Queen of the Underworld
1 I want to save lives
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Queen of the Underworld
Author :Littleordinary
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1 I want to save lives

"Hachilah! Wake up!"

"Pa! Five minutes more please!"

"Wake up little pumpkin, otherwise you will be late for your exam" her father said trying to wake her up.

"Good morning Pa!" she greeted her father, James Turner while set up in the bed and rubbing her eyes. He is middle aged man with muscular and tall body with black hair.

"Good morning baby! Get ready. We are waiting for you at breakfast" her father said and closed the door of her room and went to downstairs. She gets off the bed and stretched her arms out. She went to bathroom to take bath.

She is Hachilah Turner, Fifteen years old soon turning into sixteen. Student of 12th grade of Oliver High School. She is tall and slim with long brown hairs and black eyes. And their is a birthmark on her left wrist. She is good in studies. After get dressed for school she went to downstairs.

"Good morning Ma!" she greeted her mother, Bella Turner and sat down to eat her breakfast. Her mother is tall, slim lady with dark brown hair.

"How's your preparation baby?" her father asked her. "I am fully prepared Pa." she replied while putting a slice of apple in her mouth.

"Have you thought what you want to do after graduating from your school? This is your last year. You should start planning" her father asked.

"Off course pa I planned already I want to go to medical college and become a surgeon like ma n you. I want to save lives like you both"

Her father smiled proudly and her mother said "Remember, darling we are always proud of you no matter what you choose to do in your life because we know you will not do anything which embarrassed us or hurt us. You will always be our precious gem. "

"I know ma and you guys are the most important person in my life. You are my idols and I want to be like both of you. I love you ma and pa."

"We love you to my little pumpkin" her father replied. "Let's go I will drop you at school."

"Good luck Hachilah" her mother wished her. "Thank you ma."

Her father dropped her at school. And she went to her classroom. After 3 hours the exam is finally over and she met Mia Blackwood, her best friend at the outside of her class.

"How was your exam?" Mia asked her. "It was good, yours?" she replied. "It was fine." Mia replied her.

"Finally exams are over." she said. "Yes so it's party time now. My parents went to out of town so there is party tonight at my house. You have to come and you know what Julian is coming too" Mia replied her.

"What?? He is really coming?" she asked "Yes, you know that he is friend of Max so told him to bring him too. You can finally meet him after 2 years. This is your chance girl, don't waste it. OK, bye we will meet tonight. I need to go and prepare for the party" Mia told her.

"You need any help?" she asked. "No I already invite Max to help me so we can get some more time together" Mia replied with a wink.

"OK, than I will not become a third wheel you enjoy. Bye" she left for home after bid goodbye to Mia.

Julian Miller, her senior whom she has crushed. She likes him from the first day of her high school. But she didn't have guts to confess her feelings to him. But tonight she has chance.


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