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Genius Fifth Young Miss: Transmigration
Author :CharawithHATE
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6 Chapter Five

Landing on the ground with a soft thud, Si Yi Lei let out a satisfied sigh and looked around her ring.

She could choose to throw her whole body into the ring, or to simply let her soul enter. It was very convenient this way, as she would have a form of entertainment if a conversation got too boring. Since she could still feel what was going on in the real world, it would be no problem for her to return to her physical body if she needed to.

Si Yi Lei had almost forgotten she had a soul contract with her ring. Thus, it was quite a pleasant surprise for her when she realised all the treasures she'd collected from her previous life still existed.

With a snap of her fingers, she appeared before the river. In her ring, she was basically the god, and could defy as many natural laws as she wished to.

Casually making a bag of fish food appear out of no where, Si Yi Lei fed the fish swimming around in the river as she watched the happenings of the real world through a screen made of water. The men dressed in black were standing awkwardly in her room, staring at the spot she had once been and hoping she would appear before they were forced to search through a young lady's things.

Si Yi Lei didn't know these men in black had been watching her until a few moments ago, but judging by the expressions on their faces, they meant her no harm. She knew very clearly what kind of person the crown prince was, and didn't doubt that he was the one who sent these people to guard her.

Stretching leisurely, Si Yi Lei snapped her fingers once more and appeared in one of her storage rooms. She reached out to pull open a drawer filled with pebbles. These pebbles had been picked up from a sacred land, and Si Yi Lei thought the glimmering stones looked rather beautiful, hence she took a few bags and brought it home.

It would be amusing to fling these pebbles at the guards from her space.

However, she couldn't seem to open the drawer no matter how hard she tried! Si Yi Lei tried pulling open another drawer, but was met with the same result. She tried several times, even teleporting to other storages and pulling on the drawers or cabinets in there.

After a while, she still couldn't get a single drawer open.

By chance, she landed in one of her 'starter' rooms, which contained the materials and items anyone who just started cultivating would need. Si Yi Lei hadn't entered the room for years, but she was becoming desperate!

From what she had seen, even a few of her herb gardens had a barrier surrounding them, meaning she couldn't get in!

To her surprise, the drawers in the starter room opened without any problems. She tried several other starter rooms, and realized that the drawers in them could be opened as well.

That was good. As long as she had the most basic herbs and materials, she would find some way to make money and gather the herbs. Most of the herbs she needed could only be found in drawers she couldn't open, hence, she would still need to find a way to make money.

Si Yi Lei gathered a few random objects from the drawers she could open and stuffed them into a bag, before deciding to return to the lake to calm herself down.

Gently setting the bag down beside her, Si Yi Lei closed her eyes and fanned herself using a folding fan she'd found. She would need to find some way to open the drawers and enter her herb gardens again sooner or later, but for now, she had everything she required.

With her skills, it would be no problem to defend herself, as long as the opponent wasn't beyond the red rank.

But why couldn't her drawers open?

Si Yi Lei was beginning to get a headache from all the thinking.

"Hey, hey, do you need help?" A whisper came from inside the river. Si Yi Lei was immediately on guard, and jumped to her feet. She held her folding fan in front of her, ready to use it as a weapon at any given moment.

In Si Yi Lei's hands, even a single hair could become a lethal weapon.

"Calm down, calm down! I mean no harm. . ." The same voice came from the river, except now it was no longer whispering.

Si Yi Lei covered her eyes with her fan as a bright light almost blinded her. By the time she could see again, a mystical dragon was beginning to rise from the river. Its pure white scales glistened with water as it slowly emerged, and its red eyes glimmered with centuries worth of knowledge.

Even Si Yi Lei almost felt like bowing down to the majestic being.

That was until it suddenly turned into a white fish, and fell into the river with a pathetic flop.

"Eh? Aren't you that troublemaker fish?" Si Yi Lei had long since recovered from her earlier shock, and scooped up the fish with her bare hands.

"Fish? Troublemaker? I'll let you know, I was around way before you were born! I was simply trapped in this ring by the previous owner, and I wouldn't be able to transform back and have you realize my true form until you needed any assistance, okay? But you're too smart, and you figured everything out on your own! Me stealing the food is just a way to get attention, got it?" The fish flipped around once or twice as it spit out those words with great difficulty.
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So this tiny goldfish was actually a majestic dragon? Si Yi Lei could hardly make any connection.

"Okay, then. I'm assuming we have a contract." It wouldn't do her any harm to be contracted to such a powerful spiritual beast. Although it was currently deprived of cultivation, she could fix that. Its aura was still strong enough to scare away any spiritual beasts that tried to eat her.

The fish didn't make a sound, and that was when Si Yi Lei remembered it was still a fish. She casually chucked it back into the river, before sitting down cross legged.

"All knowing dragon, do tell me why I can't open my drawers?" Si Yi Lei got straight to the point and asked the fuming fish.

No matter how reluctant the fish was, he still had to answer Si Yi Lei's question.

"You can treat this as a 'game'. In a game, as you level up, the gap between levels gets bigger and bigger. That is how cultivation works; the experience is spiritual energy. Similarly, in a game, you can only unlock certain features at a certain level. Your chests will be your features, and your cultivation is your level; you understand now, right?" The fish swam around as it explained, thankful that he didn't die yet. It would be a pity for him to go down so easily; a mystical dragon suffocating, how embarrassing would that be?

"So what you're saying is, I need to 'level up' in order to open the drawers? And the gardens are like the restricted areas, right? That means I need to get stronger quickly. . ." Si Yi Lei muttered, more to herself than to the fish.

"Yes, you get it. In the past, you were already at quite a high level when you found this ring. That was why you could access more drawers. Once you return to the strength from your past life, you'll be able to open all the chests. Perhaps, there will be even more benefits if you get even stronger!" The fish began swimming around in circles, clearly excited.

Si Yi Lei nodded, understanding how everything worked. Having achieved her goal, she stood up and was about to leave the ring, when she realised that the fish didn't have a name yet.

"Oh, before I go, I'll name you. . . Wang Cai!" Her eyes shined as she named the fish.

"What? N-" Wang Cai wanted to protest, but held himself back.

"Fine. But you must bring me out with you! I haven't seen the world in centuries!" His eyes shined as he thought of being able to see the world again. He was willing to be named like a dog if it meant freedom, even if it was for a short period of time!

"Do you want me to carry a fish tank around? Dream on! Goodbye, Wang Cai." Si Yi Lei turned him down immediately and snickered, before exiting her ring, leaving a stunned Wang Cai behind.


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