G-Project Ultima
4 Chapter 2
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G-Project Ultima
Author :Ranzoku
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4 Chapter 2

The red light beam pierced through the GINNs and several others that in the line projectory, destroying them.

"Radar," Murrue yelled, "where did that come from?!"

The man at the post responded, "I don't know, the radar can't identified where it come from !!"

"What did you say!! there's no way it come from nothing !! Search throughfully!!" Murrue snapped

The man once again at the post responded, "Confirmed an Unidentified craft at three o'clock!"

"On screen!" She ordered

A mobile suit with the colour mostly white, there's sword attached at both of the shoulders. each of the hands equipped with high beam cannon. Suddenly the head of mobile suit looked toward their side, as if know if he was been monitored.

"Whose machine is that?! Since when that thing over there!! How come that thing not identified earlier!! " she cried out.

"Unknown," came the reply from radar, "there are no matches in the database."

The bridge crew looked on as the new mobile suit packing back the high beam cannon to his backpack, then he dispatch both swords on his shoulder equip it on each hands and moved quickly into the thick swarm of GINNs that harassing the Archangel. Slicing into half one by one the GINN units.

"How come he sliced the armor that easily…" Murrue muttered still hardly able to believe what was happening. Five, no that's not right, it's already ten GINNs in a single minute . The white mobile suit maneuver easily dodging the rocket launched by several GINNs, then quickly moved towards them and destroying them in the process.

Due the appearance of a certain white mobile suit easily destroyed 15 GINNs in 2 minutes, there's a sudden halt in the battle between EA and ZAFT. The remaining GINN just floated in the void, looking at the white mobile suit direction. Both Aegis and Strike had stopped their duel and were looking at the white mobile suit too.

-Cockpit, Barbatos Ultima Rex-

Some distance ahead Ryu could see a battle waging. Sure enough, he could see the very same Nazca-class ship Versalius, and it already looked like it was preparing to fire. Surrounding it in a dance of death and exchange of combat fire were the GINN mobile suits along with the Aegis, Strike, and Mobius Zero. Of course he could see both the Aegis and Strike exchanging fire, but neither of the two looked to be really trying hit each other.

Two GINNs flew to Archangel made it past the ship's point defenses, ready to blast off the ship. Ryu focused on it, unpacked both of M2000GX High-Energy Long Range Beam Cannon on Ultima Rex backpack, equip it on both his Gundam hands and shoot through the GINNs, destroying them, and several others in the line projectory.

"GN particles should be messing with their radar, considering it wasn't turning around to face me, let's minimalize the GN particles output". Ryu then smiled "It's time to make my entrance".

Ryu then packing back both of M2000GX High-Energy Long Range Beam Cannon to Ultima Rex backpack, then he dispatch both swords on his Gundam shoulder equip it on each hands and moved quickly into the thick swarm of GINNs, he ignored the shocks expression of both side, continuing to destroy the GINNs units.

The Aegis broke off its duel with the Strike and started to charge towards Ryu, but Ryu just ignored it. Without delaying further, Ryu then unpacked one of M2000GX High-Energy Long Range Beam Cannon, equip it on his Gundam right hand and fired towards swarms of GINNs, destroying them. The Aegis halted and looked towards the destruction made by ryu, the Aegis then turn into mobile armor mode continuing his pursuit.

Ryu keep destroying the GINNs on his way towards one of the Laurasia-class frigates. Warning sirens blared as he detected being locked onto by the ship. "At least now they're focused on me," Ryu said to himself. Another warning came up and quickly approaching was the Aegis in mobile armor mode. He arched a brow. "As expected, only counting with the booster without the wings spreading out and minimum GN particles output, with this massive packed weapon of course the Aegis slowly can reached to me."

Ryu then unpacked another one of M2000GX High-Energy Long Range Beam Cannon, equip it on his Gundam left hand. He then ready both of M2000GX High-Energy Long Range Beam Cannon, take aim and lock on to the Laurasia-class frigates.

"Noo…!! Stop it, don't shoot…!!!" suddenly heard a voice from an unencrypted communications channel. But Ryu just ignored it, and fired it to the Laurasia-class frigates. The ship torned into two, detonated and destroyed.

