Realm of 'Culture'
7 Zhu Zhuqing Hell Civet Spirit from Douluo Dalu
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Realm of 'Culture'
Author :LizodIDK
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7 Zhu Zhuqing Hell Civet Spirit from Douluo Dalu

(Due to a quick inspiration, I made this quick. Thus, no prologue. Anyway, I hope you enjoy with not much context if you haven't read Douluo Dalu.)

Isaac ripped open his pants to reveal his massive penis, much to the horror of Zhu Zhuqing. He stares at her sexy body and pounces on her. He begins to tear off her training clothes as she struggles intensely, her soft butt and big boobs shaking. Soon, she's completely naked as she tries to cover her small pink nipples on top of her breasts and crosses her legs.

"Hehe, no need to cover your little vagina Qing'er... I save the best for last" Isaac says slowly and quietly with an evil grin. Confuses as to what he's going to do, her eyes widen as Isaac thrusts his penis at a speed she couldn't see well and touched her red lips.

"Open it, or else Mubai will suffer..." He whispers ominously. Frightened, she opens her mouth on reflex and the erect cock is shoved inside. She tries to spit the cock out all for naught. Isaac grabs her head and begins to fuck her throat like a pussy.

Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle

Saliva falls out of her mouth as her jaws sore from the massive dick ramming in and out of her. One hand still on her head, Isaac lowers his other hand and pulls on her nipples roughly.

"Mmmhh!!" screams Zhu Zhuqing, but gets muffled from the penis in her mouth. She hits and claws Isaac's legs in attempt to hurt him. Isaac slaps her big breasts and rubs them, sometimes he caresses them, other times her grips them with much force, turning them into different shapes. Of course, all while thrusting hard inside that saintly feeling mouth.

Feeling like he's about to ejaculate, Isaac removes his other hand from her huge tits and puts it back on her head. He pulls her head and thrusts inside at a rhythmic rate with his balls slapping her chin. Finally, Isaac drives his entire 11 inch cock inside her mouth and cums deep. He holds her head closer and moans at the feeling of his semen flowing into her throat.

Zhu Zhuqing currently is suffocating with the gigantic amount of semen flowing down her throat, tears streaming down her beautiful face. Once Isaac is done ejaculating, he pulls out his cock and Zhu Zhuqing starts to pant and sob on the ground. He smiles sadistically and pushes her down again, straddling her stomach. He grabs both her heavenly boobs and lays his dick in between them. He squeezes her tits violently and begins to thrust again.

Zhu Zhuqing doesn't try to struggle anymore and just gives up, letting the evil man ravage her big breasts. Isaac, noticing her lack of struggle, pistons faster, relishing in the softness wrapping around his dick. He suddenly cums, and sprays it all over Zhu Zhuqing's face. She accepts it with a blank stare.

Isaac pants while looking down, dick still in between her tits. He stays in that position for a little bit, silently enjoying the softness of her tits for a while longer. After he feels satisfied with the feeling, he backs up and spreads her long legs. He aims his penis straight at her pussy and without any warning shoves it all inside, breaking her hymen.

Zhu Zhuqing suddenly gasps with pain but holds in her voice. She can't scream or else the one she loves, who is next door, will hear.

Knock Knock Knock

"Qing'er, are you okay? I thought I heard you gasp" says a worried voice from outside.

"I'm... fine..!" Zhu Zhuqing responds, trying to speak as normal as possible.

"Oh okay... By the way, tomorrow, do you want to train together with me, Tang San and Xiao Wu? I was thinking of asking Tang San to teach us some of his techniques!" Dai Mubai says excitedly, not knowing the love of his life is currently getting fucked by another man.

"It's alright... I can tra- ah~ by- oh~ myself..." Zhu Zhuqing suppresses a moan as Isaac starts to thrust inside her quickly.

"Are you sure you're okay Qing'er? You sound like you're in pain!" Dai Mubai shouts with panic.

Isaac rammed inside her even harder when he heard that, much to Zhu Zhuqing's suffering. He rubbed her massive tits while she desperately holds the screams of pleasure.

"I'm.. sure.. I'm- mmm~ fine!" She replies, her big boobs being squeezed into different shapes.

"Mubai~ I'm.. gonna go... to.. mmhh~ bed... now.. goodnight..." She declares, her perky ass getting rubbed. Suddenly, Isaac shoves his entire penis inside and ejaculates.

Her eyes widen in panic as she too ejaculates. Luckily, Isaac muffled her moan with a forceful kiss, while sticking his tongue inside her mouth and swirling it around.

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"Okay, goodnight Qing'er, have a nice sleep!" Dai Mubai says. Soon, his steps go quiet and outside goes silent. Isaac, determining that Mubai is nowhere near anymore, begins to thrust inside Zhu Zhuqing again, holding her waist so he could pump harder into her.

"Ahh~ Ooohh~ Yes..~ Harder~ Fuck me harder Master~!!!" wildly yells a dominated Zhu Zhuqing. Acknowledging her plea, he turns her around into doggy style and fucks her from behind, slapping her clitoris with his balls and her ass with his hips. Her perky ass ripples every time he strikes them.

