3 The Devil“s Deal
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Author :Sistergirl
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3 The Devil“s Deal

The seven days we had been walking was finally starting to take a toll on me. My feet were stumbling as I tried to keep up with Damian's pace. I didn't want to slow us down anymore than I already had. If sacrificing a few days of sleep meant that we would make it in time to warn Luka and others than it would be worth it. Although I felt as if I would pass out at any minute, Damian looked perfectly fine. I couldn't tell a difference between him now and the day before we left. I could feel him constantly checking across his shoulder to make sure I was still there.

"We should stop and rest. Tomorrow is going to be a long day." Damian suggested after realizing I was falling further behind.

"I'm fine. Besides, the sooner we get there the better." I refused his offer even though my body was pleading for rest. At this point I was feeling extremely nauseous. Damian pulled a small syringe from the supply bag that he had been carrying with him and handed it to me.

"What is it?" I asked as I peered at the clear liquid through the glass.

"I know it doesn't look pleasant but it will keep you from dehydrating. We still have a few miles to go before it's safe to stop. They could still be following us." He continued fumbling through his bag with little concern of my disinterest. Looking closer at the needle in my hand, I was reminded of the horrifying experience back at the containment center. There were doctors from various places of world assigned there. Damian was there with me, on what he believed to be an internship of a lifetime. It wasn't until he was assigned to watch over Luka and I that he discovered what they were doing. He helped us escape and those nights of pain and anguish ended in an instant. We were free, but I was now wondering at what cost.

The sound of static rose from the communication device, I stole, clipped at my hip. Voices abruptly entered the transmitter.

"Target confirmed. Permission to obtain the asset, sir?"

"Permission granted. All units move into position."

I felt the device being forcefully removed from me. I looked up the see Damian's eyes widen to the conversation taking place on the other end.

The intense sound of high-speed propellers followed behind us. They had finally caught up to us.

"I have eyes on Subject 13 and Dr. Johnson. Moving in for retrieval." The transmitter was connected to the helicopters control center so we could hear everything. Suddenly, a familiar burly voice interrupted the conversation.

"I know you can hear me so listen closely, Doctor. My orders were to capture the asset by any means necessary and that's just what I plan to do. "

It was the leader of the Alpha 3 Unit, Lieutenant Bello. Lieutenant asshole was known for his merciless display of tactics in Turkish war twenty years ago. He was recognized for his achievements and awarded the medal of honor. There are rumors of his underhanded methods, not including the various concerns of his lack of sympathy for women and children. His unit was now in charge of hunting us down. I could see the frustration on Damian's face. His grip on the device was becoming tighter by the second.

"Take a good look at your predicament, Doctor. You move an inch and I'll blow your head off."

The Lieutenant's tone darkened as a red dot appeared on the back of Damian's head. I followed the stream of light to the oncoming helicopter. I could see the veins in his arm as they vigorously pulsated. He was clearly pissed.

"You've put me in a tough spot, Doc. You really have. You see, the organization doesn't want to see your talents go to waste. They want you come back to work at the containment center. It would be like nothing ever happened...if you just give us Subject 13."

The device fell silent and in that moment a slight breeze ran up my spine. I couldn't hear the sound of the helicopter hovering above us. I couldn't see the traveling military trucks headed in our direction. In that moment, I watched Damian slowly lifted his hands in the air and whispered the words, "I'm sorry."


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