Gangter's Bride
3 Episode 3
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Gangter's Bride
Author :EmpressShaaa
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3 Episode 3

Jayla woke up in distress from last night, she put her right hand on her face because her head is spinning and can't think straight. The happening from last night flashback on her mind and immediately examine herself she is wearing her night dress and nervously looked around and luckily knew that she were on her room that give her assurance and relief. Nothing happens to her she lied down on her bed once again and remember who helped her.

On her mind she knew that last night she was at the bar drinking and a rogue suddenly approach when she bumped into it and that rogue force her to come when suddenly before losing her consciousness someone came in her rescue but she can't remember who it was but the voice sounds so familiar.

She suddenly woke up again if she is in her room someone might know who saved her last night. Even if she's dizzy she forced herself to stand up and went to the kitchen. The maid saw her and asks her if she needs something.

"Miss Jayla do you want anything, does your head hurt?" one of the maid asks her, she examine the place and nod at once. She sat on a stool and the maid prepares something for her to drink.


Nexus went inside the study room where his mom is.

"Nexus what's that on your face?" her mom worriedly went towards him and examine his swollen face. He avoided her mom's touch and touches his own swollen face.

"Mom its fine it's no big deal" he said while smiling and facing his mom.

"Why did you come home all of a sudden by the way?" before his mom went back they've already talked to each other that Nexus will be staying there for another 3 days to explore the place and unwind too.

"I've miss here" he brushes his fingers in to his hair and sat on the chair next to him.

"But still Nexus you should have been careful" been so worried about his son has gotten into fight.

"I promise..."

"Mom" suddenly Jayla walked inside the study room to talk to her mom and will try to ask who saved her yesterday but she was surprised to find Nexus talking to their mother. She blatantly walked towards them and faces Nexus with a raised brow. Nexus got up when he saw her sister walked inside.

"So? What are you doing here?" she interrupted and cross her arms. Obviously she doesn't like Nexus, she wouldn't be cruel if she likes him.

"I just wanted to be with all of you, especially you sister" Nexus shows sincerity from what he said, he cancelled his entire plan in Australia just to see and spend time with her.

"Well I don't want to be with you!" she sounded so irritated just by hearing those words from his brother, ever since Nexus turns 5 years old he keeps on nagging her to hanged out with him and play that's how they used to be but that was changed when their parents focus their attention to Nexus alone forgetting that they have a daughter to raise together with Nexus.

"Come on I just came back yesterday" he insisted while showing that enthusiasm to her older sister, he knows her sister won't buy that he knows how much her sister hates her but he doesn't want to hate her sister.

"Seriously Nexus don't you have that common sense?" she's boldly irritated that she forgot that their mom is just ahead of them.

"But I-" Jayla raised her right hand on the air and quickly cut her brother from saying anything

"This is what you'd better do, go back to Australia and don't ever come back again!"

"How dare you talk to your brother that way?" Jayla immediately receive a slap from their mom being displeased from what Jayla said to her brother. She places her hand on her face where her mom slaps here and bows her head in anger. In her mind it was Nexus' fault she got slapped while Nexus been bothered for he knows that his sister would blame him again. He tries to stop their mom from hurting her but his mom talks to Jayla once again.

"Is that how you behave after your brother saved you?" their mother burst her anger towards her.

Last night Jayla were indeed went to the bar and a stranger is forcing her to come when at some point someone came to her rescue, that night it happens that her brother is looking for her and saved her from that stranger at the bar.

"Saved?" she murmurs not raising her head

"Where were you last night? Aren't you at the bar drinking all out and almost taken by a stranger? If Nexus didn't look for you where do you think you are now?" she bit her lips 'weren't you the one who told me to do whatever I want?'

"Nexus?" she asked in a lower voice

"You are indeed to blame why your brother got into fight, look what you've done you really are a troublesome daughter!" a troublesome daughter, that's the tag their parents always told her whenever she did something wrong.

"Oh so you're the one who brought me home" she raises her head and focus on Nexus and said it sarcastically.

"Yes I was looking for you and someone told me where to find you" Nexus tries to explain what had happen.

"Ohh...why'd you do that my little brother? For me to blame and you got the fame?"

"No it wasn't my intention"

Clearly what Jayla thinks that moment is that she was saved by him so their parents will talk ill against her and will be so proud to Nexus for doing a great job in recuing a pathetic daughter like her. And all the attention will again be shifted to Nexus.

"Cut the crap Nexus I've known you well"

Jayla receives another slap from her mom once again.

"You haven't event thanked your brother and now you are talking ill to him? Where are your manners Jayla we didn't raise you to be like that!"

"I'm sorry and thank you Nexus..." she said sarcastically and smiles then pause and suddenly that smile on her face fade " that what you wanted to hear from me?" she asked facing her mom "...well that's not going to happen you only wanted to be the good son image Nexus!"

Nexus been silent and bows his head while their mom reaches its point.

"YOU-!" pointing at Jayla

Jayla withdraws and walk towards the door but before she even left the place she turn to them once again and said.

"By the way mom, it is shameful to clearly see at night and got blind on daylight..." she pauses "Mom you never raised me, someone else did" then she left the place

"You- Jayla come back here!"


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