Leaning down, her grabs her big tits impatiently and squeezes them, some of the massive breasts spilling out of his fingers. Zhu Zhuqing moans with pleasure and constantly begs Isaac for deeper and harder strokes.

Isaac, making a decision, executes long strokes with his entire cock, losing speed but adding force. Even larger ripples flow across her ass as he wildly swings his waist at her ass. Zhu Zhuqing puts on a ahegao face as she feels the massive cock punching her womb with every thrust. Isaac, feeling his ejaculation coming on slaps her ass with his hands and thrusts harder. He does one final stroke so hard she falls onto the ground, then ejaculates another huge load into her.

Zhu Zhuqing screams loudly with too much pleasure and faints with Isaac's cock still shooting semen inside her womb. Still not satisfied, he continues to pound her ass with his cock, earning a twitch from her unconscious, sexy body. Her eyes rolled up, and mouth a bit open with heavy breaths. her dainty figure rubs on the floor with every lunge inside her, sending shockwaves throughout her. Isaac, growing a bit hysterical, progressively pounds Zhu Zhuqing faster and faster. He aggressively grips her soft perky butt. The feeling of her ass making his penis become even bigger, stretching her vagina more. All of a sudden he stops thrusting the unconscious lady below him and turns her around. He lifts up her waist a bit, aiming his hyper cock on her small anus. Right after he touches her small hole with his dick, she somehow instantly wakes up, just in time to feel and see Isaac forcing his rod into a hole she thought was not possible.

With great strength, Isaac slams his waist into her, knocking her out once more, shaking her big white breasts, except this time, she fainted not due to excess pleasure, but to pain and still a little pleasure.

"Ooh, tight!" Isaac exclaims.

He slowly moves his waist in and out, gradually getting Zhu Zhuqing's anus to adapt. He suddenly switches and turns ferocious and swings his waist like a madman into her. Thus, began a cycle of Zhu Zhuqing waking up, experiencing both hell and heaven, and getting knocked back out due to excess pleasure and pain. A few hours of the cycle later, she finally adjusts and enjoys the sex anal sex immensely. Isaac cums inside her ass for the 4th time and finally takes his monster out of her, slapping her ass twice more before doing so. Semen slowly flows out of her anus from excessive ejaculation. He turns her around so she faces up and lays his cock in between her breasts once more. He fucks her breasts swiftly, intending for a quick ejaculation. He grips her boobs harder than before, making red hard marks on them as he pistons between those massive knockers.

Not holding back, he cums and this time sprays his semen all over her sexy and seductive body.

As she pants in exhaustion, he once more shoves in his giant cock, greedily ravaging her vagina.

"Ah~Ohh...~" Zhu Zhuqing could do nothing but moan with pleasure as she bobbed constantly from Isaac's heavy thrusts.

He grabs her soft squishy ass and squeezes tight, pushing his face into her pillow like breasts. His penis goes in and out at an increasing pace as Zhu Zhuqing's moans get louder.

"Yes..!! Ah- Cum inside me, give me all your sperm, make me pregnant!!" she yells. He squeezes her ass tighter and jack hammers her pussy. A few moments of loud moans and low grunts later, Isaac sticks in his entire length and cums in her deepest parts.

She gives out a long drawn out scream as her massive tits quiver constantly. Isaac leans down and sucks on her little red nipples, once again enjoying her impressive huge breasts. As he sucks on her nipples, he removes his penis from her vagina, with some semen spilling out. He then takes his mouth off her chest and lays on his back.

He gestures with his hand for her to come over. She slowly starts moving and crawls towards him, panting heavily and her raven black hair sticking to her white skin. Isaac then points at his dick and to her mouth.

Understanding what Isaac wanted, Zhu Zhuqing opens her mouth wide and tries to swallow as much cock as she can. As he lays back and watches the beautiful, seductive young women sucking him off, he puts his hands on her head, pushing it up and down.

Zhu Zhuqing licks around his huge member and tries to force the entire monster inside her small mouth. She gags but stays in that position for a while. Isaac, getting impatient, thrusts up a bit.

She pulls back up and looks at him, nodding. Zhu Zhuqing once again opens her mouth wide and swallows the cock, this time going up and down. Her big breasts shaking from her movement.

"Cumming" Isaac says, releasing another load of sperm inside her throat. Zhu Zhuqing drinks the semen with a smile on her face, then scoops up the remaining semen off her body. She then licks her semen covered hands with great relish.

Suddenly and without warning, Zhu Zhuqing straddles him and inserts his penis inside herself. Isaac's eyes only widen a bit but then he smiles and holds her small waist. She then starts to ride him, going up and down.

"Ahh~ Ahh~ Mmh~ So good..." she says in between breaths. Isaac even starts to thrust upwards a bit to help her. While watching the sexy goddess in front ride him, he imagines the next beautiful lady he wants. Of course, all while rubbing her big breasts.


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