HDxD:Breaking The Limit
15 Meeting God
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HDxD:Breaking The Limit
Author :Urek
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15 Meeting God

The three angels were pale the moment they saw how terrifying Allen's aura, he was merely a child but could have this kind of power, what will happen after some years? they stopped thinking about it instantly, they didn't want to know. It was scary!

There was a great chance that if they fight him, one of them at least will fall.

Metatron looked towards Gabriel and he couldn't help but sigh helplessly.

She was looking towards the three with a blaming expression.

« Ok, We will help you, but I have a question to you » Said Metatron with a helpless tone while Gabriel was having a satisfied smile.

« What is it? » Asked Allen who was smiling with an innocent expression, as if the aura from some time ago has nothing to do with him.

« Why the Fourth Heaven? if you really wanted to reclaim 'it' shouldn't you go to the the Seventh Heaven? » Metatron was really curious.

« I don't know, the voice that is speaking to me told me that the Fourth Heaven is where I should go » Said Allen while shrugging his shoulders.

Metatron and the other angels of course didn't believe him. They could tell that he was hiding something.

« And what after? » Asked Metatron with a solemn expression.

« What do you mean? » Asked Allen with clueless expression.

« What are you planning if you succeed in whatever plan you have « Asked Metatron again while the others angles also started to get tense.

« Oh, you are talking about me 'Ruling' Heaven and maybe starting some 'Holy' War to make my name Glorified, purify the land from « Evil »? » said Allen while looking towards their ever-changing expression.

« Pfft, Believe me my friend, I don't have time for that, I'm a Genuine Peace Seeker! and we have big troubles to deal with rather than wasting time in meaningless fighting! » Said Allen with a solemn expression.

The angels were surprised! this is the first time Allen made such an expression from the moment they met him.

« What?! are you talking about 'that?! » Asked Metatron with a terrified expression.

« Do you think that the 'Seal' will be kept for eternity? We don't have that luxury. In a matter of a decade, It's coming, Our 'Doom'! The Heavenly Dragons are Reincarnated again and they are surely not in 'our' side, so you better start thinking of Plans to ally with others, the moment I get that inheritance, we will start our plans » Said Allen with a serious expression.

The angels couldn't help but gulp at the terrifying news.

« Don't make that face, I'll help, after all, I'm your 'Future Boss', I can't see my cute subordinates die » Said Allen with a teasing expression.

The Angels couldn't help but sigh in relief. They don't know why but this little boy seems reliable.

« So, what are we waiting for? let's go to Heaven » Said Allen.

After that, the angels started to make preparation, while Allen said goodbye to his parents, and took Shuri in his 'Private World'. He was sure that those cute swans will protect his parents as if their lives counts on it, and guess what? It is.

Heaven - Fourth Heaven

Allen was currently standing along the four angels while admiring the beauty of 'Eden Garden' and investigating the place of God's Trial.

It didn't take a lot of time for Allen to detect his goal.

In a barren place, far away from the Green garden where nothing but soil exist, Allen was standing with an excited expression.

« It's here, I'll be leaving for some time, It may take days, months or even years, but be sure to keep my existence as a secret! Gabriel, you will be responsible of developing the system of reincarnated angels that I told you about before, but be sure to not start until I came back » Said Allen.

« Yes my lord! » Said Gabriel with a cheerful tone.

She didn't know why, but she feel very safe and calm every time she is close to him, and that's one of the reasons she was one of the first believers.

« I'm going! » As he said that, he calls for his Creation Principle, The moment it appears, a golden column of light shot from the earth towards the sky, creating a breath-taking scene.

Allen moved towards the light column, and in a second he disappeared along with the light.

« Unbelievable! did you felt it? it's father's aura! » Said Metatron with an excited expression.

« I told you, the lord wasn't lying! » Said Gabriel while snorting.

« I don't know if it's good or bad, but the future sure will be interesting! » a voice was heard from behind the four angels.

« Raphael, did you come too? » Asked Michael with a surprised expression.

« Of course I did, I can smell a great war coming from miles, how could I not be here! » Said Raphael as a matter of fact.

« I hope lord will return safely! » said Gabriel.

The other angels couldn't help but sigh, Gabriel Wings were already changing from Golden White to Dark again and again.

« Gabriel, I think you should start working on the 'Brave Saint Project' that 'lord' asked you for » Said Michael hoping he could distract her a little, If not, he is afraid that she will become a 'Fallen Angel'

« Oh dear lord! how could I forget about that » as she said that, she was already leaving.

The rest of the Seraphs couldn't help but sigh again.

Allen was currently in a dark place, there was no light, no sun, no moon, he could feel a gloomy air all around.

« Where am I? » Asked Allen while looking around.

« Finally! Someone has come to claim my legacy! » a dignified voice was suddenly heard in the surrounding.

« Who is it? » Asked Allen while searching for the source.

« Little boy, you came for my legacy but you don't know who am I? » Asked the voice again in strange tone.

« You are 'God'? » Said Allen as he stopped his search.

« That's my 'Position', My name is Yahweh! and I'm not 'God' anymore, this is merely a thread of my consciousness. » Said the voice again.

« I'm Allen, nice to meet you Yahweh! » Said Allen with an innocent expression.

« hahaha, you are really an interesting boy! I was watching you from the moment you did understand 'Creation Concept'. I was surprised, a human in a devil territory, it was really an interesting situation to watch. I always believed that humans are creatures with the greater potential, after all they were my greatest creations, but you surpassed them by far, and I can feel that even though you have the 'same body', your soul is not something I could create with my current abilities, so who are you lad? » Asked Yahweh with a curious expression.

« I'm a human, but you can say that I'm not from this universe, I was picked by some Goddess because of my 'special soul', and was sent here to Claim an 'Empty Throne' » Said Allen while surprised, Yahweh was the first person to discover about his secret. he wasn't a God for nothing.

« Well, that's some strong Goddess you met there! » Said Yahweh with an admiring tone.

« What do you mean? » Asked Allen.

« Well a Goddess with this ability is something above my understanding, the same as your soul and the pure power you release around you unconsciously! » Answered Yahweh.

« You mean Origin Power? » Asked Allen again.

« Origin, he? that's some profound power you have there » Said Yahweh while keeping his admiring tone. It seems knowing about those things let him know just how 'weak' he was.

« Anyway Allen, I don't have a lot of time, so I'll send you to a special place, 'My Worksop', or what they call 'Purgatory'. if you were able to leave that place alive, there will be another small test, and believe me you will like the reward if you succeed! are you ready? » Said Yahweh.

« I am! » Even though Allen has a lot of questions, he could only hope that he could met him again.

« Good luck young lad! I wish you success! » Said Yahweh as his voice started to turn weak.

Allen again was sent to another place.

The Purgatory, God's Workshop.


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