God's love in trial
2 Might Commit a Crime
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God's love in trial
Author :YumenoKiseki
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2 Might Commit a Crime

Today is a very lively day in the Ren Wangfu their first young master that once hidden to the world was again be seen and plus he is even an ethereal beauty.

The Ren wangfu has a total of seven young masters and mistresses and it even exluded the prince not just in the wangfu but even in the world, the family stated that prince died back then and because of that even the first princess that was supposed to be engaged to the young master has broken it up for her love even though she knows that her fiancee is just sleeping.

The once first young master Ren Yunru born from a concubine who they all thought will become the next head suddenly becomes the second young master, the now third master Ren Yang, first young mistress Ren Meilin that was renown as a very charismatic lady, the second young lady Ren Meifeng which is a biological sister of Meilin which is very charming, third young lady Meirong from a concubine and very cunning and Ren Yunru's younger sister,  fourth daughter Meihui  a very shy young lady also from a concubine and the youngest Ren Meitao which was born from a very low level concubine and Ren Yang's biological sister.

However Ren Yuan doesn't even care about even once because right now he doesn't even know how to write nor talk he just react based on ther body language.

Under his deep contemplation the door suddenly knocked and he heard his father's voice and then he entered.

"Yuan er, this is Xie Zian, he is already the headmaster of the world reknown Qi school, when I said that I needed someone to teach my son he personally promote himself" after his father said that his face once again a show of displeasure.

What's with this man he keeps talking even though he already know I can't understand him.

Xie Zian never seen such a handsome man before he even have those rare purple eyes he was even more handsome than Feng Xiu's son. He can't even be compare to this man in front of him. He suddenly remember that the Ren wangye has asked him to teach his first son but Xie Zian clearly know that Ren Wangye's heir is Ren Yunru, so who is this handsome man in front of him.

"Yuan er, my son please stop looking at me with those eyes I know my wrongs see, i already brought you teacher so please spare me with that look"

Actually the reason why he treats this son so carefully is that he thought that Ren Yuan still has the innocenceof a 1 year old baby but little did he know language barrier is the only constriction that Ren Yuan has, if he overcome it he will let his father see what a true grown up man is.

Xie Zian was really shocked to find out that the young man in front of him was the once this country's most beautiful baby, he thought that he died but why is it that he is healthy and alive.

When he ask about it, he finally learn that it is necessary for the child's health to only meet few people when he's in coma.

When Ren Yuan's father left only him and Xie Zian are the only one left in the library. Xie Zian doesn't know why there's big pressure coming from the young man.

Ren Yuan doesn't know how to start conversation with this man, he even want to ignore him but he knows that this man is the only way to learn this world's language.

Xie Zian also doesn't know how to start a conversation with Ren Yuan because right now he is intimidated by the aura that is coming from Ren Yuan but still he did his best to overcome it.

"Ren Young wangye let's begin our session" Even though Ren Yuan didn't have any clue what he is talking about he still his head as a sign that it is already good to start.

Outside the library there is a compressed number of maids that is trying to have a glimpse of Ren Yuan but they we're all reprimanded by Ren Meilin the first young mistress with her younger sister Ren Meifeng they are both biological sisters of Ren Yuan from the same father and mother.

"Stop making a fuss about our Yuan Ge ge, can't you see that he just woken up from a very long sleep" said by Meilin, even though she said that even her was affected by her big brother's looks but he still tries to suppress this feeling.

When finally Xie Zian came out from the room he was greeted by Ren Meilin, her sisters that has followed then the maids earlier.

When Xie Zian is already out of sight Ren Meilin and her sisters entered the library only to find a very handsome man drinking a tea leisurely.

They we're all taken a step back when they saw that Ren Yuan look at their way.

In Ren Yuan's mind he really thinks that this body's face is not good for this ladies that's why they are intimidated he doesn't help but sigh.

When his sisters and even the maids saw how he left out a sigh they are all heart struck. Why is it that their big brother is this handsome? They might commit a crime.

When their brother stand up he immediately leave the room and then the girls started to follow him until in the garden.

He sat in one of the gazeebo and start to drink his tea again that was brought to him by one of his maids.

"Meilin Mei mei what are you trying to do anyway? Following me? " At last they have never thought that their older brother at last talk.

And the reason why he knows Meilin's name is because he keeps hearing her name outside the room.

"Im sorry young lady Meilin, I'm sorry Meilin Jiejie" and since she's the one that's always in the front he concluded that she is Ren Meilin.

A Suivre....

Ohhh what a quick learner Ren Yuan is.




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