Reborn as a monstrous cat
2 A face that only a mother could love.
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Reborn as a monstrous cat
Author :Darkdevourer
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2 A face that only a mother could love.

The moon was at its highest point and the ashes of the mansion that so long ago burned so vividly began to be blown by the wind while beneath the rubble a creature began to emerge.

The little creature had a strange fur that was completely gray, its back was traversed by a long line of bones protruding from what appeared to be its spine, the creature had a bony tail with a few hairs on the tip.

The most terrifying feature of this creature was his face, which was completely covered with scars and a strange scar that ran down his face from cheek to cheek making his teeth look more threatening.

"Heavens, that would be a face that only a mother could love" were the only words that came unconsciously from Joseph's mouth while he watched himself in a piece of glass from a broken mirror.

Seeing how small he was, a few thoughts went through his head but these were quickly suppressed, and he kept his calm.

Joseph came out of the ashes without the slightest effort since it has been just a mountain of dust from burning things.

Leaving the ashes Joseph remained motionless, looking at the remains of the old mansion that had been his home for 15 long years, now it was just a pile of rubble and dust.

But in Joseph's mind there was something else that occupied his interest and that was the secret treasure of that family of nobles.

Obviously, like every family of nobles in the world, they somehow hid their most valuable treasures and secrets in secret vaults under the ground.

Joseph began to walk among the rubble of the mansion in search of the treasures of the mansion, which were hidden in the lowest level of the mansion, which he discovered thanks to his nocturnal explorations in the mansion.

Thanks to his continuous curiosity Joseph managed to discover that the secret treasures of the family were grimoires, the ones he had already seen and that he had secretly consumed his power, but there was an extra problem in Joseph's body, he never managed to level up.

Because he never fought monsters to gain power as did the adventurers or the soldiers of the king, so in the end to use these spells was totally impossible since the spells were of Rank 5 as far as magic was known.

"Stats window," he said in his mind. A series of information appeared before his eyes.

Name: Joseph

Age: 22

Race: cat

General Attributes

Strength 25

Dexterity 30

Constitution 15

Intelligence 75

Wisdom 70

Charisma 20

Class: Cat spectrum

Lv: 1 [120 exp to next level]

Health Points: 190

Mana Points: 100

ATP (Attributes points): 0

SP (Skill Points): 1

AP (Ability Points): 1

Passive Skills:

[Hex master Lv.10] [Hex proof Lv.10] [Hex font Lv.10]

[Night vision Lv.1]

Active skills:

[Projectile Weakness Lv.1] [Poacher's Mark Lv.1] [Temporary Chains Lv.1] [Assassin's Mark Lv.1] [Conductivity Lv.1] [Despair Lv.1] [Elemental Weakness Lv.1] [Enfeeble Lv .1] [Flammability Lv.1] [Frostbite Lv.1] [Punishment Lv.1] [Vulnerability Lv.1] [Warlord's Mark Lv.1]

Joseph was totally speechless when observing his attributes, health and abilities, besides that he had 3 passive abilities of which he had never heard of.

What most surprised him at that moment where his attributes that before he died he only had 10 in each of them and now he had 30 in most of them and a really high intelligence and wisdom, perhaps due to the grimoires that he had read previously.

After reviewing his attributes he decided to abandon the search of books and objects that had been hidden under the ruins of the mansion for one reason only, even if he found them he would be unable to take them because he was a cat now.

In the darkness of the night he could notice how the lights of burning torches began to leave the village and headed in the direction of the mansion.

Joseph had no means of attack and also the villagers had not done anything wrong against him, they just wanted to kill the nobles inside, so he decided not to blame the peasants.

Leaving the place and avoiding being trapped would be the best option, although there was still the question, how would Joseph kill monsters to gain experience?

He had to devise a plan since he had many abilities, but he soon discovered that these were only curses that weakened his opponents, they were not abilities capable of directly killing an opponent.

In a few seconds the peasants had already reached the ruins of the mansion and began to check them to see what they could save while Joseph was already running down the road that left the village to get lost in the darkness of the night.


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