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Naruto Unlimited the True Power of a Gamer
Author :Kingofeverything
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14 chapter 13

vroom vroom

3 kids sitting in their cars waiting for the light to switch

the one in the left. ryu farron uzumaki red hair blue eyes 3 whisker marks on each cheeks. he had on a basic grey jacket. red t shirt blue jeans and black nikey shoes with grey socks he also had on black sunglasses with red frame added on

he had his mothers lips the rest is mine his hand was. on the gear while the other was on the gear the car that he was in was the Ferrari 333 from fort motor sport 4 he had a challenging smirk on his face. as he waited for the light to turn green

hikari uzumaki. rei's daughter she wore grey sweatpants a yellow t shirt with

a grey addidas jacket with yellow stripes with grey adidas shoes with yellow stripes on the sides

she word silver sunglasses witha yellow frame added on

she was in a yellow 2017 camaro a replica of bumblebees car form from transformers 4

next was aurora farron uzumaki. she was the twin of ryu like a female version of him.

she had on a pure black adidas suit with red stripes crimson. fingerless gloves her jacked unzipped showing her. black t shirt with the picture of a Phoenix rising with it's wings out streached

she was wearing red sunglasses with a black frame added on her car was the exact replica of danica Patrick's race car except it's pure red

.you girls ready to lose" Ryu spoke as he clenched his hand on the gear

hikari smirked. as she out her own hands on the steeeing wheel

the envioronment changed from cartoonish to our world reality new your city times. square


ryus hand clenched tighter on the gear


hikari cracked her knuckles before putting one hands on the gear one hand on the stearing wheel

aurora had a look of fierce determinatio n



in instant. they took off

the race track was an all around race track. all terrain. and had changes environment when you get to a certain part

you could transform your viechle to a speedboat plane or. a space ship. and the question

mean while our group had made it to the time chamber

the kanoha nin were in awe while the asgardians were impressed

welcome to my training room I grinned as I opened the door

every ones eyes widen especially the kanoha nin when they looked at the screen

there on the left half of the screen was a roster. that had the names ryu uzumaki up first

hikari uzumaki in second

and aurora uzumaki third

the moniter on the right showed. a split screen. a blond girl a redheaded girl and redheaded boy all with three whisker marks on each cheecks. the group gasp when they saw the redheaded boy with three whisker marks riding a red star wars space ship heading straight toward a. giant beast as it roared at him (mega Godzilla)

they area was black like space cold like space as well

He grinned a large grin as he pushed a red button.


in an instant his ship unleashed a furry of rockets causing every ones eyes to widen and lightning to smirk

the beast tried to destroy it by firing a large purple beam from it's mouth but it was futile the second the rockets clashed with the beast it exploded

everyone was speechless

damn" loki said. the. asgsrdian children were looking at the minutes with stars in their eyes

meanwhile the kanoha ninja were shocked that naruto had a. kid were now even more shocked. at the skills He had shown

everyone except for my wives he la knows already

theirs no way naruto's to stupid to have kids I no shouted getting. glared at from the rest of the group

you might be wondering why hinata hadnt said anything well she. doesn t really like him either she was influenced by kanoha about I she doesn t hate him she just doesn t think it is safe to be around him(stupid)

meanwhile jiraiya and kakashi was planing to kidnapp the kids to force naruto to come home and hand over everything to kanoha. force naruto to bring back sauske and then give everything to him (idiots)

it then changed to a snowy environment

they all watched shocked as the ship turned in to a vechilcle as hikari read next to him

they all watched shocked as aurora. ran threw a question Mark cube. a chaos emeraled appeared on the side of the name.

they were watching when. aorora floated out of her car and get car disappeared as six chaos emeralds appeared spinning around her as she transformed

beautiful Thor muttered shocked heindal nodded his head in agreement

"BLAST AWAY" she yelled as she. rocketed towered the finish line creating a sonic boom in her wake everyone. was in awe at her power and speed

she made it next to. hikari and try they looked at her. shocked while she smirked at them I will win bekive it dattebaro

shikamaru sighed yep definitely naruto's daughter how trouble some

NARUTO YOUR FLAMES OF YOUTH BURN BRIGHTLY. Lee yelled every one flinched at the loud voice

before he was kicked in the stomach by tenten

shut it Lee she growled

once they made it to the finish line I groaned "another tie.. now there going to be bothering me about another race" I muttered my wives that heard me giggled

as my children appeared. in front of me they ran forward and huged. the life out of mmme

DADDY they yelled.

woah I grunted as I fell to the floor everyone chuckled

once I got. up I sighed my children looked at I group confused

I noticed. it so I decided to introduce them to the group

guys this is ryu uzumaki


He said as he waved his hand in the air

.hikari uzumaki"

" hi" hikari said. cheerfully

"and aurora uzumaki"

" hello" aorora said shyly

the group stood there processing what he said before everyone grinned and greeted them back

" you have a great family naruto."the girl said as she patted my back

"I know I do" i said as I smiled at the asgardian group greeting and hugging my children

I looked at the kanoha group and. almost laughed out loud at their dumbfounded expressions

I smirked on the inside lets see them try to force me back I thought


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