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Genius Fifth Young Miss: Transmigration
Author :CharawithHATE
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5 Chapter Four

Si Yi Lei felt a slight stinging pain come from her arm, and subconsciously reached out to touch it.

A few bandages were wrapped her around her arm, presumably because Yu You Lei had been bitten by one beast just before managing to escape.

Actually, Si Yi Lei didn't need to know what happened when she was still unconscious.

She knew that her eldest sister had probably spread some rumours in order to make the Crown Prince have a valid reason to cancel their engagement, but this was a good thing.

Si Yi Lei had no desire to ever marry; she never did in her past life, and she definitely wouldn't in this life, especially after the whole dying at the hands of her fiancé thing.

Agreeing to be engaged to Long Mu Yuan was but a way to pay back to her family, since it was their request. The tiniest shred of feelings which surfaced during their various interactions together had been pushed away time and time again by Si Yi Lei.

Being killed by Long Mu Yuan also successfully put out whatever little amount of feeling there was left. Betrayal was never a pleasant thing to experience, and Si Yi Leí would rather have no relationships whatsoever rather than face that again.

Si Yi Lei carefully unwrapped the bandages on her arm, nodding in satisfaction as she saw her wound. Right, it wouldn't leave a scar. That was good.

Her first course of action would be to get Li Juan Tian to cancel their engagement faster. She didn't want to be tied down by those idiotic things anyways.

Following that, she would extract revenge for Yu You Lei by taking care of all those who had ever ridiculed her.

From her sisters to the nobles to the commoners, Si Yi Lei had already thought up several plans for each group of people.

Her sisters, she would have no mercy for. The same would go for the nobles in the group of people who usually bullied Yu You Lei.

As for the others, Si Yi Lei was aware that she could not take action against them, since there were too many people.

The best she could do would be to gain back the reputation which had been trampled on by her darling sister.

Aside from avenging Yu You Lei, Si Yi Lei didn't really have any other plans.

Perhaps she would bring her father and a few other people, like Li Jing Xie, who were close to her away, to a peaceful little cottage where they would not be disturbed.

There, Si Yi Lei would be able to live a simple life, collect treasures and whatnot with her family and friends.

It would be impossible for her to get revenge for herself anyways; this was a completely different time era, so who would she turn to to get revenge on for herself?

Having made a very rough plan, Si Yi Lei decided the first thing she would need to do was to get rid of that poison.

In this world, cultivation was valued, and one's standing was highly dependent on someone's power. Of course, that didn't mean a person who had commited several crimes wouldn't be despised either.

As long as a person with high cultivation level had acceptable morals and character, he or she would be a highly respected master.

Other than cultivators, there were also several other occupations which would bring about respect.

Physicians, alchemists, beast tamers and armament masters were just to name a few. Even musical instruments could be used as weapons in this world.

Getting rid of the poison was simple enough. Si Yi Lei only had to soak in a medic bath an hour a day for a week, and the poison would naturally be dispelled from her body.

The only problem was that the herbs required for this bath were not that easy to find.

The herbs in this world were categorised into two main branches; normal herbs and spiritual herbs.

Normal herbs were obviously just your usual herbs. There were some with 'magical' effects, some which could help boost cultivation and some which could miraculously heal a person once made into a pill; this was considered normal.

Spiritual herbs were, put plainly, normal herbs which had been exposed to large amounts of spiritual energy for long amounts of time.

Their effectiveness was much higher, and there were a few herbs which could only be spiritual. These herbs had more magical properties, from being able to transform a consumer completely to having its own spirit.

Therefore, it was no surprise they were hard to find and very expensive, even if their grade was low.

Each type of herb would be separated into ten grades, from 1 to 10. 1 was the lowest grade, and 10 was the highest.

These grades didn't determine everything, though. There were some hard to find herbs with low grades, yet have many different uses. The grades are simply a way to determine the quality of the herb, not the uses and rarity.

However, even the cheapest spiritual herb would cost a few hundred gold coins.

The currency in this world was like this: ten bronze coins were equal to a silver coin, and ten silver coins were equal to a gold coin. There were also spiritual stones.

(think of a bronze coin as 10¢ in SGD. sorry y'all, i don't know any other currencies.)

Spiritual stones were separated into similar grades as herbs, from 1 to 10.

