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Genius Fifth Young Miss: Transmigration
Author :CharawithHATE
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4 Chapter Three

"Master, Master, the Fifth Young Miss woke up, but she fainted again!"

The shout rang throughout the whole of Yu Jiang Jun's courtyard. You Ping didn't care about her own life at this point, sincerely wanting to 'save' Yu You Lei's instead.

There was no reaction from inside the courtyard.

You Ping completely disregarded the guards outside of Yu Jiang Jun's office. She rushed in and immediately feel to her knees.

Yu Jiang Jun looked up from the scroll he was reading. His brows furrowed. The whole family business wasn't doing so well, and he hoped to be able to pass it on to his more capable son soon. He was never good at these kinds of things.

Hearing the shouting servant who'd ran inside his study without restrain, his mood became even worse.

"What is it? What's gotten you do panicked? Stand up and speak properly!" Yu Jiang Jun shouted at You Ping. This servant actually dared to enter his office without permission! Isn't that just slapping him in the face?

"Fifth young miss has woken up, but she. . . She. . . Fainted again shortly after!". You Ping forced that out of her in throat. Despite not fearing death, seeing a General staring at you was still scary!

"What?" Yu Jiang Jun didn't say much more and simply rushed out of his room, leaving You Ping still kneeling on the floor, not daring to get up.

Yu You Lei waited in her room with an expression of 'pain' on her face. From what she could tell, there was nobody else in her courtyard, as they had abandoned their duties. They thought a dead person would tell no tales, so they dared to defy Yu Jiang Jun's orders and ran off to play.

Although Yu You Lei's current body had a trash physique, and absolutely no muscle at all due to being spoilt by the General, she still read countless of martial books and similar stuff in her previous life! Some things, such as sensing the surroundings, just needed one to have a good grasp of the concept. Not only that, the previous Yu You Lei has a great mental fortitude, laying a stable foundation for all these mental techniques.

Yu You Lei could be considered an expert in sensing people nearby. Various powers would try to assassinate her from time to time, and her instincts were transferred to this body.

Also, the previous Yu You Lei had been forced to read many books by the General. Despite truly loving this daughter, he sincerely wished for her to have a good future, therefore making her read every book he could get his hands on.

This helped Yu You Lei determine that this world's martial arts, cultivation, medicine and other things weren't different from her old world.

Sadly, Yu You Lei had forgotten that anybody who cultivated could easily mask their presence as long as the other party was weaker than them. In her previous life, her speed while cultivating was truly too godly. Nobody would be able to hide from her, hence it was never a problem for her.

It was due to her carelessness that she wasn't aware of the crown prince,  Li Juan Tian's people watching her from a tree in her courtyard.

They watched as she got up from the floor, all traces of pain gone from her face, and in its place a mischievous smile.

That 'innocent' expression was just like what a young child Yu You Lei's age would have when planning on causing trouble.

Her appearance, although beautiful, was still not fully matured. It still held the innocence of a child. With that expression of mischief on her face, she was simply a little girl planning some harmless joke!

Though, this joke she planned wasn't all that harmless.

Didn't her sister cause her to lose her reputation? Good, she'd start off her revenge with simple tricks and work her way up until Yu You Jia died from shame!

The 'guards' that Li Juan Tian sent watched in confusion as Yu You Lei giggled to herself. Wasn't she in pain a few moments ago?

They were trained from a young age to spy and kill, only knowing to obey their masters. Even then, they still couldn't help but feel that this Yu You Lei was too cute.

They were dumbfounded when they saw her run out of her room and towards her sister, Yu You Jia's courtyard.

Based on Yu You Lei's calculations, it would take around half an hour for the General to get to her room. You Ping would take around fifteen minutes to get to the General's courtyard, and it would take five minutes for her to rely the news. The General would rush to her room in a hurry, giving her around 20-30 minutes for her to do her thing.

Yu You Lei quickly headed to the direction of Yu You Jia's courtyard, the hidden 'guards' following her in confusion.

She went through the method of voice manipulation in her head.

In her past life, Yu You Lei was an expert at manipulating her voice, along with most other things, actually. She was able to make herself sound like anything she wanted. She could also use a special method to make her voice sound louder at a distance. It would seem like shouting.

Yu You Lei wasn't certain if the method would work in this world, but the previous owner had seen a book regarding the very same method, which was why Yu You Lei was confident her plan would work.

She checked the surroundings for any servants after stopping a few meters away from the door.

In the eyes of the hidden 'guards', she was doing a few strange motions with her hands. They stared at her, wondering if she was alright.

Soon after, she cupped her hands around her mouth and cleared her throat.

Mimicking You Ping's panicked voice, she whispered, "Fifth Young Miss! Why have you fainted? Wait here, this servant will go look for General Yu immediately!"

Her voice was an exact replica of You Ping's, and it seemed as if she was shouting from her courtyard! However, only Yu You Jia could hear this.

Shuffling noises came from inside the room, and upon hearing that, Yu You Lei knew her job was done.

She turned around and ran all the way back to her room, falling to the ground with an expression of 'pain' on her face.

Just in time, too, because soon after, Yu You Jia burst into Yu You Lei's room.

Upon seeing Yu You Lei in 'pain' on the floor, she couldn't help the malicious grin crawling on her face.

"Trash! After all these years, your end is finally here. I'll see how you can still survive after drinking the poison!" Aiming a kick at Yu You Lei, Yu You Jia's eyes burnt with hatread and jealousy. Years of seeing this piece of trash being doted on by her father, and even being engaged to the crown prince, how could the arrogant girl stand it?

The hidden guards made a mental note to tell Li Juan Tian about the hidden side of Yu You Jia.

To think he was planning on marrying her after ditching Yu You Lei. . .

Yu You Jia raised her hand, planning to slap Yu You Lei when suddenly. . .


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