Rebirth of the Strongest Empress
1510 Big Fellow 1
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Rebirth of the Strongest Empress
Author :North Night
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1510 Big Fellow 1

Ye Qingtang was crouching on the soft, sticky heap when the "ground" beneath her feet suddenly trembled. She hurriedly grabbed the little white tiger and lied down flat against the "ground".

The next moment, they saw strange points of light appear above their heads.

Ye Qingtang subconsciously raised her head to look and saw hundreds of eyes of different sizes a hundred meters above her head, opening one by one.


They heard the strange gasping noise again, accompanied by a typhoon that blew towards them. Ye Qingtang had no choice but to once again lie down against the "ground" beneath her.

As the clouds dissipated, Ye Qingtang could finally clearly see the appearance of the ground she was crouching on.

It was not spacious earth, but rather, the body of the big demon soaking in copious amounts of blood.

The big demon lying on the ground was the one from the Frosty Snow Mountains that everyone was searching for just now. At that moment, half of the big demon's body had been devoured. Shreds of bloodied flesh clung to half of the white bones. The huge skeleton stood on one side of the valley, and Ye Qingtang had been crouching on the big demon's remaining flesh.

Ye Qingtang's robes were now soaked by the big demon's blood, but she continued to crouch motionlessly on the pile of bones.

The big demon who had dragged the body of the Frosty Snow Mountains demon away was also right before Ye Qingtang's eyes.

For the first time, Ye Qingtang saw clearly what a big demon looked like.

This big demon was somewhat like a whale, and its head had hundreds of eyes of different sizes. The huge mouth was as wide as the valley. Its entire body was covered with deep blue scales, and it was flanked by many translucent fins.

One of the fins had smacked straight into the old man from the Second Domain.


The big demon's huge mouth slowly cracked open, and it puffed out a turbid breath.

The smell of decay mingled with the scent of blood. This casual breath spread out like a typhoon; if Ye Qingtang had not been pressing tightly to the ground, she would have been sent flying.

Ye Qingtang had seen the big demon fly through the layers of clouds and had noted the direction in which it left. When the powerful cultivator from the Second Domain chased after her, she had noticed that the sides of that slope showed signs of being flattened. She had also noticed the blood and flesh buried between the rubble.

Ye Qingtang guessed that the big demon might be in this huge valley.

She would certainly die if she did not jump. She would probably die if she jumped.

So she jumped.

The big demon was so utterly powerful that humans like them were no more than insects to it.


The powerful cultivator from the Second Domain had been intent on killing her, so he had attacked.

But this attack…

Unwittingly provoked the big demon.

The old man, who had been smacked into the mountainside by the translucent fin, finally realized there was something deadly hidden in this valley

At that moment, he finally understood why Ye Qingtang had suddenly jumped down here.


It was too late.

The big demon who was eating had been provoked. It let out an unhappy cry, and the fin pinned the old man down. Under the crushing and unrelenting pressure, the surrounding mountains also gave way.

Ye Qingtang secretly observed the big demon's reaction and noticed that the big demon's attention was now focused on the old man who had "provoked" it. She led the little white tiger and slowly used the slippery blood on the body to slide down a little at a time, landing in the dead big demon's abdomen.


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