Reborn as a monstrous cat
1 Prologue, many souls, one body
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Reborn as a monstrous cat
Author :Darkdevourer
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1 Prologue, many souls, one body

Monsters, beasts, undead, ghosts, dragons, gods, humans, humanoids exist hundreds of worlds, hundreds of creatures alive or dead and hundreds of possibilities totally in the hands of fate. But this story is not about a human, but it is a creature that was born through the disgrace of collective hatred by a simple family that constantly abuse their power by those who were stepped by them decided to get up and demonstrate their freedom.


"Burn them alive! Surround the mansion and do not let anyone escape!" A peasant shouted, holding a torch in one hand and holding a trident with the other. "We cannot allow any of these bastards who live in that house to escape! Kill them all!" Shout with all his lungs, another peasant holding a torch with one hand and with the other an old and rusty ax.

{POV Interior Of The Mansion}

Slowly inside the mansion the flames and cries of despair of the servants and noble owners of that mansion could be heard, while a person walked in the mansion watching everything around him burn and the people inside shouting in despair looking for a way to get out alive, but he knew there was no way for someone to come out alive from that mansion because of the crimes they had committed against the peasants they were supposed to protect.

His name was Joseph, a servant of the house of nobles since he was very young because his parents had died in an assault of bandits, and he had been sold to a slaveholder.

The young Joseph was not worried in the least by his death instead he felt happy that all those years of enduring those nobles would finally reach their end and that they would pay for their crimes against these poor people.

Although Joseph felt a bit of grief from the other servants since they were forced to do their job and because of it, now they were going to die in a horrible way.

At that moment the nobleman and Joseph found themselves face to face and Joseph no longer felt any kind of annoyance for saying what he thought at that moment.

"The gods will not leave any crime without causing it to be paid with the same weight that was applied!" The young shout.

The noble ruffled his face completely moved by anger and pounced on Joseph in a desperate attempt to kill him before the fire or the peasants did it, but Joseph was much thinner and faster due to the poor amount of food he received and the excessive amount of work that had to do so it took only a couple of steps to the right to dodge the robust figure of the nobleman who was against him.

When the nobleman turned around a kitchen knife was placed on his neck by a servant who was behind him while all the other servants of the house had already personally dealt with killing the wife and children of the nobleman to take at least the happiness to kill them with their own hands to those who made them pass such horrors in their lives.

Joseph raised his hand in the air and the servants stopped for a brief moment allowing him to speak.

"This is what you brought over you and your family, power comes whit a price and you escaped from that debt for a long time"

The young man said in a calm voice, with cold eyes and without feelings these eyes observed the face of the nobleman who was now completely terrified.

The young Joseph under his hand and the other servants raised their knives and began to stab the noble one by one as mere servants joined the angry mob attacking the nobleman.

Joseph's voice was heard once again, but this time it sounded happy. "We will finally meet again, mother, father." the young man said while the servants stopped stabbing the lifeless body of the noble and immediately they were engulfed by the flames.

The poor cries of anguish and pain continued for a few seconds until the only thing that was heard was how the structure was being burned and the sound of how it was beginning to fail because it had been consumed by the flames.

Joseph finished alone inside that structure that little by little continued being consumed until a huge piece of the ceiling fell on him, leaving him dying on the floor.

A tear came out of Joseph's eyes and before being swallowed by the flames he said a few words.

"I hope that the next life will be more generous for all of us, I hope we will meet again in the next life, my friends."

Joseph closed his eyes one last time and began to feel how slowly the fire ran through his body to cover him completely.

{POV exterior of the mansion}

Peasants remained immobile admiring how the mansion was consumed by fire until only a few debris, burnt wood and ash remained, the only thing left of such a structure.

The sun began to hide in the distance while one by one the peasants began to leave the place until finally no one was left, but nobody knew that something was emerging from the wreckage, something that was no longer human.


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