Queen of the Underworld
-1 Setting, outline, synopsis
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Queen of the Underworld
Author :Littleordinary
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-1 Setting, outline, synopsis

Genre: Female Lead, Fantasy.

Theme: Story of young girl fighting with demons. Victory of good over evil.


World settings: This story is set into the world of demons.

The universe is divided into three worlds: Heaven; where god lives, Earth; where human lives and the Underworld; where demons or devils lives. The underworld is the land of myths, magic and demons & devils. Demons and gods are always enemies to each other. Centuries ago when demons powers were increasing tremendously, gods started to panic. To stop the demons, they gave birth to faes and send them to underworld to kill prince of demons and rule the underworld. But 16 years ago when a fae fallen and walked on the path of evil. He became powerful and waged the war once again. He won and captured the queen. He established the demons rule once again. The story starts when the female lead was send to her home, the underworld.

Main Characters:

Hachilah Nora: Female lead. Heir of Nora royal bloodline of faes.

Silver haired, deep blue eyes. Flawless skin and long legs. Kind and gentle.
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Satan: the Antagonist. Prince of Demons.

Handsome man with black hairs and black eyes.

Devil for the whole world, gentlemen for only one person.


The female lead saves her parents and establishes the rule of fae.


Hachilah Turner was living a happy life. She had everything in her life, loving parents who treat her as a precious jewel of their lives and friends who were always there for her in every difficulties and happiness of her life. And finally when she got the man of her dreams her whole world turned upside down. She found herself in the most beautiful but strange world. She was all alone without her parents and friends. And when she was finding the way to return her own world to her parents and her previous life. She found out that she was not a Turner but a Nora. She was not a human but a fae. The parents who loved her so dearly were not her biological parents. It's a journey to find herself and becoming strong.


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