1 The Firs
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Author :Void01
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1 The Firs

What am I doing here? What is my purpose? Why am i here? These are the thoughts that kept running through my head as I sat in this empty forest. These questions pleage me each time Im alone. I need someone, but I have no one. I have no where to go.

I shivered as I lean against the cool bark of the Evergreen Tree. It was cool tonight, with the moon not afraid to show its glory to light up the night sky. I came put here for some fresh air, to escape the fighting within my family, umongst my brother and little sister. They get under my skin, and from how they talk to me, I can tell I get under theirs as well.

They are always complaining how Im number one with mom and dad. For I tell you, this is not my fault. I have epilepsy, and the medicine im on has drawn the life right from me. Ive lost interest in many things I love, and Im always depressed. It wasnt until a few weeks ago when my parents found out about the nasty scars on my wrist that they confronted the doctor, who then put me on suicide watch. This is when mom and dad started making me their top priority. They madd sure I was content, showing love and affection whenever possible. I felt bad at first, but doing this hasnt made me feel any more worth it. Infact, I only hate myself more for it. Im the only thing they worry about. I feel imprisoned to my own body. A fight broke out about an hour ago, and rather than ingage myself in it, I ran.

"Johnny! Johnny, where are you?!" I recognized this as my mothers voice, and instantly stood up. "Im here!", I called back. It took less than a minute for my mom to find me, followed by dad. As soon as they got withing ten feet of me, my mom was racing twards, arms spread wide. As soon as she reached me she wrapped me in a bear hug. I had to bend down a little to hug her back. "We were worried about you", mom gasped between breaths. "You alright dude?" dad asked, his vioce sounding shaky. He had a stern look on his face, but he seemed worried as well.

I snuck a quick look at the starry sky before glaring down at the ground as I nodded my head. "Let's get you out of the cold and into the warm house, okay? Your mothers cooking your favorite caserol. Come on, let's go." My dad patted me on the back. I look at right into his eyes. I saw regret, worry, and sadness. My parents are easy to read, along with most other people. I managed a faint smile. "Yeah, no problem".


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