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Genius Fifth Young Miss: Transmigration
Author :CharawithHATE
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2 Chapter One

The old lady was speechless as she watched Si Yi Lei disappear from before her eyes. She jumped up when she realized what Si Yi Lei was holding.

"Stinky brat! Isn't that the talisman of reincarnation?! Where did you get that? Do you know how precious it is?! Get back here!" The old lady screamed at empty space, waving her cane around madly.

Somewhere else, Si Yi Lei had just opened her eyes. It was the first time trying to move her new body, and it took some time for her to manage sitting up.

For a moment, she was dazed, wondering why the hell she was sleeping in an unfamiliar bed.

Everything that had happened rushed into her brain, making her want to smack herself.

That's right, how could she forget. . .

She had transmigrated into another body.

Si Yi Lei wondered who's body she had taken over. Maybe the original owner was an engineer, or . . .

"Idiot master!"

A voice in her head snapped her out of her thoughts.


Si Yi Lei did not hear the voice again even after waiting for a long time.

She shrugged it off as her imagination and slowly changed her sitting position into a lotus one. She remembered reading the guide about gaining a person's memories after taking over a body in the instruction manual that she found along with the talisman. . .

Now that she thought about it, why would someone just place an instruction manual next to a priceless item? She brushed it off as her having good luck.

Si Yi Lei reached deep into her soul, and pulled out the memories of the previous owner.

A sharp pain tore at the corners of her mind as memories of the body's previous owner flooded her mind.

This was not the dimension or time period Si Yi Lei was familiar with. This place was called Starlight Continent, and the time period was way back by a few thousand years or so.

The previous owner was named Yu You Lei, and was the fifth young miss of Yu Jiang Jun's residence in the East Kingdom. Pampered by her father despite being a troublemaker and having no innate talent, Yu You Lei simply took everything thing for granted. She would abuse her position as a daughter of Yu Jiang Jun, earning the distain of commoners.

Her mother, Yan An Li, was Yu Jiang Jun's most beloved woman. She had died while giving birth to Yu You Lei, causing General Yu to dote heavily on Yu You Lei. Yu You Lei was the only remainder Yu Tian Yuan had left of Yan An Li.

Although Yu You Lei was doted on by her father, the same didn't go for the rest of her family members. They saw her as a disgrace, secretly pointing behind her back.

The only reason they didn't make a move yet was because of Yu Jiang Jun.

That didn't mean they couldn't pull some strings behind the scenes.

Yu You Lei's 15 year old half-sister, Yu You Jia, poisoned her food when she was only 3 years old!

Of course, it was Yu You Jia's mother who influenced her actions.

The poison was the reason of her trash physique.

This world had cultivation- a form of power, or, in a nutshell, magic.

Cultivating is something most people would be able to do. Different physiques allowed different methods and speeds of cultivation.

If you had a normal physique, you'd only have to read a simple book on cultivation and take some time to learn to identify the spiritual qi in the air. These would be separated into 5 main elements, wood, fire, water, earth and air. There were some other elements such as lightning, ice, light and darkness, but those were rare.

Each element meant the person would have a different skill set.

The cultivation levels are divided into 6 colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Purple being the weakest and red being the strongest.

Highlights of your elements would show in your power, but that could be easily hidden.

Each colour is further separated into three levels, low, high and peak.

Though the gap is small, the difference between powers would be big.

Most people would take 2-3 years to learn how to comprehend spiritual qi, taking two years to break through each level of purple, and three years to cross the boundary between purple and blue. Following that, it would be a year increase for the time taken to break through each level.

With her trash physique, she was unable to sense even the slightest bit of spiritual qi!

Around this time, Si Yi Lei shook her head. Her current situation was too similar to those Wuxia novels she loved reading in her past life.

Since young, Yu You Lei was given anything she wanted. Yu Jiang Jun even put down his pride and dignity to beg the Emperor to allow Yu You Lei to marry the crown prince, and possibly live a good life in the future.

Due to Yu Jiang Jun holding a large amount of power over the military of the empire, the Emperor had no choice but to agree to his request.

However, it didn't mean that the crown prince, Li Juan Tian was happy. He would set up all sorts of schemes in an attempt to make the Emperor annul the marriage.

One such scheme was the reason Yu You Lei had died.

Yu You Lei 'accidentally' got lost on Qian Shou Mountain while taking a stroll with Yu You Jia. Yu You Jia had returned from the mountains alone one day, with tears streaking down her delicate face.

She claimed that they had been attacked by bandits on their way down the mountain. Yu You Lei had 'selflessly sacrificed herself' in order to save Yu You Jia.

Once everyone heard this news, it was clear that the future of Yu You Lei was bleak.

Sacrificed herself?

Even if she returned, she would be nothing more than a girl who had lost her chastity before marriage!

How could the crown prince marry a soiled woman such as her?

Even if cultivation was valued, so was a girl's chastity.

If Yu You Lei had cultivation, then perhaps she'd be able to keep her reputation, but the problem was she was trash!

The Emperor, upon hearing the news, had arranged for a meeting with Yu Jiang Jun.

In the eyes of the public, it was as good as Li Juan Tian's marriage with Yu You Lei being cancelled.

And indeed, that was what the Emperor had want to do. Annul the marriage. Where would he put his face if he was to allow the crown prince, his own son, to marry such a disgrace?

The Emperor initially wanted to immediately annul the marriage.

Who would have thought about Yu Jiang Jun actually dared to strike a deal with the Emperor!

Yu Jiang Jun said that, if Yu An Chen were to return within 6 months, the marriage would remain. Otherwise, he would personally lead an army to masscare as much of the kingdom as humanly possible! If Yu You Lei didn't return within 6 months, however, he would peacefully agree to let the Emperor annul the marriage.

This was a way for Yu Jiang Jun to remind himself that his daughter would return. She had to return!

But just hoping for it was pointless. After 5 months, not even a shadow of Yu You Lei could be found. Yu Jiang Jun was slowly losing hope.

Who would have guessed that just before the deadline was over, the original Yu You Lei managed to find her way back home alive by some miracle.

However, as soon as she made it to the door of the General's residence, she had fainted. Only Si Yi Lei knew that Yu You Lei had actually died at that time. It was the exchange of souls that caused her to fall into a coma instead, and Yu You Lei woke up from the coma as a completely different person.


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