Perverted Romance
295 Chapter 294: Tattoo 1
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Perverted Romance
Author :poppydusk
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295 Chapter 294: Tattoo 1

The next day, after a week of staying at the Chang mansion Charlie finally went home back to S city.

Grandpa Chang wouldn't let him leave and insisted for him to stay to show his sincerity with the granddaughter of the Chang household he have to serve at the mansion for a week.

Hence Charlie was turned into a butler for 7 days and Grandpa Chang didn't miss the opportunity to tire him out.

When he entered the Kang mansion he went straight to his father's chamber.

To his surprise, a man back facing him sitting infront of his father as they were both enjoying their morning tea was the first thing he saw.

He immediately recognised the full blown yakuza like tattoo at the back of his father's guest.

It was a dragon with a little black heart under it's eye. It was coiling around a bud of rose. As if the dragon carefully protecting the rose from it's enemies.

"What the hell are you doing here..."

Charlie asked, the man slowly faced him and greeted him.

"Nice to see you too big brother."

"Big brother my ass. Come here."

Charlie said and he gave a manly hugged to Tony.

"I heard you're getting married. Congrats."

Tony said to Charlie. Charlie looked at his father intensely. He told him not to let anyone know about the wedding except for his mom.

"You owe him you know he clean up your mess."

Wesley Kang leisurely said as he drink his tea.

"What do you me-....No way..."

Charlie was about to asked his father when he suddenly remembered what Tony's role in his father troops.

Tony Shin was taken under his father wings when he was in high school. His grandma then leads the black market.

When he moved in to his grandparents they were unfortunately ambushed by their rival clan.

His parents had long given up on him thinking that he was a failure.

During her grandparents funeral he met Wesley Kang.

Wesley was a good friend of his grandparents and he had taken a liking in him.

He saw Tony stood up for his grandparents when some folks from their rival clan came to pay their respect.

Even though Tony was a scrawny little boy he did not let anyone bully him and his beloved grandmother.

He saw the child's determination and so he talked to Tony's parents and with a huge cash settlement, Wesley Kang had taken custody of the little Tony Shin.

Tony's motives when he moved in with his grandparents was for him to change. And so, under Wesley Kang's care he decided to improve himself.

Aside from dealing with his speech and his appearance Tony also trained himself to be a warrior.

With the help of Wesley akang Tony learned self defense and martial arts as well as firing and close hand to hand combat.

Tony's determination to change and be the very best version of himself and get back on his and Mei Chen's bullies had turn him into a lethal weapon.

He was Wesley's trump card. If things were a bit difficult to deal with, Wesley would send him to do the mission and of course Tony had never once failed him.


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