Ryu then packing it back both of M2000GX High-Energy Long Range Beam Cannon into Ultima Rex backpack, now he's completetly unarmed. The Aegis then shoot beams towards Ryu, but he just evade it easily.

"Why you shot down the ship!!" now ryu believe that the voice from before was Athrun. Slowly The Aegis turned into mobile suit form, it took one of energy beam saber with his right hand and flung towards Ryu. But Ryu just stood there not even try to dodge, he then catched the Aegis right hand, and shredding it from the Aegis body.

"Ehh…" Athrun in dazed can't believed what's just happened.

"Noo…!! Athrun !!" The Blitz come out from nowhere and starting to shots with his beam riffle try to separated the white mobile suit from the Aegis.

Ryu then maneuver Ultima Rex away from Aegis after he kicks away Aegis sending it towards the Blitz. A few seconds later, Ryu turned to see the 250 meter long Nelson-class battleship take two large emerald beams fired by the main guns of the Nazca-class destroyer, tearing the vessel in two.

-The Bridge, Archangel-

Suddenly the radar man shouted out, "The Montgomery!" Murrue turned to see the 250 meter long Nelson-class battleship take two large emerald beams fired by the main guns of the Nazca-class destroyer. The hit resulted in a spectacular fireball, tearing the vessel in two.

"What… daddy…" said Flay numbly, unable to believe what had just happened. She then sank to the deck, letting go of her hostage, and started shrieking hysterically, tears flowing.

"Flay," said Sai as he came up to her, the blond haired young man taking the girl in his arms. Like her, he was a civilian from Heliopolis who had been taken aboard the Archangel just before the colony had been destroyed. Due to some of the crew being killed before they could board the ship, he and some of his friends had volunteered to help out on the bridge.

"No! Let go! Let me go to daddy!" she cried out, trying desperately to shake him off before fainting.

"Get her off my bridge!" Murrue yelled, hating how harsh she sounded, but she had no time for politeness.

She was startled to see Ensign Natarle Badgiruel, her black haired second in command, suddenly grab Lacus and bring her towards the communications console. Before Murrue could say anything, she was broadcasting on an open channel.

"Attention ZAFT forces!" she began, "We have Chairman Clyne's daughter, Lacus Clyne, on board." All fighting suddenly ceased. Even the mysterious new mobile suit, which had just destroyed the Laurasia-class frigate, ceased fighting and turned toward the Archangel. "By chance we came across her life pod and brought her aboard for humanitarian purposes. However, should you continue attacking us, her safety cannot be guaranteed." Natarle took a breath, and then continued. "We are willing to trade her in return for a cease-fire."

There was a pause, and then the image of a man with long blond hair and a mask, wearing the white uniform of a ZAFT commander, appeared on the main screen. "Your terms are reasonable. Do I have your word that the girl will not be harmed?"

Murrue stepped forward and forced Natarle to stand aside. "Yes," she replied, "I give you my word as commander of the ship."

The man nodded, "Very well. We will recall our remaining units. We'll send one of our mobile suits to retrieve her when you're ready."

"Understood," replied Murrue, "Let us recall our own craft. We'll have the Strike's pilot take her after it's recharged."

The man nodded again, "Fine." With that he cut the communication.

Murrue looked at Natarle, who returned her stare without flinching. "I won't apologize," said Natarle, "I was acting in the interest of this ship."

Murrue nodded. "I know, but I still don't approve it. However, I'll overlook your actions this time. Recall Mu La Flaga, and have his machines repaired A.S.A.P. Try to open a channel with the new mobile suit, and tell kira to stand by, in case he agreed to come abroad to Archangel. he'll guide the new mobile suit to Archangel".

-Cockpit, Barbatos Ultima Rex-

Ryu looked to the ZAFT Nazca-class ship Versalius, as it fired a retreat flair. The Blitz take the Aegis back with him retreated to the ZAFT Nazca-class ship Versalius. Ryu could feel the hostile from the Blitz, Duel and Buster, but Ryu just ignored it. Meanwhile the Strike remained where it was, watching the Blitz fly off with the Aegis. Most likely Kira worried about the condition of Athrun

Ryu Looked towards his monitor as there's a sign Archangel want to contact him, Ryu then let it through to his channel.

