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Jinchūriki-ish Reposting to fanfiction and going through grammar there
Author :HellsGate
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19 Matters of the soul

Waking up again Luke still isn't sure how long he slept since using [Chain breaker]. He's quite sure that he has spent more time sleep then he has awake in this world. Seeing as nothing new has popped up since he fell asleep he decided to check his message log and status.


Ding! You have broken your first shackle and have begun the transition from adolescence to young adulthood. Once you reach young adulthood some of the limits of your skills will be relived. During this period you stats will passively increase as time pass.

Time to young adulthood: 26 days 7 hours 32 minutes.

Ding! Your bloodline has mixed with your elemental affinity, Fenrir blood and divine essence. As time pass your stats will passively increase.

Ding! You have absorbed the million year old Soul peach and swallowed its pit. Since your chakra is highly compatible with the peach core it has fused with your chakra source. Chakra will be produced slightly slower. The effects of the peach pit are unknown and will show within time.

Your plant affinity has changed to superior plant affinity and will passively increase over time.

[Superior plant affinity]: Peak basic 30.21

Superior plant affinity: Plants are very eager to jump to your command. You can also control average sentient plants. The amount of energy you can absorb from plants has increased you can also transfer that energy to other things or other beings. With enough plant energy you can condense plant essence.

Ding! The (Dying) million year old Soul peach tree has agreed to be your subordinate.

Ding! You have become the owner of the little garden dimension. You have gain innate skill [The Field waits on no man] No matter where you are you can always return to your garden but you won't be able to return to the place you were before.

Cooldown time: 5 days.

Little garden dimension: All plants in the little garden have a +50% Growth speed and a +3% chance to mutate. Dead plants can be revived in the little garden with enough plant energy or essence. You can relocate the entrance to Little garden once a month. The little garden will always condense water from its first entrance no matter where you move it.

Ding! You have been bound to the sword ●●●●●●●

You have passed the test and learned your swords name. You have gained the skill [Shinsou]

Skill effect:

As long as you have enough energy even if the sword is broken you can repair it.

*Shikai* Activation phrase ~Ikorose, Shinsou!~ (Shoot to kill, Shinsou!)

In its Shikai, Shinsō's blade glows white and extends at high speed to impale the user's opponents from a distance. The blade also carries tremendous force when extending. In addition, the wilder can maintain the extension and swing the activated Shinsō in wide arcs, attacking multiple targets quickly and simultaneously. The blade also has slight flexibility while extending. The blades length is equal to 100 times it normal length.

*Bankai* Activation phrase ~?????~

*??????* ??????


Looking at the message log Luke was kinda confused. Not only did he gain a pocket dimension and a get outta jail free card. He also gained a zanpakuto somehow and not just any zanpakuto it Gin ichimaru's zanpakuto. In his opinion this zanpakuto was one of the top ten zanpakuto in the anime. Well to be honest the anime ended for him after the aizen fight. Afterwards everything felt forced and only the manga was worth reading when he heard about kenpachi zaraki finally getting his shikai and bankai. Even then he just skimmed it and don't really remember much of it. Either way his combat potential just skyrocketed.

The other things were passive buffs which were obviously welcome. Anyone would be happy to get stronger while sitting on their ass. He didn't even have much of a chance try out his regular plant affinity now it's got boosted. Being able to take energy from plants will help his [Chain breaker] skill out tremendously. Although not sure about growing plants he was sure Kestrel would love it.

The only thing he was really worried about was the slowing of his chakra creation, the unknown of the peach pit and finally fact that the skill [The Field waits on no man] although freaking OP. Doesn't it mean that if I have the entrance on the other side of the world and activated it. I would need to run that distance back to where I started from. So it's a very last resort kinda thing.

Now on to his stats.


Welcome back Luke~


Name: Luke

Soul bond: Kestrel

race: Human(Fenrir)

Age: 25

strenght: 232

endurance: 267

Agility: 208

intelligence: 156

Chakra(Plant) 100% 115/115

Innate abilities: [body regeneration] middle Intermediate 65.42

[The Field waits on no man]

absorb true essence from atmosphere

[Chain Breaker]0 Energy

[Peach pit] ???

innate affinity: [Superior Plant Affinity] Peak basic 30.21

{skill slots}

[Renegade Fenrir cultivation path]*

Foundation establishment 13%

[Appraisal] Beginner basic 86.65

[Chakra cloaking max]

[Plant manipulation] Intermediate basic 9.43

[Fenrir transformation(adolescence)] 26 days 7 hours 29 minutes.




'Looking good.' Thought Luke with a smile. After another minute or so of checking his stats Luke decided to trigger his Fenrir transformation. Just as he was, he suddenly found his view suddenly change and his body flopped onto the ground.

Luke found himself in the field place with the overly large tree again but this time there were a few changes. For one the huge tree was glowing and seemed to have shrunk a lot since the last time he was here and it was still shrinking at a viable rate towards a glowing point at its base. The second thing was the pressure that felt like mountains were crushing him was gone and the altar with the small wolf on it was cracked and the wolf soul that was on top of it looked very frightened at the moment. It was clearly wide awake now. Finally there was a white snake not too far from the little wolf watching the shrinking tree. Next to it there was a silhouette that was constantly flickering like a staticky television set from the 90s. Confused Luke walked towards them and was going to call out when the silhouette turned to him.

"Finally decided to pay a visit? If you had taken any longer there would have been a major change to your life and you would have been none the wiser." With a giggle the silhouette with the voice of a women's that sounded to be going in and out of tune. Both the snake and the wolf turned towards Luke. The snake just looked at Luke for a short moment before whispering a "hello" and turning back to the tree. The wolf on the other hand had a face full of hesitance, like it wanted to speak but dared not too. The silhouette just continued speaking.

