Nerd Reformed
13 Lemonboy“s P.O.V.
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Nerd Reformed
Author :Lovely_Seren123
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13 Lemonboy“s P.O.V.

Ah, I'm so tired, this train needs to hurry... "Hey man", a familiar voice called out from behind me. I turned to find my idiot best friend Carl just now arriving at the train station. "Carl you idiot, you're late"! I yelled to him. "relax man, at least I didn't miss the train... see here it comes", he said in an F-boy like tone. " Whatever man just hurry up so we can go". As I headed for the stairs Carl placed his hand on my shoulder and said, " Hey man, I'm sorry that I was late". He had said this in the most sympathetic way possible and I thought to myself, I can't stay mad at him. I looked at him and said, "Hey man, it's ok..things happen". he smiled and we continued onto the train. When we finally got aboard we looked around for seats and there she was... this beautiful girl that immediately caught my eye. I completely shut down and went into autopilot instantly, I walked towards her and took a seat. I thought to myself and came up with a brilliant idea, I'll act like Edward from Twilight because all the girls love him... I look forward, and she looked at me and said something but I tried to ignore it, sooner or later we made eye contact. My stop came up and I quickly left her a note then left. I looked back one last time to see her smiling, and then I exited the bus. I and my idiot friend Carl began wandering around the city then we got on another bus and headed to our real destination, (New York). I don't really remember much after boarding the bus and sitting down in a seat mainly because I fell asleep right after. " Hey man, wake up, we're here", Said Carl grabbing his things, I nodded, grabbed my things, and headed for the door of the bus It wasn't till after the bus pulled off that realized I had left my suitcase of clothes. I gave carl a familiar look, he slapped his hand on his forehead. "Again", he said annoyed, I just nodded. "Ok there's a store around here with a bunch of cool clothes, follow me", Carl said anxiously, I followed him... We started walking and seconds turned into minutes which turned into hours, we'd been walking for 3 freaking hours, I couldn't take it anymore so I yelled, "When the heck are we gonna get to the store carl"?. He looked at me then laughed, "Turn around you big dufus", I turned to find the store right behind me. I rolled my eyes then stepped toward the Stores door, I placed my hand around the cold metal handle and opened the glass door. I walked in then stopped in my tracks, It was her the girl that I drooled over, but she looked different... In a good way, I stared at her until Carl came up behind me and slapped my neck, I pulled him down and hid behind a rack but I think she had seen me already... I need to find a way to sneak out of here without her seeing me and I need to do it fast because I think her big friend is coming over.
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