."Unknown Mobile Suit, this is Archangel, do you read us?" A voice asks cutting through a decent amount of static in the process.

"Affirmative Archangel, I read you loud and clear". Ryu responded in business state.

"This is Ensign Badgiruel of the Archangel, Identify yourself and who're you working for." Badgiruel demands, coming in much clearer now.

Ryu shaked his head clearly annoyed, then unpacked one of M2000GX High-Energy Long Range Beam Cannon, equip it on his Gundam right hand and fired slightly off from the bridge of the Archangel.

"What're you doing ?! Why you fired out your beam cannon towards us!" Badgiruel says.

"Gratitude, thanks, I think that's the first thing you should say towards your benefactor. Or the way Naturals show their gratitude towards their benefactor is different? Like pointing your high power beam cannon to me and demanding my personal information?" "Also between you charging up your high power beam cannon and me coming tearing apart your ship which one is faster?" Ryu asked still annoyed

"Is that a threat?" come another voice in line

"No, it's a promise. Because I can make it happen right here, right now". Ryu stated

The line went quiet for a few moments before the Gottfried's collapsed back into the top of the Archangel's 'legs'. No doubt Captain Ramius had something to say about that.

"This is Captain Ramius of the Archangel, we have deactivated our weapons, now would you mind telling us who you are and who're you working for?" Ramius asks, ignoring Badgiruel's protests.

"Codename Zero, a mercenary, any further question. I'd prefer not to discuss over an open channel. May I come aboard?". Ryu asked

"Alright, we'll open the bay doors immediately. Please come inside allow the Strike to guide you to the Archangel. " Ramius said

Ryu nodded. "Roger that," he said, then cut the link.

The Strike lead Ultima Rex to the launch port. From there, Ryu took over and touched down, moving the machine into hangar, and position his Gundam in one of the various empty MS cages, likely intended for one of the stolen G-Weapons . Now what? Ryu thought. He began to wonder if this is like one of the chain quest, surely he'll travel through many place, maybe he'll even come to earth. Though that would be something, is the server that big? He looked out and saw many of the crew staring at his machine, and couldn't help but sighed. "This is awesome, it's like it's real. I'm gonna enjoy it, if only i can go back right now" Ryu said while shaking his head. Side camera saw the hanger close. From there, a signal popped up on his screen telling him the outside was pressurized and oxygen was being pumped to breath.

The Strike parked into a space opposite of him, and Ryu watched the hatch open. Kira Yamato exited, removing his helmet as he drifted in the weightlessness. He was drifting towards Ultima Rex but was stopped as armed personnel approached, weapons drawn and aimed at the cockpit of Ultima Rex. Not surprising. Ryu was an unknown and this was just a precautionary. But still, Ryu was not happy with it. Ryu then checking up both his Guns on the holster, so far everything is good. "I'm going to show them, why to not mess up with a yakuza."

Ryu went through the various systems of Ultima Rex, shutting them down one by one and setting up various passwords. he also locked the Gundam functions, using both the GP Base as a physical key, and his bio-metrics as well to ensure that Ryu the only one who could use it. He disconnected the GP Base when a bounding at the hatch got his attention. Popping the hatch, along with the sound of a second hiss from another set of doors. And as soon as the hatch fully opened, there was a soldier, his handgun pointed to Ryu.

"Sir, climb out of the machine…" Before the soldier finish his line, Ryu already catched his hand, and broke it."ARrrgghh…" Ryu then shot him in the head and the others two beside him in the chest.

Ryu then walked out from the cockpit and looking around, the cockpit closed automatically.'Lookslike this one quite energetic' Ryu thought as there's still one soldier that still alive. He then shot it again in the head, killing him. The atmosphere was tensed and heavy , Ryu who was still with his pilot suit looked intimidating, he then looked towards a certain woman.

"Is this how the Naturals show theirs gratitude towards theirs benefactor, Ensign Natarle Badgiruel?" Ryu asked with cold tone


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