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Genius Fifth Young Miss: Transmigration
Author :CharawithHATE
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3 Chapter Two

Si Yi Lei-

Or should we say, Yu You Lei cleared her mind and stood up. She knew she would have to fully settle into her new body by getting revenge for the original owner first. After that, she simply planned to live the rest of her life in peace.

The maidservant next door thought she heard Yu You Lei shift in her bed, but didn't think anything of it.

The doctor said that Yu You Lei might die at any moment, and there was no chance for her to wake up. How could this trash young miss suddenly achieve a miracle?

The maidservant ignored the continuous shuffling sounds and went back to her work.

In the room, Yu You Lei had just finished sorting out all the information she had received. She knew she would need to make the Crown Prince lose his position and Yu Jia You lose her life. What remained of the original Yu You Lei's soul told her that was all she wanted.

She again felt around for the wisp of soul which was what remained of the original owner.

"Don't worry, as a thank you for letting me take over your body, I'll help you get revenge." Yu You Lei assured the soul. Actually, she was quite surprised a seeming trash's soul could hang around for so long. It was quite difficult to achieve such a feat, and it would require a lot of mental power.

Mental power was another thing aside from cultivation. There were four components to strengthening oneself. The mind, the body, the soul and the cultivation.

It was clear that this body didn't rank well on the body and cultivation aspects, but as for the other two, they were quite high even before the new Yu You Lei took over.

Now that she'd taken over, the mental fortitude increased by leaps and bounds, but the soul power dropped. Yu You Lei reminded herself to strengthen her soul in the future, and also find a way to try and bind herself fully with her new body before even getting revenge.

The soul seemed satisfied, and slowly disappeared.

"My father is a good person. Don't hurt him. You've already decided how to get revenge for me, and that's all I ask of you. Thank you. . ."

All that remained in the dark, empty void known as Yu You Lei's soul was a soft and delicate voice saying those words. They echoed around the endless void and eventually disappeared.

All traces of the end of of the original Yu You Lei's soul disappeared completely.

Yu You Lei slowly got up from the bed and looked around her room. It was simple yet elegant, surprising her as it didn't seem like a room such an arrogant lass would be willing to live in. Maybe she had been different from what Yu You Lei thought.

She wanted to ask questions, but. . .

It's too late anyways, the soul is already gone, even if she were her previous self there would be nothing she could do.

The room, albeit simple, was decorated with tons and tons of paintings and little gadgets. A musical instrument here, a pill furnace there. . .

Seems like the original owner also loved messing around, but due to her poisoned system, could not do anything more than waste money.

After all, to become an alchemist, beast tamer, armament master or array master, one would require spiritual qi and mental power. Mental power the original owner had, but not a shred of spiritual qi meant that she couldn't activate the items.

Even doing normals things like playing instruments, one would require spiritual qi to be truly considered good. Most musical instruments were designed with the benefits of spiritual qi in mind, after all, and one needed to insert a tiny bit of spiritual qi inside the items for them to work.

Yu You Lei closed her eyes and when she opened them again, they flashed with a cold light.

A sneer played on her lips.

She, Yu You Lei, was not one to ever forgive and forget!

She was very petty, and loved to hold grudges!

Even in her past life, a single dollar borrowed had to be returned! Even if she was rich, you can't just cheat her of even a single cent and get away with it!

Yu You Lei isn't one to forgive and forget.

Offend her, and she'll hunt you down even if it's the last thing she does!

Forget, this she might be able to do, but she considering her photographic memory, it most likely will not happen.

Forgive, this is something she will never do, unless the opposing party does something for her.

Even if it's not something someone did directly to her, it was still something done to this body!

She will not forgive even the quack doctor who considered her dead!

What dead?

She obviously just fell into a coma! Although the original owner had died, wasn't the new one perfectly fine?

She knew the doctor took her pulse and diagnosed her after her soul had been exchanged. She was perfectly alive then!

And to add fuel to the flames, the medicine on her table was poisoned! What kind of quack doctor wouldn't notice that? The smell of poison was obvious even from a mile away!

He was probably even in on poisoning her.

Yes, she must teach him a lesson! Make him kneel down at her feet!

Doctors valued their pride and dignity the most. Crush the thing they treasure most, really a good idea.

Yu You Lei sat up and faked a cough.

She coughed a few more times before weakly calling for a servant.

The maidservant who had just gone back to work almost jumped out of her skin.

Although weak, Yu You Lei's voice was still easy to distinguish from the rest!

It seemed like flowing water, gentle and made people subconsciously relax. If not for the original owner's personality, it would have been really pleasant to hear.

Sadly, all the previous owner did was whine, complain and curse. These things would not be pleasant to the ears, no matter how nice the voice sounded.

But why was it that when Yu You Lei spoke up this time, she sounded so pure and gentle? Like a pure white lotus flower. . .

The maidservant snapped out of her thoughts. This was Yu You Lei! The arrogant trashy Fifth Young Miss.

No matter what, it was probably just her having experienced pain.

Yes, that must be it.

How could someone change their personalities that quickly?

The maidservant carefully poked her head into the Young Miss's room. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest as she saw the sight that greeted her.

Yu You Lei had fallen onto the floor, groaning in pain. Large crystal like tear drops slowly fell down her face, her beautiful eyes glossed over. This scene would arose many people's sympathy, and coupled with the fact that Yu An Chen had a face that could bring downfalls to cities, her little skit became more effective.

Instead of whining and screaming like the previous owner would have done, Yu You Lei sniffled in a dignified way despite crying! This made it seem as if she were performing an art instead of experiencing pain. Making people treat her like glass, and be unable to help but want to protect her!

The maidservant natrually wasn't immune to Yu An Chen's 'charms', and, abandoning all her previous opinions of this trash, rushed forward to help her up.

"Young miss! Young miss! Are you alright? Don't scare this servant, okay?!"

The maidservant was ready to knock her own head against the wall. How could she have ignored the Young Miss?

She deserved to die!

The maidservant carefully shook Yu You Lei's shoulders.

Yu You Lei seemed to have fainted, not responding to anything the servant did.

The servant felt tears well up in her own eyes.

Aiyo, even if she gets killed it's alright.

But what if the Young Miss dies?

How could such a beautiful and amazing existence simply disappear just because of a servant's carelessness?!

The maidservant seemed to have forgotten about her previous distain towards Yu You Lei. . .

The maidservant desperately shook Yu You Lei a few more times before deciding it was best to get a doctor.

Just to make sure, she landed several hard slaps on Yu You Lei's face. Despite not having much spiritual powers, her slap still left two marks on Yu You Lei's face.

You Ping almost fainted when she saw the slap marks on Yu You Lei's face, but decided it had been worth the risk.

Forget about her life, what mattered was the Young Miss!

The maidservant, You Ping, nodded her head determinedly. With tears in her eyes, she hiked up her skirt and ran directly towards Yu Jiang Jun's house.

You Ping didn't see the mischievous smile on Yu You Lei's face that had appeared after she left.


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