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Reborn as Kenichi in the world of History's Strongest Disciple
Author :shashank_bhatt
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16 Ragnarok

After beating up Tsubaka Kenichi and Miu went to Ryozanpaku. Kenichi then told them about his fight with Tsubaka and how he used their skills that they thought him to fight Tsubaka. Akisame, Kensei Ma and Sakaki were happy as to how he used their skills while Shigure and Apachai we're upset as Kenichi didn't used the skills which they thought him.

All Kenichi could do was to make them believe that his opponent was weak hence he wasn't able to use their teachings which made them feel a little better than before.

"Kenichi next time you should use Muay Thai first to fight then try any other style though there won't be a need since no one can beat Muay Thai" Apachai said to Kenichi.

"Use Kosaka style as well" Shigure said to Kenichi.

"Hi hi I will use them when I fight with someone again ok" Kenichi replied to Shigure and Apachai.

"But what was the real reason for the fight Kenichi" Akisame asked Kenichi.

"I don't know sensei he was going to fight against Miu before I came so she must know the reason" Kenichi replied to Akisame.

"He was beating a freshman saying that he was weak and even after he was down that guy didn't stopped and when I stopped him he got angry and was going to fight against me but Kenichi came" Miu then told them about the incident.

"Well then looks like there will be even more bigger events coming" Sakaki while drinking alcohol said.

"What? what bigger events?" Miu asked for Kenichi's sake.

" From what you said that Tsubaka guy must be a well known delinquent" Sakaki said.

"Yes from what I have heard he is a famous delinquent" Kenichi replied as he already knew about that guy.

"A freshman took down a monster like that. The news will probably spread to all delinquent groups in all school, and those delinquents wouldn't they would feel somewhat pissed?!" Sakaki said.

Kenichi didn't had any change in his face but inside his mind he was jumping and dancing that the real story has begun.

As there was no change in Kenichi's facial expressions his sensei's weren't happy then Akisame said "More and more enemies will keep coming! it's going to be hell".

"Then all I have to do is beat them until no one comes to me" Kenichi said while smiling a little and clenching his fist✊.

"That's my student we will train harder and harder so that you can take them down in just a single punch" Sakaki said while showing his fist to Kenichi and smiling.

"Taking them down in a single punch what am I one punch man" Kenichi thought in his mind.

"Besides isn't life essentially an eternal battle" said Sakaki.

"That's your theory of life sensei not mine, mine is better" Kenichi while shaking his head said.

""Oh Whats that""Sakaki, Akisame and Kensei Ma asked together.

Kenichi while looking at them smiled and said "Well I have two theories "JUST BE YOURSELF LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE SOMEONE ELSE" this one teaches me to stay true to myself.'

Everyone was amazed by hearing Kenichi's words Miu and Shigure even had there heart beat growing fast.

Akisame as a philosopher was the one who understood the deep meaning behind it.

"What is the other one Kenichi-kun" Miu couldn't control herself and asked Kenichi.


This time they were more shocked, as Miu had already fallen in love with Kenichi she felt proud to be his girlfriend while Shigure was feeling something weird inside her which she never felt before.

Apachai was a simple minded so he didn't understand much but Sakaki, Kensei Ma and Akisame knew how deep meaning these words were.


Kenichi went to school and as he entered the door he saw people were looking at him in weird way some had administration in their eyes for him, some girls had heart 💓 glowing in there eyes while some had respect for him.

After seeing them like that Kenichi knew they all knew his deed of beating up Tsubaka but he knew other than Haruo there aren't many in the newspaper club who could find this information as where they fought was backside of the school.

During break Kenichi went to sit on the bench where he met Miu who was already waiting for him there. Seeing Kenichi deep in contemplation Miu asked "What happened Kenichi-kun".

"Well actually....." Kenichi told her about the morning incident. "So people are admiring you, respecting you and all" Miu said.

"Yes that's what I feel from the way they look at me" Kenichi replied to Miu.

"Ofcourse they will since you stood up for the weak and fought the strong to protect us" came a voice from a window of the school building. When Kenichi and Miu looked at the person who spoke they saw that it was Haruo who spoke.

"What do you mean Haruo" Kenichi asked Haruo.

Haruo showed him the paper of newspaper club which had all the information about his fight and it depicted him as a hero fighting for the justice of the weak against the strong.

"Ok though I know you would be able to get this information tell me how do you know everything in such a detail" Kenichi asked Haruo after he read the paper.

"Don't underestimate my sources" Haruo replied to Kenichi.

"I told him... I am sorry" Miu while making a cute face playing with his fingers said.

"uugh" Kenichi was dumbfounded.

"With two bowls of ramen" replied Haruo.

"You bribed her!!" Kenichi asked in a angry tone.

"H-Haruo's a freind I didn't know that it was going to be like this....." Miu waved both his hands fast as she was flustered and thought Kenichi was getting angry at him.

"Wait a minute" Kenichi while holding his head with his right hand said and thought "Fuck I forgot about this event though Miu is intelligent she always thinks that everyone is a good person if they talk sweetly all I can say is that her IQ is not more than 60"

"Kenichi look" Haruo said while pointing towards the front side of the school building.

There were three boys standing there one with black spikey hair at the right, the other one in the left was tallest had brown hair wearing black shade specs and had a small scar at the right side of the chin and the one in the centre had a silver colour hairs, with ponytail going down his shoulders.

"They are the technique trio of Ragnarok Koga the kicker, Ukita the thrower and Takeda the puncher" Haruo introduced the three Punks to Miu and Kenichi.

Takeda picked up the newspaper which was dropped by someone and after reading it "Tsubaka that weak bastard" Takeda said he throwed the paper in the air and punched it after which it was torn in peices because of the punch. "Make sure Tsubaka never shows his face to the school again, and Kisara-sama ordered to bring back the freshman Kenichi"

"Yes" said Ukita and followed Takeda

"Gotcha" said Koga and ran towards Tsubaka's class.

"Ragnarok!!" asked Miu.

"Yes Ragnarok gang they are the strongest delinquent groups in the area" Haruo answered.

Kenichi smirked hearing this name and thought "finally it has begun"...


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