Rebirth of Chen An
Chapter 142: Who Was the Spy? I
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Rebirth of Chen An
Author :Wan Mie Zhi Shang 万灭之殤
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Chapter 142: Who Was the Spy? I

Chapter 142: Who Was the Spy? (I)
Translator: Sissy That Walk
Red Fox couldn’t tell how she felt exactly. She had been working with Lu Feng for five or six years and had watched him rise step by step from an unexperienced young man to a dominant leader today.

She knew all too well Lu Feng’s feelings for Chen Chang’an. He loved Chen deeply. Since Chen Chang’an left, she had watched Lu Feng lose weight and his spirit day by day, but there was nothing she could do.

If she could, she really wanted to find someone who could help Lu Feng forget about the past.

On the other hand, as a subordinate of Chen Chang’an, she hoped that Lu Feng’s feelings for Chen Chang’an could be maintained forever.

Now suddenly there was a man who called Lu Feng sugar daddy. How could this not surprise her? Her feelings contradictory and complicated, but soon, Red Fox’s thoughts were attracted by Chen An’s words.

“The minister Arafat of the eastern division didn’t arrive in Los Angeles this time?”

How come Chen An knew clearly about the name of the east division’s minister? Some people in the circle may know the one who set up their branch in the east. But in Lu Feng’s mind, Chen An was just an innocent ordinary person who happened to get himself involved in this circle.

“You know Arafat?” Lu Feng frowned slightly.

“Not only do I know Arafat, but I also know that she is the minister of the south division. She is nicknamed Red Fox for her complicated arms deals in Southeast Asia and South Asia.” Chen An smiled and looked at the woman besides him.

Almost ten years ago, Red Fox began to work for Chen Chang’an. The woman was found by Chen Chang’an at an auction in South Asia. She had red hair and was a slave sold to South Asia by terrorists.

Red Fox was an Australian. She once had a devoted husband and a lovely daughter but was forced to separate from her family due to terrorist attacks on a journey. After suffering from torture, she was sold to South Asia by traffickers.

The reason why he bought Red Fox and trained this woman at that time was only because at the auction, he saw strong hatred in her eyes, burning like a raging flame.

The heat and fortitude in her eyes immediately let Chen Chang’an know that this woman had unlimited potential. People said that love gave people strength, but the truth was, the power of hatred was much stronger, and Red Fox had never let him down.

Red Fox watched Lu Feng grow up. She had direct contact with Lu Feng for five or six years. Chen An knew that she not only regard Lu Feng as a friend. but also treated him as her child.

“Now don’t ask me why I know so much. After I help you find the spy, you will know why.” He would tell the truth. As for whether they would believe him was beyond Chen An’s control.

“I’m going to take a bath. Take your time to have a chat.” With a wave of his hand, Chen An rose from Lu Feng’s side and returned to his bedroom.

Until the man’s figure disappeared in front of them, Red Fox asked doubtfully, “Boss, who is this man? Was he spying on us for that spy?”

But if Chen An was really sent by the spy, wouldn’t he have made them more suspicious of him by saying so many things just now?

“No.” Lu Feng denied it directly. He thought rationally and felt that Chen An was indeed worthy of their suspicion. But he had a strong intuition that outweighed his rationality, he trusted Chen An with no reason.

It was not appropriate for Red Fox to pry into Lu Feng’s private life, but there was one thing she really wanted to ask.

“Boss, are you really the man’s sugar daddy?”

Lu Feng took a look at Red Fox. She kept her mouth shut instantly, but her doubts increased and her curiosity and vigilance towards Chen An became stronger.

Lu Feng knew that no matter what he asked Chen An, the man would say nothing for the moment. It might also be because Lu Feng really let himself trust this man, so he did not ask Chen An questions like “who are you?” and “why do you know these things?”, which wouldn’t be answered anyway.

But how would Lu Feng make his choice, Chen An was not sure, Red Fox was also completely uncertain.


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