8 Marvel Justice.8.
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Author :Archneil
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8 Marvel Justice.8.

After a long time of arguing with Jean she finally let Allen go. Reason he promise to take her to the movie. It seem like something strange a 12 year old wouldn't do but Allen was known as to be way to mature for his age.

He acted liked a teenager or adult and this made most people think it his mutation. When it comes to Allen 'mutation' it often gave people headache because it a common fact that you can only have one mutation.

He could has super hearing, vision, strength,speed and healing. Yeah you might think he his enhance in all his physical attributes but that doesn't mean you can freeze things with his breathe.

The first time he awaken frost breathe he went out of control and froze half of his floor.

Allen was back into the mansion where he saw Xavier guiding Lily around.

" What sup" Allen said as he wave at them. Walking toward them he scratch his head awkwardly.

" Sorry about earlier. I had to deal with a crazy girl" Allen said.

" It Okay. It was quite a scene." Lily said as she giggled. She seem more carefree than she was.

" Yeah. So professor me and Jean are going to the movie today and need a Guardian do you know where storm or my mom is." Allen asked.

" Storm went out for something and your mom send to tell you she had something agent to do in new York and she won't be able to come back for awhile. She left in a hurry." Xavier said

"Do you know what was the problem?" Allen as he frown.

" She didn't tell. I don't think it a big one thou. It probably something to do with her firm or the shares she have in that company. I heard the company have recently been losing stocks and value and might go bankrupt so she pulling out now before it too late." Xavier said.

Allen frown but nodded." I'm going to leave with Jean at four then." Allen said as he walk away with a frown.

Lily seem like she wanted to say something but she didn't fine the courage to.

Leaving the two Allen went to his room and turn on his laptop. After searching across the internet for some hours he found some detail.

His mother firm was fine. To be exact it was booming and one of the biggest law firm in America. His father business now was the problem. The business hasn't being good over the pass year. He had heard his mom plan to sell the share long time ago she he believed this is the problem.

" Uhm. What to do." Allen mutter as he scroll the information on the screen.

( He dead huh) Allen thoughts she when he saw the news of Andrew being ran over by a car. After his death the business was being fought over by his relatives. Non could do anything big in the company since his mother had 45 percent of the company.

Picking up his phone he dialed his mother number and soon got a answer.

#Yes honey# hearing his mother voice he sigh with a smile.

# Nothing much. Why did you go to New York#

#Nothing much. It just business about the company. I know someone who interesting in buying the whole company so I'm going to meet him with the rest of the board. Plus I wanted to check on the firm#

Hearing what she said he wonder.

#Who are you going to meet?#

# Sorry for not Telling you since I know you like his work but it was business. His name is Tony Stark.#

Allen felt surpise and asked again.

# Tony Stark?#

#Yeah That him#

Allen was silent over the phone for a few seconds before he said good bye.

" Tony Starks huh. Interesting. I really should start plan A then" Allen said as he looked through his laptop and enter encoded file one his laptop. Going through many folder he can clicked on one name advance tech. Clicking the nearest one he saw blueprint for an hover craft that would put SHEILD to shame.

He clicked to a next document and a blue print for a cylindrical sky ship was showcase. It seem even more advance than the one in DC for the justice league.

Looking over all the blue print he wondered how he could sent his plan on motion. Avenger were an official group when they were form and the people didn't think of the X-Men as a group of hero most of the time.

"Maybe only the UN will allow it for me to build such a device in space but how do I convinced them." Allen muttered.

He exit the tech folder and went to the bio advancement folder. He look at the document he had wrote about a special way to cure cancer and HIV. Looking over the document he sigh as he believed it won't be good enough. I might have to get SHEILD help or build it in private and then send it up in camouflage.

" SHEILD seem like the better choice sigh" Allen said.

The ability name highly intelligent wasn't just for show. He had absolute memory and advance thinking process. He learn almost everything to deal with bio and tech before reaching ten. He had an advanced understanding of all topic and could be considered brilliant mind.

As Allen thought about how he was going to make a justice league in Marvel world a girl in a next section of the mansion was humming while she looked for clothes to where.


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