"Now I know you have many many questions but unfortunately for you, there isn't much time before the change happens." She said pointing at the shrinking tree. "First this place is your inner world, I'm sure you at least know a little about that so I'm gonna skip that. Second! That tree right there is the manifestation of your soul and that light at its base is the Soul peach pit. Before you ask what you are now is the manifestation of your conscience. Usually a soul isn't supposed to be so large but with the creation of your chakra combined with the divine energy kinda inflated your soul to such a degree. Originally that alter that the welp is on was supposed to help you refine your soul but you come how triggered the ancestral blood of the Fenrir. Although the alter was a good artifact it was no were enough to refine Divine energy. it quickly became fairly useless."

The small wolf finally lost it. " Dont make fun of my mother's clan artifact!! If it was before it would have helped him in the long run! Who would have thought that he would unlock the ancestors bloodline and be able to gain some divinity!? Now look! Once that pit has finished that tree its definitely coming for us!" The small wolf whined in a young child's voice. He was obviously close to tears.

The silhouette scoffed. "If that was all the alter did then it wouldn't be in the state it is now. You might as well just give up on keeping it sealed it's already too late."

"Sealed??" Luke didn't know what was going on but the fact was that once more things that were random and out of his control was happening again.

"Yep sealed hehehe. After looking a bit through the memories of all three of you I was able to learn quite a few things. But most of that is unimportant. One point being the two sealed skills in the Fenrirs howl equipment. If you haven't guessed one of them is the bloodline of a Fenrir and the second? This one too is a type of blood line. Only this one is a bloodline of his mother one that heavily focuses on the soul, the berserk wraiths! This race is supposed to be a race of ghost, but some how someone went ahead and decided it was time to go around and prove that ghost can get pregnant too.

So this welps mother was born. Being born with a human body she was very unique and those of her own clan ostracized her. If not for the child being her own, the mother would have killed it on the spot. Chosing the lesser evil she abandoned her near a village of human. She was soon adopted by a traveling tailor. Natural she was taught the trade over the years and turns out she was a natural talent. During her free time she learned soul magic, decades later she became a very powerful figure and developed a magic to stitch someone's soul into items. One day she took a task to annihilate a flock of wraiths were she meet her mother. She then disappeared from the human world for several hundred years.

Don't know what happened later but she never appeared again. But now there's the ill temperament of a Fenrir combined with the explosive and out right reckless personality of a berserk wraith and we have this welp. If not for that alter and the fact that he was sleeping all the time he would have been raging and wreaking havoc all throughout your inner world." The silhouette shoved this information down Luke's throat. She wasn't finished either. She didn't seem to need to breath cause she just kept talking.

"Next are the easy things to explained. One if you couldn't tell, I am Shinsou. I was the zanpakuto spirit of the pervious host and the host before that was naturally Gin ichimaru. My host wanted the exact same sword as Gin in his last moments. So to me just a few days ago I was fighting Aizen. My previous host seems to have thought he could immediately achieve Bankai. The sad truth is that he couldn't even awaken shikai. Since my previous host died I too was supposed to disappear but through a series of (un)fortunate events that lovely snake over there became the new zanpakuto spirit and I was supposed to have fused with her and disappear entirely. But we absorbed a small branch of that tree and I was able to stabilize for a while longer. Now I won't go telling you about the snake cause your gonna have to figure that out yourself if you ever wanna achieve bankai." Pausing for a moment the silhouette glances at the tree. Which at this point has shrunken down to only a few stories high. Luke was having a hard time chewing on the information he just received. The silhouette didn't give him any time to think either.

"Well I got some good news for you but there's also plenty of bad news. The good news is that this peach pit is one of the best natural soul refining objects that are in this world. The benefits for it are through the roof and who know what will come of it. Bad news is its gonna take everything in your inner world and fuse it with your soul. This includes both your zanpakuto spirit and the welp over there along with his sealed ghost side. That means that the equipment that he came in will be consumed too and remodeled. Hehehe normally this means that you would have lost the zanpakuto powers and gained something entirely random if not better or worse. But after I went through your memories I came across two points of interest that will throw the scale in a way that not only helped you keep a zanpakuto. It will also remodel it to fit you more. After all using someone else's zanpakuto will never bring about it's full power.

Naturally I was able to read that manga and learn how the strawberry regained his powers twice. I know one of them will turn you hollow. Luckily my previous host had picked up knowledge of how to create hollows and how to turn them into Arrancar and eventually reaching Espada level. The bad thing about that is that the welp will fuse with your Arrancar side and the fusion of a berserk wraith and a hollow will definitely have Major temperament issues. Luckily your soul reaper powers will be the dominant side and can keep it in check until you reach espada level hopefully by then you would have fixed that problem yourself. Now that you know, we have no time at all to keep this chat going. So to begin with your gonna have to die. Good luck!" Luke didn't even have time to blink before he was stabbed in the chest by the silhouette. A chain had appeared for a second before it was ripped off.

In the outside world a bunch of roots had stabbed Luke's body with the sword on the ground through the chest. A large amount of soul energy was flowing from the roots and into the sword, then into Luke body. A large amount of roots pulled themselves from the ground and wrapped Luke's body into a root shape cocoon and pulled itself into the pond directly under the water fall. A large amount of blood was dripping from this cocoon and into the pond which was glowing brighter then before. Other then the steadily glower pond and the places where roots were pulled from the ground. The place was once again silent.
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