They could be found in the bodies of spiritual beasts or in mines. These stones contained concentrated spiritual energy, which one could absorb for their own use.

There was a 1 in 10 chance of them being present in spiritual beasts, which were also graded the same way from 1 to 10.

Even though grade 1 spiritual beasts were things like bunnies and lizards, the 1 in 10 chance and uses for the stone pushed its price to 100 gold coins for a grade 1 stone.

The stones were also often used as currency when large amounts of money were involved.

What Si Yi Lei needed for the bath would cost her at least one grade 1 spiritual stone for each day's bath, and her monthly allowance was only 10 gold coins.

At this rate, it would take ten months to gather enough money for one day's worth of herbs for the bath.

This allowance used to be 100 gold coins, but it was cut off by no other than Yu You Lei's sister, Yu You Jia.

Instead of waiting around for many years, it would be better for Si Yi Lei to take action and find some way to earn money.

Despite the fact that she had many skills, she doubted anyone would trust a good-for-nothing if she were to go sell products rashly. She wanted to keep her new skills under wraps anyways, so she couldn't sell any pills or tame beasts for any money.

She could always ask her doting father for some money, but based on the normal medical soup near her bed, Si Yi Lei could tell that the General's manor wasn't that well off.

Not wanting to cause any trouble for her father, Si Yi Lei can only find some other way to get money, or directly find some herbs.

She doubted she would be allowed to go into the mountains alone, hence that option was also out.

With all those options canceled, there were only a few things left for her to do.

First, she could go bet on spiritual stones.

As mentioned, spiritual stones can either be found in mines or spiritual beasts.

There were several places where one could purchase a stone and try their luck; there was a chance there would be a spiritual stone inside the piece they bought.

If they found a stone, the buyer could then take it home and do whatever they wanted with it. From Si Yi Lei's memories, she could tell that she was once forced into one such store by her sister.

Yu You Jia had embarrassed her, lying to everyone by saying Yu You Lei could guess accurately which piece had spiritual stones inside them.

Many people had asked her to choose, and she ended up having to pay a lot of money, since none of the pieces she chose had stones inside.

The second option would be to simply go rob some people.

It was fast, easy and simple, and she could get some revenge for Yu You Lei while she was at it.
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However, the lack of spiritual power Si Yi Lei had would be a problem. Yu You Jia was already at orange low level, and could probably sense Si Yi Lei if she were to get close.

Seems like the only option left was for Si Yi Lei to go betting on spiritual stones.

Si Yi Lei let out a tiny huff and buried her face in her hands. In the past, she never had to worry about money. Why had it suddenly become a problem?

She adjusted the ring on her finger, before doing a double take and looking at her finger again.

A ring?

It was at that moment Si Yi Lei remembered that her ring was connected to her soul. This meant that no matter how many times she was reincarnated, she would always have it with her as long as her soul remained intact.

The girl slapped herself on her forehead and entered her ring with a thought, not bothering to check up on the men dressed in black watching her from outside the window.

These men were people sent by Li Juan Tian. They were sent to protect her, and make sure nobody tried to poison or kill her. Other than that, they had absolutely nothing to do with Yu You Lei.

Li Juan Tian wasn't a that bad of a person.

Although he allowed her to be bullied, he usually wouldn't let her be hurt too much or killed.

He never stepped in if she was humiliated, bullied or mistreated, though.

The engagement between them was one he did not approve of; however, he respected his father's decision, as well as Yu You Lei.

He knew that the engagement between them wasn't her fault, and as such always treated her as a mere acquaintance. When the time for them to get married came, he would at most leave her at his manor and go out to do his stuff on his own.

Perhaps he would one day find someone he truly loved and have children then, continuing the royal line.

Once she stepped into his family, he would most likely keep her in a separate courtyard forever, and go on with his own business.

Those were his plans for Yu You Lei.

This plan would've probably worked out well if it were the previous Yu You Lei, but the one currently in Yu You Lei's body was Si Yi Lei.

There was no way she would agree to being trapped in a house for the rest of her life, so she would find some way to cancel the engagement no matter what.

The men watching from the windows rubbed their eyes, wondering how a supposed trash was able to disappear right under their nose.

Then, they broke out into a cold sweat.

One of them went back to report to Li Juan Tian, while the others continued watching, hoping Si Yi Lei would come back as mysteriously and suddenly as she had disappeared.


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