten Laurasia-class frigates directly ahead and they had all launched their mobile suits. Forty seven of them were standard GINNs, and three were mobile armor.

"Oi, this is not the "normal" mission what I mean !!" Ryu shouted looking annoyed.

"Tch, whatever. Awaken Ultima Rex!!" The Armor plates expanded, revealing the glowing red Psycho-Frame under the armor. The wings pack and the beam assault cannon even revealing the glowing red Psycho-Frame.

"Trans-Am, maximize GN-particle output, deploy all the beam assault cannon, activate multi lock-on system" Ryu said while both of Ultima Rex hands equip with both high energy long range beam cannon.

"Full Burst Mode!!" Ryo Shouted

-Space, Virtual Cyberspace Dimension 11:20am-

Mission Completed

Ryu released a sigh, today was really exhausting. Because technically speaking he's running with this system 2 times and that's without proper resting time. If he goes with his pilot suit, he can go for 3 times, but there's no way he's using the pilot suit for testing out the Gunpla at a hobby shop.

"Good job out there, please wait a minute before you log out". The voice heard throught the communication channel.

Then a rippled form in the Virtual Cyberspace, turn out it was a black hole. All the debris after the battle been sucked even the barbatos slowly getting sucked towards the black hole direction. "Hey, Kadoya! Is it normal for a black hole appear in this place ?!!" Ryu asked furiously.

"Black hole? Ryu-san what are you-?" Suddenly the the space shattered, all that can be seen just a black screen through the monitor. Ryu muttered a few words but Kadoya unable to hear anything, the chamber has engulfed with bright light causing the workers trying to open had backed away. Once the light has died out, the chamber automatically opened itself, the workers slowly approach with caution and muttered what they saw.

Engineer Kadoya rush towards the room where the chamber capsule is, he pushed away the workers to what's going on. However, what Kadoya saw in front of him was an empty chamber.


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